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环游世界到底要花多少钱? – 译学馆
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How Much Does it Really Cost to Travel the World? | Budget RTW Trip Guide

So, how much does it actually cost to travel around the world? Great question.
In this video we’re going to answer it
and show you how traveling the world for a year can actually turn out cheaper than staying at home.
我是亚历克斯 我是马尔科 您现在观看的是YouTube哇嘎兄弟系列
I’m Alex. I’m Marko, and you are watching Vagabrothers,
关于旅行技巧 灵感的视频博客
your go-to guide for travel tips, inspiration, and vlogs here on YouTube.
This video is part of our series on how to travel around the world for cheap,
and this video addresses one of the most common questions we get about travel:
how much does it cost?
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If you’re new here, make sure you hit that subscribe button,
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准备做笔记 记一些数字
and get ready to take some notes and crunch some numbers.
This is how much it actually costs to travel around the world.
简单得说 这很大程度上取决于你自己
The short answer is: it depends a lot on you,
and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer.
但是 我们还是会给大家提供一些工具
Instead, we’re going to give you a couple of tools you can use to
estimate the cost of your trip, no matter what size.
Let’s tackle this one step at a time.
首先 你需要确定旅游消费奢华程度
First, you’re going to have to determine your level of luxury
and choose your destinations accordingly.
接下来 明确主要开支并计算每天的消费额
Next, understand your major expenses and calculate your costs per day.
最后 累计各项开支 估算旅游总消费数额
And finally, add all this up to estimate your total cost for your trip.
作为福利 我们会计算环球一整年的旅游费用
And as a bonus, we’re going to crunch numbers on a full year around the world,
what’s known as a Gap Year.
准备好了 我们就开始吧
So if you ready, let’s get started.
First and foremost,
you’re going to have to look at yourself long and hard in the mirror
问自己一个问题 你是哪种类型的旅客?
and ask yourself one question: What type of traveler are you?
Are you a high-class jet setter that demands only the best
or are you a bare-bones backpacker
who will happily dumpster dive for dinner in order to travel forever?
Truth is most of us are somewhat in the middle.
我们想畅饮香槟 但只有喝啤酒的钱
We got champagne taste, but only beer income.
无论你选择哪种答案 都不要担心
Wherever you are on the scale, don’t worry.
There’s no right or wrong answer.
但是请残酷而又坦率地问自己 你能忍受多少
But, be brutally honest with yourself about how much you can rough it.
简讯: 到世界上的某些地方旅行总是要比去其他地方贵一点
News flash: some places in the world are more expensive to visit than others.
Figuring out the cost of your destination is crucial to budgeting.
Traveling in the developing world
比如印度 东南亚国家以及中美州国家
like India, Southeast Asia, and Central America
大概要比去欧洲 北美洲 澳洲等地便宜2到3倍
is around 2 to 3 times cheaper than traveling in Europe, North America, or Australia.
We just published a video on the 31 cheapest destinations in the world.
So if you’ve not seen that video yet,
一定要点击此处观看 寻找灵感
make sure you click up here to watch it for some inspiration.
通常来说 在发展中国家每天消费预算在25到50美元左右
Generally speaking you’re going to have to budget around 25 to 50 dollars per day in the developing world
在欧洲 北美洲国家每天消费大概为50到150美元
and around 50 to 150 dollars a day in Europe or North America.
但是 事情并非这么简单 去印度旅游也许会便宜一点
But, it’s not that simple. India might be cheap,
but how much it cost to fly there?
好消息是 你可以利用互联网
The good news is that the internet allows you
to get exact estimates on your major cost of travel.
我们从就此开始吧 到目前为止 机票是你最大的开销
Let’s start with those. Plane tickets are by far your largest cost.
但是 幸运的是你可以用Momondo Skyscanner
But luckily search engines like Momondo, Skyscanner,
Google Flights等搜索引擎找到全网最低票价
and Google Flights search the internet to find you the cheapest fare.
擦亮眼睛 注意各种隐藏消费项目
Just keep an eye out for hidden costs
比如背包费 机餐费等 因为天下没有免费的午餐
like check bags and onboard meals because nothing is free these days.
如果你还没有看过这个视频 请点击此处
And if you haven’t already watched it, click our video here
to see how to get the cheapest flights possible.
除了机票 接下来最大的开支就是住宿
After flights your next biggest expense is going to be accommodation.
Do you need a hotel every night? That can get expensive fast.
Can you share a dorm room with seven strangers? Cheaper,
但你也许会被鼾声 呕吐声
but you might wake up with someone snoring, puking,
啪啪声等吵醒 也许你一次会全部经历这些
or fornicating,,, maybe all at once.
做个沙发客怎么样?完全免费 但有点凑合
How about couch surfing? Totally free, but potentially sketchy.
混合匹配以上种种选择 做出最大预算 保持头脑清醒
Mix and match these options to maximize your budget and maintain your sanity.
在出发前浏览 Hostel
Use websites like, Hostel
World Airbnb等网页查看价格
World and Airbnb to check out prices before you go.
Next up: activities….
something most people severely under budget for.
一路飞到澳洲 飞到大堡礁要花多少钱?
How much would it suck to fly all the way to Australia, to the Great Barrier Reef
如果这样做 你就会发现没有足够的钱去潜水了
only to realize you don’t have enough money to go scuba diving.
做预算时 要保守一点
Be conservative when budgeting.
在搜博物馆 演出 各种活动时
When you’re researching museums, tours, and activities,
take a good look at the price.
确定你将要进行重要活动的清单 这一点是非常重要的
It’s also important to identify major bucket list activities that you know you’re going to do,
比如 去新西兰跳极
like bungee jumping in New Zealand
or a yoga course in Costa Rica.
Search online to find the exact price before you go.
把费用相加 并留点额外的预算
Add it all up, toss in a little bit extra for
the unexpectedly awesome things you might find.
如果预算没有花光 这样你回家时还有些现金
And if you don’t spend it all, you still have a little bit of cash when you get home.
各位小主 买吃的和其他东西的钱呢?
But boss, what about money for food and stuff?
I get “hangry.”
Everyone needs to eat, but where you
eat makes a big difference.
Do you need to eat every meal in the restaurant
or can you cook at the hostel?
And can you brave $1 street meat?
每一顿饭钱都要加起来 更不要说酒水消费了
Each meal adds up, not to mention alcohol.
好吧 哥们 我明白了 机票很贵
Okay, Bros. I get it. Fights are expensive.
What about ground transportation?
如果你经常跨境旅游 这可是一笔不小的费用
This can be a major cost if you’re traveling a lot overland,
比如 坐火车穿越欧洲 或是乘汽车跨州旅游
like taking trains through Europe or doing a road trip across the States.
You can search online to find the exact prices of Eurail passes (in info box) or rental cars.
最后 不要忘记潜藏的种种消费
Lastly, don’t forget the hidden costs.
Do you have a backpack or a suitcase?
Mmm. That’s a 100-300 bucks.
Is your passport valid for at least six months?
嗯 如果你急需护照的话 这至少又需要100美元
Mmm. That’s at least a hundred, extra if you need it rushed.
Do you need a visa?
接种疫苗呢?旅游保险呢 ?众多繁杂的事情
Vaccinations? Travel insurance? All extra.
正如之前说的那样 我们要回答
Now as promised, we’re going to finish this video by
answering a very frequent question:
how much does it cost to travel around the world for a full year?
Let’s start with a major travel hack known as an around the world ticket,
which literally lets you travel all the way around the world for up to a year on multiple flights
for around two to three thousand dollars.
But there are some rules.
首先 一定是朝着一个方向环球旅行
First: the whole trip must be made in one direction.
One direction?
不是 要么向东要么向西 总之不能呈之字形
No, east or west…no zigzagging, either.
第二 必须在一年之内完成环球旅游 多一天都不行
Second: you have to complete the entire journey within a year, not a day longer.
最后 始发机场和最终返回机场要一致
And last: you have to begin and end the trip from the same airport.
所以这是一张往返机票?环游世界 老弟
So it’s a round-trip ticket? All the way around the world, baby.
Find out more at the website,
该网站有一个非常有用的旅行计划工具 你混搭匹配目的地
which has a really useful trip planning tool that lets you mix and match destinations
so you can get different estimates depending where you want to go.
There’s a link in the info box.
一旦买了机票 显然
So once you’ve got your ticket, you obviously
can’t estimate for every expense in every place you go for an entire year.
You need to start thinking in terms of your daily cost of travel in your target destinations.
基本来说 这个数额就是你每一处的消费
This number is basically everything you spend money on, apart from your major expenses
诸如机票 心愿单 食物 住宿 各种活动等主要消费除外
like airplane tickets and bucket list items: food, accommodations, activities.
这是非常重要的 因为国家间的小差异会导致时间超出一年
It’s super important because small differences between countries can add up over a year.
它能帮助你设计路线 最大可能地节省花销
And it helps you decide where to go to maximize your savings.
Websites like Budget Your are great
如Budget Your Trip.com网 它可比较去不同旅游地的花费
for comparing the cost of travel in different places.
但要记得 要经常利用不同的资源交叉校对预算
But remember, always cross-check your estimates with different sources.
Guidebooks are great;
so is Lonely Planet’s Travel Forum called the Thorn Tree Forum.
But the best is of course word of mouth,
speaking to people who’ve recently been there.
Also reading the comments section.
All of you awesome Vagabonds out there are doing a great job
in sharing your tips and your travel information in the comment section.
所以如果你有旅游经验一定要留言 给旅游伙伴提供帮助
So if you have any of your own, be sure to drop a comment and help our fellow travelers out.
最后 用一整年时间去旅游 你可灵活地调慢旅游节奏
Lastly, traveling for a full year gives you the flexibility to travel slowly,
which is cheaper.
在旅游淡季时 你可在旅游地多待一些时间
You can spend more time in places during the shoulder season,
travel on the cheapest day of the month,
最重要的是 途中可做些季节性工作
and most importantly work seasonal jobs along the way.
This is what we call the Kiwi method
because Kiwis and Aussies seem to work all the way around the world
making the dream go on for years at a time.
We’re going to make a dedicated video to what’s known as a working travel visa.
但重点是 途中工作
But the point is that working along the way
means you have to save less before you go.
好 现在我们来算一下总花销
Okay, now let’s crunch some numbers.
We’ll assume one full year of traveling to every continent on earth,
除了南极洲 始发站和最终站在洛杉矶国际机场
except Antarctica, starting and ending in LAX.
所以 你认为这将要花多少钱?
so how much do you think it’s going to cost?
暂停视频 写个数字 最后比较一下
Pause this video, write down a number, and compare it at the end.
A shoestring budget means that you’re in spend most your time
东南亚 拉美 印度等国家度过
in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and India,
在欧洲及欧洲南部东部 旅游时间会受到限制
restricting your time in Europe to the south and eastern parts,
在澳洲停留 沿途做份季节性工作
and stopping in Australia to work for a season along the way.
Your biggest single expense is going to be the around the world ticket,
which for this route,
大概需要3500美元 约6站
comes out to around 3,500 Bucks for around half a dozen stops.
住宿方面 你在东南亚 印度等国家会住宿舍
For accommodations you’ll be staying in dorm rooms in Southeast Asia and India
and couch surfing for free in Europe.
You’ll be eating street food in Southeast Asia
在欧洲时 要在超市里购物
and shopping at supermarkets in Europe,
avoiding restaurants whenever possible.
You’re not partying too much.
大部分酒水要在超市买 无论何时都尽量不去酒吧和俱乐部
You’re buying most your booze in supermarkets and avoiding bars and clubs whenever possible.
You take the cheapest transportation to get around
and chances are you’re probably going to be walking a lot.
You avoid almost all activities that cost money..
可以在泰国享受一下5美元的按摩 其他的就不要太疯狂了
$5 massages in Thailand is a treat, but nothing too crazy.
这样 一整年 环球旅游的最低消费
That means that the bare minimum for a year traveling
all the way around the world is 10,000 US dollars,
但事实是 可能会花费1万5千美元
but more realistically It’s probably going to be around 15 grand.
如果你想舒适一点 住好点的住宿 吃好的食物 在好的餐馆就餐等等
If you want a bit more comfort, some better accommodation, more meals and restaurants etc,
预算会增加20%到30%左右 也就是1万8千到2万美元
bump that estimate up 20 or 30 percent, which is about 18 to 20 thousand dollars.
相比而言 洛杉矶一年平均生活成本约为2万3千美元
For comparison the average cost of living in Los Angeles is around $23,000 a year,
so traveling the world for a year
can actually be much less expensive than staying at home.
但要记得 你旅游时是不会赚钱的
But you should remember that you’re not going to be earning money while you’re traveling
unless you’re some sort of digital nomad.
So you’re going to have to save this money up,
and that is the major challenge for traveling around the world for a year.
但如果你想慢节奏旅游 沿途做些兼职
But if you travel slowly and work along the way,
这样 总预算会降低不少
that can bring the price down by a lot.
We’re going to address that in a future video.
So what do you think? How does it compare to your guess? Higher?
Lower? Let us know in the comments section.
同时 如果你已经完成环球旅游了 请告诉我们
In the meantime let us know if you have done around the world trip.
给我们分享一下最新的信息 到目前为止你花了多少钱
Give us some of the most recent info on how much this is currently costing you.
Put all the details you can in the comment section.
We’re sure other travelers would really appreciate that.
很显然 对我们大部分人来说
Now obviously for most of us,
如果有债务贷款什么的 环球旅游一年是不现实的
taking a full year off, if you have debt or loans or whatever it’s not realistic.
So don’t be put off by the price tag tools.
Tools we’ve given you should allow you to calculate a budget for whatever trip of whatever size.
现在就开始吧 但如果你兴致勃勃地想要改变人生经历
Just start where you can for now. But if you’re in the mood for a life-changing experience,
希望这个视频能帮到你 鼓励你
hopefully this video has helped encourage you
to take that first step for your big trip around the world.
If you enjoyed this video, you know what to do:
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分享给朋友 订阅
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如果还未开启通知功能 请开启
and turn on notifications if you have not already.
Remember this video is just one part of a full series on how to travel around the world.
Check out those other videos.
于此同时 保持好奇心 不断探索 大家路上见
In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road.



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