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How to Handle Crushes

它发生在我们脑中的隐秘之地 到处都是
They happen in the privacy of our minds, pretty much everywhere.
在泳池 会议 超市的走廊
At the pool, the conference, the aisles of a supermarket.
情况往往相似我们所致甚少 但又完全不管不顾 同时
The dynamic is always the same. Very little knowledge, indeed complete ignorance combined
深深感到完全了解他们 并确定
with a deep sense of knowing them absolutely and of being entirely certain they would if
如果条件允许 对方就是那个对的人这至少在青春期早期就开始了
only circumstances allowed, be the one. It’s been going on since early adolescence
这种疯狂 而即使现在我们该成熟了
at least, this madness. And even now when someone should know better,
它也会发生 一见钟情显示我们
it happens. These crushes, they show off our capacity
for knowing how to make the most of the smallest details.
腕 颈 踝 以穿着特别的牛仔裤
A wrist, a neck, an ankle, a pair of jeans worn a certain way.
They instantly become whole people with whom we can imagine years of a life together, full
深厚感情 温柔和笑
of profound mutual sympathy, tenderness and laughter.
我们知道 这个美好的人将理解我们
This blessed person will, we know, understand us
和我们所有秘密 复杂 被忽视的部分
and all the secret complex, ignored parts of us.
This capacity we have for elaborating a whole personality from a few small details, it’s
there when we look at sketches. This isn’t someone who has no nostrils, eight
只有八条头发 没有睫毛 而是个美丽的生物 我们觉得自己一眼就能读懂对方
strands of hair and no eye lashes. It’s a beautiful creature we feel we understand
我们觉得曾经理解过的 现实的人会说 这是疯了 用想象填补
at once. The cynics say, it’s madness, this filling
in of the gaps. We’re just projecting wild wreckless fantasies…
但是这种说法太泛了 我们可能判断正确
but that’s too sweeping. We’re probably right to be delighted. It’s
只是没有看到全部事实 可能那个极细的手腕
just not the whole story. Perhaps that remarkably thin wrist with the
缠着皮带 的确属于某个多疑、喜怒无常
leather band around it really does belong to someone who is skeptical, alternative,
雅致、聪慧或固执的人 一见钟情错误的地方在于我们想象得
delicate, intelligent, wry. The error of the crush is to go beyond that
太多 认为自己所想便是一个人的全部
insight, to think this could ever be the whole truth about a human being.
Knocked off course by the crushes power, we forget one central inviolable fact of human
每个人很疯狂 难以相处
nature. That everyone is crazy and trouble to be around.
Everyone has something substantially wrong with them.
每个人都极难相处 仅从脚踝或手腕你无法了解对方
Everyone is extremely hard to live with. You can’t know what, from an ankle or a wrist
但那些细节一定有其意义 时间终会揭晓
but it’ll be something. Time will reveal it sure enough…
因为生活把我们所有人都搞得乱七八糟的 因为我们都缺乏父母的陪伴
because life has messed all of us up, because we all grew up inadequately parented
and have all ended up terrified and anxious pretty much the whole time.
即便如此 我们无论老少都不该放弃一见钟情
That said, we shouldn’t give up on having crushes at any age.
We just shouldn’t believe in what they appear to promise anymore.
Of course we haven’t glimpsed complete perfection. It’s just a pretty nice side or two
coming to the fore.