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如何说腹语:第一课 – 译学馆
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How To Be a Ventriloquist! Lesson 1 | JEFF DUNHAM

你们好 同学们 我是Jeff Dunham
Hello students, I’m Jeff Dunham.
And I am Achmed.
And today I’m here to teach you how to be a ventriloquist.
– 真的吗?- 是的 Achmed
– Really?- That’s right, Achmed.
I’m gonna teach you and Peanut and Walter
都教给你 Peanut和Walter
all the secrets to this ancient fun art.
好呀 听起来不错
Okey, that sounds good.
– 但是我要问你个问题- 问
– But I have a question for you.- Yes.
Can anyone be a ventriloquist?
– 任何人- 任何人?
– 没错
– Anyone.- Anyone ?
– That’s right.
你只需要练习 仅此而已
You just have to practice, that’s all it takes.
那我们开始吧 你准备好上第一课了吗?
So let’s start. You ready for lesson NO.1?
第一课 简单的字母
准备好了 第一课是什么?
Yes, what’s lesson NO.1?
首先 Achmed
Well, first of all, Achmed,
you need to learn how to hold your mouth.
– 什么?- 腹语师的嘴型
– What? – The ventriloquist mouth position.
– 那是什么意思?
What does that mean?
好 让我们开始吧
Well, let’s start.
– 轻轻地把牙齿并在一起- 好的
– Put your teeth lightly together.- Okay.
– 现在把嘴唇微微地张开一点儿
Now part your lips slightly.
噢 对了 你没有嘴唇
Oh yeah, you don’t have any lips.
我是没有 这一点儿都不好笑
No, that wasn’t even funny.
那如果你有嘴唇 请把它们微微张开一点儿
Well, if you had some lips, you would slightly part them.
– 怎么张?- 就像在微笑
– How?- Like in a smile.
好的 我会回忆一下我那些能微笑的日子
Okay, I’ll think of that those days that I used to be able to do that.
– 牙齿轻轻合上- 好
– Teeth lightly together.- Yes.
– 嘴唇微微张开- 好
– Lips slightly parted.- Okay.
And the tongue loosen in your mouth.
– 这就行了?- 是的
– 好
– That’s it?- That’s it.
– Okay.
好 现在我们开始学习对腹语师来说简单的字母
Okay, now we’re gonna work on the ventriloquist easy alphabet.
– 简单的字母- 是的
– The easy alphabet?- That’s right.
These are sounds that you could pronounce without using your lips.
– 是哪些呢?- 它们在屏幕上
– 我看不到
– What are they?- They are on the screen.
– I can’t see them.
– 你可以在DVD附赠的小册子上看到- 好的
– Well, you can see them in the booklet that came with your DVD.- Okay.
同学们 请看屏幕或者拿出你们的小册子
So students look at the screen or pull out your booklet,
put your mouth in the ventriloquist mouth position,
然后试着嘴唇不要动 念出这些字母
and trying to pronounce all these letters without moving your lips.
– 好- 精力集中
– 是
– Okay.- So, concentrate.
– Yes.
– 牙齿轻轻地合上- 好
– Teeth lightly together.- Yes.
– 嘴唇微微张开- 如果你有嘴唇的话
– 没错
– Lips slightly parted.- If you have lips.
– That’s right.
– 舌头在嘴里放松- 是
– Tongue loosen in the mouth.- Yeah.
– 集中注意力 嘴唇不要动- 好的
– Concentrate and not moving your lips.- Okay.
– 把那些字母都念出来- 好 开始了
– And pronounce all those letters. – Okay, here we go.
大家和Achmed一起念 哈哈 开始喽
Everyone do it with Achmed.Haha, here we go.
– A C……- 等一下
– 怎么了?
– A, C…- Wait a minute.
– What?
– 你牙齿动了- 噢
– You moved your teeth.- Oh.
– 注意力集中- 是
– 脑子里面想嘴型要领
– 是
– Concentrate.- Okay.
– Think about it.
– Okay.
同学们 嘴唇不要动Achmed 牙齿不要动
Don’t move your lips students and Achmed don’t move your teeth.
– 好- 再试一次
– 好的
– Okay.- Try it again.
– Okay.
– 牙齿轻轻地闭合- 是
– Teeth lightly together.- Yes.
– 嘴唇微微张开- 是
– Lips slightly parted.- Yes.
– 舌头在嘴里放松- 好的
– Tongue loosen in the mouth.- Okay.
Here we go.
– 不错哟- 真的吗?
– Not bad.- Really?
Achmed 对于第一次来说 真的很不错
For the first time, Achmed, that was really good.
– 谢谢 那我们现在开始下一课吗?- 不行
– Like, thanks. Now to the next lesson?- No.
– 不行?- 不行
– No?- No.
– 我们得练习- 什么?
– You have to practice.- What?
– 这是腹语术所必需的- 真的吗?
– 当然
– That’s what ventriloquism takes.- Really?
– Um-hm.
练多久 一两分钟?
– How much, like a minute or two?
– 不 我们练三十分钟吧- 啊 三十分钟?
– No, let’s try 30 minutes.- OH, 30 minutes?
– 你想做好这件事吗?- 想
– You want to be good at this? – Yeah.
– 那你就得练习- 好吧
– All right, you got to practice.- Okay.
– 去镜子前面吧- 什么?
– So, go in front of the mirror.- What?
– 坐在卫生间或者其它地方的镜子前面- 做什么?
– Sit in your bathroom or somewhere in front of a mirror.- Yeah?
一遍一遍地重复我们刚才做的 差不多做三十分钟
And do what we just did over and over and over again for about 30 mins.
– 好的- 我向你保证 半个小时后
– Okey.- And I guarantee you, at the end of that half hour,
你能在嘴唇不动的情况下 把这些字母念得非常清楚
you’ll be able to pronounce all those letters clearly and without moving your lips.
– 我觉得我做得到- 很好
– I think I can do this.- All right.
同学们 去镜子前吧
Go to this… go to the mirror students,
and we’ll see you in half an hour.
好 A C D E G……
Okey. A C D E G…



Jeff Dunham和他的朋友们教你如何成为一个腹语大师