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How to Become a Millionaire in 3 Years | Daniel Ally | TEDxBergenCommunityCollege

今天 我想和大家讨论一个
Today I want to talk with you about a subject
that many people have been talking about for a very long time.
And that subject is called “success.”
对不同的人来说 成功意味着不同的事情
Success means different things to different people,
but what is success might mean to me is different than what it may mean to you.
And what it may mean to you,
is different than what it means to a kindergartner
who is just trying to get a star on his homework assignment.
Or perhaps to a housewife,
who has been trying to get her five kids in bed by 9pm.
Or maybe even a corporate executive
who’s been working for his or her corporation for 20-plus years,
and only wants to become the CEO of their organization.
As you could tell,
关于成功这个词 我们有许多不同的定义
we have so many different definitions of this word success,
but the greatest definition I can give you today is this,
“Success is all about self-expression.”
成功就是 成为你想成为的那种人
It’s about being who you want to be,
doing what you want to do,
going where you want to go.
Because when it comes to your life,
你说了算 而且你有选择权
you are the boss, and you have a choice.
事实上 正是由于你今生作出的所有选择
In fact, you are who you are today
because of all the choices that you’ve made in your entire life.
但随着我们的成长 会有许多人
But as we are growing up we have a lot of people
尝试告诉我们 应该如何做选择
who try to tell us how to make these choices;
我们的父母 我们的老师 我们的老板 我们的朋友 甚至我们的邻居
our parents, our teachers, our bosses, our friends, even our neighbors.
他们试着告诉我们 要怎样生活
They try to tell us how to live our lives,
应该做什么 应该去哪里
what we should do, where we should go,
应该怎样走路 怎样说话
how we should walk, how we should talk.
But my question for you is this,
“If you’re trying to be what other people want you to be,
then who will be you?”
So the key to success is to stop conforming to other people expectations,
and start performing to your own level of expectations.
It’s to believe in yourself.
要明白 只要你相信这点 你想要的
It’s to know that what you want will eventually come to fruition,
as long as you believe it.
你瞧 你必须要有信仰
You see, you have to have faith,
信仰就是 只要相信 你想要的东西
and faith is knowing that what you want will eventually come to fruition
as long as you believe it.
And if you feed your faith,
就会时常发现 你的恐惧消失了
you will find often times that your fears will starve to death,
因为 如果你相信自己
because if you believe in yourself,
everyone else in the world will believe in you.
很幸运 长期以来 我都不太相信自己
Fortunately, for a long time, I didn’t quite believe in myself.
事实上 过去我曾是这样一种人:
Actually, I used to be the kind of person
即 母亲们经常提醒自己女儿要小心
that mothers would often warn their daughters about,
and fathers would tell their sons,
“If you keep doing what Daniel Ally is doing,
you are going to end up where Daniel Ally is going.”
They had some credence to what they were saying,
because as you can imagine,
your reputation really is your best advertisement.
I really didn’t have a good reputation,
because I was living so far below my potential,
事实上 我那时一直住在母亲家的地下室里
I was actually living in my mother’s basement.
到21岁前 我干过超过40种不同的工作
By the age of 21, I’d worked over 40 different jobs.
相较于很多人 我被炒的次数更多
I got fired from more jobs than more people had.
在高中 我以倒数第二的成绩毕业
In high school, I graduated second to last,
倒数第一 进了监狱
the last guy; well, he was in jail.
我吸毒八年 感到很迷茫
I was on drugs for eight years, and I was confused.
我没钱 破产了 遭人嫌弃
I was broke, busted, and disgusted,
and I knew that I wanted to change;
唯一的问题是 我不知道怎么去做
the only problem was I didn’t know how.
如果你们曾处于这样的情景 想要改变
Can I see a show of hands if you’ve ever been in a situation
却不知道怎么做的 可以举个手让我看看吗
where you wanted to change, but you just didn’t know what to do?
好的 我们都曾经历过(那种情况)
Well, we all have been there,
maybe we are there right now.
我发现 只有三种方式可以改变我们的生活
I discovered there are only three ways that I can make a change in my life.
Three ideas I wanted to share with you today
that can absolutely revolutionize your life from today.
我知道这些步骤有用 因为我已经亲自实行过
I know these steps work because I’ve been able to do them myself.
到了24岁 我成了一个白手起家的百万富翁
By the age of 24, I became a self-made millionaire.
我已经写了三本书 去过很多国家旅行
I have been able to write three books and travel to dozens of countries.
现在 我在工作中已经接触了数百万人
I now reach millions of people with my work.
I believe that these three key principles can change your life,
no matter how do you define success
whether you want to live to age 100 or even have a dozen kids,
抑或只想有一座山顶上的 没人知晓的房子
or just have a house on the mountaintop somewhere no one knows about.
These three key principles will help you to realize the success in your life.
The first one is to read more books.
All the books in the world can help us to solve all the problems in the world.
But the truth is that we don’t have to read all the books in the world,
because we don’t have all the problems in the world,
but we do have to read the books that help us to solve our problems.
因此 比如 你想了解金钱
So, for instance, if you wanted to learn about money,
you better be reading books that talk about money.
Or if you wanted to learn how to manage your relationships,
或者要成为一个出色的交流者 也有很多相关书籍
or to become a better communicator, there are a lot of books on that.
What I am saying basically,
图书馆能为你铺设这条金光大道 而且 图书卡还是免费的
is there are libraries that are paved with gold, and library cards are free.
Books are the tools that release the heavens of your mind.
And leaders are readers.
如果你想成功 就必须阅读
If you want to succeed, you have to read.
这个世界上的大部分人 每年会读的一本书
Most people in the world read about one book every single year,
that book, I would suppose, would be Facebook.
And before people even get up and do their things,
或者在他们喝咖啡或读报之前 也会浏览脸书
before they drink their coffee or read their paper, they read Facebook.
但真相是 假如你学各种各样的事物
But the truth is that if you study miscellaneous things,
you get miscellaneous results;
你学了什么 你就会成为什么样
you become what you study.
你学了什么呢 又被带去何方呢
What do you study, and where is it taking you?
很多人来到我这儿 他们说
A lot of people come up to me, and they say,
“丹尼尔 我真的没有时间去阅读 我有孩子 我要工作 我是一个学生
“Daniel, I don’t really have time to read. I have kids, I have work, I am student.
我已经有了太多的教科书 我要做的事情太多了 我太忙了”
I already have so many textbooks, I am doing so many things, I am too busy.”
But if you don’t have 10 minutes a day,
you’re basically saying you don’t have a life.
We all have time to read,
we all have time to pick up a good book
为自己而读 那样我们才能有所收获
and read for ourselves so that we can learn.
看 如果你一天阅读十分钟 坚持三十天
Look! If you read 10 minutes a day, for 30 straight days,
that is one book a month.
一个月一本 一年就是十二本
One book a month, in 12 months, is 12 books a year.
大多数人在5年内做的事情 你可以一年内做完
You can do in one year what most people do in five years.
Talk about not having time.
We all have time to read.
记住 读者就是领导者
Remember, readers are leaders,
而且 你能成功的唯一方式就是读书
and the only way you can succeed is if you read.
My second suggestion
is about getting around the best individuals you can.
You see we’re the sum total of five people
即 我们是最常在一起的几个人
in which we surround ourselves with the most.
我们拿一样的薪酬 去同样的地方
We earn the same income, we go to the same places,
做同样的事情 有同样的想法
we do the same things, we think the same thoughts.
And if you were to look at your five closest friends,
you’ve got to ask yourself this one question,
“谁是我的领导 他们将带我去哪里”
“Who are my leaders, and where are they taking me?”
In other words,
“我的领导会把我带到 我最想去的地方吗?”
“Are my leaders taking me to the place I’d most likely want to be?”
如果答案是否定的 那么你需要换个领导
If the answer is no, then you need new leaders.
你需要的是能够鼓舞你 帮助你
You need people who are inspiring, people that can help you,
使你实现 超越自身潜能和想法的目标 的一类人
lift you up to the goals that transcend your own possibility and your thinking.
You have to realize your goals,
and you can only do that by getting around the right people.
我们很多人都有 我喜欢称为“默认朋友”的朋友
Many of us have what I like to call “defult friends”.
Default friends are basically people that we see around the neighborhood,
杂货店 体育馆 购物中心 教堂 工作中 是我们去的每一个地方所见到的人
people at the grocery store, the gym, the mall, at church, at work, everywhere we go.
These are people that we naturally be friend
as we start to gain their trust and acceptance.
接下来发生的是 假如你是个拥有雄心壮志的人
And what tends to happen is, if you are a highly ambitious person,
and you have really high goals,
a lot of these people can help you reach your goals.
所以你一定要向外看 寻找这样的人
So you have to look outside, you have to search for people.
I’ll give you an example,
我有一个朋友 他叫乔治 他事实上是一个装管工
I had a friend, his name was John, and he was actually a plumber,
and his father and him had a pretty successful business,
at least it seemed like it.
So I asked John,
“I want to start a business, what exactly do you think I should do?”
John pulled me to the corner and said,
“戴维 我认为你不会想开公司
“Daniel, I don’t think you want to start a business,
在开始的三年内 98%的公司都会倒闭”
98% of businesses fail within the first three years.”
然后他继续告诉我 我不能做生意的所有原因
Then he proceeded to tell me about all the reasons why I couldn’t do it,
and why it won’t work.
He told me how was so hard working over 100 hours a week,
how hard it was to manage payroll,
and why the recession was holding him back from getting more clients.
当他告诉我这些时 我有些泄气 有些沮丧
As he told me this, I became a little discouraged, a little dejected,
and I went home, and I thought about it.
当我开始记日记的时候 我经常思考
When I get to my journal, I usually reflect,
并写进我的日记 “98%的数据都是编造的”
and I wrote down in my journal, “The 98% of statistics are made up.”
Including that one.
你必须意识到 任何人对你的看法都不会成为你的现实
You have to realize that no one’s opinion of you can become your reality.
为了改变现状 你必须改变自己的心态
And in order to change your reality, you’ve to change your mentality
and the people you surround yourself with.
You have to get yourself around people who can help you,
那些比你聪明的人 那些比你走的更远的人周围
people that are smarter than you, people who have gone further than you;
知道自己要做什么的人 才会到达更高的层次
people who know what you need to do to get to that next level.
事实上 你正在寻找的人
The truth is that the people that you are looking for
也在找你 但是你必须找到他们
are also looking for you, but you have to find them.
有时 围绕我们身边的是陌生人和家人
Sometimes, we surround ourselves with strangers and family members
他们告诉我们 什么是我们做不到的 他们限制了我们
who tell us what we can’t do, they limit us.
A lot of people have the right intentions,
但是很多时候 他们给出了错误的指导
but often times, they provide the wrong directions.
换句话说 他们想要帮助我 但是他们不知道怎样去做
In other words, they want to help us, but they just don’t know how.
所以 到那些了解怎样做的人当中去
So get around people who can.
许多人问我 “丹尼 怎样去找到这些人?”
A lot of people ask me, “Daniel, how do you find these people?”
很容易 假如你遵循第一步 多看书
It is easy. If you flow step one, which is to read more books,
you’ll find that in the back of the book there is the “About the Author” section.
What I used to do is I used to reach out to the authors.
Thankfully, we live in a new millennium
我们能够跟进他们的社交媒体 他们的网站
which allows us to get on their social media, their websites,
因此 我们能够与他们进行交流
and so we can have a conversation with them.
We can change by actually understanding what it is that they teach.
如果我们问了足够的问题 就可以在自己的生活中取得很大的进步
And if we ask enough questions, we can make great progress in our life.
记住 你正在找的人也在找你
Remember that people you’re looking for are also looking for you,
so get yourself around those people.
我最后的建议就是 设定更高的目标
My last and final suggestion is to set higher goals,
because goals make you stretch,
they help you to become more of who you are.
And in this enormity of conformity,
so many people don’t know how to set goals,
they get confused about the process.
A lot of people use New Year’s resolutions,
but the problem with New Year’s resolutions
是人们经常厌烦了做太多 做太快
is that the person often tries to do too much, too fast.
先让我说说Doug 他想戒烟
Let’s say Doug wants to stop smoking.
12月31日的时候 他说 “我成功了”
On December 31st, he says, “I’m done.”
1月1日 “我已经戒清了 再也不会抽了”
January 1st, “I’m clean, never again.”
He hasn’t created a plan of action to achieve his goals,
因此 这个是不合理的
and therefore, it isn’t reasonable.
Bucket list is something else that people do,
常常 当某个人建立了一个愿望清单
and usually, when someone creates a bucket list,
they’re giving themselves too much time.
没有急迫感 而且大多时候 他们并没有写下他们的目标
There is no urgency, and most of the time, they don’t write their goals down.
所以 “你有什么意见吗?”
So, “What do you suggest?”
好 我很高兴你能这么问
Well, I am glad you asked.
我给你们的意见就是 写下你们的目标
What I do suggest for you is to write your goals down.
I believe that a dull pencil is better than a sharp mind,
然后告诉你的潜意识 你必须写下你的目标
and to impress your subconscious mind, you have to write your goals down,
从而使你坚定的实施 直到成为想成为的人
so that you can hold this steadfastly to who you are.
I have this method that I teach all around the world,
that’s called, “The 20 Idea Method”.
基本上 你要做的
Basically, what you do,
is you select one overarching goal that you would like to accomplish,
analyze 20 ideas correspond with that particular goal.
例如 我们说 你想要成为更好的公众演讲者
Let’s say, for instance, you wanted to be a better public speaker.
What are some things you can do?
是的 你可以看TED演讲 就像现在一样
Well, you could watch TED talks, like you are now,
你可以练习演讲 对着镜子挑战自己
you could practice your speech, look in the mirror to challenge yourself,
you could read the dictionary every day.
你可以做很多的事情 但是 我能提出20个想法吗
There are so many things you can do, but could I come up with 20 ideas?
答案是“是的 如果想的话 我能提出100个”
The answer is, “Yes, I can come up with a 100 if wanted to.”
想象一下 如果你在生活的每个领域都这么做了
Imagine if you did this in every area in your life:
经济上 为了升职 为了家庭
financially, for promotions, for your family,
and you wrote your goals on every day.
在生活中 你就可以完成很多的事情
You would be able to accomplish so many things in your life.
为了成功 我们万事俱备
We have everything we need in order to succeed,
but we have to take the things we have to get more of the things that we want;
从我们开的汽车 到我们穿的衣服
from the cars that we drive, to the clothes that we wear,
我们吃的食物 以及我们见的人
to the food that we eat, and the people that we meet.
在这个多样化的贮藏所 为了成功 我们拥有了所需的一切条件
In this depository of diversity, we have everything we need in order to succeed,
But we have to believe.
When you believe in yourself,
you will find that everyone in the world will believe in you.
而且 你也要有雄心壮志
And you also have to think big.
当你有雄心时 才会敢拼 最后也才会赢得更多
When you think big, you will do big, and you will win big.
Well, B-I-G is actually is the 3 ideas that I want to share with you today:
B — the books that you read,
I — the individuals that you meet,
and G — the goals that you set for yourself.
Books, individuals, and goals: that’s all you need to accomplish success,
因为有雄心壮志 才会敢打敢拼
because when you think big, you will do big,
然后赢得大成就 我的朋友们
and you will win big, my friends.
Thank you.