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How to Interview for a Job in American English, part 3/5

你被录取了! 谁都想听到这句话 但在这之前
You’re hired! Two words everyone loves to hear. But before we hear those words comes
(噔噔噔噔!) 需要先面试 今天的视频是面试系列第三集
(dun dun duuuuhn!) the interview. Today’s video is part three in a series that’s all
about preparing for a job interview.
面试系列视频总共五集 今天的第三集讲如何准备面试
This is part three of a five-part series on preparing for an interview. Interviewing for
准备面试一般会让人焦虑不安 如果你正准备
a new job can be a huge source of stress and anxiety. If you’re interviewing for a job
找一份不是母语的工作 会更紧张 在今天的视频你会看到
in a non-native language, the stress can be even higher. In this video you will see me
我去面试 在这整个过程中 我们会讨论一些面试
interview for a job. Throughout the interview, we’ll discuss some of the most common interview
最常碰到的问题和回答思路 同时你也能学习关于
questions and how to answer them. You’ll also learn some basic information to get you
自己回答问题的基本要素 让我们接着上期的视频
started creating your own answers to these questions. Let’s pick up where we left off
in the previous video.
TK: 你有没有曾经遇到挫折 但还必须保持
TK: Can you tell me about a time where you suffered a setback and had to maintain your
常见问题: 你有没有曾经遇到挫折 但还必须保持
Common Question: Can you tell me about a time when you suffered a setback and had to maintain
热情的时候? 面试官问类似的问题是为了进一步了解
your enthusiasm? The interviewer may ask questions like this to get a better sense of how you
当你处于压力情形时 会怎么表现和应对 问题可以是
behave and perform in certain stressful situations. The question may be about your actual past
曾经的经历或假设的情境 为看你的反应 下面是
experiences, or a hypothetical situation, to see how you would respond. Here are examples
of other questions that are similar to this one:
Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult client or coworker.
Tell me about a time when you had to respond to a crisis.
Tell me about a time when you had to give difficult feedback.
当你和上司对一件事 一个活动有争议时 你是
How would you handle a situation where you and your supervisor disagreed about an issue
or course of action?
纵观以上 类似的问题可以有很多种问法 所以
You can see, there’s a lot of variety in the kind of way question is asked, so it’s
你不可能提前准备好答案 这几天引导你通过
impossible to know exactly what you might need to say. In the days leading up to your
面试 每天去练习对各种各样问题的反应
interview, practice responding to several different versions of this question every
day. This will help build important vocabulary you might need in the interview, and will
also help you feel ready to answer questions like these.
TK: 你有没有曾经遇到挫折 还不得不保持
TK: Can you tell me about a time where you suffered a setback and had to maintain your
热情的情况? RS: 当然遇到过 我记得去年有
enthusiasm? RS: Sure. One definitely comes to mind. Last
一个我们跟进了两年的新玩具项目 都快接近尾声了
year a project for a new toy was in its final stages after two years of work. As we were
当我们正考虑品牌和市场营销时 一家竞争公司发行了一款
looking at the branding and working up a final marketing plan, a competitor launched a version
和我们一模一样的新玩具 作为项目的领队 我知道
of the exact same toy that we were launching. As the leader of the project, I knew that
我必须第一时间向团队表明态度 我也知道这是重大挫折
my reaction would set the tone for the group. I acknowledged that it was a setback, but
但只能让他们接受这个塞翁失马的事实 我让他们
challenged the group to think of this as a blessing in disguise. I asked them to go out
把竞争公司的玩具买回来 并列出玩具的不足之处
and buy the competitor’s product and make a list of anything they wished the toy could
事实上 他们发现那款玩具仍有许多不足 我们在自家的
do that it didn’t. It turned out that the list was pretty long. We added these items
玩具上改良 并于六个月后发行了这款 其实从许多方面看
to our toy, and launched a far superior product 6 months later. So, in many ways, the competitor’s
他们反倒助我们一臂之力 TK: 非常大的胜利啊
product became the key to our success. TK: That sounds like a great victory. Now.
那么 你觉得自己最大的弱点是?
What would you consider your greatest weakness?
常见问题: 你觉得自己最大的弱点是? 这个问题
Common Question: What do you consider to be your greatest weakness? This question can
有点难 你想尽可能诚实地回答
be a tough one. You want to be as honest as possible when answering this question. This
但这也是个给你未来上司暴露缺点的机会 只要你愿意
is an opportunity to show a future employer that you know yourself, and are willing to
不断完善自我 说出弱点 比如当众发言 细节把控
work to improve yourself. Share a weakness, like public speaking, or attention to detail,
失败恐惧 然后具体说出针对弱点的改善措施
fear of failure. And then talk about ways you’ve worked on improvement in that area.
Here is a way to start a response:
My greatest weakness is ___.
It shows up in my work when __.
针对弱点 我采取的改善措施有___
The ways I’ve worked to improve in this area are __.
想一想以前工作里努力的事情 想想
Take a moment to think about something you’ve struggled with in your work life. Think of
你为了解决它采取的措施 所读的书 所上的课
ways that you’ve worked to improve, any books that you’ve read, classes you’ve
诸如此类 这些都是你在回答问题时可以和面试官
taken, and so on. These are the things you want to share with the interviewer when answering
提及的 记住 最重要的是你意识到了自己的弱
this question. Remember, the important thing is to show that you are aware of your weak
spots – and that you are already working at improving in these areas.
TK: 那么 你觉得自己最大的弱点是什么?
TK: Now, what do you consider to be your biggest weakness?
RS: 巧克力啊 开玩笑啦 事实上是害怕当众发言
RS: Chocolate. Just kidding! No, my biggest weakness is public speaking. It’s something
我曾花费很多精力去改善它 现在已经得到了很大提升
that I’ve spent a lot of time working on and in which I’ve improved a great deal.
其实我能很好地融入到小组会议中 只是当面向更多人
I’m very comfortable in smaller meetings with my teams. But when I present an idea
发表观点的时候 我还是有点怯场的 现在我可以
or concept to a larger audience, I still experience some stage fright. At this point, I can handle
很专业地发言了 是因为我可以自然地面对他们了
these situations professionally, but I would like to be more comfort in these moments so
现在我能真正沉浸在演说上 而不是仅仅交个差
I can really enjoy the experience of presenting, rather than just survive it.
TK: 害怕当众发言是很正常的 我也和你一样
TK: Fear of public speaking is a very common fear; I’m in the same boat on that one!
未完待续! 下集视频我们会接着
To be continued! We’ll pick it up from here in the next video in this series where we’ll
discuss talking about the future and wrapping up the interview.
我希望这只视频对你面试有所帮助 没什么比得上
I hope this video on job interviews has been helpful. There’s nothing better than walking
out of an interview feeling that you were well prepared!
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If you have interview-related questions or stories, please post them in the comments
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below. I’d love to hear them.
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