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汤姆职场3| 用社交软件去营销 – 译学馆
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汤姆职场3| 用社交软件去营销

How to Master Social Media Marketing with Gary Vaynerchuk | #TomFerryShow Episode 3

20多年以来 我一直致力于给你们提供最佳的商业策略
For over twenty years I’ve dedicated my life to bringing you the very best business building strategies
to keep you thriving.
Get ready to experience the success you’ve been searching for.
欢迎收看Tom Ferry秀
Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show.
大家好 我是Tom Ferry 欢迎收看Tom Ferry秀
Hey everybody it’s Tom Ferry.Welcome to the Tom Ferry Show.
话题标签 Tom Ferry Show
A hashtag“Tom Ferry Show”
朋友们 今天是第三集
It’s episode 3,baby.
我们来到了棕榈泉 在Gary Vaynerchuk的隐舍里
and we’re backstage in Palm Springs,Gary Vaynerchuk inn house
Just absolutely bedazzled
Bedazzled is the only word
我懂 如果你能准确地设想 大概600个大客户
I know if you imagine it exactly,about 600 of our top clients
看着 我只是想让你get到我的点
and…and look I just want to get it to you
然后对那些大概7个人 一边看 一边说
so for those like 7 people that are watching and said
there’s more than some people watch the show that haven’t met you.
是的 Gary Vaynerchuk
Yes,Gary Vaynerchuk.
你知道的 经典的移民故事源于白俄罗斯
You know classic immigrant story was born in Belarus
我爸的酒水店里多了些喧嚣的孩子 棒球明星的卡片 和柠檬汽水
kind of hustle kid,baseball cards,lemonade
于是在网上开了家酒水店 这是初期的一个电子商务企业
got involved in my dad’s liquor store,started one of the early e-commerce wine businesses
built it up pretty good
然后在推特Twitter 微博客Tumblr 优步Uber 和美妆电商 Birchbox投资
invested in Twitter and Tumblr and uber and Birchbox
because I saw the world was changing.
Started a YouTube show
less than a year after YouTube came out that kind of gaming my big foundation
我写了一本叫Crush it的书 上了热搜榜第9名
wrote a book called Crush it that went superviral No.9
我创立了一个数字社交机构 叫vaynermedia
started a digital social agency called vaynermedia
我们的用户从30 增长到500人
that we’ve grown from 30 to 500 people
在过去的3年里由于我的表现 我们还拼命地设法买下纽约喷气机队
In the last 3 years,desperately trying to buy the New York Jets on the basis of my behavior.
太棒了 我的意思是 多么完美简洁的回答
I love that. I mean what a fantastic concise answer!
that’s a good thing for every one of us watching.
所以 真的 今天在房间内这样的对话 我想我们该换个话题
so…so really the sort of conversation in the room today and I’d love just to have that conversation be out of here.
团队 你懂得 团队
Team…like you know team
and then behavior today versus behaviorally-Yeah.
我觉得 重头戏我们已经看过了
I think the main thing we’ve seen there
当然了 在那头的观众有些会坐在这里观看你的节目
and obviously the audience that’s there is obviously an audience that’s here for watching your show
你知道吗 今年能尽可能多地售出房屋是很棒的事
You know,it’s great to sell as many homes as you can this year.
但是假如你是这个重要的人 负责主持的女孩
but you as the person,the gal that runs the show,
CEO 主办人 为了幕后工作的3 4 7 9个人
The CEO,the entrepreneur,for those 3,4,7,9 people underneath you
为了公司标志 为了你所管理的公司
and for the logo,for the company that you are running,
Is your behavior matched to being successful in 15
不用再接下来的2016 2017 2018年去拼搏-说的很对
at the expense of 2016,2017,2018?-That’s a great point.
Or are you willing to leave a couple of shekels on the table in 2015 because you’re vesting them
为你接下来的2016 2017 2018年做更多的生意投资吗
in doing more businesses in 2016,2017 and 2018.
没错 这取决于你 今年你打算再雇两个员工吗
And that’s it! It was just behavior of…are you gonna hire two more employees this year
你打算花些时间和你的8个员工在一起 真正地去了解他们 关心他们
and are you going to spend time with your 8 people to really get to know them and really care for them
给予他们多些奖金 或者多些假期 或者多多称赞 从而激励他们
and provide them whether it’s money or more vacation time or more pats on the back,what makes them tick
这样在公司你就有了坚实的后盾 有了长久的工作伙伴
so that you have strong foundation there and they could be teammates for the long haul.
还有就是无论你在Facebook 直邮 或者 广播中投资
And whether you’re doing Facebook or Google or direct mail or the radio
are you trying Instagram or the before-mentioned
你知道的 Facebook或者推特广告或者其他新的方式去交流
you know Facebook or twitter ads or these new ways to communicate
因为在一天结束时 我觉得这个对每个人都很重要
because at the end of the day and I think this matters everybody.
越来越多的人把眼睛转向这里 甚至耳朵也用上
More and more the eyes are shifting here,even more of the ears
我们可以再这里讨论 我自己认为的一个好现象
One of the great phenomenon I actually think,we can get to talk about here
That’s why it’s good to watch the show.
Podcasts have me completely captivated right now.
The amount of people are listening podcasts…
为什么听 科技 智能汽车
Why?Technology,smart cars
People are using Bluetooth and are listening to Podcasts on their drives.
所以现在电台广告 我刚在Jersey 101.5做过节目
So now radio ads,I just did a Jersey 101.5
12月份在电台宣传葡萄酒图书馆 失败了
radio ad campaign in December for wine library and it tanked.
但我还能接受 因为现在又允许我上Tom Ferry秀第3集 来向你们问好
And I was okay with that because it now allows me to be on a Tom Ferry Show episode 3 to say hey
与四年之前相比 这些广告甚至离我们有些遥远
Compared to four years ago,these ads didn’t even come remotely close
我的一个结论是 那是因为越来越多的人用Spotify或者iTunes来听音乐 而且他们不在开车路上听
One of my theories is is because more and more people are listening to Spotify or iTunes and they’re not in their car
It’s all following the ears and eyes
在接下来的2016 2017年你会转战用户视听双体验吗
Are you hedging for the eyes and the ears of 16,17?
还是觉得你的备份文件 电话销售 或者登录页面已经足够了
or you just pump that your backup and telemarketing or landing pages is doing enough for you.
我今天就在这里总结经验 每个人都是视听结合看节目
It’s really what I’d set in there to sum it up everybody’s watching
Are you willing to be the person that put yourself out of business?
听着 你们已经看了这些秀很长时间了
Listen,you have been watching these shows forever
你知道的 可能你已经看过我的YouTube频道 所以你已经看过我和Gary之间的互动
You know,maybe you’ve watched my YouTube channel,so you’ve seen Gary and I interact.
I want to throw this at you.
嗯 他的问题是 你是纠结于今天的表现还是期待未来的表现
Right,so he said,are you focused on today’s behaviors or the future behaviors?
太多的人在我的Facebook页面 我的YouTube频道里问我
Too many people are asking me on my Facebook page,YouTube channel.
And what CRM should I use?
我的回答是 没人管你用哪个CRM
And in my response is who cares what CRM you’re using
叫上你的客户 与他们沟通 就像
call your people,just have conversations with people,like
[indistinct conversation]Google docs is pretty good for 97% of you
是的 没错 所以我觉得 简单来说就是不用考虑与客户之间的关系 就与他们进行沟通
Yeah exactly,so I mean could it be that fundamental like just create a conversation with people free from relationship.
没错 人们愿意把钱花在工具上 去证明他们确实与客户建立了良好的沟通
Yeah people wanna spend money on tools to justify that they’re actually doing the thing.
我根本不想管这个工具 你要怎样酷酷地处理它呢 你有螺丝刀 所以现在呢
I don’t care about the tool.What are you gonna do with it cool?You got a screwdriver.Now what?
好的 所以 我完全赞同 人们不喜欢被打断…I mean that’s right! People don’t want to put in.
People want to watch an entire season of House of cards
instead of calling 97 people they should be calling for their business period.
完全没错 所以两件事先来 我知道我问过一个问题了 现在继续
Absolutely,so hey two things first,I know I said one question. Here we go!
So who cares?
It’s my show!
-我们只是处于…-如果你在做房地产生意 你现在会去哪里套期保值
-We’re just living…-Where would you hedge right now if you’re in the real estate business?
会有很多人看这个节目 然后说
There’s a lot of people gonna watch this and gonna say
我一直关注着Tom 现在Facebook外观设计的很好
Okay,I’ve been following Tom and we’re good in Facebook outs work.
你知道 我们现在甚至在做些推特广告 我们也有了其登录页面
You know we’re even now doings some Twitter ads and we’ve got landing pages.
我们现在正在转型 正在挖掘潜在客户 我们在Zillow网站上刊登信息 我们走步入正轨
and we’re converting,we’re generating a lot of leads.We’re on Zillow. We’re doing all these things.
在2016年我去哪里为房地产套期保值呢 为买卖双方采用怎样的营销手段
Where am I hedging for real estate,marketing for buyers and sellers in 2016?
-Hedging as an investing in?-yeah
I think short-form video.
我的意思是 13秒钟的视频 你会获取到许多你所涉及领域的信息
And I mean like 13-second videos of like nuggets of information in your local area
I’m very high on short form video.
There’s more distribution channels for it now.
你知道的 Instagram 15秒形式短视频 新的…
You know,Instagram,15-second form,the new…
我这么说 刚刚看了Twitter 还有为新广告产品拍的视频
the reason I’m giving you guys this answer like I just saw the Twitter,new ad product for their video
以及给产品拍摄的原生视频 是因为它们真的管用 它们就是原来的样子
and just their native video product,it’s going to really work,it’s going to be native.
It’s gonna really work
在其他地方 比如Instagram 我认为人们会听 并会理解我接下来说的话
And then in other places in Instagram,I think people hear and understand what I’m about to say.
你花在Instagram上的无论是时间还是金钱 你也只能在2017有所收益 今年不行
Whatever money or time you allocate to Instagram,is about you making money in 2017,not this year.
-Yeah -but Instagram is the No 1 social network in America right now.
It just is.
我这么说就是指 它飞速发展 得到了众人的关注
And what I mean by that is it’s growing so fast and it has everyone’s attention
你的投资回报率很高 而且有了一定规模 现在有了3亿用户
Your ROI is greater there and it’s at scale. It’s 300 million users now.
所以 Instagram Instagram Instagram
So Instagram,Instagram,Instagram.
在广告宣传中 现在是这么点多
In the advertising is this much right now.
所以你可以打破它们 而且如果你能理解什么是原生广告
And that’s why you can break them and if you understand what native advertising is,
are you good enough of taking a picture that feels instagrammy?
但是奇怪的是 取景于市场上出售的一间房屋处 落日之景
but it weirdly is the sunset of a home that you’ve got on the market?
There’s a way to do it.
软文广告3.0 第一次采用传统音乐节拍
Advertorial 3.0 first on the old school beat
没错 好的吧 你有你自己的秀
Exactly,alright so you have a show.
是的 我每集都看
Yes,I watch every one of them
-谢谢 -我喜欢这个秀 所以告诉我 秀的名字
-Thank you.-I love it.So tell me the name of the show.
The AskGaryVee show.
-极力推荐 抱歉-话题标签 AskGaryVee
-Highly recommended! Sorry.-Hashtag AskGaryVee
我很享受这个秀 我会从推特选取5到6个问题
I’m enjoying it. I take five to six questions from Twitter
但是我打算从Instagram开始 这就是我的态度
but I’m gonna start doing Instagram,that’s my own behavior.
我会以这样的形式 在视频中回答问题 我很享受这个过程
And I answer them in the show format just like this. I’m enjoying this.
我享受45分钟的提问回答时间 听着 我喜欢把我的理论灌输给人们
I enjoy the 45 minutes of Q&A,I…listen,I love pounding my theory down people’s throats
没有什么比反击 回应他们真正想听的内容 更美妙的事了
Nothing is better than counterpunching what people want to actually hear.
-我也很享受这过程 所以我觉得 我非常喜欢这个秀-没错
-and I enjoyed that and that’s why I think I am enjoying the show so much.-Yeah.
The show phenomenon congratulates on all of your success.
So hey episode 3 is in the can.
所以帮我个忙吧 你知道的
So do me a favor,you know,on my YouTube channel
在YouTube频道 Facebook 推特 Instagram 其他类似软件 给我点反馈 我会在上面的
Give me some feedback,Facebook,Twitter,all that good stuff,Instagram.I am on there.
你要关注我的Instagram 因为你理应如此
You follow me on Instagram because you should follow me on Instagram.
我的Instagram是Coach Tom Ferry
Coach Tom Ferry on Instagram
所以 感谢你们的收看 下期再见
So hey thank you so much for watching.See you at episode 4.
大家好 我是Tom Ferry 非常感谢你们收看我的YouTube频道
Hey I’m Tom Ferry.Thank you so much for coming by my YouTube channel.
如果没有机会与我沟通交流的话 我强烈推荐你订阅哦
If we haven’t had a chance to connect,I highly recommend you subscribe!
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding
You definitely want to subscribe.
每一周我都会在上面放新的一期视频 都是新的内容 新的观点 新的策略
This is where I’m publishing every single week.New content,new ideas,new strategies.
最后为了保持住竞争中的领先地位 我强烈推荐你订阅
And ultimately staying ahead of the curve of your competition that I strongly recommend you subscribe.
订阅 快来 快点订阅频道哟
Subscribe!Come on.Do it subscribe to this channel.
And I’ll keep sending you great content all the time.



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