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How To Make the Perfect Roast Beef Dinner - Gordon Ramsay

–别进来了 哈哈哈 拜拜~
Change your mind.hahaha…seya!
嘿 拜托 别关门啊
Hi!excuse…Hold on…
Ready to get a perfect sunday dinner
烤牛肉 烤土豆 约克郡布丁
Roast beef,Roast potatoes,Yorkshire puddings.
Some carrots and cabbage.
这也许是一种非常好的 嗯……肉卤
And then maybe a very nice sort of umm…sexy gravy.
-Can I say in advance that I’m quite a intelligent woman but…- Yes
when it comes to the kitchen, I don’t mind admitting I’m a completely dumb
What’s that?
-Umm…some holiday’s soy sauce?- Holiday’s soy sauce……that’s dripping!
That’s gonna make the perfect perfect yougi pudding!
So the key to this is have a time plan
—嗯—好的 之后每件事都必须要思考了
-Yes-Right.Everything else after that falls into think
There’s a cloth for you always keep your cloth there like that
所以如果你的手得上下动 幅度不要超过肩膀
So if you are gonna to hand up and down.Not over shoulder,
not let them flying around.
And then when you wanna touch something in the oven,
如果它们掉下来的话 你可以接住它们
You can always just hold them if they’re dip out.
第一步 也是最重要的 我们得拿出牛肉并把它腌一下
First thing most importanty we will get the beef and season the fat.
-season the fat?-Yeah!
因为有了盐 牛肉口感会更棒
Because what does it with the fat makes it a lot more tasty.
Start oven 250 degrees.
-250…-There we go.
There’s first like put something in the oven.
So it’s first time you start using the oven?Yeah.
我来制作布丁 敲一下 两下…… 然后食指和拇指打开一条缝儿
I’ll use pudding makes,one two…and finger and thumbs in…
然后 它就打开了
and just let it open.
一个鸡蛋 搞定 ?
One egg,OK?
It’s a condition in there.Where?
――额……――哈哈哈哈哈 蛋黄散了 哈哈哈哈哈

Emmm…Hahahahaa…Yeyeye,the lump was gone.Hahaha…
He is human.
I’m get some milk for the peeper.
――噢我的天啊……――这是油脂 能促进融化 让这里面一些东西更入味
Oh my…So it’s fat,so that gonna help melt and raise something in it.
Do you see how much in there?You put my milk there!
-It just takes one spoon…-I’m gonna have a heart attact.
拿起来放在铁架子上 往托盘上倒酸奶
Hold on in there,over yougert to the tray.
倒满一个 对 好 再加一点 很好
Fill in one.That’s it.Good!Little bit more,good.
找这个烤牛肉的方式 它们就得焦了
What the beef roasting way they should go zoom.
然后我来做这些 烤土豆
And I want to do these stuff,roast potatoes.
多少个夜晚 我都在想
I have had nights,when I’m thinking:
上帝啊 如果现在我可以做菜 我得多感激啊
God,it would be so greatful if I could cook right now.
圣诞大餐 有时我会希望可以在我这里过圣诞节
Christmas dinner.Sometimes I’d like Christmas at mine.
我妈就会说 不 为啥我们要在你这里庆祝 嗯……毕竟我们还得自己做饭
My mom says,No why do we have at yours because em…we’ve gotta cook.
而且我们需要的一切那里都有 如果在这里的话什么都得我们自己带啊
And we have everything we need there,and we have to bring everything with this.
I’d like to get the tray on top of the gas ring before we goes the oven.
当它熟了就停下 当心你的手指! 啊哈! 烤蒜瓣
It just stops if its sticking.Watch your fingers!Ah ou!Roast garlic.
――用生命在做大餐――额 只需要加点水就好了
It’s bloody spicy that!Yeah,just put that water in tail
现在你可以不用处理土豆了 颜色已经很好看了
Now you can stop seasoning potatoes,coloring open.
碰一碰牛肉 把你的手指放在上面 你就可以像这样感觉到自己
Touching the beef.Put your finger on there so you just touch yourself like that,
and stop on your cheek yeah?I’m soft as pudding.
当你发现牛肉也是这个硬度时 说明还是生的
That’s means it raw when you hit on the beef like that.So that’s still quite raw.
如果牛肉中部像你的下巴一样结实时 说明中部已经好了
If it’s medium is firm like your chin.Medium welldone.
5分熟 熟了 生的 哈……
fifty welldone raw!Ha…
现在…… 鸡蛋好了
So um…the egg is so amazing
为了让他更美味一点 秘诀是把它们翻个面 把它翻过来
To finish more properly, the secret is turn them around,Turn it upside down.
-然后把它们再放进去 -噢快看那个
-So then cook them in the lack.-Oh Look at that!
-And peel a little bit onion.
-你知道我眼睛里进了什么东西吗?-没错 你是对的 啊哈……
Do you know what adding my eyes?Oh!You’re absolutely right.Ha…
-哦……(哔) -哈哈哈
Oh…Fuck!Ahahahah…Dear dear…Oh…
靠 这味儿太浓了!
Shit!That’s strong!
我想不是因为洋葱 而是你把我弄哭的 因为你不停地吼我们
I thought you made me cry,because you being shouting over us,not because of the onions.
――我们现在干啥?肉汁?――对 该肉汁了
What’s we doing now?Gravy.Gravy.
All we gonna do is just put some these tomatoes in the buttom.
All we gonna do is actually make the gravy a little bit sweet.
我在一个有三个卧室的房子长大 和我的哥哥住一个卧室
You know I grew up in a three bedroom counselor stay share the bedroom with my brother.
――我们不需要这种食物――是的 我也不需要
This kind of food we don’t need.No I don’t need though,
我差点忘了 那是为数不多我害怕的食物之一
That’s quite a few foods I was kind of quite frighted of,I must miss.
――比如?――嗯 比如只要有蒜的食物就能让我感到恶心
-Like what?-Wow like in the world of garlic can immediately feel that something disgusting.Yeah.
――在我小的时候总这样――嗯 懂了
For a long time when I was younger.Yeah,ah ha!
And when people used to say that they were vegetarian.
――我觉得……――嗯 咋了?
I think wuuu…Yeah,What’s that?What’s on the earth you want ate them!
-例如 像我说的 鸡肉卷 豆子 和 鱼片豆-好吧
Cause everything like I say was chicken chips and beans and fish chip bean.Yeah.You know.
――现在该干嘛?――嗯 现在该干嘛
And now what’s it? And now what’s it.And I was the one ask that.
Where’s the butter?Butter should be in the frigde.
-好的 你不喜欢多大的尺寸?-哈哈哈……
Okay,how big do you want not to be?Hahaha…
Potatoes soup served.
嗯 大概花多长时间可以快速将它弄好
Right.So how ever time to quickly just put it perfect
同时我能补个妆 让这次宴会更加圆满
and I can brush my hair make this last complete for this.Yeah.
――我觉得5分钟就行――拜托 怎么可能 哈哈哈……
Right.I know five minutes.Of course it’s not true.Hahaha…
哔 女人就不应该出现在厨房
Fuck!No women back in kitchen.
(门铃声)――哈 来了……

Wuuuu…hahaha…Hi!Oh,come here Gailse.Hello!
You looks very nice!I know.They’re here. They’re here.
――我让她们入座了 我爱我的朋友们 但一旦涉及到我的厨艺 她们就太挑剔了
And I set them down.I love my friends but they are quite judgmental.
when they comes to my cooking.I’ve never seen her in the kitchen actually.Fussy.
――而且 她们评论一切――Marty的厨艺 我得担心了
-And they just…they just drating in all things.-Marty’s cooking .I will be worried.
――别担心啦 每件事都安排妥当了看 牛排烤好了 ――嗯
-Don’t worried about it yet.Everything is sort of poping out.The beef roasted.-Yes.
――等它们冷却到室温就拿出来 好吗?――你确定这个能冷却到室温?
-You put this served in room temperture.yeah?-Are you sure this made to be served room temperture?
对 我们能确定 现在只要把土豆拿出来
Yeah,no,we’ll do.Just put the potatoes out.
-我们把它们塞到烤箱 对 -再往后点
– 很好 完全正确
We’ll stick them in oven.Yeah.Just a little behind.Yeah.Absolutely!Definite!
Try do the plate nice and clean.
――看起来我真的做到了――一切都在掌控之内 那份牛肉一定很美味
So looks like I really do and I want to do it.And as controlled,that beef is delicious.
Yeah!set all those coming together.Kill us.Just all…
把所有的都端出来吧 像一个链式反应那样
all most coming out like a sort of a chain reaction.
这一定可以的 放在这边上 很脆(敲击声)
This has to be your peers through this one.Crispy!
有点玻璃的感觉 好哒 就这样! 很好 准备好了吗?
A less like glassy.Yeah.that’s it!Good.ready?
――我不知道该说什么啊――都是你做的 现在 我们开始吧
-What’s should I say?-All you made .Now,there,here we go.
Okay…I…Oh my god!Oh my…
-(赞叹)噢 看起来真的很难以置信啊 -谢谢你啊宝贝儿
Oh.look it’s fabulous.Thank you baby.Em…
我控制不住一直在想 你是怎么做到这一切的
I can’t stop thinking about how you done that.
I thought what’s going every must fall into thinking…Hahahaha…
Marty…Hahaha…Cheers everybody.Can you hear…Well done!
――干得好!干杯! ――为Chriesy 祝贺 你做到了
Well done!Cheers!Merry Chriesy,you don’t made it for her.
Muma…Thank you.Thank you!
首先 热个身吧
First the warm up.