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How to Build a Successful Real Estate Business | #TomFerryShow Episode 29

二十年来 我致力于给您带来最好的商业策略 祝您的事业繁荣发展
For over 20 years I’ve dedicated my life to bringing you the very best business building strategies to keep you thriving
准备好迎接你渴望的成功吧 欢迎来到汤姆菲力秀
thriving get ready to experience the success you’ve been searching for welcome to the Tom Fairy show
欢迎来到汤姆菲力秀 29集 问大家一个问题 有没有人看过一个电视节目
hey welcome to Tom Fairy show episode 29 let me ask you a question have you ever seen the television show
叫做先知 Marcus主持的一档节目
the Prophet. that guy Marcus has got it going on
涵盖了人 产品 利润 加工
people product profits process
顺序可能说的不对 但是你懂的
totally screwed up that order but you get it
what it reminds me of when I do get the chance to watch that
matter-of-fact I was flying from New York to LA and it was on JetBlue man
love JetBlue and
loved it I’m sitting there watching this and it’s the same exact thing that I see
every day in real estate agents businesses just like you see it
就好像看到了肉类包装业务 制造鼓的业务的命运
the meat packing business or in the drum creation business
It’s we get all fired up and
我们业务开始增长 我们开始采取行动
we start to grow and we start to take action it’s
我们的业务增长 增长 然后我们一不注意
it’s grow grow and then we stop paying attention
然后呢 就完蛋了
guess what it’s gone
我们都知道 我们的业务很多很多
you and I both know with so many things happening in your business
你把你的精力 关注点放在哪
whatever you put your energy on your
你的精力是会围绕你的关注点的 这句话应该是
focus on that’s where you energy flows. right I think the exact quote is
wherever you put your focus your energy follows
well guess what happens. I put my energy on I got to get this project done
或者放在 打这几个电话上
Or I put my energy on I gotta make these phone calls
一旦你把精力移走了 会发生什么呢
then the second you take your energy off it what happens?
it’s gone
你知道的 就好像房地产业务里我们会看到有人
you know it because it’s systemic of the real estate business we watch people go like this
穷了又富了 富了又穷了
I have no money I’m rich I’m poor I’m rich I’m poor I’m rich I’m poor
And my question for you is
would you like a structure to eliminate that
And create rich richer richer richer richer richer richer
你当然想啦 这就是你看我的秀的原因
I think the answer is yes that’s why you watch the tom ferry show
so how do we eliminate
这种 增长-增长-完蛋 的模式呢
the grow-grow-gone syndrome let’s talk about it
I’m referring to this the ultimate Wednesday grow session
the ultimate Wednesday grow session now I know
我知道很多正在看的客户会说 周三?
A lot of my coaching clients be watching this and saying Wednesday
我周一做 我知道你可以周一行动
I do it on Mondays. I know you can do it on Mondays
所有在看的人 你们都能周一行动
certainly anyone that’s watching you could do it on Mondays
just consider the following though
I’m asking you to carve out an hour
to work on your business not the
[gasping] working in my business
而是停下来回想一下 在一些特定的标准下
but where I stopped and I reflect and I look at a certain set of criteria
inside my business to know exactly what’s going on
记住 不管我把我的精力
remember wherever I put my energy and
concentration my focus
那一点都会变得更好 进一步发展
that’s what gets better that’s what improves
when I take my eye off the ball
增长-增长-完蛋 我们要避免的就是这种模式
grow grow gone that’s what we want to avoid
所以我觉得 你可以在一周的中间也就是周三做这些事 也就是明天 在你看过这个秀之后
so I said you know maybe do it in the middle of the week right think about just like on a Wednesday tomorrow after watching this show
middle the week giving you plenty of time
To not react but to plan and take the right action to be ready for the next weekend.
I like the kind of Wednesday-to Wednesday-cycles so
for some of my coaching clients maybe just try it for a couple weeks and
给我些反馈 现在问题是
give me some feedback, now the question is
在这些时间里 我想要你们在业务方面做什么呢
what do I want you working on your business
inside that hour? let me give the agenda
第一 我们要更新我们的业务
here’s number one, we’re going to do some updates on the business so we’re going to look at
所以我们要看看活跃着的上市屋有哪些 我们不止要 好的我们有一二三四间房子在某某街道
what are our active listings. but we’re not just going to go okay I’ve got one two three four banana Street
into two five seven Smith road
我们要问自己 我做了多少次展示
instead of an ask myself how many showings have I had
what’s my eyeball traffic online
I am going to analyze what’s going on how can I make that property more saleable so
我不只要告诉他们 我还要花时间想
I’m not just going to acknowledge them. I’m actually to spend some time thinking like
how do I reverse engineer a sale here? like
the last time I sold a property like this
what happened right before?what happened before what happened before…and is there a
回忆成功的经验让我这次能做的更好 更不同
lesson something I can do better
记住了 增长-增长-增长 而不是 增长-增长-完蛋
different. remember grow grow grow, not grow grow gone
我们要全身心投入 然后我会问自己
we got to put our focus on it. then I’m going to ask myself
pending updates where we have with our escrows
so if I’ve got an assistant or a transaction coordinator
maybe I’m reading a report maybe I’m just doing a little gut check
我提供的服务如何 我与签了合同的人的沟通有效吗
how’s my service am I in communication with the people I have under contract so
这是最重要的是 我知道有些人会说
that’s the first thing right? now I know you say Tom
Tom 我每天都做这些 我每天都想这些
I do this every day I’m thinking about it every day. I know.
我知道 但是这时候应该停下来反省一下
but this is the time by me to stop and work on my business.
how can I improve my service
how can I get this listing sold
what do I need to do or
get information into the hands of the seller
so they priced the home correctly
因为我们知道 如果一周你都没带人参观过三四次这个房子的话
because we all know if you’re not getting three four or five showings in a week
或者是带人参观过了却没人想买 房子的定价肯定高了
and/or you had it and you got no offers, its overpriced
所以我要怎样告诉我的顾客们 怎样做才是对的 下一步又要怎样做
so how am I going to better educate my customer on what they need to do right and what they need to do next.
so I’m going to spend some time there then
第二 我要去看看我的潜在客户开发
number two I’m going to look at my lead generation so
I’m going to look at my pipeline right, I’m going to say
我要问自己我有多少潜在客户 有多少买家 有多少潜在卖方
how many leads do I have,how many buyers might work with,how many potential sellers do I have?
And if the answer is
都很少 我不开心了 我就会直接去弄我的推广计划
you know kind of bleak and I’m not real happy, I’m going to go right to my marketing plan
where am I with my marketing plan
in October November of last year when you wrote your marketing plan for the year
here’s the four core lead generation systems I’m going to focus on
我要每天发电子邮件给他们 每个月都发新消息给他们
I’m going to do an email every month I’m going to do a newsletter every month
或者打电话 总之你做的所有事
you know whatever to make phone calls all the things you’re going to do
you’re going to update yourself where are you at. remember you’re working
记住你现在是为自己努力 你不能停下来崩溃 你要开始拿起电话打给客户
your business you’re not going to stop and freak out and start working on it and make a phone call
you’re going to work on your business and start looking at what are the promises
you need to make between now and next Wednesday
get your business growing
第三 你要看看你的待做-正在做-已完成事项板
then number three of course your look at your do, doing and done board
我做了一个重要的猜想 在第28集中
I make it a big assumption remember episode 28 I’m making a big assumption
you’ve got the do doing and done board up on your wall
you’ve got a capture device for all the things you want to do in your business
but right now we’re focusing on what are the projects I’m doing so
I’m improving my listing presentation or
或者是我在对我的网站进行搜索引擎优化 或者是其他的
I’m doing some SEO on my website or you know I whatever
我在找五个新闻展示板 或者是我开始直接邮寄新消息了
I’m looking at five new post cards that I’m going to start using perhaps in my direct mail
whatever it may be. what are the projects you’re working on
你要诚实地问自己 这些事是不是停滞不前了
And you have to be honest with yourself are they getting stale
have I lost my mojo motivation on these
Is it time to put them back over on the do and maybe mix it up
还是混在一起 或者把待办事项放进正在进行事项
and take some of the do and get them into the doing
then what have you done
你会庆祝吗 注意还有个庆祝的时间
And are you celebrating. notice a little nother time to celebrate like whoo
我们成功了 我们所有的客户都成为了最棒的经纪人
whoo we did it now.we said we’re going to get all our customers
inside top producer or our database and we did it
Or we said we want to get a hundred percent accurate e-mail,
it took us 60 days but we completed the project it’s done
你会想要庆祝的 然后 第四
right you want to celebrate that. then number four
回顾你的日程表 这很重要 记得我之前所说的嘛
I want to review my schedule. now this is super important I believe remember you’ve heard me say before
如果事情不在日程表上 那你就不会做
it’s not your schedule it doesn’t exist
so what I want to do is I want to look into the future
A day a week a month in advance
And say okay now what’s coming up what’s going on
what do I need to prepare for, what do I need to plan for
but then I also want to look backwards and say
看看我是不是浪费过时间 搞砸过一些事情
you know did I waste some time did I screw up a little bit too much like
what happened in the last week or thirty days
I’m a huge believer
everything in your life should be inside your schedule
你的私人生活你约见医生 你的娱乐生活 你的约会夜
your personal life your doctor’s appointments your fun, date night
listing appointments the, all the above
because that’s how you get a fulfilled life right?
there’s no there’s no you know work and life
it’s like this blended perfect experience
so it’s all got to be inside your schedule
so I can reflect back on the last thirty days
And plan accordingly looking forward
And if I’m missing there’s some holes like
Undermine our power plan, you know what
你就要说 我全心投入 我能成功的 我要把他们重新放进我的日程表
I’m really committed to them. I’m going to do it so I’m putting it in my calendar
every you know every Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday at nine o’clock in the morning
的90分钟 我都要做力量计划
for 90 minutes that’s what I’m doing right
第五 我周围的人怎么样了
then number five what are my people updates now
如果你有一个大团队 你会想 Ted做得怎样 Eddie呢
if you have a big team so you are gonna how’s Ted doing and how’s Eddie doing what’s going on right
you’re going to get into those dialogues or you might just say
你会对自己说 我有跟贷方好好沟通吗
hey am I in communication with my lender
you know the lender is pretty important today in the transaction with now the new
you know the law is coming up – am I up to speed
我需要加快速度吗 我要跟贷方谈一谈吗
there do I need to have a conversation with my lender
我的资产信用如何 我的代理商怎样
how’s my title rep how’s my escrow officer
我的律师 我的股票经纪人如何
how’s my attorney how’s my broker
你知道吗 有时候
you know sometimes
有时候 特别当你是一个独立奋战的企业家的时候
sometimes especially as a solo you know entrepreneur
we get so fixated like we are the center of the universe and they are here
to serve you well
我要反过来说 生活中真正的挑战
let me flip it around on you the real game in life
Is helping everybody else get what they want
所以如果我停下来 回顾一下我的事业 我跟企业里别的人的关系怎样
so if I just stop there for a minute and I work on my business the relationships of my business
what can I do special or unique for my title rep this week
I know she’s always coming to my office or he’s always coming in and
he’s trying to do something for me
为什么我不反过来想想 做出改变
why don’t I reverse it, why don’t I make a difference, why don’t I have some random acts of kindness
为什么不为前台接待 为销售协调员
for the receptionist the marketing coordinator the office
do some little things and guess what
当人际关系活起来了 你的事业就活了
when the people’s rolling everything is rolling in your business
最后 你要想想
then lastly you finish with what are the promises
on what I make between now and next Wednesday
now here’s what I know
当你专注于这些事的时候 我真的很喜欢先知这个节目
when you focus on these things and again, I just love this you know the show, the Prophet
Marcus would tell you you’re focusing on the processes of your business
你要关注你身边的人 当你这么做的时候
And the people and when you do
就会有好的结果产生 现在
only good things happen so here’s what I like
我想让你停下来 实际上你应该反复看这个视频四五遍
I’d like you to stop. Matter of fact you should probably watch this four or five times,that’s really the truth you should watch it four or five times
实际上如果你看过四五遍 这个思想就会根植在你脑海中
and really let the message like ingrain in you and have it
获得这种极具智慧的思想 知道你应该做什么
go from like this sort of intellectual idea of oh I know I should do that, but
do you know some people and I know a few that
like they always say they know
但是他们什么也不做 你们身边有这样的人吗
but they don’t do anything do you guys know some people like that like oh uh
Tom 智慧思想 我完全明白你在说什么 很有道理 很好
Tom intellectual I know exactly what you’re talking but totally makes sense, great
show me in your schedule
where you have an hour to work on your business
你没分配时间在业务上啊? 所以如果你没把业务安排到日程表上
Oh you don’t have one. so if you don’t have it in your schedule
你就不明白这个道理 不是真的明白
you don’t know it you don’t really get it
可能你的情绪喜欢坐过山车 你喜欢变穷变富交替
And maybe you love the emotional rollercoaster maybe you love being rich and poor cause it creates
such dramatic exciting contrast in your life
我没钱了 好激动啊
I have no money this is exciting
我有好多钱啊 太神奇了 我又没钱了
I have lots of money this is exciting! I have no money again
听着 如果你喜欢这种感觉
look if you’re into that
没问题 反正我不喜欢
that’s cool, I’m not a fan
我喜欢缓慢 稳定 持续的
I like slow steady consistent
The tortoise you know beating the hare kind of growth grow
增长-增长-完蛋 还是增长-增长-增长呢
grow grow gone or grow grow grow
增长-增长-增长才是我们的目标 所以现在你应该怎么做呢
that’s the goal so what are you going to do
who you going to share this with
通过youtube instagram或者任何其他渠道反馈给我吧
And maybe give me some feedback right here on YouTube or Instagram or however you want to do it
but let me know what are you thinking here
I know this wasn’t like one of those wow shows it was really about
这是关于找到正确的路子 开展我们的业务
hey let’s get our process right, let’s start working on our business
because the income opportunity for you right now
has never been as good as it is today
it’s time for you to get your processes right
感谢观看 永远记住 你的策略很重要
thanks so much for watching remember always your strategy matters and now more than ever
your passion rules
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