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如何巧妙设计PPT模板-简约幻灯片 – 译学馆
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How To Brainstorm templates in PowerPoint - Minimalistic icon slide ✔

在这个教程里 我会为你展示如何巧妙设计不同风格的幻灯片
In this tutorial, I will show you how to brainstorm in PowerPoint on different designs.
我们会使用很酷的字体 我们会使用到图标
We will use a cool font, we will use an icon,
and we will use our creativity and imagination to
go along and try to create several slides.
在这样一个美丽的日子向您问好 我们要创建一个……
Hello to you on this beautiful day. We will try to create a
非常简单的幻灯片现在 让我先说说为什么要来做这样一个教程
very minimalistic slide. Now, why do I want to record such a tutorial?
Because I wanted to show you the Montserrat font.
很多设计师很喜欢用这个字体 它很流行 也许你也知道它
This font is often used by designers, it’s a popular font, you most likely already know it.
但如果你还没用过 我建议你下载一下 看这儿
But if you don’t, I will recommend you to download it. Just look at this,
这是个漂亮的字体集 不仅有我们常用的字体
it’s a beautiful font family. You have not only normal fonts,
you have also alternative versions for this font. And…
想成为更优秀的设计师 就开始使用好的字体吧
to be and become a better excellent designer, start to using good fonds.
一个优秀的字体本身就可以做出特别棒的设计 让人眼前一亮
A good font alone can make a great design. A huge impact.
And it really distinguishes your design from different designs.
Now, as a I said Montserrat is often used but it’s a
它却是一个免费的字体 来看下它的版权 鼠标滑到这里
free font, just look at this license. As you hover over here, commercial
可用于商业化 你可以将它用于商业用途这个免费的版权允许你使用这个字体做一些
desktop use. You can use this commercially, this free license allows you to create commercial
商用的图表和文件 所以我现在来下载这个字体
graphics and documents, so I have downloaded this font and
提一下字体资料这边 这款字体经常被拿来和Proxima Nova比较
just to tell you font information often compared to Proxima Nova.
Proxima Nova, if you would like to buy another professional font
你可以选择Proxima Nova 和这款免费字体差不多 大概700块钱
which is similar to this free one, it will cost you around 700 bucks.
是的 没错 700大洋 一款超贵的字体 当然也很好用
yes, it’s ture, 700 bucks. It’ an higher font family. But it is also great.
但是既然有免费的,而且它们还差不多 何乐而不为呢
great, but if you can have similar fonts for free then why not use them?
好 现在打开PPT 我打算用这款字体
Okay, so I would arrive in PowerPoint and I would use this font
either on the normal version or in a bit changed
altered version, and how easy it would be to create minimalistic slide
先来删掉这个  假设…
with this cool font. Now let me delete this. Let’s say you
你有一组幻灯片要或是像这样的版面 你准备
have a portfolio slide or something like this, and you would like to
introduce that now you will show your images in portfolio. I would go
to insert, I would insert a text box, a text box like that
然后写 my images或者…
and I will write my images or
就写 My images吧 好了 接下来呢
let’s just write My images. It is okay. Now, I will go
选择字体 就像我之前说的 我要用Montserrat
to my font selection and as explained I will use the Montserrat.
在哪呢 我应该可以一下子认出它来啊 在这呢
Where do I have it, I should see it immediately. Okay, here I have the
为了简化幻灯片 我一般
Montserrat, and for minimalistic slides, I will use big
会用大号的字体 所以我会选择Montserrat black字体
bulky fonts, so I will most likely go for Montserrat black,
extrabold字体或是alternates extrabold字体
extrabold or alternates extrabold.
看过去黑体的会比较大 那我们就用这个吧
I see the black is even bigger, so I will select the black. My images
My images 让它变超大
and I will make this really big.
好了 把这个放到右边
Okay, I would have a slide like this on the right side and this
看上去已经很棒的样子 现在 我再放一个图标
already looks interesting. Now, I have selected one icon,
我找了一个这样的图标 然后我或许需要调整一下它的图案
I have selected a picture icon like this and I could maybe adjust this icon.
这个图标可以移动 而且它的背景是透明的
Since this is an PNG icon and it is transparent at the background.
把它置于顶层 可以看到它现在是透明的 但是我想介绍一个
Let me bring it to front, you see it’s transparent, but I would like to show you a
简单的小技巧  使你可以对整个图标进行处理 所以这边点击
neat little trick which you can do with icons overall. So I would select
点击插入 形状 选择圆角矩形
insert, shapes, and I will select a rounded rectangle
因为我要覆盖这个图标  现在来调整下这个矩形
because I want to cover up this icon. Now I will make this rounded object
like this, I will try to perfectly cover this icon and
这个很简单 只要调整下四角 再调下这边
this would be no problem, I just adjust the corners, I adjust this on the…
轮廓选择无线条颜色 好了 然后…
let me select no outline. Okay, I will adjust it on the
left side by holding my left ALT key as I see. I do it
凭感觉还不错 额 好像右边底部这里
intuitive but okay, that’s it. Well maybe on the right
滑到里面去了 这就不够完整了
side here on the bottom, it’s a bit not so clean.
行了 现在这个技巧差不多准备好了
Okay, and that’s all that I need for this trick.
点击形状填充 填充为白色
Now, I will shape fill white.
右击鼠标 置为底部
Right click, sent to back. I will select this
把图标设为置于顶部 我设了没?嗯 它已经在前面了 按Ctrl+C 再按Ctrl+V
icon on the front, do I have it? Okay, I have it. Ctrl +C, Ctrl +V
为什么我前面要做一个白色的背景呢 因为我得有这个白色的背景
and why did I do the white background? Because I want the white background,
在新的图标上右击复制 置为底部
I want to right click on the new one, sent it to back. I want
缩小一点 啊呀不对
o make it smaller… oh sorry! I want
旋转一下 让这个图标变的不会太死板
to rotate it a little bit and just so the icon doesn’t look so plain.
可以把这个放到它的后面 对吧
I can put another icon of this behind it, okay?
再转一下 简直完美
Rotate it. Perfect!
我想要做成这样的 如果你想再添加一个
I want something like that and if you want 1 more then
那你要先组合它们 按Ctrl+G Ctrl+C Ctrl+V
you should group this, Ctrl +G and Ctrl +C, Ctrl +V,
right click sent to back,
旋转 哎呀 按住shift键 缩小
rotate… oh sorry! With the shift key, smaller,
旋转 好了 完美
rotation, okay, perfect.
Ctrl+C Ctrl+V 右击 置为底层
Ctrl +C, Ctrl +V – right click sent to back,
旋转 缩小 再来按住shift
rotation, smaller – again the shift key.
嗯 差不多了 应该不用再加什么了 毕竟我只是想让它
Okay, I think we are done. I don’t need anything more; I just want it
变得更有味道点 它之前有点
to give it some flavor because it was a bit
太简单了 全选这个 看 现在的图片
too simple. Okay, let me adjust this. You see, now the
再按下Ctrl+G 它们就变成一个整体
image. I will even Ctrl +G it so it’s one big group.
Now this icon looks a tiny bit better and it isn’t
so plain anymore, but since it was a minimalistic slide, I would maybe…
我该加个线 在这里 或是做一个分隔线在这里
I would maybe underline it like here or chose a divider
点击插入 形状 再选一个…
for here. I would go to insert – shapes and I would select another
像这样的矩形图案 然后
rectangle shape and I would select it like this. okay, let me make
把四角变的更圆润一点 当然是选择变小
the corners more rounded. I would make it of course smaller,
a thinner can be as well.
把它放在这里 棒! 我打算
I will place it around here, okay, and I would
添加一个二级的颜色 好像不能
select a secondary color. Well, maybe not
再选黑色 去掉边框
again black, no outline.
我想把它填充为灰色 我觉得这样
I think I would select a grey one here if I would like to go
够简约 对吧?
as minimalistic as this, okay? Or
或者如果你想看所有颜色 点击选择其他填充颜色
if you want 1 tone for the entire presentation, you could select the tone
now, but I think I will stick to the grey one.
Okay, a simple grey like this and this is perfect.
I think my slide would be somehow ready.
我可以以这张为例 复制 粘贴
I can for example copy this slide like Ctrl +C, Ctrl +V
再做一些另外的修改 假如…假如我们做一些
and explore a little bit. What if… what if we did something
像这样的 这完全取决于你 你可以做一些
like this, and this would be completely up to you, you could do some
下划线 用这些…然后设计出这样的 比如说
underlines, you could use… you could do some designs like this. For example,
选中My images框往左移
my images more on the
left side, more together in the center of the slide.
Okay, then you can copy \this slide again over and
选中灰色条子 把它放在左边
you could select this element, you could place it on the left side
or sent to back or
或者像这样 修饰这个图标
maybe like this for the icon.
这样看上去好像一个商标 但是它同时可以作为样板
This looks like a logo but it also sets the right tone and
I can explore my possibilities to create a template. I could have
像这张 这张 这张 还有无限的可能
a slide like this, like this, like this and the possibilities are endless.
你可以充分利用你现有的所有模块 利用这个文本框
You can use all elements you have, you can use the text and
让我们点击列表 主页
let’s say I will select format, Home and
给字体抓取颜色 旋转文本框
would just eyedropper the text, I would rotate the text,
I would make the text bigger
to make it to the side.
好像太大了 抱歉
Maybe I made it too big, sorry!
And I will place it here. I would
删除这个背景 现在这个颜色太深了
delete this background and it’s too strong now,
所以我要调整下灰色 选择灰色 哎呀嗨点错了
so I would need to adjust the grey. I would adjust the grey color, oh sorry!
不是背景填充 点击文本填充 挑一个亮点的灰色
Not shape fill. Text fill and select a brighter color.
Okay, so my composition gets a bit smaller,
所以选中这两个 把它们往右边移一点
so I would need to select both icons and place them a bit to the right side.
好了 差不多了
Okay, and this is how I approach, well
做好了模板 做了不同的幻灯片 看左边栏
making templates and making different slides and look on the left side.
个人认为这些都是很棒的设计 我们可以用
I think these are pretty good designs and we use like what, like a few
几分钟时间做一个 我们有4种不同的幻灯片 不同的风格可以使用
minutes for it and we have 4 different slides, different styles we could
follow and we could those elements over and over again.
如果你已经做好了这样一个幻灯片 按Ctrl+V 你就有了一张子幻灯片
Then if you have such a slide, you Ctrl +V and now you have a normal slide.
作为子幻灯片 这个可以作为顶端图标
Let’s say a normal slide and this would be just your topic icon,
这个作为分隔 这个作为标题
this could be the divider and this could be the title.
标题我喜欢换一种字体 把它拉小一些
I would have the title in a different font, I would make this smaller.
将! 在这块添加正文内容
Boom! And here what content of the slide.
你也可以跳过这步 做一张很空的幻灯片 再来看左边栏
You could also skip this and make very empty slides. Now look on the left side,
它们的风格看上去很一致 很均衡
it really looks all consistent, it looks equal.
希望大家多做一些像这种类型的设计 你可以尝试
do hope that you like to explore design like that, you like to experiment
一些这样的教程 不仅是设计的教程
a little bit and tutorials like that, not only design tutorials but
还有些类似于头脑风暴类动脑的教程如果大家喜欢这样的教程 可以给我留言
like brainstorming tutorials. If you like them, please let me know.
Thank you very much for your attention in this one.
我是安德鲁 帕赫 以上就是一个关于头脑风暴的PPT制作教程
My name is Andrew Pach, and this was a braintstorming tutorial in PowerPoint.