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How To Make Thunder Caps

在本期节目中 我要向你展示
For this project I’m going to show you how to convert sticky labels and a couple of matches
into a handful of exploding stickers.
Put them on a hard surface
用锤子撞击它们 它们会在压力下发生剧烈爆炸 并发出震耳欲聋的响声
and hit them with a hammer, and they explode on impact with enough power to leave your ears ringing.
这些小摔炮很便宜 也很容易制作
These little “Thunder Caps” are super cheap and easy to make
and are a fun way to level up your target practice as well.
Because with “Thunder Caps”, your targets explode.
一盒安全的火柴 一片刮胡刀片 这就是我们开启这个项目所需要的全部道具了
All we need to start this project is a box of safety matches, and a razor blade.
The box-cutter I’m using has a quick release feature for removing the blade inside,
and that’s what I’ll be using in a couple of minutes.
现在 我们开始利用两根火柴的火柴头 制作山寨火药
Now let’s get to work making our improvised cap gun powder, with the heads of two safety matches.
Matches like these are around 50% Potassium Chlorate, mixed with a few other ingredients
比如硫磺 淀粉 和胶水
like sulfur, starch, and glue.
如果我们一边轻轻敲打火柴头 一边旋转火柴棒
If we take a hammer and lightly tap the heads of the matches, while slowly rolling the sticks around
you can see the pyrotechnic shell separates from the stick, and flakes right off.
You might have noticed I’m collecting the match heads on a paper sticky note, and that’s
这主要是为了保持砖面的清洁 不过这也可以让之后的收集和转移粉末步骤更加方便
mainly to help keep my brick clean, but it’ll also make it a lot easier to capture and transfer the powder, later on.
Now our “Thunder Caps” are going to make a much bigger bang
if we grind the chunks down into a really fine powder.
And a really easy way to do that with a kitchen knife.
Crush them with the blade, then carefully spread the powder back and forth a few times
like you’re putting butter on a muffin.
不出一分钟 你就会得到非常精细的火柴头粉末
In less than a minute, you’ll find you have an extremely fine match-head powder,
that should look something like this.
好了 现在我们需要加入能让神奇的爆炸发生所需要的第二种成分
Alright it’s time for the second ingredient, that makes all the explosive magic happen.
And you’ll find it right there, on the side of your matchbox.
拿起你的刮胡刀 小心缓慢地刮火柴盒的侧面
Take your razor blade, and slowly and carefully, begin scraping the side of the box
然后你会得到一些鲜红色的粉末 (别忘了)在盒子下面垫一张纸
so you can harvest some of the fine red powder. And keep a sticky note, or a piece of paper
under the box so you salvage as much of it as possible.
This precious powder is about 50% red phosphorous,
并混有一些其他物质 比如玻璃粉
mixed with a few other abrasive materials, like powdered glass.
小心地用你的刀片把两种粉末分成两条直线 不过要注意 千万不能让它们混在一起
Use your blade to carefully scrape the 2 powders into separate lines, but make sure they don’t mix together yet.
因为这会使它们变得活跃 很容易因为撞击而爆炸
Because if they do, they’ll activate, and become come “impact sensitive”.
我(按照)配制玩具枪火药的配方 把火柴头粉末和火柴盒侧面粉末2:1混合
The recipe I’m using for my cap gun mix is 2 parts powdered match-heads to 1 part “striker strip” powder.
So as a basic rule of thumb, just make sure your grey line is twice as long as the red one
and it should work just fine.
The safest and easiest way I’ve found for mixing the two powders
is by dropping them into a plastic party cup,
and carefully swirling the mixture around for about 20-30 seconds.
这样 两种成分就完全地混合在一起了 这一过程自燃的风险很低
This way the composition gets thoroughly mixed, and there’s very little risk of spontaneous ignition.
But that doesn’t mean it won’t ignite.
所以 为了防止意外地引爆粉末
In fact you should always treat your cap powder with the highest levels of caution and respect,
to avoid setting it off accidentally.
Now hopefully you’ve got some ear plugs and safety glasses nearby, because the time
has come, to bust some caps.
仔细看我用锤子敲打一小堆粉末 你会发现就在接触的一瞬间 反应发生了
Watch closely as I smack the tiny pile with a hammer, and you’ll see the instant it
粉末爆炸 并在空气中蒸发
makes contact, the power explodes, and vaporizes into thin air.
如果你没有锤子也没关系 事实上 你可以用任何东西来引爆这些粉末
If you don’t have a hammer, it’s no problem.
只要这东西足够硬 能够产生足够冲击力就可以了
You can actually set the powder off with anything that hits hard enough, to shock it.
你所创造的这种粉末 实际上是一种改良版的阿姆斯特朗混合物
This amazing composition you’ve created is an improvised version of “Armstrong’s Mixture”
更有趣的是 它和玩具枪里的火药成分是相同的
which interestingly enough, is the same powder used for making cap gun caps.
这意味着你现在可以改装你一起的玩具手枪 并且使他们的威力放大十倍
So that means, now you have the option of reloading old cap gun caps, and making them up to
10 times more powerful. Try using that option with the “Exploding Cap Darts” we made in a previous video.
现在 为了让这个实验更加有趣 我决定做进一步的行动 把粉末放入点状便利贴中
Now just for fun, why don’t we take this experiment one step further, with a pack of sticky dots.
I found a bundle of over 300 sticky-backed labels, from the stationary section of my local grocery store.
Set one of the labels down on the table with the sticky side facing up, then use something
like a modified drinking straw to carefully transfer a tiny bit of the cap powder, to the center of the label.
让粉末掉落在标签中心 然后把另一张同色便签小心翼翼地盖上去
Drop the powder right in the middle, then find another sticker the same color, and carefully
从上往下按压它 使其周围密封 从而把粉末困在里面
press it down overtop, sealing off the edges, and trapping the powder inside.
至此为止 你已经成功做出了一个威力巨大的自制摔炮
You’ve just created a powerful, homemade “Smack Cap”. And if you look closely,
靠近观察 你会看到中间那堆 时刻准备着 为爆炸事业而奋斗的粉末
you should be able to see the powder located in the center, ready for action.
接下来 我在另一个不同颜色的点状标签上加上更多的剩下的粉末
I went ahead and made a whole bunch more by adding the rest of the powder to different colored dots,
using the color coding to my advantage.
绿点里面是最少量粉末 橙点里放置粉末量是绿点的2倍
The green dots have the smallest amount of powder, The orange dots have around twice
as much powder, and the pink dots are as full as I could get them.
Testing them out on my workbench it’s easy to see the difference between the green, the
爆炸声真的很大 你可能会被震得耳鸣
orange, and the pink dot, which was actually so loud, your ears would have been ringing.
所以 聪明人都会戴上耳塞
So remember to do the smart thing, and wear ear plugs.
我在一块布满灰尘的砖头上引爆摔炮 使你能够直观地看到爆炸产生的冲击波
I smacked a cap on a dirty brick, so you can see the shockwave it makes, when it explodes,
接下来把一个橙点放在一片树叶上 用石头敲打 看看会发生什么
then put one of the orange dots inside a leaf to see what would happen if we hit it with
显然 树叶完全消失了 这一切都是在刹那间发生的
a rock. Apparently, the leaf gets completely obliterated, in just an instant.
最后一项实验 拿一支用二氧化碳驱动的BB枪来射击摔炮
For one final experiment I picked up a CO2 powered BB gun to see what would happen if
we tried using our “Thunder caps” for target practice.
把一张纸质标靶贴在墙上 在靶心放置一枚摔炮
I printed off a paper target, and taped a “Smack Cap” to the center, so when a pellet
所以 当小子弹击中靶心的时候 目标爆炸了
hits the bullseye, the target explodes.
By sticking “Thunder Caps” to your targets, you’ll get a very gratifying feeling, of
你将能够从子弹击中目标的那一瞬间中 获得能量与成就所带来的极大的满足感
power and accomplishment when you hit your targets dead-on.
These exploding dots aren’t just for BB guns though. They can be used with slingshots,
你还可以用弹弓和吹镖来引爆它 我甚至觉得高速空气软弹也是一种可行的措施
blow darts, and I imagine they’d probably work with high speed air-soft pellets as well.
不过无论你是怎么使用它的 有一件事是可以确定的
But whichever way you use them, one thing is for sure.
你一定可以看到反应的发生 你每一次都能成功地把它引爆
You’re bound to get a reaction, each time you set one off.
好了 现在你应该已经知道怎么用一堆火柴盒一些便签来制作
Well now you know how to use a couple of matches and some sticky labels to make an arsenal
用不同颜色标记好威力大小的兵器——摔炮 了
of color coded “Thunder caps”.
And whether you use them for target practice, or just for having a bit of fun exploring science in the back yard,
or just for having a bit of fun exploring science in the back yard,
your “Thunder Caps” are guaranteed to be a blast.
那么 现在就行动起来吧!
Well that’s it for now.
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