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How to design a clean powerpoint slide | Tutorial for beginners

在这个课程中 我将教你
In this lesson, I’ll try to teach you
如何妥当分配幻灯片里的项目 如何提前计划
how to distribute items properly in the slide, how to plan ahead
and make sure that the viewer will not be bored by the slide.
我将从插入一个长方形开始 一个简单的长方形
I’ll start things off by inserting a rectangle shape, a simple rectangle.
I’ll hold the “shift” key,
然后我让它居中 并呈现这样的尺寸
and I make it to about this size in the middle.
我选中“轮廓” 选择无轮廓
I go to “Shape Outline”, no outline.
至于颜色 我将使用黄色 之前课程中我们已经做过介绍
And for the color, I’ll try to use a yellow color we already have in such a presentation.
I’ll select it from my “Recent Colors”.
如果你之前没有选过这个颜色 你可以去“更多的颜色”里找
If you don’t have this color selected, you can go to more for colors,
它的红绿蓝彩色值是225 208 37
and RGB is 255, 208 and 37.
好吧 这是一个开始
Alright, that’s for a start.
Now some text under it,
because the text alone here will look a bit boring, a bit empty.
So this rectangle is really just to
add some design into the left side of this composition.
我点击插入菜单 插入一个文本框 然后在这里写下文本
I’ll go to insert. I’ll insert my textbox. And I’ll write my text.
Let’s enter some cheesy texts like
好 我想输入两行或者三行
OK. I want to have it on two or three lines,
depending on how big I make the font.
我当然想要的是粗体open sans字体 粗体和更大
I definitely want a bold Open Sans font, bold and bigger.
好吧 感觉不太好
OK, I don’t quite feel it.
我们把这移到下一行 就是这里
Let’s make this on the next line. It’s here.
Maybe the last wording of it is smaller.
只要确定这个长方形能被填满 但不要太多
Just sure the design will be filled out, but not too extensive.
更大更大更大 好 颜色太黑了
Bigger bigger bigger. OK. The color is too black.
You need to select with the eyedropper the color we used previously.
再一次 如果你没有这种颜色 让我来演示
Once again, if you don’t have the color, I will show it.
选择“更多颜色” 是46 58 70
“More colors”. It’s 46, 58, 70.
Now I’ll enter a separator in the middle,
so we can distinguish between the left and right side.
This will be very simple.
我只要插入形状 插入一条直线 普通直线
I’ll insert “Shape”, insert a line, a normal line.
然后按住shift键 我画了一条直线
And by holding the “Shift” key, I draw a perfect line.
就在中间部分 大概在这里吧
Just in the middle, somewhere about here.
We can always take everything and shift it to the left
if we need more space to make the composition properly designed.
好的 关于颜色 我们再次选择蓝色
OK, as for the color, we once again want this blue.
So I select the blue we had a few seconds ago.
好了 我点击它
OK, I click on it.
关于轮廓 我点击轮廓
As for the outline, I click on the “Shape Outline”.
等一下 然后我很想让这个线变粗 例如 六个像素
Wait, and I definitely want this line to be bigger, to, for example, 6 pixels.
这样 我点击“多行选择”
OK. I’ll go to the “More Line Options”.
I can adjust the width here.
我们让它超过六磅 因为这样会看起来很棒
Let’s make it even over 6 because this will look pretty nice.
我现在觉得它太粗了 抱歉
I see now it’s too fat. I’m sorry.
我弄过头了 可能5.75磅会好一些
I’m going too far away. Maybe 5.75.
好了 至于“封盖类型” 我们选用圆形封盖
OK. As for the “Cap Type”, we want rounded caps.
So it really has a nice ending here at the beginning and the end.
现在 我们开始准备右边部分 其实这真的很简单
Now we can start to prepare the right side. And this will be really simple.
我插入“形状” 插入普通的圆形
I’ll insert “Shape”, insert normal circles.
一个圆在这里 我在里面输入数字1
One circle here. I’ll place one inside of it.
Of course the color needs to be changed.
再来一次 “无轮廓填充” 至于用什么颜色填 蓝色
Once again, no outline. As for the fill, the blue color.
然而现在 把这些圆放在什么位置很重要
And now, now it’ll be important to place them in according positions.
例如 我会做四个或五个要点
I’ll, for example, make four or five steps.
让我们复制四次 再多一次 好了 现在有五个要点提示
Let’s make it four copies and one more time. OK, five steps.
二 三 四 五 五个要点
Two, three, four, five. Five steps.
然后我想使要点变得很奇特 我会调整每一个要点的颜色
And if I want it be a bit more fancy, I could adjust the color of each one of them.
通过“形状填充” 再找到“更多填充颜色”
By going to “Shape Fill”, always to “More Fill Colors”,
and each step will be a bit lighter.
这会花费你些时间 但这会在你的PPT增加一些有深度的设计
This takes you a bit of time, but it really adds some depth into the design.
And it’s a bit more interesting to watch for the viewer.
可能我把颜色变得太深了 但这些设计都取决这些颜色
Maybe I went too far with this color, but this all depends on this.
也可以涂成深色 浅色 浅色 然后再深色
It could be just as well done dark, lighter, lighter, and then again darker.
那么这里我要再次用回深色 只是为了好玩
So here I’ll go back to my dark colors, just for fun.
Maybe a bit different blue.
And I have prepared my first set of icons.
第二 将在文本框中写一些信息
The second thing will be textboxes with information.
And we could use the text we have here.
我将复制这个 把它放在右边
I’ll copy this. I place it here.
And I want to have boxes, something like this.
这些方框 让它们待在右边
Those boxes, here on the right site.
我复制它们 当然 同样也是五次
I’ll copy them, of course, five times.
Place them in the appropriate places near the numbers.
And now I have to write some texts here.
你瞧 现在我这里很乱
You see. I am very unorganized here.
所以为了让它更好些 我点击每一个形状
So in order to make it better, I click on each of them.
我再次选择“对齐” 并使它们“垂直均匀分布”
And I once again go to align, and distribute them vertically.
这会让它们的间距一致 省去了许多麻烦的步骤
This will make equal spaces between them, and I don’t have to do anything.
大家记住 这很有用 它需要考虑第一个和最后一个的纵向位置 然后使两者之间的距离平均分布
Remember that this works, it takes the first and the last one, and makes equal spaces between them.
因此不用把它左右移动 它只需上下移动
So it will not shift left and right. It’ll shift only up and down.
“对齐” “竖直均匀分布” 这些看起来很有用
Align. Distribute vertically. This looks really more in tech now.
至于文本 你需要自己解决
As for the texts, you need to figure something out.
It depends on what you want on the slide.
让我们举一个例子 我会写一些简单的文字
Let’s just make an example. I’ll write a few example textboxes.
我将这些文字变小些 这样可以这些文字很好的放在这里
I make the text smaller, and I place the text prefectly here.
我把它放在下一行 并且尝试改变文本的颜色或者文本框的颜色
I place the next text, and I’ll try to change either the text color or the color of the boxes.
就像我之前提到的格式 “颜色填充” “更多颜色”
As I did previous in the format, “Shape Fill”, “More colors”.
And I can go lighter.
“更多填充颜色” 我把它变成橙色
“More fill colors”. Maybe I go a bit towards orange.
这很有趣 不是吗
This will look interesting, OK?
用更多橙色填充 我们下一步怎么做
A bit more orange fill. Where do we go here?
再橙一些 更深点
Even more orange, a bit deep.
好 然后将最后一个用比之前的更深
OK. And this last one will be even darker.
所以它有些偏红色 但不是很偏太多
So maybe it will go slightly towards red. Not too much.
好了 现在我们可以放一些文字
OK. Now we can place some texts.
This is how an example finished slide will look like.
What are the benefits of this slide?
上方没有标题 因而留给观众足够空间去注意左边的标题
We have no title, so we have much space for the viewer
to catch the title here and immediately go here.
这里可以加上动画 每一步都可以分别加上动画
This will be animated. And each step would animate separately.
We could for example put some icons here,
but perhaps this design will be good enough.
只是……让我们举个例子 现在放一些图标
Just… let’s make an example and take some icons and place it here.
如果这些看起来会好些 你当然可以选中这些图标
If this would look better, sure you can take some icons,
you can make a design out of it.
例如 你移动这个框架 让出更多空间
You can for example shift this. So makes more space.
现在我们有两个部分 每个东西都看得清清楚楚
We have two parts in this slide, and everything is clearly visible.
I hope you would like this tutorial.
It’s another difficult design,
but it’s really crucial to get the overall idea how to distribute your slide.
所以这个幻灯片很养眼 并且便于理解
So it’s really nice for the eye and understandable.



PPT怎么这么简单 这个教程教你如何设计好一个PPT 赶快来学学