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How To Make A Styrofoam Handgun

For this project, I’m going to show you how to make a cool 3D handgun, out of styrofoam.
它可以用来做道具 cosplay 甚至是在后院做金属模具
That you can use for props, cosplay, or even backyard metal casting.ay, or even backyard metal casting.
最开始 我们先得拿出那个自制的烫线“泡沫切割器”
To get started, we’ll first need to whip out the Hot-Wire “Styro-Slicer” we made
上个视频里我们制作的 看看
in a previous video. And watch this.
很简单打开边上的插栓 就都准备就绪了
Simply unbuckle the latch on the side, and you can have the whole thing set up and ready
to slice foam, in under 10 seconds.
如同我的其它视频里的创造 这个手枪也是由一元店里的泡沫板制成的
And like most of my other styrofoam creations, this pistol all starts, with dollar-store foam-board.
我很喜欢这个泡沫板 因为它们的厚度一样
I like these sheets of foam because they’re all about the same thickness, and once the
只要把正反面两边贴的纸撕下来就可以用了 很方便
paper layers are peeled off the front, and the back, they’re really easy to work with.
如果你想制作和视频里一样的枪 你可以
If you want to make the same gun I used in my “styrofoam to aluminum” video, then
打印我用PS做的模板 两份
you’ll just need to print off 2 copies of this template I made in Photoshop
这个模板我是在YouTube上找了个视频“M9橡胶条手枪” 参考设计的 rbgun上传的视频
I based this template, around a design I found on YouTube, for an “M9 rubber band handgun”,
我把链接已经放到了视频描述部分 你可以免费使用
by RBguns. And I’ve put links in the description to where you can find them for free.
我们开始切割出所有这些形状 然后把它们放到桌子上 最终你会得到
Go ahead and cut out all the shapes, and lay them on the table. And you should end up with
11块模板 每个都有一块自己的镜像
11 tracing templates, which are basically all just mirror images of each other.
设计这些手枪的组件是要堆叠在一起的 然后会组成一个非常酷的3D道具
These pistol parts are designed to stack together, to form a really cool looking 3D prop.
但我们先得从泡沫中雕刻出这些定制的组件 然后才能组装起来
But we need to carve the custom parts out of the foam first, so let’s get to work making that happen next.
用胶棒抹上这些纸模板的表面 注意要覆盖得尽量完整些
Smear the surface of the paper templates with a glue-stick, and focus on getting good coverage
涵盖住边角 这样可以将纸紧贴在泡沫上
around the edges, so you can transfer the paper to the foam, and stick them firmly in place.
好了 现在要开始启动泡沫切割器了 首先
Alright, the time has come to power up the Styro-Slicer, and the first thing I like to
是要把这块板切割为小块 让模板更加好处理
do, is chop the board into smaller pieces, to make the templates a bit more manageable to work with.
现在 沿着边切出独立的形状并不是难事
From here, it’s pretty easy to glide around the edges, of the individual shapes, and trace
而且会是令人惊讶的 很专业的效果
them out with an impressively, professional finish.
用线切割泡沫如此容易 但是却不会切穿纸模板
It always amazes me how the wire slices through the foam so easily, but not through the paper
这总是让我感觉神奇 但是这正是该制作方法好使的原理
templates themselves. But that’s exactly, why this works.
Now, when you’re preparing to cut around the trigger guard, it’s not as difficult as it might seem.
“泡沫切割器”其实有个很酷的小功能 会让这件事变得快速和简便
The “Styro-Slicer” actually has a cool little feature, that’ll make it quick and easy for you.
只要在某个不需要的区域戳一个差不多大小的洞 然后关掉电源
Just poke a descent sized hole, in an area you don’t need, then turn off the power
and give the wire, a couple seconds to cool down.
你可以简单的从顶部的螺丝圈上将弹簧卸下来 将线穿过
You can simply unhook the spring from the eye-bolt at the top, thread the wire through
扳机的洞 然后再把弹簧装回这个螺丝圈
the hole in the trigger guard, and re-hook the spring back onto the eye-bolt.
这么简单 你就可以进行仔细的内部切割了 即便是最难碰到的位置
As easy as that, you’ve got the ability to make detailed inside cuts, in some of the hardest to reach places.
好的 我们制造出了所有的部件 现在可以开始组装
Alright, we’ve got all the components manufactured, and we’re just about ready to assemble the
这个泡沫武器了 剩下的要做的就是撕去纸张 然后粘在一起
foam weapon. All that’s left to do is remove the paper, and glue it together.
缓慢又仔细的将纸模板从上面撕下来 使用一开始的
Slowly and carefully peel the templates off the foam, the same way you did with the board
in the beginning. And if you’re careful enough, you’ll be able to reuse them again.
现在我们来组装这把手枪 先把这些部件摆开 这样可以
Now to assemble this foam firearm, simply lay the pieces out, so you can better visualize
how they’re going to stack together. And just for planning purposes, each half of your
handgun, needs to look like this.
如果你觉的设计不错 要坚持完成 那么准备好足够量的
If you’re ready to commit to this design, then go ahead and apply a generous amount
胶水吧 涂抹到泡沫组件的背面 然后仔细地将其贴到合适的位置上
of glue to the backs of the foam components, and carefully set the pieces in place.
The slide assembly, and the pistol grip go on last, and should line up with some of the obvious features on the base.
最后一小块是用来装饰的 那么把它推到这个中间的小空槽里
And the last little piece is just for decoration. So push it into the little gap, in the middle.
This completes one half of the gun. And we’ll need to assemble the other side the same way,
要确认的是 另一半应该指向完全相反的方向 这很重要
but make sure this other side, is pointing the opposite direction. That’s important.
两半都完工后 你会拥有一对“半边枪” 它们是镜像关系
With the two sides complete, you should have twin “half-pistols”, that are mirror-images
如果你搞定了 可以将这两块合体成一个
of each other. So if you do, then let’s make the two, become one.
为每块的底部涂抹上足够的胶水 然后
Smear a generous amount of glue on each of the bottoms, then slowly and carefully line
小心仔细的合并上这两半 轻轻的按压它们确保粘牢
up the two halves, and gently press them together.
再次检查这两半的边缘是否严格贴合 然后花上一些时间来
Double-check the edges match up on every side, and give it a few minutes for the glue to
固定它们 完成后 你的泡沫武装 就基本上完成啦
start setting. And with that, your styrofoam sidearm, is pretty much done.
现在我们来打磨它 可以用一块220号颗粒度的喷砂海绵 来磨去任何的不完美处
Now to polish it up a bit, try using a 220 grit sanding sponge, to smooth out any imperfections.
泡沫是相当柔软的 因此 轻轻的打磨就可以让你的枪非常的清爽
The foam is pretty soft, so by lightly sanding it, you can get your gun to clean up really nice.
打磨过后 最后一步 是为枪头加上一个小圆 完成枪筒
With the handgun sanded, the very last step, is to add the small circle to the tip, completing the barrel.
好啦 你刚刚完成了一个相当酷的3D泡沫手枪
And that’s it. You’ve just made yourself a really cool looking, 3D foam pistol, that
可以用作道具 或者cosplay
you can use for props, or cosplay.
当然如果你想让它再上一个台阶 还可以将它
Of course if you want to take it to the next level, you could always transform it into
solid aluminum as well.
如果你调整好泡沫切割器的切割臂 对应好枪的底部
If you adjust the cutting arm of your “Styro-Slicer” to roughly match the base of the gun, you
can easily make a custom foam riser that will glue to the handle.
This is the setup I used, for burying my pistol, nose down into a bucket of sand.
要将其制作成金属固体效果 你要做的就是倒入一锅满满的滚烫液态铝
And to turn it into solid metal, all you have to do is dump in a crucible full, of hot liquid aluminum.
这锅滚烫的 融化了的金属 会立刻使得泡沫蒸发 某种方式冲进去填满了
The scorching, molten metal, vaporizes the foam instantly, and somehow rushes in to fill
所有的空间 如同这样
all the spaces, as it does.
Of course your styrofoam creation gets completely destroyed in the process, but you’ll get
但是作为回报 你会得到一个固体金属的物件
a solid metal casting, in return.
顺便一说 如果你打算用泡沫制作出任何东西 唯一的限制就是你的想象力
By the way, if you want to make anything else out of foam, your imagination is the only limitation.
我设计和建造了整个3D空军纵队 泡沫战斗机
I designed and built a whole squadron of 3D, foam fighter jets, that are actually puzzles
它们拆开时都是迷 组合起来才是结果
you can take apart, and put back together.
如果你想接下来尝试制作它们 这些泡沫战斗机 可以看另外的视频
So if you want to try making them next, look for these foam fighters, in another project video.
好的 现在你该知道如何使用一元店的泡沫板了吧 还有你自己制造的“泡沫切割器”
Well now you know how to use dollar store foam-board, and your homemade “Styro-Slicer”,
还有 能够制造出一个真实的3D版“星期六之夜特别物品”
to make a realistic, and three dimensional, “Saturday Night Special”.
好的 就这些了 如果你喜欢这个项目 也许你会喜欢我其它的几个
Well that’s it for now. If you liked this project, perhaps you’ll like some of my others.
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Check them out at www.thekingofrandom.com