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How to Create INSTANT Habits - 21 Day Habit Myth

Hey guys. In this video I know that there’s a lot of people who believe
21天养成一个习惯 67天养成一个习惯的说法
it might take 21 days to create a habit it might take 67 days to create a habit
and most of the reason they say that
is because your motivation will go away around those days.
你知道 一想到要养成新的生活习惯就十分兴奋
You know you’ll be excited about creating a new lifestyle change.
你知道 人们在新年第一天去健身房
You know the people January 1st, who just start going to the gym,
and they say that you have to go 21 days or 67 days to create a habit
但其实用不了那么久 他们想让你
because usually it’s even less than that and what they want you to do
一直去做 直到你养成习惯
is just go go go go go until it becomes discipline.
他们那样说 是因为他们想让你知道
And they say that because they want you to understand
在养成习惯之前 你需要花很长时间学会自律
that you’re gonna have to go even longer than is needed so that discipline is concrete
but I’m going to show you how you can have an instant habit creation
and how you can instantly change a bad habit into a good one just with one little trick
and that one little trick is by opening your mind and
明白习惯改变今天 习惯改变现在
understanding the habit is changing today the habit is changing right now
you have to have as soon as your mind changes from
我得这么做21天 习惯才会改变
oh I got to do this 21 days that the habit will change
如果你这么想 那真的要21天
it’s gonna take 21 days if you believe that
但如果你相信 习惯会在今天改变
but if you believe if you honestly believe that the habit will change today
它就会在今天改变 因为我相信它会在今天改变
and it’s going to change today because I believe it’ll change today
I honestly believe that you can take that habit and start developing it
我不敢说这种习惯会很牢固 但你可以试试
now I’m not gonna say turn it into concrete but you can start developing and instantly
a lot of people might get upset with me because they say that I misunderstand what it means
说我误解了21天养成习惯的说法 以及反复的好处
to take 21 day habit and it’s good to have that repetition you know
you need have something over and over and over and over again
it might take 21 days of starting a YouTube channel before of daily videos before your channel blows up
也许需要67个视频 就我而言 我做了约90个准确来说 98个
it might take 67 videos I think for my channel took like 90 I think it was exactly 98
98 videos before one video just went boom
and there was like almost a million views within the week
让我坚持了98天的是 起初的67天以及后来的21天
and what woke me up to that 98 days was the 67 days and then the 21 days
当我到达了这个量 它就砰地一下火了
you know I got up there and then boom it took off and
我有了自己的YouTube频道 接着对自己说
what happened was I started my channel and went you know what right now
right this second I’m going to work and persevere and keep going
直至这个频道成功为止 这不是一个习惯
until this channel is successful it wasn’t a habitit wasn’t like
这不是像 啊 我今天要养成这个习惯 明天我要做相同的事
oh I’m gonna do this habit now and then tomorrow I’m gonna do the same habit
and then the day after that I’m gonna do the same habit
it wasn’t like I was tricking myself into being disciplined
而是 现在 今天 我要改变自我
it was right now today I’m gonna make a change
I’m going to impact people’s lives
I’m going to work and continue making great videos forever
it’s not it’s not a lifestyle decision
you know when you make when some people go on diets
他们会说 我先试30天 如果我减了些肥
they go oh for 30 days I’m gonna go on this diet lose some weight
and then maybe I’ll gain some back and what happens
结果 他们把减的肥全增了回来
they gain all that weight back
因为 他们的生活方式早就发生了小变化
because these little lifestyle changes
但21天过后 人们会说 我猜它已成为习惯了
if you do something for 21 days and then go oh I guess it’s a habit now
you’re going to lose that discipline
当你说 我要做一件事连做67天
when you say oh I’m gonna do it for 67 days
你可能会养成一个习惯 但可能最终你就不自律了
yeah you might have started a habit but you’re going to eventually lose that discipline
what you need to try to get in place and what I’m trying to say with
this mumbo jumbo first three minutes of this episode I’m sorry like a truck
很抱歉 我没有详细说明 但你们得明白
just went by but what I’m trying to say is you have to understand that when you
当你想养成一个习惯时 你得想
want to create a habit you have to say this habit is going to be there for the
这个习惯要跟我一辈子 而不是21天或67天
rest of my life not just for 21 days not just for 67 days it’s starting now and
这个习惯从现在开始直到我死 这个习惯从此以后永远在我身上
it’s going until I die this habit is staying here every day from now on I’m
我要起床 骑6英里的自行车 直至我拥有腹肌
going to get up and ride six miles it’s not until I get abs because then you’ll
然后你就会有腹肌 再然后这个习惯会渐渐消失
get abs and then though the habit will start to fade away and then you won’t
你不再拥有腹肌;直至我减了60磅 因为当你减了60磅
have abs anymore it’s not until I lose 60 pounds because then when you lose 60
你就不再减肥 那60磅又会增回来
pounds you won’t want to do the habit anymore and then you’ll gain that 60
只有从现在起每天都做这个习惯 让自己更好
pounds again it’s every day from now on I’m going to use this habit to make me
每周 我要发布3个视频 每天 我要骑6英里自行车
better every week I’m going to post at least 3 videos every day I’m gonna go on
用骑车替代吸烟 我每天要吃6颗Twizzlers糖
a 6 mile bike ride every day instead of smoking I’m going to eat six Twizzlers
every day I’m gonna find one person to hang around who will make me a better
person every day I’m gonna talk to at least one girl so that my social anxiety
is reduced not every day I’m gonna talk to a girl until my social anxiety is
从现在到我去世 我每天都要找个女孩说话
gone every day until I die I’m going to talk to a girl because I want that
因为我想不断进步 我没有终极目标 我有目标
continual improvement there will be no end goal there will be goals but there
但没有终极目标 因为我想不断进步
won’t be any end goal because I will continually improve and I hope that’s
what you guys get out of this episode it’s a short little episode but don’t
大家不要相信21天养成习惯 这是老一辈的说法
believe the 21-day have it that’s old the people because they want something
因为他们可以坚持21天 随后不费吹灰之力
they can do for 21 days and then they don’t have to put any work in at all
这个习惯就会变得容易 因为习惯就是
that habit will start to get easier because that’s what habits do they turn
difficult tasks into easy task because your brain says instead of wasting all
this energy focusing on this task that we do every day why don’t we just put it
in the amygdala part of the brain so that it’s something that we can snap a
这样事情就会变得轻而易举 同样地
finger and do it and that’s the same thing you need to start thinking about
how you do your task it’s not 21 days and then boom
21天很容易 但最终它会越来越容易
it’s easy no it ventually gets easier and easier
60年以后 你甚至想都不用想
and easier and then maybe 60 years down the road you don’t even have to think
而不是像 啊 我今天没找姑娘说话 所以我得找一个
about it it’s just oh I haven’t talked to a girl today so I need to do it oh I
啊 我今天没骑车 我得去骑车
haven’t went for a bike riding today I need to go do that
啊 我这月还没做预算 我得去做它
oh I haven’t done my budget this month I also need to do that forget the 21 day
忘记21天 67天养成习惯的传说
habit myth forget the 67 habit myth and start thinking about instant you are
你应该想的是 我的习惯要从现在开始直到永远
starting a habit today right now at this moment and from here on out forever so
instant and forever make your habits instant don’t say you’re gonna start
“即刻”意味着你不能把习惯推至明天 推至下周 即刻就要开始
tomorrow don’t say you’re gonna start in a week make them instant and forever not
“永远”意味着不止是达成目标 不止于减60磅 不止于长6块腹肌
until a goal not until you lose 60 pounds not until you get a six pack
要永远坚持下去 你可以有小目标 比如说 长了 6块腹肌以后
forever now you can have mini goals you can say when I get a six pack then I can
我可以吃半盒冰淇淋 或 去乘一次邮轮
eat half a tub of ice cream or when I did a six pack then I’ll go on a cruise
让习惯成为永久习惯 因为如果它们不永久
make those habits forever because if they’re not forever if you don’t intend
或如果不打算把这些习惯永远保持下去 它不是习惯
on keeping those habits forever it’s not a habit it’s just like a diet when you
就像节食 一旦你达成目标 习惯便不复存在 然后 60磅就又回来了
reach your goal the habit will go away and then you’ll gain 60 pounds again I
希望大家理解我的意思 这个视频即将结束
hope you guys get what I’m saying this is about the end of this episode
and the next episode is about habit development so we’ve went over finding
我们会找到坏习惯 随后改正它们
bad habits and trying to get it rid of them alone we’ve went over replacing bad
我们会努力去用好习惯替代坏习惯 在下一视频中
habits with good habits and in the next episode we’re going to learn how to just
create new great habits out of the blue by understanding the cue habit reward
以及一些其他建议 你需要执行习惯
idea of a habit and then some other tips you can do to try to put the habit in
但首先 大家得理解养成习惯的“即刻”与“永远”
place but you guys have to understand this first when you make habits make
希望大家喜欢这个视频 并且能从中得到帮助
them instant and make them forever hope you guys enjoy this video hope it helped
someone if you guys enjoyed that video and want
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俗话说习惯决定命运… 但到底如何养成一个好习惯呢?21天、67天养成的习惯有效么,持久么?