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How to Fix Forward Head | Slumped Posture (PERMANENTLY!)

What’s up, guys?
Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.com.
我是Jeff Cavaliere 来自ATHLEANX.COM
Today I’m going to show you how to fix that ugly, forward-head posture, quickly
All right. All you have to do is this:
好的 你只需要这样做
– Wow. That worked quickly. – Instantly.
– 哇 这疗效真快 – 立马见效
– Was that actually you in that video? – Yes, that was actually me.
– 视频里真的是你吗? – 是的 真的是我
But I swear to God, it was not my fault.
但是我对上帝发誓 不是我的错
Okay, concussion number 17, I think, in that video.
好吧 视频中这是第17次脑震荡
– 16, I think it was. – We’ll explain that at the end.
– 我想是第16次 – 最后我们会解释
There will be a serious message attached to that as well.
关于这点 是一个很严肃的问题
However, what we’re trying to do here today is
好了 我们今天要做的是
fix that forward head posture and do it in the right way.
用正确的方式 矫正头前倾的体态
When it comes to postural fixes, a lot of times people approach it in the wrong way.
当涉及体态矫正时 很多时候人们没有用对方法
I’m going to show you the right way to do it,
specifically the right way to correct this posture problem.
So, you never have to deal with it ever again.
To set the stage for this correction, it’s important that you differentiate
想要成功矫正回来 请务必先区分
between the site of the issues that you’re having and the actual source of the issues you’re having
because they’re very very different.
I’ve talked about this concept before, in relation to medial elbow pain.
之前我讲过这个概念 关于肘部内侧疼痛
A very common source of pain for a lot of people that lift weights.
However, if you looked at this area alone, trying to attack the problem,
然而 如果你只关注肘这个部位 试图解决问题
and maybe give some ultrasound, or massaged this area.
也许会做一些超声 或者按摩这个部位
You’d be doing nothing long term to fix the problem.
长远看 对解决此问题没用处
I made a whole video about how the source of this issue
我做了一整期视频 关于这个问题的根源
led all the way out here in your fingers.
如何沿着这里 一直到手指上
So apposite is, you have to learn how to look above and below the site.
所以 你需要学会如何看部位的上方和下方
When it comes to the neck itself, you really can’t go looking too far up overhead.
说到脖子 你别往头上看
Because there’s nothing there.
So, we have to look below.
It’s very easy to see that, because we know the spine is one interconnected unit.
这显而易见 因为脊柱是一个相互连接的整体
We know if we did something to the spine below
it’s going to have repercussions and compensations above.
All you have to do is look at that example right here.
If I were to take a spine and put it into thoracic flexion here,
把它当成脊柱 如果将胸廓处弯曲
like this, which we see all too often.
像这样 我们经常看到
We know what’s actually happening is not necessarily an issue with the neck,
but a compensation of the neck to go back into this direction.
Because we know we want to keep our eyes aligned to be able to see what’s happening in front of us.
因为我们想保持眼睛齐平 以便能看到面前发生的事情
So, if I were to round myself down, my head’s looking down,
因此 如果我让自己驼背 头会朝下
but I have to make that adjustment in the neck to be able to compensate.
Likewise, I could go even further down the spine here into the lumbar spine,
同样 我可以沿着脊柱继续向下 到这里 腰椎
and I could take myself into posterior tilt.
As I do that, it takes the thoracic area into excessive flexion.
当我这样做的时候 它会让胸椎部分过度弯曲
What was happened again was to get my head back into that position to see right,
同样 为了视线正常 我的头回到那个位置
I’ve got to make another adjustment here.
So, a lot of times, this site, this type of thing going on here
所以 很多时候 脖子这个部位 前倾的问题
actually, has nothing to do with what’s going on here.
事实上 与脖子本身无关
There are somethings we’re going to have to address from a strength standpoint,
从力量的角度来看 有一些事情我们必须解决
but most of all, it’s what’s happening down here.
I’m going to show you exactly how we do that with Jesse, right now.
现在 我将要和 Jesse一起 向你们演示怎么解决根源问题
OK. So, we go from that skeleton
好吧 那么 我们从那具骨架
to a skeleton with a little bit of meat on him.
We’re going to make the same correction.
And I want you guys to do this with me.
You’re going to feel and see this right away, everything I just showed you.
If we’re here, we know, this is one connected element, and this is a compensation.
如果我们在这里 这里是连接的部分 这里是一个代偿
So, if I say sit up straight, try to sit up right now in your chair, straight immediately.
所以 如果我说坐直 请立即在椅子上坐直 马上坐直
Soon as I do that, I still have this rounded shoulder thing going on.
这样做了之后 圆肩的事情还在
We still have this thoracic rounding, but we’ve gotten less.
还有驼背 不过已经好多了
It’s gotten less severe because we fixed the spine from below.
不那么严重了 因为我们解决了下面脊柱的问题
Next what I have to do is I say Jesse, stick your chest out as far as you possibly can.
接下来 Jesse 尽可能的挺胸
By doing that, look what happens to the head.
这样做之后 看看头部发生了什么
All of a sudden, the head and neck are in proper position. Why?
瞬间 头和脖子都正常了 为什么?
They no longer have to compensate,
adjusting to the positioning here of the rounded thoracic spine or the posterior pelvic tilt.
As a matter of fact, you don’t really ever see people who still have this corrected,
事实上 你不曾见过纠正了胸部姿态问题的人
and then have that head that protrudes that far out.
That’s happening only in conjunction with these other things going on.
So, if we could fix these things, we would be well on our way to getting rid of this for good.
所以 我们如果能解决好这些问题 就能永远地摆脱它
The good news is that I’m going to show you exactly what to do for that now,
好消息是 我现在就明确地告诉你如何做
and we’re going to be able to do that with a bench, just like this,
我们可以在长凳上做 像这样的
or even the side of a couch.
If you’re doing this at home, to get going on it right away.
如果你在家里做 那就马上开始
Ok, guys.
好吧 伙伴们
This is a two-part fixes this and it starts right here.
分两个部分解决这个问题 就从这里开始
You’re going to be able to do this, like I said, on that bench
就像我说的 你可以在长凳上
or even the arm of a couch if you want to do this at home.
甚至沙发的扶手上 如果你想在家做
It’s going to hit all the areas at once that we already talked about over there.
We want to work on that thoracic spine, right?
我们想作用在胸椎上 对吧?
So, we know that this is one of the areas we need to get more extension through.
所以 我们知道要多拉伸这个区域
So, we can use something to get us to get more into extension,
we’re on the right path.
We know we can do that right here with the edge of the bench,
acting almost as if it’s a foam roller, or any type of mobility tool.
它可以是泡沫辊 或者其他任何类型的移动工具
So, we get ourselves in that position. Jesse props himself up,
所以 让我们就位 Jesse 支撑起自己
pushing the edge of this right at that point of most restriction.
Allright. Now, we know we could also address that secondary component here,
好的 此时 这里我们也可以解释第二部分
the lower portion, the lumbar spine,
下部 腰椎
and get out of that posterior tilt that he’s in
and get into an anterior tilt by dropping down.
So, with that combination now,
现在 有了这个组合
you’re in a good spot to start working on the third component.
That is the strength of the deep flexors of the neck
that tend to get a little weak over time when we stay in this position chronically.
当我们长期保持这个姿势 随着时间推移 它会变得有点弱
So, what we do there is try to tuck the chin down and keep our head,
所以 这里我们尝试收起下巴 保持头部
we got all this hair out of the way,
we keep the head here, parallel to the floor.
我们保持头部在这里 与地板平行
This is an isometric contraction of the neck.
What you want to do is do this for one minute, three times a day.
你想做 一次保持这个一分钟 一天三次
Now, if you can handle this and this is something you’re good at already,
现在 如果你已经能很好地完成这个动作 而且这已经很轻松
we can make a modification to make it more difficult.
我们可以改变一下 来增加难度
We take the arms and place them up over our head.
我们抬起手臂 举过头顶
What we’re doing is here is further challenging the extension through our thoracic spine,
the same way we know we can because of the interconnectivity with the spine.
我们可以做到 因为脊柱的相互连接性
As we would with an overhead squat, you get those arms up
就像过头深蹲一样 你举起双臂
and it’s a lot harder to stay, not rounded, as your body goes down into the squat.
当你身体向下蹲时 很难保持弯腰曲背
So, there’s an additional challenge to get more item of our thoracic extension.
因此 这是对胸部拉伸的额外挑战
The same thing applies here with the neck.
That three isometric, one-minute contractions for one minute, three times a day.
那三个静力训练 一分钟收缩 持续一分钟 一天三次
The last thing we can do is make this weighted.
If you get to the point, we actually look for a little more challenge.
如果你做到这里 实际上我们在寻找更多的挑战
You take a weight plate, you wrap a T-shirt around it, you hold it in that same position,
拿一个配重盘 用T恤包上 举到同一位置
he’s working on that same spot in the thoracic spine.
He drops the pelvis down a little bit into anterior tilt,
将骨盆稍稍下沉 成前倾
and now he goes from this extended position, from here,
现在从这个伸展姿势 从这儿
just back to neutral, up to there.
回到正常 一直到那里
It’s not a big movement. It’s small,
这不是一个大的运动 很小
but the key is you want to work on that strengthening,
and now we’re taking it beyond isometric.
We’re taking it into a little bit of a concentric shortening.
So, you work on the level that’s appropriate for you and challenging to you,
所以 选择适合你的并且有挑战的难度进行锻炼
and we’ve got one more thing we’ve got to do.
Once we correct all this, we have one other thing
在纠正所有这些之后 我们还有另一件事
to help strengthen all those muscles to keep it there.
来帮助我们加强所有这些肌肉 并使其保持在那
That is a face pull variation.
Hi, guys, no video of ATHLEANX-X is complete without a face pull.
伙伴们 ATHLEANX-X的视频没有面拉是不完整的
We’ve learned that by now,
we already know that I’ve made a video about
我做过一期视频 关于
how important it is to include this exercise at the end of every workout that you do,
每次锻炼最后 加入这项锻炼是多么重要
and for good reason.
However, we’ve made an additional modification that I showed you in a couple videos back
在前几个视频中 我展示了改进之后的版本
that will actually help this problem even more so,
because of the muscles it’s helping to train.
When we take the face pull, one step further, we go up.
我们做面拉时 再加一步 向上推举
What happens is, when we go up, we involve the activation of the lower traps as well,
当向上推举时 我们同时也激活了下部斜方肌
whose main role is to keep those shoulders back and down.
If we can get that, what are we doing? Thanks, Jesse.
这样有什么用呢? 谢谢的Jesse演示
What we’re doing is correcting that posture.
We’ve been working on this whole time.
We’re getting those shoulders from this rounded, forward position
我们把肩膀从圆肩 向前的状态
to one that’s back and down,
which helps to correct that autocorrection of the neck.
Additionally, we’re working the rotator cuff again,
此外 我们再次锻炼了肩袖肌群
whose job is to keep the shoulders back.
We’re working on the interscapular and mid-scapular muscles,
and we’re even working on the lumbar paraspinals,
all of which are going to keep us more in this position, as opposed to this.
这些肌群一起 让我保持正常体态 而不是这样前倾驼背
We know if we can drive this position, that head is going to naturally adapt to it.
如果我们能驾驭这个姿势 头部自然就适应了
So, make sure you don’t forget to do your face pulls with this additional modification
at the end of every workout.
Just a couple sets is all I need.
So, there you have it, guys.
好了 伙伴们
There is your plan of attack that
you can now instantly start to work into your training program right now
加入你的训练计划 马上开始吧
to start getting those fixes in place.
Guys, it’s going to take consistency
伙伴们 这需要你坚持
and if you do it, you’re going to be permanently fixed, I promise you.
只要做到了 你就可以彻底解决问题 我向你保证
You just have to make sure you’re doing the right things.
With this video, now you’re taking the right approach.
参照这个视频 你便采取了正确方法
I did mention Jesse in the open.
开始的时候 我提到了Jesse
I promised we would explain the video.
You’ve got some explaining to do, Jesse.
Jesse 你来做解释吧
– Yeah, someone was heckling a kid on the ice at a hockey game
– 在曲棍球比赛的冰上 有人欺负了一个小孩
and mom thought it was me.
– And it wasn’t you, right? – It wasn’t me. It wasn’t.
– 不是你 对吗? – 不是我 不是
JEFF: Okay. And she took umbrage with that, apparently.
– Yeah. – And crashed your head into the wall.
– 是的 – 于是把你的头撞到了墙上
– Yes. That was concussion, I think, 16 or 17.
是的 脑震荡 我想是 16或17次
– So, guys, I want to take this – we have a large platform here.
啊 我想说这个 我们是一个大的平台
ATHLEANX has a large social media following
and I thank you guys for that if you’re responsible for.
如果你们负责宣传 我感谢你们
But I want to do some good as well.
This is almost the end of Brain Injury Awareness Month.
– Yes, it’s Mindful March, as it’s also known.
是的 还被称为“意识的三月”
– So, Jesse has been very closely connected with that
because we haven’t really disclosed this much over the years,
因为多年来 我们并没有揭示这一点
but Jesse has multiple concussions,
starting back in his childhood, playing lacrosse.
And then moving onto adulthood doing stupid things.
然后步入成年 做蠢事
– Yes. General tomfoolery.
是的 愚蠢将军
– And basically, it led to the point where he was dealing with
基本上 这便是他正面临的问题的诱因
a lot of serious post-concussion syndrome,
If you want to elaborate.
– Brain fog was a big one. Memory loss.
– 主要是头晕 失忆
Exertion headaches, depression, anxiety.
劳累头痛 抑郁 焦虑
A lot of things that are pretty common with concussions and traumatic brain injuries in general.
一般来说 脑震荡和创伤性脑损伤伴随的许多症状都很常见
These things don’t always go away.
They can sometimes last for years, and years, and years.
它们可能会持续数年 一年又一年
The accumulation of the effects, you know, it’s gotten bad for me.
由于累积作用 我的情况已经变得糟糕
– Right. We have all totally supported your efforts.
好吧 我们一直都很支持你
And obviously, everybody out there, there’s been a lot of love for Jesse.
很明显 粉丝们非常喜欢Jessse
– Oh, yeah. Absolutely.
是的 没错
– So, we’re glad for that, guys. I appreciate that.
我们为此感到高兴 伙伴们 非常感激
If you want to help out, you can head to loveyourbrain.com and donate.
如果想要帮忙 你可以去loveyourbrain.com捐款
There’s no connection to us at all.
It’s just a cause that Jesse’s passionate about
and I want to take a quick moment at the end of this video to share that with you guys.
In the meantime, if you’ve found this video helpful
同时 如果你发现视频有用
leave your comments and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover.
下方留言 点赞吧 让我知道你还想让我讲什么
If you want more Jesse, let me know, too.
如果你想看到杰西更多出现 也要告诉我
We’ll make sure we work with him in somewhere
from time to time and pull him out of the cage.
The fact of the matter is, guys, we’re here to make the videos you want to see.
事实上 伙伴们 我们是来制作你们想要看的视频
If you haven’t already, please subscribe and turn on your notifications,
请订阅并打开通知 如果你还没有
so you never miss a new video when we put one out. See you.
这样当我们发布新视频时 你就不会错过了 再见