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How To Get Things Done (My Daily Productivity Routine)

大家好 我是马里奥
Hey guys, it’s Mario here.
And in this quick video, I’m gonna reveal to you a very simple method
that will allow you to get things done fast.
这个方法能快速提高你的效率 就和我体验过的一样
So this thing will skyrocket your productivity same as it did for me.
And I’m sure that you own the journey of self-improvement same as I am.
We’re always looking to increase our productivity,
because there’re so many things, distractions,
so many things coming into our to-do list and our calendar,
apps like SMS is like notifications.
All these other things like just hitting us from all angles.
And we need a method, we need something to organize our time.
否则时间将会被白白浪费 不是吗?
Otherwise, our time will be gone, right?
So our time will be consumed by all the distractions out there,
by all the things that we have to done.
基本上 如果你没有方法去合理规划时间
And essentially, if you don’t have a method of organizing your time
and organizing your goals and your tasks,
我想 你会顾此失彼 精疲力尽
I mean, you’re just gonna be paralyzed,
and you’re gonna freak out,
我的意思是 我明白 我也曾感到崩溃 焦虑 也经历过所有这样的事情
And I mean, I know, I had my share of freakouts and anxiety and all these other things,
因为 我不知道应该先做什么
because I didn’t know what to do first.
而我一年前开始使用的这个方法 完全改变了这种情况
And this is one method that I implemented a year ago that completely changed this.
So the method is called “the Ivy-Lee Method”.
It’s related to a story back in the beginning of the 20th century,
when… uh… Bethlehem Steel was one of the largest companies in United States
公司老板是查尔斯·施瓦布 他曾是世界上最富有的人之一
and its owner, Charles Schwab, was one of the richest man in the world.
他很有名 因为……
He was well-known for…
like seeking hustlers
and seeking ways to improve his business.
找顾问 以提升他的工作效率
And it’s like seeking consultants, improving his productivity,
包括找所有雇员 这一类事情
like all these hacks and all these things.
他很出名 因为
He was well-known for
like a guy who appreciates this kind of stuff.
实际上 托马斯·爱迪生把这个家伙介绍给了
And Thomas Edison actually introduced him to
a guy called Ivy Lee,
who was a well-known businessman at the time.
He was also a productivity expert and productivity consultant.
所以查尔斯·施瓦布把他带到公司 对跟他说 “帮我提高效率”
So Charles Schwab brought him to his company and said, “Well, increase my productivity.”
“So here is my company.”
艾维·李告诉他 “让我和你们公司的每个经理聊15分钟
And what Ivy Lee told him, “Give me 15 minutes with every executive in your company
and I will double your productivity.”
施瓦布的回答自然是 “没问题 你会有15分钟”
And of course Schwab said, “Well, of course, yeah, you will have 15 minutes,”
然后 他问艾维·李要收多少钱
and he asked him what is this gonna cost.
艾维·李回答 “听着 一分钱都不用
And Ivy Lee told him, “Look, it’s not gonna cost anything,
但三个月之后 请告诉我效果怎么样
but in three months, let me know how it went
and you can give me as much money as you think I deserve”
三个月后 艾维·李接到一通电话
And in three months, Ivy Lee got a phone call,
And Charles Schwab wrote him a check for 25,000 dollars.
这个数目 相当于现在的400,000美金
That’s… uh… equivalent about 400,000 dollars in today’s time.
And that’s a huge enormous sum of money.
And the reason for that is that the productivity practically doubled
in the company and every executive that applied his method.
方法非常简单 只有几个步骤
The method is extremely simple, so it goes a couple of steps.
And I’m gonna tell you guys how I implemented this.
So, the method is simple as I said.
第1步 理出你明天要做的6件事
So Step 1 is essentially you figure out 6 things you wanna get done the next day.
So you write a list of six things.
第2步 优先级排序
The Step No.2 is to prioritize
so order tho… that list, or things by priority.
So you have thing 1, 2 to 6.
And then,
第3步 第二天你最先做第一个任务
Step No.3 is the next day you are only allowed to work on the task No.1,
the priority No.1,
Until that gets done,
you can’t go to priority No.2.
So you have to work on that one thing
the first thing in the next day until it gets done.
And then you are allowed to move on to the next thing.
无论当天剩下什么事 无论你有没有完成
And whatever is left from that day,whatever you don’t get done,
goes on a priority list for the next day,
这样 没完成的事情仍然在清单上
so it’s still on that list.
你只需要增加一些新事情 然后重新排优先级
You just add some new stuff and then you rearrange priorities again.
So this maybe sound quite simple to you
我的意思是 你可能安装了许多提升效率的app
I mean you probably installed a bunch of productivity apps
你甚至可能看过一些相关视频 或者参加过一些研讨会
you might even listened to some videos or seminars.
那么 这个方法到底是怎么起作用的?
So why the hell does this work?
Why does this simple little thing work?
And why did it work for me?
嗯 有几个原因
Well there’s a couple of reasons for that
but I think the main reason is really the simplicity behind.
We often get caught up into like having fancy calendars
比如 工作流程 图表 图解
like work flows, charts, diagrams
这些东西帮我们规划时间 就像有一群助理
organizing our time like getting a bunch of assistants
哪怕你经营着一家公司 有一群助理来做这些事情
even if you run a company, you probably have a bunch of assistants doing this stuff.
我的意思是 绝对的复杂性
I mean the comple… the sheer complexity
我们手头的事情如果有绝对的复杂性 就会影响我们的效率
of the things that we’re trying to do is influencing our productivity.
The complexity is the enemy of getting things done essentially.
So you wanna a simplified thing.
简化的事情会怎样 它会迫使你做决定
So what this does, it forces you to make a decision.
它迫使你只写6件事情 不是吗?
It forces you to put only 6 things. Right?
There is no magic in the No.6.
我知道在看这个视频的人 有的人看事情会非黑即白
I mean, I know some guy watching this video will be like all black and white that they think so.
“哎呀 我没有6件事要做 我只有5件
“Well, I don’t have my 6 things to do,I have only 5.
所以 这个方法不适合我”
So this thing doesn’t apply to me.”
听着 哥们 6不是魔法数字
Well, look, dude, the 6 is not the magic number.
like any number of tasks will work,
无论是3个任务 还是4个 5个 10个 这个方法总是有效
this would work with three tasks, with four, with five, with ten, whatever.
But the number 6 is something that Ivy Lee use,
我个人用这个数字很有成效 它能迫使我做决定
I personally use it with great success and kinda forces me to make decision
what those six things are.
所以 如果你想写5件事 也可以
So you can use 5 if you want to.
如果你想反着来 也可以不写5件
If you wanna be a rebel, you not use 5.
我是说 总有其它方法
I mean, there’s different other methods.
You probably heard of the Warren Buffet 25-5
他跟他的飞行员交谈时 飞行员对他说
when he talked to his airplane pilot and the airplane pilot told him,
“I wanna improve my career.”
“I wanna know how… what steps to take to improve my career.”
然后 沃伦·巴菲特告诉他 “只需要写下25件事情
And Warren Buffet told him, “Well, just write 25 things
that you think you need to improve about your career.”
所以 飞行员写下了25件事 然后沃伦·巴菲特告诉他
so the guy wrote 25 and Warren Buffet told him,
“好了 现在画圈 画在这些事情的清单上
“Ok, now circle, on the… on the list of these things,
circle the 5 things that are the most important things.”
飞行员照做了 然后沃伦·巴菲特说 “嗯 很好
And the guy did that, and then Warren Buffet told him, “Well, good.
好了 接下来 你就要马上去做那5件事情
OK, so those five things are the things you’re gonna work on right now.
但是 剩下的20件事情绝对不许做”
But those 20 things are the things that you are never allowed to work on.”
And why does he say that?
严格来说 这有点偏离视频主题了
I mean, specifically, it’s a little bit of digression from video,
but why does he say that those 20 things aren’t allowed to be worked on?
Well, the reason is that we often use these
ca… kind of important but lower priority tasks
to distract ourselves
去拖延时间 推迟做真正应该做的事情
to procrastinate on the things that truly have to be done.
所以 我们用那张清单
So, we use that list of 20
and try to get those things done
because we are kind of avoiding totackle the real issue.
We are avoiding the top 5.
And with the Ivy-Lee Method,
what is really good is that it gives you that priority.
Because you have that one thing that you will start the next day with.
You have that first priority,
并且不能做后面的事情 除非完成了第一件
and you’re not allowed to move on until that gets done.
Brain Tracy talked about this a lot.
他说 你想规划一下第二天
You know, he said, you know, you wanna plan the next day,
花10分钟做计划 就可以节省1小时的执行时间
10 minutes of planning, saves about an hour of execution
因为这一点 他很出名
you know he’s very famous for that,
他还说过 “你想在早上吃那只青蛙
he’s also saying, like, “you wanna eat that frog right in the morning
like the first thing that is the most complex
the most important thing of the day has to be done first
before you move on to the second thing.
And it’s kind of the same thing here in the Ivy-Lee Method
is that you have that one thing
and you wanna knock it out,
你想一大早就完成它 就像完成一天中的第一件事
you wanna nuke it first thing in the morning like first thing in the day.
一旦事情完成 你可以接着做第二重要的事情
Once that’s done, you can get to move on the priority No.2.
And that gives you that clarity which basically puts you out of the state
在那种状态下 你可以做各种分析 停顿 或者任何类似的事情
where you can do any kind of analysis, paralysis, or any thing like that.
而那就是目标 是的 那目标非常清晰
And that is the goal, right, the goal is absolutely clarity.
这种方法确实对我能产生很好的效果 我觉得还有另一个原因
And one other thing why I think this truly works so fantastic for me
那就是因为它是单一任务 对吗?
is that it’s single tasking, right?
There is really no bullshit about.
There is no nonsense.
There is no multi-tasking.
就像 如果我制作这个视频
It’s like if I’m making this video,
I mean, it requires me to be in a state of flow,
It requires my 100% dedication
focus to make a video,
same as to write an article,
same to do any other things that I wanna do with the highest quality
have to be in a state of flow.
And it has to be a single task,
multi-tasking is a myth,
I’ve talked about this many many times.
And muti-tasking can work in a scenario.
就比如 你正在做两件对认知要求非常低的任务
Let’s say, you are doing two very low, like, cognitive demand tasks.
比如 你在洗碗的同时
Let’s say, you are washing dishes at the same time
you are kind of listening to music or whatever.
You can even listen to an audio book while washing dishes
because washing dishes can be a subconscious activity
它基本不要求有意识地集中注意力 不是吗?
that doesn’t require any conscious attention, basically, right?
所以 这是一场注意力之战
So, it’s a battle of attention.
所以 如果有两件同样困难的事情
So, if there are two things that are equally hard
or two things that are moderately hard,
作为一个人 你没有足够的注意力去专注
you don’t have enough attention as a human being to focus
and actively with quality do both of these things.
We have to make sure that you are single tasking
when the thing has to be done.
the most important thing has to be a single task
that would…that’s what the Ivy-Lee Method does.
You know you have a single task.
你不能做后面的事 除非你完成了第一件事
You are not allowed to move on untill that thing gets down.
And that’s why it’s super super powerful.
我认为 在当今世界
And I think in today’s world,
the problem is not as much of lack willpower,
不在于缺乏积极性 不在于缺乏纪律 或者任何类似的东西
the lack of motivation, the lack of discipline or something like that.
这更像是我们无论何时都被事情轰炸 注意力被分散 不是吗?
It’s more like that we are getting bombarded, distracted all the fucking time, right?
We are distracted from all different angels.
And that’s ruining our productivity.
像通知 突然出现的声音 振动等
Things like notifications, poping up sounds, vibrations,
所有这一切 总让你无法收视返听
like all these things are getting you out of a state of flow.
所以 你会花上大约15-20分钟的时间 然后才能进入持续饱满的状态
So takes you about 15 to 20 minutes to get back into the state of flow.
And once you are interrupted,
只要几次 基本上你的一整天都被毁了
you can basically destroy your whole day with a couple of interruptions.
所以 如果你需要1小时来完成1件事情
Right, if an hour, if you need an hour to get a thing down,
我们应该有专注 持续的时间 而你却被打断了4次
our focused flow time and you get interrupted four times,
那是个荒谬的数字 是你需要次数的两倍 甚至三倍 不是吗?
I mean, that’s a ridiculous amount, that’s doubling the amount of the time you need, even tripling, right?
所以 一次简单的打断 比如短信 可以让你完全失去平衡 这很疯狂
So, it’s crazy how an interu… a simple interruption, like SMS, can completely throw you off balance.
然后 你要花更多的时间重新进入状态
And it takes you more time to get back to it.
是这样的 我有几个工具
So I have a couple of tools,
and I’m gonna be making a video on this.
What I use to avoid these distractions
比如 我差不多移除了我电脑上所有形式的通知
like I’ve pretty much eliminated all forms of notifications from my computer
如果你打开我的脸书 你会发现 没有通知 没有数字
like if you open my Facebook, there is no notifications, there is no numbers.
我的Skype上 也没有通知
On my Skype, there is no notifications.
我的电话 从不发出任何声音
On my phone, it’s never make any sounds,
从不振动 完全是关闭的状态
never make any vibrations, it’s completely off.
我有一个紧急联系号码 如果有人打这个号码 那么会有声音
I have an emergency number that if that number is calling me, well, then, there will be sound.
但是那个号码一个月才会有人打一次 不是吗?
But that number calls me once a month, right?
所以 我用的是这些办法
So, I use these thoughts.
我把手机上脸书 ins的通知都隐藏起来
I hide Facebook, Instagram notifications of my phone,
然后 我将收不到任何通知
and I get none…none of that.
I don’t…I…I don’t actively try to like…consume many contents.
I just make sure that there’s…there’s a barrier between me and the contents.
So I am gonna make sure that eliminate my Newsfeed on the Facebook
还有Chrome浏览器 或者火狐浏览器等等你使用的其它平台上的扩充内容
with using Chrome extensions, or Firefox, whatever you using.
在手机上 我确保把脸书和ins隐藏起来
On the phone, I make sure to hide Facebook and Instagram
into like a folder on page four
要知道 第4页甚至连主屏幕都不是
you know, it’s not even in the home screen.
所以 它离我远远的
So it’s very very far from just me.
这样 我不会下意识地打开它
So I can’t automatically open it up
然后就这样登录脸书 并且打开新闻推送 结果就分心了
and just log into Facebook and open the newsfeed to get distracted.
因为一旦我看到诱惑点击的广告或类似的东西 我就会去点
because once I see the clickbait ad or something and I am gonna click on it.
就自然而然地 习惯性地 这会花掉我1小时的时间
Just naturally, like, just habitually, and it’s gonna put like… it’s gonna use an hour of my time.
我不想那样 我想高效地做事 我想把事情完成
So I don’t want that. I wanna be productive. I wanna get things down.
So there is a couple of tools.
我想另外制作一个视频 讲述如何避免这些干扰
I am gonna be making a video separate one on how to avoid these distractions.
But in this video,
the Ivy-Lee Method is the thing that I’ve used to massively improve my productivity.
And I am sure you will appreciate it,
尝试一下 执行一个月
give it a shot, try it out, implement it for a month,
试一下 确保坚持使用这种方法
give it a shot, and make sure to really stay with it
for like try to do it for a couple of weeks.
And you will see what’s the massive value in this
它真的改变了我的生活 我相信它也会改变你的生活
and really changed my life and I am sure will change yours.
所以 希望大家喜欢这个视频
So, hope you guys enjoy this video.
留下你的评论 告诉我你想如何实行艾维·李方法
Let me know in the comments how you plan to implement the Ivy-Lee Method.
Have you ever used such a similar method?
可能是一些排优先级的清单 或是制定一天计划的方法
Maybe some kind of priority list or somthing like planning the day.
在下方留言 告诉我
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那么 你知道那位朋友是谁
So, you know who that friend is.
You know who the…who the guy or girl is.
确保他们看到这个视频 采用这个办法
Make sure they see this video to implement this method.
And I’ll see you guys in the next one.