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How to Have Proper Running Form | Running

So we talk about correct running form.
也许人们对其有不同的见解 我也不确定怎样才算正确的跑步方式
That word can really be thrown around, I’m not sure there really is correct running form,
but there is running form that could make your run a lot more comfortable.
当你跑步时 从头到脚都要注意 下巴低一些
Starting from head to toe, when you’re running, you want to keep your chin down a little bit,
you almost want to fell like you’re, there’s a thread at the top of your head, pulling
you up.
不要把下巴放的太低 因为这样会对你的呼吸
You don’t want your chin too down, because you’ll actually close off your airway a little
也不要把下巴抬得太高 因为你也不知道能量
And you don’t want your chin too far up, because you’re not really sure where all that energy’s
会到哪儿 当你稍微抬高下巴 你会渐渐
going, and you can feel that tension in your neck start to happen when you do raise your
chin a little bit.
So try to keep your head level a little bit.
Notice where you’re holding tension.
慢慢地 通过一段长跑 你开始感觉到肩膀往上抬了一些
Slowly, through a long run, you can start to feel your shoulders creep up a little bit,
and you can feel that tension in your shoulders and your neck.
如果你放松一点 这还会帮助你减少你在
So if you relax a little bit, it can also help you reduce the amount of energy that
you’re using for your run.
现在你要做的 就是调整胳膊 让你的手肘呈90弯曲
Now what you want to do with your arms, hold your elbows at about a ninety degree angle,
把手握成一个小拳头 让手指头刚好触碰到手掌
and hold a very small fist, almost having your fingertips just touching the palm of
your hand, and just relax your hands.
在跑步时 当你开始觉得身体越来越紧绷
And throughout your run, when you start to feel tension building up, just shake your
就甩甩手臂 放松放松肩膀
arms out a little bit and relax your shoulder.
Hold your torso up, straight.
控制好身体的重心 这样当你向前跑的时候 能够保持一个正确的姿势
Engage your core so that you’re holding up a good posture when you’re moving forward.
不要向前靠 从脚踝逐渐向上到肩膀
Don’t lean forward, at your waist, just kind of gradually from your ankles all the way
up to your shoulders, lean forward a little bit.
当脚快要落到地面上 你需要
So with your feet, when you’re landing on the ground, you want to land on the ground
right in the midfoot to the balls of your feet.
有时你可能会用脚跟落地 实际上是因为迈的步子太大
Sometimes when you land on your heels, you’re actually landing too far ahead of your body,
你的体重重击地面 这样会产生一种冲击力
so what happens is when your bodyweight hits the ground, you’re creating this shock that’s
而这种冲击力会一路经过脚踝 膝盖 臀部
going all the way up through your ankles, your knees, and your hips.
强调一下 长期的不正确的跑步姿势会让身体产生许多不适 甚至有可能受伤
Again, over time that can cause a lot of discomfort and possibly an injury.
所以再次强调 试着让脚掌落地处保持在身体重心一条垂直线上
So again, try to think about having your foot land right underneath your bodyweight, and
而臂部 确保略微向前 从而保持稳定状态
with your hips, make sure your hips are forward, and make sure your hips are stable.
One great thing about doing core exercises for running is that it keeps your entire core
area stable while you’re running.
有时在外面跑步 你可能会看到有的人跑步时
Sometimes when you’re out running you might see people whose hips dip a little bit with
each run.
这种错误姿势 在跑步过程中也有可能引起身体受伤 所以努力保持稳定
That can also cause injury down the road, so try to keep those stable, keep your hips
保持臂部稳定 既不要太上也不要太下
stable, keep your hips pointed down, but you also don’t want them pointed up too much.
Just go in the direction that you’re running.
当你跑步和摆臂时 注意要向前摆臂
And when you’re running and swinging your arms, swinging your arms forward but being
careful not to swing your arms across your midline.
What that does is that it almost throws off your balance a little bit.
让胳膊来回向前摆动 强调一下 保持胳膊和手放松
Keep your arms moving forward and again, keep your arms relaxed, keep your hands relaxed,
再强调一下 尽量不要使手臂摆臂幅度越过身体中心线太多
but again try not to go across your midline too much.
Just keep them back and forth.
放松胳膊 稍微控制 让它们自然摆动
Let your arms do what they want to do, but keep them controlled just a little bit.
试着让胳膊和身体节奏保持一致 隔一段时间检查一次
Just try to stay in tune with your body, and just check in every once in a while and notice
where you’re holding tension.
开始进行跑步比赛和你想象的一样非常辛苦 而当你开始注意
Starting a running program can be hard enough as it is, but when you start to notice how
much tension you’re holding can take more energy away than you actually realize, and
当你开始逐渐增加跑步强度 试试以10英里比赛
as you start to build up in your runs, maybe working towards that ten mile race, or working
或是半程马拉松比赛为目标 这些目标会消耗大量能量-为了完成比赛而努力保持的体力
towards that half marathon, it can deplete a lot of energy that you’re working so hard
而这些你节省下的体力 则会让你完成比赛
to get through the race for.
想着放松 试着放松 享受其中
Just try to relax, try to relax and have fun.