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How to Interview for a Job in American English, part 2/5

你被录用了 每个人都喜欢听这句话 但是在听到这句话之前
You’re hired! Two words everyone loves to hear. But before we hear those words comes
我们先会经历种种面试 这次的视频是工作面试视频系列的第二部分
(dun dun duuuuhn!) “the interview”. Today’s video is part two in a series that’s all
系列视频包括5部分 都是教你如何为面试做准备
about preparing for a job interview.
This is part two of a five-part series on preparing for an interview. Interviewing for
工作面试真是给带给我们巨大的压力和焦虑 如果你参加外语面试
a job can be a huge source of stress and anxiety. And if you’re interviewing for a job in
那压力就更大了 在今天的视频中你会看到我如何去应对面试
a non-native language, the stress can be even higher. In this video you’ ll see me interview
纵观整个面试 我们将会讨论 面试中最常见的问题
for a job. Throughout the interview, we’ll discuss some of the most common interview
以及如何去回答这些问题 希望大家能学习一些基本知识
questions and how to answer them. You’ll also learn some basic information to get you
针对常见的问题形成自己的答案 我们会接着
started creating your own answers to these questions. Let’s pick up where we left off
上次的视频 继续讲
in the first video.
TK: 真是太棒了 能告诉我你是从什么渠道了解到招聘信息的吗?
TK: That’s great. Can you tell me how you heard about this position?
你是从什么渠道了解到这个岗位招聘的呢 这是
Can you tell me how you heard about this position? This is a common question that you’ll hear
面试过程中经常遇到的问题之一 你也可以利用这个机会去分享一些
in interviews. It’s a chance to share a little bit about the research that you’ve
了解岗位做的准备工作 这也是个
done in order to learn about the position you are applying for. It’s also a chance
to share if someone from inside the company let you know about the position. Here are
some example responses:
我是从你们公司内部员工鲍布那里 了解到这个岗位招聘信息的
I heard about the position from one of your current employees, Bob Greene.
我从朋友丽萨那里了解到岗位招聘信息的 她是你们公司的一名会计
I heard about the position from my friend Liz Miller, who works in Accounting.
I saw this position on LinkedIn.
I read about the position on your website.
这个问题很简单 也容易回答 仔细想一下答案
Since this is a simple question with a simple answer, think about your answer and practice
然后在面试开始前 大声练习 录下来认真听 问自己 答案简单易懂吗
it out loud before your interview. Record yourself and listen. Are you easy to understand?
有没有一些生单词 影响发挥? 一个一个的慢慢地练习那些单词
Are there any words that are challenging for you? Practice these words separately, slowly,
注意口腔的发音部位 一旦熟练后,加快速度说出来吧
thinking about the mouth position. As it becomes more comfortable, speed it up. You’re going
你要连续练习生疏的单词十遍 二十遍 甚至三十遍 形成肌肉记忆
to want to practice tough words 10, 20, 30 times in a row. Build your muscle memory,
so in the interview it will naturally be easier to pronounce.
TK: 太棒了 能告诉我 你是从什么渠道了解到我们岗位招聘需求的吗
TK: That’s great. Can you tell me how you heard about this position?
RS: 当然可以 一位朋友在领英上看到你们招聘信息 然后告诉了我
RS: Of course. A friend of mine saw the position listed on LinkedIn and forwarded it to me,
我浏览公司网站 了解你们公司和这个职位信息
so I spent some time on your website learning about the position and the company. I also
在商业周刊上读到一篇介绍你们公司的文章 我对此很感兴趣
read an article in Business Weekly about your work that really got me interested.
TK: 你对我们公司哪一方面感兴趣?
TK: What attracted you to our company?
常见问题: 你对我们公司哪一方面感兴趣?这是个
Common Question: What attracted you to our company? This question gives you the opportunity
分享你对公司的了解程度 解释想要在这儿工作原因的机会
to share what you know about the company, and why you would like to work there. Some
下面有几种回答的方式 注意 大多数的回答要展示你有强烈学习的愿望
ways to begin your response include the following. Notice that most responses show that you have
a strong feeling about what you learned. This will give the interviewer more information
about who you are and what you might bring to the position.
回答要充满激情 这会给人留下深刻的印象
I was really impressed with your commitment to renewable energy.
你能给部门带来巨大的支持 帮助 我很激动
I was very excited to learn that you support your research department so strongly.
I read that you encourage employees to spend time with each other outside the workplace,
and that is something I really appreciate.
面试前仔细思考这个问题 准备好答案 录下来 重复练习
Again, think about the answer to this question before your interview, and practice your responses
即使面试时没有问到这个问题 花费的功夫
using recordings and repetition. Even if this question is not asked, the time spent practicing
并没有白费 可能有助于你回答其他问题
the response will be helpful when you answer other questions during the interview.
TK: 你对公司哪一点感兴趣?RS: 说实话 吸引我的一点是公司的
TK: What attracted you to our company? RS: To be honest, what really caught my eye
未来发展前景 你的雄心壮志 战略规划深深地吸引着我
was your focus on growth. I was really impressed with your ambitious goals and the clear plan
you have for achieving those goals. I also like the support you provide for your employees.
喜欢你提出的继续教育计划 就是免费进行培训 提高员工技术能力
I love your continuing education initiatives, where you pay for employees to educate themselves
in new techniques and skill sets. I think that really helps to build employee satisfaction
TK: 显然你之前做足了功课
and loyalty. TK: You’ve obviously done your homework.
What would you say is your greatest strength?
常见问题: 你认为自己最大的优势是什么?你可以利用这个问题
Common Question: What would you say is your greatest strength? This question gives you
谈谈你是一个好员工 好人
the chance to talk about what you do really well as an employee, and as a person. You
可以分享自己最大的优势 然后解释它怎么影响你现在的生活工作
can share what your greatest strength is, then explain how that helps you in your current
job or life. For example:
我最大的优势是…… 在我做某事时 它是很重要的
My greatest strength is _________. I find that this is very important when I _______.
灵活是我最大的优势 工作中它非常重要
My greatest strength is flexibility. I find that this is very important when I’m working
我需要和形形色色的人打交道 沟通不同意见
with lots of different people and opinions.
想要练习怎么回答这个问题 先要写出: 我的最大的优势是……然后
To practice answering this question, write down: My greatest strength is (blank). Then,
填空给出答案 写出 在工作 生活中是怎么体现出来的
fill in your strength. Write down how this strength is demonstrated in your life and
可能会想出几个不同的优势 你都想重点强调
work. You may come up with several different strengths you want to highlight. That’s
太棒了 都把它们准备一下吧 但是在 面试时 你用到一两个都可以啦
great, practice them all. But in the interview, you’ll only want to use one or two answers.
照着你写下来的东西 大声的练习吧 记着不要
Practice answering the questions out loud, based on what you wrote down. But don’t
死记硬背 不拘泥于形式 练习表达观点即可
just memorize written text. Practice speaking freely on these ideas.
TK: 你认为你最大的优点是什么?RS: 我认为我最大的优点是
TK: What would you say is your greatest strength? RS: I would say, my greatest strength is a
有活力 有毅力 我工作信条要求我做任何事都全力以赴
combination of enthusiasm and persistence. My work ethic won’t let me settle for less
面对种种挫折 挑战 我都不会垂头丧气 会继续坚持下去
than my best. I’m able to persevere through challenges and setbacks without falling into
我认为 这些特质非常不错 是个加分项
frustration or anger. I’ve noticed that this tends to keep those around me in good
TK: 不错
spirits as well, which is a plus. TK: That’s very good.
To be continued! We’ll pick it up from here in the next video in this series, where we’ll
一些回答起来有难度的问题 包括工作中出现的挫折 挑战等
talk about some questions that could be tough to answer. Talking about setbacks and challenges at work.
I hope this video on job interviews has been helpful. There’s nothing better than walking
如果你感觉已经做好面试准备了 那真是太棒了
out of an interview feeling that you were fully prepared!
如果你有面试相关的问题 请在评论区留言
If you have interview-related questions or stories, please post them in the comments
below. I’d love to hear them.
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