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How to Meditate

—it’s a word that can conjure up extreme images for many people.
但事实上 这是一门历史悠久 今天世界各地
But in reality, it’s a technique with a long history that’s practiced by people
有许多人正在练习的技能 而且任何想学习的人都可以习得
all over the world today, and is accessible to anyone who wants to learn!
它还是个能提升你的精神健康 甚至身体健康的好方法
It can also be a great way to improve your mental—and even physical—health.
我们马上就会介绍“如何”来冥想 但让我们先从“为什么”开始讲起
We’ll get to the “how” of meditating in a second, but let’s start with the “why.”
冥想至今已被练习了几千年 特别是在印度教和佛教传统中
Meditation has been practiced for millennia, most notably in Hindu and Buddhist traditions,
可以被理解成是更大的文化 社会 精神 三者整体的一个部分
and can be understood as one part of a larger cultural, social, and spiritual whole.
近几年 随着针对这种练习的观点开始在西方变得流行 冥想的好处
In recent years, as versions of this practice became popularized in the west, the benefits
of meditation have become something of a hot topic in scientific research as well.
我们已知的是 当你在冥想时 你会感觉更好 更冷静等等
What we’re finding is that meditating can make you feel better, calmer, etc., while
you’re doing it, but its positive effects on your health also last far beyond your individual
meditation sessions.
正如神经疾病研究杂志所言 冥想与大脑中涉及学习与记忆过程 情绪规律
As Psychiatric Research Magazine put it, meditation is “associated with changes in gray matter
自我指示过程 以及看法采纳的区域所代表的灰质
concentration in brain regions involved in learning and memory processes, emotion regulation,
self-referential processing, and perspective taking.”
也就是说 每天几分钟的锻炼 在几个月后
In other words, with a practice of just a few minutes a day, after just a couple months,
meditation literally changes and strengthens those parts of your brain that contribute
to your mental well-being.
And those are just some of the mental effects.
据Mayo诊所说 冥想还能帮助人们管理身体上的症状
According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation also can help people manage symptoms of physical
比如哮喘 心脏病 高血压 慢性疾病
conditions such as asthma, heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and sleep
We’re not implying that it should take the place of traditional therapy or medicine,
and you may want to talk to your healthcare provider about the pros and cons of meditation
in your particular case…
但总体来说 冥想完全会对你的健康做出积极的贡献
…but in general, meditation can definitely be a positive contribution to greater health.
所以 冥想到底是什么呢
So, what exactly is meditation?
它是一个涵盖性术语 是以达到对内心宁静有更好感知为目的
Well, it’s kind of an umbrella term for different techniques that have the goal of achieving
a greater sense of inner peace.
冥想的方法有许多 但我们今天要介绍的一种
There are numerous ways to meditate, but the kind of meditation we’ll be covering today
既简单又易操作 而且经过了西方国家最严格的测试
is super simple and accessible, and has arguably been the most rigorously tested in the West:
那就是 正念冥想
Mindfulness Meditation.
Mindfulness Meditation was popularized by the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses
created Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn.
引用这位医生的话 正念就是通过有意识地集中注意力
To quote the good doctor, “Mindfulness is awareness that arises through paying attention,
从而在现在 毫不判断地产生意识
on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.
It’s about knowing what is on your mind.”
也就是说 正念不在于全心全意地做一件事 而是
Put another way, mindfulness isn’t about doing away with all thought, but about having a
与你的思想有更冷静 更同情的关系
calmer, more compassionate relationship with the thoughts you have.
所以 到底怎么来正念冥想呢
So, how exactly does it work?
首先 最好保持每天练习 刚开始 你可能需要花适当的时间
First, it’s best to do it daily, and when starting out you may want to begin with a
来练习 比如花10分钟到20分钟
modest amount of time, such as ten to twenty minutes.
你可以用一些手机软件来引导你进入正念冥想时间 比如Headspace
There are also apps, such as Headspace, that you can use to guide you through your mindfulness session.
但如果你想独自进行 那也完全可以
But if you want to go it alone, that’s also totally cool!
Here’s how you can do it, to paraphrase a guide from
1) 用计时器设置你想冥想的时间
1) Set a timer for how long you’d like to meditate.
2) 坐下
2) Take a seat.
座位不必特殊 只需牢固稳定
It doesn’t have to be anything special, just a stable, solid seat.
3) 注意你的腿在做什么
3) Notice what your legs are doing.
如果你坐在垫子上 可以把腿舒服地盘在身前
If you’re on a cushion, cross your legs comfortably in front of you.
如果坐在凳子上 最好让你的足底接触地板
If on a chair, it’s good if the bottoms of your feet are touching the floor.
4) 坐直你的身体 但不要僵硬
4) Straighten—but don’t stiffen— your upper body.
5) 把你的手放在腿上
5) Let your hands drop onto the tops of your legs.
6) 稍低下巴 目光向下
6) Drop your chin a little and let your gaze fall gently downward.
虽然不必要 但你可以闭眼
You may close your eyes, though it’s not necessary.
如果你能保持睁眼 就柔和地注视前方
If you keep them open, maintain a nice soft gaze in front of you.
7) 当空气进出时 感觉你的呼吸 空气流进你的鼻子和嘴
7) Feel your breath as it goes out and in: the air moving through your nose and mouth,
你腹部的鼓起和收回 你胸口的起伏
the rising and falling of your belly, and your chest.
每次呼吸时 在心里默念 吸进 呼出
With each breath, mentally note “breathing in” and “breathing out.”
8) 不可避免的是 你的注意力会离开呼吸 转移到其他地方
8) Inevitably, your attention will leave the breath and wander to other places.
This is normal.
不要反抗这些想法或参与进去 练习观察他们
Instead of wrestling with or engaging with those thoughts, practice observing without
needing to react.
Just sit and pay attention.
然后慢慢一次一次地回到你的呼吸 而不加以判断或预想
Then gently come back to your breath over and over again without judgment or expectation.
9) 练习在做出任何身体调整前暂停 比如挠痒
9) Practice pausing before making any physical adjustments, such as scratching an itch.
在你移动时 要有一定强度的意识 保持你所思和
When you do move, do so with conscious intention, allowing space between what you think and
what you do.
10) 当时间到了 慢慢抬起目光或睁开眼睛
10) When your time is up, gently lift your gaze or open your eyes.
用一会儿观察周围的环境 声音 景物 你的身体和精神感觉如何
Take a moment to notice your environment: sounds, sights, how your body and mind feel.
Decide how you’d like to continue on with your day.
And that’s all we have for you today!
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love to hear from you.
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