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如何绘制胸肌 – 形式 – 译学馆
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如何绘制胸肌 - 形式

How to Draw Pecs - Form

大家好 我是Stan Prokopenko 欢迎大家收看本集Proko教你画
Hello, my name is Stan Prokopenko, welcome to another episode of Proko. In the previous
在上一集中 我们学习了胸肌的解剖学结构 今天我们要了解的是
episode, we learned the anatomical structure of Pecs. Now, let’s take a look at how you
can apply all this information to construct the forms of the pecs in your drawings.
人的胸肌呈平坦的块状 稍稍向前突出 它的底部
The pecs make a flat front plane that faces slightly upwards. The bottom plane starts
位于乳头或乳头下方 底部的深度决定了
at or just below the nipple. The depth of this bottom plane determines how thick the
muscle is.
好了 让我们一起来画一幅胸肌图 我要先用简单线条画出骨架轮廓
Alright, let’s do a drawing of the pecs. I’ll start with a light layin of the skeleton
to help me place the muscle on top.
我们从锁骨的部分开始好了 从锁骨位置落笔并延伸下去
Let’s start with the clavicular portion. Originating from the clavicle and stretches
三个部分中最长的 直到被三角肌覆盖才停止
the farthest of the 3 portions, until it’s covered by the deltoid.
近胸骨处的部分 贯穿整个胸骨的长度
Then the sternal portion, from the entire length of the sternum, converges toward the
朝腋窝和髋骨处收拢 位于锁骨部分之下
armpit and dips under the clavicular portion.
侧面的边界沿着手臂轮廓弯曲 或许有的地方甚至会出现两条曲线
The lateral border curves up toward the arm. There might even be a double curve when the
也就是手臂拐向身体外的时候 因为那是胸骨和腹部的截面
arm is abducted away from the body, because of how the sternal and abdominal sections
重叠在一起并且依附在肌腱的位置 就像你看到的这样 当手臂举起时
overlap and attach to the tendon, as you can see here. When the arm raises the muscle mass
肌肉块会保持它的厚度 靠近腋窝的位置 也就是和肌腱的连接处 所以
keeps its thickness near the armpit where it attaches to the tendon. More of the stretching
在胸骨的地方会出现更多的拉伸 胸骨部位的腱也会延伸距离腋窝一到两英尺长
happens here, closer to the sternum. The tendon from the sternal section can extend an inch
并且一旦肌肉形状出现了弯曲 会形成一个浅凹
or two from the armpit and when a muscular figure flexes, it often creates a dimple,
as the muscle fibers take a sharp turn inward.
胸大肌的曲线边界越低 距离胸骨底部位置也越低 卢米斯认为
The lower border of the pecs lines up with the bottom of the sternum. According to Loomis,
乳头的刻画大概是与下巴间距离的主要测量参考 当然也是胸大肌底部的重要参考
the nipples are roughly one head measurement down from the chin, so the bottom of the pecs
因为正在乳头的下方 在水平方向的直线上 可能偏向旁边一点点
are just below that. It’s straight and horizontal, maybe leaning a bit down laterally. When drawing
在画一幅裸体躯干图的时候 它是向你倾斜的或者远离你的 这样低一些的边界
a torso that’s tilted toward you or away from you, this lower border acts as a natural
有自然的轮廓线 从而用这个来表现胸腔里的回环结构
cross-contour line. Use it to show the round form of the rib cage!
男性躯干图像中 在底部的外围拐角处 有聚集成的脂肪垫
In male figures, there’s a crescent-shaped fat pad on the lower outer corner that contributes
构成了四四方方的形状 男性乳房简单来讲就是逐渐变多 聚集形成的脂肪垫
to its boxy-ness. Man boobs are simply a result of that crescent-shaped fat pad gaining more
然后转移到了胸腔 当手臂抬起来的时候 乳房底部的聚集变少
and more mass and running over onto the rib cage. When the arm is raised, the lower mass
底部边界的位置也更难区分 你可能看得到肋骨
of the pec thins, and the lower border becomes harder to distinguish. You might see ribs
you couldn’t see before.
在下一集中 我们将探索女性胸部的绘图 看一看到底和男性的有什么
In the next episode, we’ll explore the female chest, and how it’s different and similar
to the male chest.
Variation (Premium Ad)
因为个体体形的差异 胸部的绘画过程中也有些变化 就比如倾斜度
There are variations to the chest depending on the physique of the person, such as lean,
平均数量 肌肉和重量 想更多地了解这些变量 请进一步搜索
average, muscular, and heavy. To learn more about these variations, head on over to the 付费部分有更长的课程 3D模型 The premium section has longer lessons, 3d models, and additional
还有额外的示范 尽在 仅供参考
demonstrations. Just sayin’. It’s
你的作业由两部分组成 第一部分是描摹一幅胸肌模特的照片
Your homework is a two-parter. For part 1, do a tracing over a model photo of the pectoralis
是成年人并且要有所有的束 如果你不确定怎么画一幅描摹图 请重新回看
major and all of its bundles. If you’re not sure how to do a tracing, refer back to
怎样画解剖描摹图课程 第二部分作业是自主画一幅胸肌图
the “How to do an Anatomy Tracing” lesson. For part 2 of the assignment, invent the pectoralis
主要是除Skelly模型以外的 我为两部分作业提供了参考图片 放在下面的链接里
major on top of photos of Skelly. I’ve provided reference photos for part 1 and 2 in the link
快下载链接并开始绘画吧 如果你有Skelly这款软件 你可以
below. Download those and start drawing! If you have the Skelly app, you can create your
创造你自己的姿势并在上面画出胸肌图 请把你的作业 上交到我们在这里的解剖团队
own pose and draw the pecs on top. Post your work in our anatomy group at!
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give me a thumbs up and comment below. And if you want all the Proko news, look no further
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than the Proko newsletter! Alright, see you next time!