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如何改掉坏习惯 教你三招

How to Get Rid of Bad Habits - 3 BEST Tricks to Overcome Addictions

大家好 我们将在这个视频讨论坏习惯
hey guys in this video we’re going to be talking a little bit about bad habits
and then what you can do to get rid of these bad habits and in this section
之后 我们将讨论戒掉它们的最好方法
after this we’re going to discuss the best way to get rid of a bad habit so
坏习惯是什么呢 我们知道有一些人吸烟
what are some bad habits we all know some people who smoke now smoking is a
吸烟就是一个坏习惯 因为 它不仅有害健康
bad habit because of the effects it has on your health and even the effects it
还影响交际 比如 你和朋友聚会时
has on your relationships you know when you’re around friends there might be
可能有一些人不吸烟 而在他们旁边吸烟就是很不礼貌的
some friends who don’t smoke and will be offended if you try to smoke around them
另一个坏习惯就是酗酒 上一个视频中
another bad habit is drinking excessively now in the past video I said
我说饮酒或偶尔喝点酒没关系 但酗酒
drinking and having a drink now and then is okay but drinking excessively can
使你远离健康 朋友疏远 甚至使财运滑坡
lead to more bad health and destroying your relationships even your financial
因为饮酒需要开销 吸烟也是如此
success because drinking costs money so does smoking these just wipe out the
four pillars of health wealth love and happiness it’s like a wrecking ball just
健康 财富 爱和幸福四根柱子 另一个坏习惯就是吃高脂高油食品
boom boom boom boom boom another bad habit is eating out fatty or greasy
通常说到坏习惯 大多数人想到的是 影响身体健康的
foods commonly when most people think of bad habits they think about stuff that
但也有另一些坏习惯比如喜欢说 啊……或者 嗯……
they do to their body but there are other bad habits like saying um and mmm
or even holding a grudge could be a bad habit hanging around certain people can
对生活产生消极影响的习惯 都可以归为坏习惯
be bad habits if it’s negative to the rest of your life and I’m sure you can
你肯定能写出生活中的坏习惯 现在 我需要你
write down some bad habits in your life and that’s what I want you to do right
now I want you to write down maybe 5 to 10 bad habits that you know that you can
你能确定它们是坏习惯 并且你也想极力改掉
identify in your life that you intentionally want to get rid of and
确定你有很强的意志力去戒掉它们 这点很重要
that’s important you have to intentionally mindfully want to get rid
再说一下 什么是正强化
of them so let’s talk a little bit about positive reinforcement so positive
reinforcement goes back hundreds of years
大脑说 嘿我饿了 要怎么解决问题
basically it’s our brains way of saying hey I’m hungry what can we do to solve
你看到了食物然后你吃了 你感觉很棒
this problem and it says food and then you eat food and you feel good and
这是因为大脑产生了大量多巴胺 接着大脑就会觉得
you get that dopamine rush and then what happens is your brain is like this is
这太棒了 以后就这么办吧 接着大脑就默认了一种流程
awesome let’s do it more often and it rewards that process it says next time
每次我们一饿 它就说 吃些东西怎么样呢
we’re hungry how about we eat some food and it goes on and on and on and this
然后一直一直这样 经过很多年以后 就基本形成了一个非常固定的习惯
gets compounded over many years of your life and eventually a very strong habit
这种正强化经历大量次数后 会形成习惯
is formed basically this positive reinforcement can create a habit now a
这些也会形成坏习惯 像吸烟
lot of times these create bad habits like with smoking someone might start
smoking in high school even middle school in college and what happens is
起初他们觉得心情很糟 比如和朋友相处承受同龄人的压力
they feel bad they’re hanging around their friends they’re pushed into peer
他们开始吸烟 说真的 如果你抽过烟的话
pressure and they start smoking and it really sucks at first I mean if you’ve
你会明白 第一次真的糟透了 一些人会喘气咳嗽
ever taken and smoked a cigarette some people will just coffee and wheeze and
这是有害健康的 但在之后
it’s bad for your body and what happens is after a while they start to get a
会很兴奋 一是因为香烟含有尼古丁
dope ruch one because there’s nicotine in it
二是因为 他们和朋友在一起
and two because they’re around other their friends and their friends are
而他们的朋友开始会支持他们 接下来
starting to approve of them and what happens is this dopamine rush starts to
这种快感会开始正强化作用 形成一种习惯
form a positive reinforcement and it turns into a habit which is very
这种习惯在很多年后是很难戒掉的 这和吃饭的原理是相同的
difficult to quit many years later it works the same with food someone might
一些人感到难过 他们看到冰淇淋便吃冰淇淋 接下来
feel bad so they see ice cream they eat ice cream and the next thing you know
他们一旦感到难过 作为替代
it’s a habit whenever they’re feeling down they go to ice cream as their vice
他们就会去吃冰淇淋 抽烟甚至是喝酒 你应该暂停下视频
or smoking as their vice and maybe even drinking you should have paused the
video and written down five to ten habits that you want to get rid of now
现在我想让你画一条线 一英寸长 然后我需要你
what I want you to do is draw a line a little inch line and then I want you to
想出一些动机 你吸烟 是什么促使你吸烟
come up with triggers all right so you smoke what causes you to smoke you eat
你吃冰淇淋 是什么促使你去吃冰淇淋
ice cream what causes you to eat ice cream you might smoke because you’re
可能你吸烟是因为压力大 也可能是因为吸烟是你白天会做的事
stressed you might smoke just because that’s what you do at the time of day
或者你和朋友在一起就吸烟 习惯的动机来源很重要
just because you’re with friends and this is where it gets really important
若没有找到动机 改掉坏习惯是很难的
because it’s hard to get rid of a bad habit if you cannot find the trigger in
每个习惯都会有一个动机 当正强化开始作用时
every habit has a trigger and the trigger was started back when the
动机就出现了 动机可能是你饿了
positive reinforcement began trigger could be that you are hungry the trigger
动机可能是你和你的朋友在一起 动机甚至有可能是
could be that you hang around a group of friends the trigger could even be that
你工作完回到家 看到冰箱里有酒
you get home from work and you see that alcohol sitting in your fridge and now
现在我们可以利用正强化作用 来消除动机
when we take positive reinforcement we can use positive reinforcement to get
戒掉坏习惯 如果想戒酒
rid of a bad habit by destroying the trigger so if you get rid of that
就把酒从冰箱中移出去 这样当你回到家
alcohol when you get home out of your fridge eventually you’ll be less likely
你就不会那么想喝酒 如果你停止和烟友交往
to drink alcohol if you get rid of hanging around those friends that you
或在白天吸烟的时刻做点其他的事 比如散步
always smoke around or maybe even at that certain time of day do something
找到生活中的这些动机 试图去改掉它们
else go for a walk and this is one of the secret ways that you can get rid of
a habit and we’ll talk about it in the next section but find those triggers in
your life and try to get rid of them something else that I found there was a
我发现了个研究 内容是他们试图寻找和分析
study and what they did was there were people who smoked and they wanted to try
to find and analyze what they could do to make them not smoke so one thing they
其中 就包括意识 如果你不知道什么是意识 就有点糟
did is mindfulness and if you don’t know what mindfulness is it’s pretty awesome
关于意识有很多视频 基本是要活在当下
there’s a ton of YouTube videos on it it’s basically living in the moment
做事前要三思之类的 你要知道 很多人都是
thinking about what you’re doing you know a lot of people when they smoke
下意识地去吸烟的 甚至他们都没意识到自己在吸烟
they’re actually mindless they’re not even thinking about smoking it’s just a
吸烟只是他们的一个习惯 因为习惯就是这样
habit that they do because habits are when your brain stops spending resources
它会让大脑停止一些消耗 因此思维就不活跃
on tasks so it becomes a lower part of your thought process like thinking about
就好像打开了大脑的警戒灯 你无需思考
turning on your blinker you don’t need to think about it your brain just goes
大脑就自己决定 我不需要多余的糖分卡路里
well I don’t need to spend extra sugar calories on this we’ll just put it in
那我们就把这个意识放入习惯中 这样每次只需按下开关
the habit process and then I can just push a button just like a computer in it
就好像启动电脑一样 你根本无需担心后面的事情
happen you don’t even think about it now when someone goes a smoke and it is
若某人下意识地吸烟 下面是你要考虑的
mindless this is something that you need to think about and you have to identify
你要识别吸烟的动机并改掉它 因此不如说你的动机是和朋友去外面吃午饭
the triggers to get rid of that so let’s say your trigger is going out to lunch
你知道你的朋友们都吸烟 他们在正午吃饭
with some friends so that trigger you know all of your friends are smoking and
they’re eating lunch and it’s midday you need to find that trigger and just get
rid of it basically destroy the rest of the positive reinforcement it’ll just
就像你看见食物就吃 你感觉良好
crumble it like you see food you eat food and then you feel good well what
你和朋友出去你就吸烟 这让你感觉良好
this can do is you’re hanging out with friends you smoke and then you feel
better if you get rid of the hanging around with friends part that just
就能完全地推翻之后的事情 这种习惯 动机 抽烟带来的快感等
completely demolishes the rest of it the habit the trigger the behavior and the
都可以被粉碎 利用正强化戒掉习惯 这是你能做到的事
reward and you can just demolish that and that’s one thing you can do about
positive reinforcement to get rid of a habit now another thing is back to that
研究说 意识会对戒烟会有一点帮助
study they said mindfulness helped a little bit in getting rid of smoking
因为 当人们开始思考吸烟对身体的危害时
when people started thinking about what smoking was doing to their body what
尤其是当他们意识清醒并且好奇时 上述思考 会有事半功倍的效果
helped like almost 3 to 6 times as effective was when they were mindful and
curious when they were curious about what the smoking was doing to the body
when they wanted to know really you know like what is this doing to my lungs what
对家庭的影响 吸烟可以让我成为一个更好的人吗
is this doing to my family what is this doing to make me a better person and
这就是自我完善思想的重要性 若要克服
that’s why self-improvement is really important because you have to have that
一个习惯 你必须有意识 明白自己的想法
metacognition to think about how you’re thinking and how you can make yourself
better if you want to overcome a bad habit and anyways there was a higher
他们会有很大的可能性 以后不再吸烟
success of them not smoking in the future if they were mindful about what
因为他们会意识到他们在做什么 他们每吸一口
they were doing and every breath they took in of the cigarette they were
都会去想 我的肺部充斥着各种各样有害的毒素
thinking you know this is filling my lungs with all kinds of negative toxins
and I’m literally taking years off my life statistically so we got positive
到这里 我们有了正强化 好奇的意识
reinforcement we’ve got mindfulness with curiosity those are two ways that can
help another one is negative reinforcement so negative reinforcement
它和正强化很相似 只不过 获得的快感很沉重
is a lot like positive reinforcement only instead of reward you get a tax or
或者干脆是不好的东西 如当你开始吸烟
something that’s negative for example when you start smoking
点燃 之后烟头烫了手 但是你继续吸烟
light to cigarette then burn it on your hand and then continue to smoke and I
我敢保证 这样的事情发生了大概10到15次之后
can guarantee you after like 10 or 15 times of doing this if you do it every
每当你将要吸烟时 大脑就会提醒说
time your brain will start to rewire itself just a little bit and you’ll be
噢 我还要去外面 还会再次烫伤自己
like oh man I got to go back outside and burn myself again now I’m not suggesting
当然我不是建议你一直这样做 只是说你可以利用负强化的原理
you to do this all the time I’m saying to use this as a concept you need some
如 作为去外面吸烟的替代
negative reinforcement something to go Oh instead of maybe just going outside
and smoking maybe I’ll go outside and smoke with a person who I do
这样下次你想吸烟前 你会想到
not like and before you even started thinking about smoking you’ll start
噢 午饭的时候 我要出去还会和那个人讲话
thinking about oh man when lunch comes I got to go out and talk to that person oh
啊 他们会因为我做错了一些事 打电话叫我出去
man they’re going to they’re going to call me out on something I did wrong and
在这一节中 我一直谈论吸烟 因为我想让你知道
I’ve been talking about smoking a lot in this section and what I want you to do
如果你想改掉非吸烟的其它习惯 比如过度饮酒
is if if it’s something other than smoking if it’s drinking excessively or
过度饮食 或者是无价值的社交
if it’s eating food or if it’s hanging around with people who had no value to
your life or even just something out there that it’s a habit that you want to
我希望 你能将问题转化
get rid of something you wrote down on that list I want you to convert it and
reverse-engineer it into this smoking example that I’ve been using so positive
在正强化中 你需要消除动机
reinforcement you need to get rid of the triggers mindfulness and curiosity you
在好奇的意识中 你需要明白这个习惯
need to understand what that habit is doing to yourself
对你的健康 财富 爱和幸福和你生命中的其它支柱的影响
your health your wealth your love and your happiness and those pillars of your
在负强化中你需要思考 你能创造的负动机有什么
life in the negative reinforcement you need to think of what can I do as a
一旦你要做某事 这个动机会阻止你 让你重新思考
negative trigger that whenever I do this it will prevent me it will make me think
将要做的事 事实上如果长时间
twice about doing it there’s actually something if you do negative
错误地使用负强化 也会导致学无能
reinforcement long enough or in the wrong way it’s actually called learned
学无能就是 一个人在一件事上花费了足够长的时间
helplessness and learned helplessness is when someone does something long enough
他们会说 我已经做了10年 我不可能戒掉吸烟的
and they say I’ve done it I’ve tried it for 10 years and I can’t I can’t stop
我做不到的 这就叫做学无能
smoking that’s called learned helplessness and it’s actually a very
这实际上是一种非常强烈的心理状态 你会觉得 无论你做什么
strong psychological condition in which you feel like whatever you do nothing’s
都不会有任何改变 世界上很多人都有这种状态
going to happen and there’s a ton of people out there in the world who have
我之所以称这是状态是因为 它真的是
this condition and I call it a condition because it really is a mental condition
一种需要调节的精神状态 因为你所做的事真的会影响结果
that really needs to be solved because stuff you do can change the outcome now
在一些特定情形下 无论你去做什么
there are certain situations where whatever you do you’re not going to have
好像都不会有太大影响 但你要明白 戒烟是可行的
a big impact but you need to understand there are ways to stop smoking there are
戒掉每晚酗酒的习惯是可行的 下定决心 一周不吃
ways to change my habits of drinking every night there are ways of committing
高脂食物也是可行的 如果你没利用好负强化
and not eating greasy food for a week and that’s where negative reinforcement
就会发生这样的事情 你会陷入循环 不停地告诉自己
comes in because if you do it wrong you’ll actually teach yourself at no
无论做什么 都不会改变现状
matter what you do it’s not going to change your situation and that’s not
我并不希望你们如此 我希望你们能够明白
what I want you guys to go down I want you guys to understand that these three
我刚说的这三种方法 第一种是正强化
methods that I just brought up the positive reinforcement you know
understanding positive reinforcement you can use it to get rid of the trigger
第二种是好奇的意识 你需要明白 这是什么
that was the first one the second one is mindful and curiosity so you need to
understand what is this you know every day I wake up and I text my girlfriend
good morning what is that good morning doing to our relationship you have to
你要明白你的习惯 反向思考并这样问自己
understand your habits and reverse-engineer them and saying is this
这是对我好还是把我拖入深渊 还有 钱
profiting me or is this putting me in the hole and money am I
我在加大花销吗 我在降低友谊的价值吗 我虚度了年华吗
losing money am i lowering the value of our friendship am I losing years of my
对于你列的那些坏习惯 我希望你能这样做
life and that’s what I want you to do with all of those habits on that list so
这就是第二种方法 好奇意识
that was number two mindfulness and curiosity and the number three is
第三种是负强化 它可能没有前两者那么有效
negative reinforcement and negative reinforcement doesn’t work that well but
如果能正确使用 它是有用的 你要做的就是找到
it does work if used correctly and what you do is you find a way to make your
可以让习惯变得不那么好受的方法 可以是一些你不想做的事情
habit less exciting something that you don’t really want to do and that has to
这些必须和习惯相关 其它人对你负责是很难的
come from within it’s hard to make other people accountable for you you have to
因此你必须对自己负责 再说一下
make yourself accountable for yourself so as a review negatively reinforce
负强化就是你做的一些事 有些人做事像是橡皮筋
something that you are doing some people do this with like rubber bands every
time they do something you can train yourself like a Pavlov’s dogs you can
拉橡皮筋然后松开 之后大脑就会提示自己
pull the rubber band and snap it and eventually your brain will rewire itself
我不想做 因为那根橡皮筋突然释放会打到自己
to go I don’t want to do that because I don’t want a rubber band snap number two
第二是杜绝动机的出现 第三是好奇意识 基本上要明白
is to avoid the triggers number three is to be mindful and curious and basically
习惯对你造成的影响 第四就是
understanding what the habit is doing to yourself and number four this is the
戒掉坏习惯最有效的方法 用一个好习惯
most successful way to get rid of a bad habit and I’m going to talk about it in
至少是一件好事去代替坏习惯 具体的我将会在下一节讨论
the next section and it is to replace a bad habit with a good habit or at least
我希望你们在这短短的观看中 能有所收获
something better I hope you guys enjoy this short little clip and let’s get on
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