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How to Create Fence Photo Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

In this video, I’m going to show you how to create
这个视频中 我将会向你们展示
this fence manipulation using Photoshop.
So let’s get started.
Hey what’s the guys, Dhruval here
嘿 朋友们 我是Dhruval
and as you can see this is the final output.
如你所见 这就是最终的成品图
Now before we start to actually create this effect,
normally you need to do a photo shoot with a tripod.
You take photo of background, then photo of model with the fence,
先拍背景照片 再拍带栅栏的模特照片
and then you do the masking etc.
But this is a different approach.
Like what if you already have a photo
比如 倘若你已经有一张照片
and then you want to turn it into this effect.
This video is more for that.
So, to create this,
那么 为了做出这种效果
first of all let’s open the background photo.
You go to File, you go to Open,
进入“文件”菜单栏 选择 “打开”
and you select whatever photo that you want
to create the effect on.
Now, I don’t need the entire photo and we have to crop it,
现在 我并不需要这一整张照片 我们必须把它裁剪下
but we will do it later.
First of all let’s create a separate background and model.
首先 创造一个单独的背景和模特
To do that, let’s unlock it. So double click and hit OK.
为此 我们要解锁图层 双击 点击“确定”
After that I’m gonna make a copy of it, so press command+J.
之后 按住command+J复制图层
Now on this copy I’m gonna rename it to model,
and for the layer 0 I’m gonna rename it to background.
Right now we don’t need model layer, so make sure you turn off the eye
现在并不需要“模特”图层 那么确保你关掉了它前面的小眼睛
and only the background is active.
After that, you have to make sure you have selected your Lasso Tool from here,
之后 你要确保你从这里选取了“套索工具”
and make a selection around model something like this.
It doesn’t have to be accurate,
but make sure that you don’t…eh…
like you keep the model out of selection like this.
就像这样 选区保持在模特之外
So the selection is done.
After that you press Shift Delete both keys together
and this box will pop up.
And here you select Content-Aware and hit OK.
此时就选“内容识别” 点击“确定”
It will take some time because like image is really high resolution.
因为图像分辨率太高了 还需要一点儿时间
So, let it do its job.
那么 就让它慢慢处理
So as you can see Photoshop did its best and I think it’s okay.
你看到了 Ps已经处理好了 我觉得还可以
And let’s remove the selection first.
So you can go to Select and Deselect.
来到“选择”菜单栏 “取消选择”
Now at this moment even though it looks bad,
现在 尽管看起来很糟糕
because model with cover most offered, it won’t look that bad.
但因为模特会盖住这些地方 也没那么糟
So don’t worry about it.
Now the background is ready and you can turn it off.
现在“背景”图层已经就绪 你可以关掉它了
Now activate the model and turn it on.
现在激活“模特”图层 打开它
Now we can remove the model from the photo
and to do that we need to make selection.
为此 我们要“通过选区来生成路径”
So you can right click here and get a Quick Selection Tool
你可以在这里点击右键 选择“快速选择工具”
and make selection of the model.
And if you wish to remove some selection,
you can go select this minus option here
and then you can remove it like this.
So the selection of model is ready,
after that let’s apply the layer mask.
So go and click on this third option here
那么来这 点击第三个选项
and it will apply the mask.
Now you can turn on the background.
So here’s what happened:
model is on different layer
and background is on different layer.
This is exactly what we need.
Now I’m going to refine the selection.
So make sure you activate the layer mask,
then right click and Select and Mask.
右击 选择“调整蒙版”
After that this portions are ok,
but for the hair, we need to focus.
但就头发而言 我们需要清晰的
So make your brush a little bit bigger using your bracket keys,
and make sure you have the second option here the refine tool,
and then you paint around the hair like this.
Looking pretty good and after that you can hit OK.
看起来相当不错 弄好后点击“确定”
So the basic setup is ready and now we can add in the fence.
那么基本工作已经就绪 现在我们来添加栅栏
But before that let’s prepare few things.
First of all, on the background activate it and make a copy. So, command+J.
首先 激活“背景”图层 按住Cmd+J复制图层
Now in this copy I’m gonna, like, rename it to
现在在复制图层上 像这样 我将它重命名为
more blurry background.
“更模糊的背景”(more blurry background)
It’s important,
and for the model it’s the same thing you can press command+J.
对于“模特”图层 同样地 按住Cmd+J复制图层
Now on the original model layer here,
you can rename it to back up.
你可以重命名为“备份”(back up)
Now this I will explain later and this one is obvious.
这个我稍后解释 原因很明显的
If you make mistakes on this layer while doing further masking,
you already have a selection ready, so you can start again.
这里有个现成的选区 可以重新开始
Eh… so that’s clear.
Now..eh…I’m gonna…
add in the fence and do the cropping.
添加栅栏 做些裁剪
So first of all let’s add the fence.
那么首先 我们来添加栅栏
To add it, you can go to File and then Place Embedded,
要添加它 你可以进入“文件”菜单栏 然后“置入”
and here you have the JPG sorry PNG file for the fence and place it.
这是栅栏的JPG 不好意思 是PNG文件 置入这里
I’m gonna make it a little bit bigger,
and if you are using Photoshop 2018 or older version,
hold your Shift key when you do it, so it doesn’t go out of…
做的时候按住Shift健 它就不会出去……
Sorry it doesn’t lose the proportion.
抱歉 它就不会比例失调
And also I need to squeeze it a little bit. So on this version,
我还要再挤一下 那么在这个版本中
I’m gonna hold my Shift key and squeeze it down little bit.
按住Shift键 挤一下
In older version you won’t need to do it.
You can also use your arrow key to move it around.
And I think this looks decent and then you can confirm it.
我觉得这个看起来不错 之后你可以确认一下
Now I’m going to crop out the unnecessary area that I don’t want.
So get a Crop Tool and crop it out.
那么选择“裁剪工具” 裁剪出来
Now the fence is little bit smaller so I’m going to make it big,
现在栅栏有点变小了 所以我要把它变大一点
you can press command+T
and then again stretch it out a little bit.
Fence is ready and the model is ready, now let’s do the masking.
栅栏和模特均已就绪 现在我们来做遮罩
And to do that you need to activate this mask,
要做到这一点 你需要激活这个蒙版
make sure the mask is active and not the layer.
So the mask is active.
After that get your Brush Tool,
and in the brush make sure you have black color,
in the Opacity it’s 100.
After that right click here and make sure Hardness is also all the way 100%
之后点击右键 确保“硬度”也是100%
make sure all of these things are correct.
Then we can start erasing the portions that we don’t need.
So, first of all, I’m gonna go and it is here this eye.
那么 首先 来到眼睛这里
Now here’s another trick you can do.
you can click here then hold your Shift key
点击这里 然后按住Shift键
and then click here.
It will erase it like that,
then again hold your Shift key and click here,
然后再次按住Shift健 点击这里
hold your Shift key and click here.
按住Shift健 点击这里
And this will make your job little bit faster.
So as you can see now we can see through the fences
那么 你看到了 虽然我们只有一个单独的图像
even though we had only single image.
This is how you do it.
And if you want to bring it back,
you can switch to a white color,
and you can bring it back.
Like this if you make any mistakes.
如果你出错了的话 也可以这样做
I’m going to remove some parts that I don’t want.
You can think about it and choose the boxes carefully.
你可以考虑一下 仔细选择格子
So as you can see the main reason why you clicked on this video, that’s over.
看到了吧 这也是你点击视频的主要原因 这样就结束啦
But we need to fix few things so it looks actually good.
但我们还需要完善一下 让它看起来更好
So first of all as you can see this option:
more blurry background, we’re gonna use it.
“更模糊的背景” 我们要用它了
So first of all I’m going to right click and Convert to Smart Object,
那么首先 右击 “转换为智能对象”
after that we need to apply a blur.
So you can go to Filter and then you go to Blur Gallery and select Field Blur,
你可以点击“滤镜” 然后点击“模糊画廊” 选择“场景模糊”
and if you have old version it will be here I think in Blur.
如果你用的是旧版本 我想它应该是在“模糊”选项
So go to Blur Gallery and select Field Blur.
那么就点击“模糊画廊” 选择“场景模糊”
Now in the Field Blur I’m going to keep it to like 30 40 percent,
在“场景模糊”选项 模糊调节保持在30%-40%左右
so it’s like…we need to separate model from the background little more.
That’s it, so do it however like however blur you need.
就这样 你想要多模糊就多模糊
Then you can add this little bit things here,
it doesn’t have to be exactly like me, just play around.
没必要和我的一模一样 调整试试
So I think this looks decent to me and then you can hit OK.
我觉得这样看起来不错 然后点击“确定”
Now because it’s a smart object,
if you want to do any changes, you can double click on the Blur Gallery here.
如果你想改动些什么 可以双击这里的“模糊画廊”
And then you can change whatever and hit OK. It’s completely like re-doable.
然后就可以做任何的改变 再点击“确定” 这完全是可重复的
Now to see the difference, this is more blurry background,
现在来看看区别 这是“更模糊的背景”
and this is the original one. Now, this has prettier bouquets
这是原始的 现在 这个有更漂亮的花束
no doubt, but this one looks a bit better for the effect.
无疑 这个看起来效果更好
So, this is ready. Now let’s do some color correction and fix the fence.
那么 这个已经准备就绪了 现在我们做一些颜色校正和栅栏修复
First of all I don’t need this red color, so activate your fence,
首先 并不需要红色 那么激活栅栏图层
then create new adjustment layer.
and here you can go and select Hue/Saturation.
And before you do any changes, turn on the Clipping Mask.
在做任何改变之前 先打开“剪切蒙版”
So now whatever changes we do will only stay on the fence.
这样不管做何改变 都只会发生在栅栏图层
So, first of all go to your Reds
那么 首先选择“红色”
and I’m gonna remove the Saturation from that.
So gonna keep it to minus seventy five something,
then you go to your Masters.
And here I’m gonna keep it like minus three four
这个(“明度”)我会让它处于大概-3 -4左右
to make it slightly darker.
This looks nice.
Now another thing I want to make a fence little bit darker from the edge,
so it looks less flat because right now it’s way too straight.
因为现在它太直了 所以看起来就没那么平
So to fix that I’m gonna create new blank layer
为了修正它 我要新建一个空白图层
and right click here and create Clipping Mask.
右键点击这里 创建“剪切蒙版”
So again, if I have a Brush Tool
同样地 如果我用“笔刷工具”
and I paint whatever will only stay on the fence.
So I’m gonna make my brush big using bracket keys,
you can also right click and make it bigger whatever you prefer
你也可以右击 让它变得大些 怎样都行
and Hardness 0%.
Then I’m gonna make it super super big like this and then paint around the edges.
然后我要把变得非常非常大 就像这样 然后在边上涂抹
Then you can go and reduce the Opacity, so I’m gonna keep it to like
之后你可以降低“不透明度” 让它保持在
20 30 percent, whatever looks good, doesn’t have to be exactly like me.
20% 30%的样子 看起来还不错 没必要跟我的完全一样哒
So…I think 25 percent is a lot better.
So…color correction on the fence is done.
Now we will do the color correction that will affect the entire photo.
To do that, first of all, I’m gonna create new adjustment layer
为此 首先 创建新的调整图层
and here let’s select the Curves.
此处 我们选择“曲线”
Because I’m gonna add a little bit contrast,
so make it a little bit brighter from here,
little bit darker from here, so we have more contrast.
这里变暗一点 那么我们就会有更多的对比
And then let’s fade out the shadows so it looks a lot more pleasing.
然后我们淡出阴影 看起来更舒服
OK, super cool!
可以了 超酷!
Now I’m gonna pop out this jacket a little bit
because it’s looking really good.
So I’m gonna create a new adjustment layer, and this time get Selective Color.
我要创建一个新的调整图层 这次选择“可选颜色”
In the Selective Color, first of all, go to your Cyans
在“可选颜色”里 首先 选择“青色”
and increase it all the way to the hundred. Not very visible,
然后一直增加到100% 不是很明显
but you can like make it a little bit brighter using your Blacks,
so reduce the Blacks and it will pop…pop out more.
那么减少“黑色” 它就会……更突出
Do the same with Blues,
add lots of Cyan in your Blues,
like this,
and then reduce the Black so it pops out more like this.
然后减少“黑色” 像这样 让它更显眼
So not a big difference but an important one.
差别不大 但很重要
So as you can see jacket before, jacket after, looks more pleasing.
这是之前的夹克 这是之后的 看起来更美观
Now for the final step, I’m going to create a new adjustment layer.
现在是最后一步 我要创建一个新的调整图层
And this time we get the Vibrance,
and I’m gonna add like 70 80 % Vibrance so the image is lot more colorful.
我要添加70%到80%的“自然饱和度” 这样图像就会更加丰富多彩
This looks nice and close it.
看起来不错 关闭就可以了
So this is without the adjustment,
那么 这是没有调整图层的
and this is with that adjustment,
as you can see this looks so much better.
可以看出 这个看起来更好
So as you can see I did some changes in the Blur
and that’s the beauty of this method. You can change
这就是该方法的美妙之处 在这种效果下
absolutely anything in this effect without worrying too much at any time.
你完全可以做任何的改动 而不用担心太多
So that’s it and this is the final output.
好了 这就是最终成品了
I really hope that you guys learned something from this video.
And if it did, hit that like button.
如果确实学到了 帮点下喜欢噢
And if you have any kind of questions or suggestions,
ask me in comment section below.
If you wanna check out more videos by me,
you can click on any of these boxes and you can also subscribe to my channel.
你可以点击这些框中的任何一个链接 也可以订阅我的频道
So every time I upload a new video, you will get the updates.
那么我每上传一个新视频 你都能看到更新
Deal done! Good bye! Take care and have some fun with Photoshop!
就这样啦 拜拜 保重 Ps玩得愉快









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