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How To Make a Hexaflexagon: The Definitive Guide

在过去我们不得不自己做小玩意 比如六角变形体
So back in the day we had to make our ownfidget toys, and to make a hexaflexagon all
如果你知道怎么做 你只需要30秒和一张纸
you need is 30 seconds and a scrap of paperif you know how, which is probably why this
这可能就是我视频受欢迎的原因 今天我将展示六角变形体折叠技巧
is my #1 most requested video so today I’mgonna show you my hexaflexagon techniques.
现在的目标是能够创建一个随时随地在没有剪刀 胶带 胶水的情况下
Now the goal is to be able to create one instantlyanytime anywhere without scissors tape or
仍可以构建六角变形的技巧 你可以从类似这种可打印模板开始
glue but to build your hexaflexaskills youcan start with a printable pattern such as this one.
六角变形体本质是一个旋转环里有9个三角形 如果用10个三角形
The essence of a hexaflexagon is 9 trianglesin a twistyloop and you can use 10 triangles
你就把最后一个粘到第一个三角形 如果是9个 就用胶带粘
if you glue the last to the first or use 9if you’re using tape.
Having a pattern is helpful for folding perfectequilateral triangles and also it’s easier
to fold the finished shape if you have yourmountains and valleys in a row, dotted lines
点虚线是谷折 短划线是山折
are valley folds and dashed lines are mountainfolds, and you can check that all your triangles
通过彼此反向折叠 你会发现三角形对的很齐整
are happy and accurate by folding them backand forth on top of each other and seeing that they all line up.
The #1 place people go wrong is when foldingand taping the loop together, and here’s
where the mountain folds can help you do itright.
It is of vital importance that the three flappybits be symmetrically arranged all triangly-like.
If you’ve got a flappy flap that goes allthe way straight across the hexagon or two
或者有两个位置紧挨在一起 就再试一次
flappy bits right next to each other, justtry again.
最后 用胶带把第一个和最后一个三角形边缘粘在一起
Then finally, tape the first and last triangletogether around the edge, or sometimes you’ll
有时你会遇到它们粘一起的情况 如果你使用胶水的话
get a case where you tape them across theside, or if you’re using glue then just
flap that flap on over and glue that whole10th triangle to the first triangle, just
try not to accidentally tape or glue togetheranything else.
如果你的折痕很深 它们会引导你了解六面体结构和使用
If your creases are strong, they will guideyou in the hexaflexagon’s construction and
在弹出的中心处 三面捏合两边
also in its use, where you pop up the centerand pinch the sides together in a three-fold
way and open it up from the center.
六角变形体的巧妙之处在于 除了它的可塑性外
The great thing about hexaflexagons is thataside from their figitability they also offer
它们还提供了涂鸦 绘画和装饰的机会
an opportunity for doodling, drawing, andderocating, and here’s where this more robust
还有助于更牢固的折叠设计 特别是当有渗透导致出现一些印记
fold-over design can help, especially if youhave markers that bleed through your paper.
It’s also a great way to hide the templatelines after you’ve made your creases.
粘好后 你可以把两边涂上你想要的任意颜色 第三条边也可以任意涂
And once that’s together you can color bothsides however you want to, and also the third side however you want to.
因此一旦你有感觉了 没有模板或剪刀也是很容易做到
Ok so once you have a feel for that, it’llbe easier to do it without the pattern or scissors.
The first trick is getting a nice even stripof paper, which you can do by folding the
你可以通过折叠页面边缘 确保边缘线两侧对齐
edge off a page and making sure the edge linesup on both sides, creasing firmly, and I like
我喜欢反复折几次 这样撕下来就容易些
to crease back and forth a couple times sothat it tears off without too much trouble.
下面是一些人认为最难的部分: 做第一个三角形
Now here’s what some consider the hardestpart: getting your first triangle, which means
getting a perfect 60-degree angle.
如果你周围有等边三角形 你可以复制它们 如果没有
If you have any equilateral triangles aroundyou can just copy off of them but if not,
你可以这样做: 先按照你认为合适的折痕轻轻地折一下
here’s what you do: first fold your bestguess and crease only very lightly, then lightly
然后沿着边缘轻轻折叠 看看是否对齐
fold along the edge and see if things lineup.
当它们对齐的时候 你应该能看到折叠的三角形状
When they do line up, you should be able tosee the trianglyness of your folds.
但它们可能不会一次就对齐 需要来回调整直到对齐
But they probably won’t line up the firsttime, and so you adjust back and forth until it does.
当你悟到以后 应该是对第一次折痕做大部分调整
When you get a feel for it, you should beable to do most of the adjusting while you’re
making your first creases, it just takes alittle practice.
你也可以假装没有模板 通过模板来完成三角形的折叠技巧
You can also work on your triangle foldingskills by using a pattern but pretending there’s no pattern.
好了 那么60度角的好处在于 一旦你有一个 它们就会自我复制
Ok so the great thing about 60-degree anglesis that once you’ve got one, they self-replicate,
你可以不断折叠 只是尽量确保它的边线对齐
you can keep folding along the lines and justtry and keep it so that the edges line up
and the corners line up as much as possible.
你只需要9个三角形 去掉多余的 准备下一步
And you only need 9 triangles so remove theextra and you’re ready to go.
And going freehand you might end up with thetwistyloop connecting at the edge or in the
可以是从左边或者右边 都可以
middle and it could be right-handed or left-handed,it’s all good.
这个六角变形体主要的缺陷就是没有足够的三角形 那是因为你纸条太宽
A major pitfall of hexaflexigation is notgetting enough triangles because your strip is too wide for its length.
当你装饰的时候 你可能会再次遇到颜色渗透的问题
When you’re decorating you might get thatbleed-through problem again but you can start
你可以从一张折叠的纸开始作画 我要做树叶 花和根 然后检查
with a doubled-over strip of paper and you’reready for arts, I’m gonna do leaves and a flower and roots, check it out.
哦 或者你可以把秘密笔记放在中间 很秘密吧
Ooh or you could put secret notes in the middle,so secret.
如果你没有胶带或胶水 你可以把纸条加长并将其缠绕在额外的位置
If you have no tape or glue you can keep thestrip extra long and wrap it around extra,
在精确灵活的控制下 可以防止末端抖动
and if you flexigate with precision and controlyou can keep the ends from flapping out, or
如果分开了 需要将其再折回到一起
maybe it falls apart and you have to foldit back together.
最后 一旦你对事物有了理解 你可以将任何纸片
And then finally, once you really get a feelfor things, you can take any scrap of paper
变成不需要裁剪或撕裂的纸条 你只需要把所有东西都折起来
and turn it into a strip without needing tocut or tear, you just fold everything in,
and you can even skip some of the trianglypreparation and instead add the missing creases
as you flex it the first few times.
不管怎么说 这只是我的诀窍 如果你想要免费模板 可以登录vihart.com/hexaflexagons
Anyway those are my tricks and if you wantfree patterns they are at vihart.com/hexaflexagons
如果你想和你遇到的任何人分享六角变形体的乐趣 你可以买这件衬衫
and if you want to share the joy of flexigationwith random people you meet you can buy this
是的 我开始卖东西了 因为我现在是全职哈特了 它们快卖完了
shirt, yes I’m finally selling stuff becauseI’m a full-time Vi Hart now they’re going
如果你买到一件的话 请随身带着六角变形体
to sell out, but if you manage to get oneplease carry hexaflexagons with you when you
wear it so you can show the uninitiated ifthey ask, or if you don’t like talking to
people it’s also available as a plain classyv-neck curvy-cut shirt with the design on
这样你后面的人就可以学习了 最酷的是一件小孩长袖的版本
the back so the person behind you can learn,and coolest of all there’s a kid-sized version
衣服前面有六角变形体图案 背后是折叠说明
with long sleeves and hexaflexafriends onthe front and instructions on the back for
那是给课堂上坐你后面的人准备的 或者你可以自己教他们
whoever sits behind you in class, or you couldjust teach them yourself but the shirts are
衬衫在黑色星期五整个周末都大八折 大小尺寸都有 没错 它们会在假期准时送到
all 20% off for black friday all weekend,all in extended sizes, and yes they will arrive in time for the holidays.
好好练习你的六角变形体技能 因为下个月你还需要它 敬请期待!
But practice your hexaflexagon skills becauseyou will need them next month, stay tuned.









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