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How Littlefinger Controls The Game of Thrones

Littlefinger is probably the single best player in the Game of Thrones.
He’s indirectly led to the downfall of at least three major houses
and has advanced his own station at every opportunity.
In this video, we’re going to explore what it is that he does that makes him win
以及如何不按常规出牌 却可能连胜
and how deviating from his strategy may lead to the end of his winning streak.
在开始分析前 请注意两点
Two caveats before we begin —
第一 本视频包含前六季的剧透和第七季剧情的猜测
first, spoilers through season six and some speculation into season seven.
第二 别做小指头做的事
And two, don’t do the things that Littlefinger does —
分析小指头如何操纵别人很有趣 可以让你在生活中学着避免被坑
it’s fun to analyze Littlefinger’s manipulations and learn how you can avoid them in your own life
但别做骗子或背后伤人 这不好
but don’t be a liar or a backstabber — it’s just not cool.
So, let’s begin.
《权力的游戏》顾名思义 关乎权力
Game of Thrones is all about power.
有些人 例如瑟曦 利用自己的位置命令别人
Some people like Cersei use their position to command others.
Seize him.
Cut his throat.

Ah, wait.
我改变主意了 放了他
I’ve changed my mind; let him go.
Power is power.
…then there’s people like The Mountain
who literally just dominate through physical brute force.
但最终 巧妙地运用权力的人才会在游戏中胜出
But in the long run, it’s those who wield power more subtly that excel in the game
and perhaps no one is more subtle than Petyr.
他是《权力的游戏》中的最佳玩家 能让别人做他所想
He is the ultimate player in the game because he gets other people to do exactly what he wants
without them even knowing that he has influenced them.
他是怎么做到的 首先 培提尓能够隐藏影响力
How does he do this? Well, first off, Petyr is able to hide his influence
because he doesn’t try to convince anyone of anything.
他可能会说几个有说服力的观点 但如果发现对方坚持己见
He may make a few persuasive points but he very quickly drops the discussion
when he senses that someone is digging in their heels.
Watch how quickly he allows Sansa to stay in King’s Landing
先说可协助珊莎逃跑 听到否定的答案后立即转变
after offering her help escaping and having her deny him.
I can say so much of her in you.
She was like a sister to me.
为了她 我会帮你回家
For her sake, I’ll help get you home.
King’s Landing is my home now.
看看周围 我们都是说谎者
Look around you; we’re all liars here.
Every one of us is better than you.
没有过多坚持 他只是在珊莎的心中种下了怀疑的种子
Instead of insisting, he just plants the seed of doubt in Sansa’s head
让她自行思考 后来 她真的寻求他的帮助
and then lets her ponder it until later on, she literally begs for his help.
You said you’d take me home.
You said King’s Landing was your home.
你属于皇家 如果任何一位大臣得知 带你离开就等于叛国
With the property of the crown, stealing you would be treason if you were to tell just one advisor.
I won’t tell anyone.
How do I know?
因为你说 我不会说谎
Because I’m a terrible liar; you said so yourself.
求你了 贝里席大人 告诉我该怎么做 通知我离开的时间
Please, Lord Baelish, tell me what to do — tell me when.
此外 一旦小指头劝说成功
In addition, once Littlefinger has made his case to persuade someone,
he will immediately make it clear that the decision is theirs.
在告知珊莎 准备将她嫁入波顿家 听听他是怎么说的
Listen to what he says to Sansa after informing her that he plans to wed her to the Bolton’s.
请注意:我知道在书中 小指头是绝对不会这么做的
Side note — I know that book Littlefinger probably never would have made this move
因为将珊莎拱手让出太可笑了 谁知道呢
because it’s kind of ridiculous to give Sansa up. Sansa sounds, who knows.
but this conversation is still indicative of Petyr’s general strategy
of not being pushy when trying to persuade someone.
不 不要逼我 我会饿死 到波顿家前我会自杀
No, you can’t make me. I will starve myself. I will die before I have to go there.
I won’t force you to do anything.
你现在还不清楚 我多关心你吗
Don’t you know by now how much I care for you?
只要你说不 我们立刻调转马头 但是听我说 听着
Say the word and we turn the horses around but listen to me. Listen.
You’ve been running all your life.
So why does Littlefinger do this?
Wouldn’t it just be faster to tell people what to do?
Now it might seem that way
但人们如果是出于压力而妥协 这个决定就不是他们做的
but when people agree to what you want out of pressure, they don’t own the decision.
如果不是自己的决定 可能短期内会坚持
And when they don’t own the decision, they might go along with it for a bit
but they’re unlikely to stick with it in the long run.
That’s because one of the fundamental drivers of all human action
is the need to feel in control.
When people feel like they’ve made a decision on their own,
they’re much more likely to stick with it.
这听起来有违直觉 虽然初衷是为对方好
So as counterintuitive as it may seem, when you try to talk someone into something and are non-stop persistent,
但如果你一直不停地劝说 就降低了他们同意的几率
you decrease the odds that they’ll do that thing even if it’s good for them
原因很简单 他们想要掌控
simply because they want to feel in control.
小指头深切明白这个道理 所以他做每件事时
Littlefinger gets this so everything that he does
is intended to make other people feel like their decisions are their own
而实际上 他才是幕后操手
when in reality, he’s pulling the strings behind the scenes.
顺便一提 如果你想看更多 比如提利昂 丹妮莉丝和史塔克权力运用的不同
By the way, if you want to see more on how people like Tyrion and Daenerys and the Starks differ in their use of power,
这是《权力的游戏》播放列表 有每个人物的分析
I set up a Game of Thrones playlist that analyzes each of them;
可在描述部分点击链接 或点击右上角的白色按钮观看
just click the link in the description or the white button in the upper right hand corner to watch.
回到培提尓的话题 关于运用权力的微妙性 在下一场景
But back to Petyr, with regards to his subtlety, in the next scene,
he’s dealing with Robin who is simple-minded
and he can get him to focus on the fact that Sansa isn’t safe
which lets him come to his own obvious conclusion.
……得到消息 珊莎从临冬城逃走
…runs to the north telling Sansa has escaped Winterfell.
我认为他会去黑城堡 珊莎的哥哥是总司令
I expect he’s headed to Castle Black where her brother serves as Lord Commander
但她在黑城堡不安全 波顿家还在追捕她
but she won’t be safe there — not with the Boltons after her.
She’s my cousin.
We should help her.
That was my instinct as well.
This is very similar to what Littlefinger does with Ned
when it comes to convincing him to pursue Jon Arryn’s path of inquiry.
如果小指头坚持让奈德留在君临 继续调查
If Littlefinger were to insist that Ned stay in King’s Landing and play detective,
Ned probably would have dug in his heels,
对小指头的动机起疑 然后拒绝他
become suspicious of Littlefinger’s motives, and then refused him.
但为了激发奈德的好奇心 小指头说只需一个小时去探寻 然后就开始走出房间
but instead, by piquing Ned’s curiosity, telling him it would only take an hour to explore and then stepping out of the room,
小指头让奈德自己做的决定 最终导致了奈德的死亡
Little Finger gets Ned to own this decision which ultimately leads to his death.
When do you return to Winterfell?
怎么 你为什么这么关心
Why? What do you care?
如果黄昏前你不走 我想带你去见琼恩·艾林生病前谈话的最后一人
If you’re still here come nightfall, I’ll take you to see the last person Jon Arryn spoke with before falling ill
if that sort of thing still interests you.
I don’t have the time.
不会超过一个小时 不过你说了算
It won’t take more than an hour but as you please.
Round the pool of men we have.
There is another benefit to influencing in this subtle way
正如小指头的说辞一样 人们不知道他的真正目的
which is that people don’t ever know what you want as Littlefinger says.
A man with no motive is a man no one suspects.
Always keep your fools confused.
如果他人不知道你到底是谁 或者你到底想做什么
If they don’t know who you are or what you want,
they can’t know what you plan to do next.
So that’s the first and biggest lesson of Littlefinger’s influence —
when people sense that someone is wielding power over them,
他们就能感到那人的居心叵测 从而开始反抗
they can feel the ulterior motive and they resist.
但如果人们认为是自己的决定 就更容易推进事情的发展
But when they feel that they’ve come to their own conclusions, they’re more likely to move forward.
所以小指头十分注意 确保有身份地位的人
So Littlefinger is always careful to make sure that people with status
never feel that he is wielding power over them.
第二个重点 小指头不会让他的自负阻碍目标的实现
The second big thing is that Littlefinger does not let his ego get in the way of his goals.
人们一直侮辱他 贬低他 看不起他
People insult him, talk down to him, and underestimate him all the time
但是小指头 特别是原著中的小指头对这些诽谤充耳不闻
but Littlefinger and, especially, book Littlefinger do not rise to these taunts.
他知道 最终他会胜利 敌人会失败
He knows that it’s going to eventually just raise his profile and create an enemy down the line
所以 他对身边的人展现不出一丝敌意
so instead he shows no signs of outward animosity when people slide him.
…flooded the gutters with wine,
粉碎了愚蠢的信仰 女神逃走了
smashed the false idols, and sent the goddess on the run.
Well done.
I’m here on urgent business for the Queen Mother.
要不要传个口信 说我有事耽搁
Should I send word that I’ve been delayed?
至少从表面上看 这种心态和瑟曦完全不同
This turn-the-other-cheek-at-least-outwardly mentality is the opposite of what Cersei does.
瑟曦经常出言维护自我 反而处境越来越糟
She makes situations worse for herself by running her mouth to protect her ego.
例如 在其他人面前辱骂狱卒 毫无策略可言
For instance, there is no strategic play to insulting your jailer in front of other people.
If anything, it’s just going to get you worse treatment.
但瑟曦为了自我 不惜牺牲利益
But Cersei lets her ego get in the way of her interests
当她被教团抓住后 就开始喋喋不休
and winds up running her mouth as soon as she is taken by the faith militant.
Look at me.
Look at my face.
It’s the last thing you see before you die.
说到瑟曦 我考虑做个关于她的视频 所以请告诉我你是否感兴趣
Speaking of Cersei, I’m thinking of doing a video on her in the future so let me know if you’re interested
或者对其他角色感兴趣 都可以回复在评论中
or if there’s another character that you prefer in the comments.
回到小指头的话题 他能很好地控制自负
Back to Littlefinger though, he also does a good job of keeping his ego in check
when it comes to allowing others to think that they control him.
Listen how Lysa discusses Littlefinger’s plans to capture Sansa
as if it’s something that she let him do.
现在我们很清楚 他才是主谋
Now we know better; clearly, he was the mastermind
but most people of status wouldn’t tolerate that sleight.
Littlefinger though stays silent — happy to have Lysa thinking that she is in charge of decisions.
Don’t you think I know who you are?
Don’t you think I’d let my attendant leave the Eyrie on urgent business
without knowing what that business was?
我让他离开 是为了将你带到……我面前
I let him go because he could bring you here… to me.
在现实生活中 人们也不喜欢被控制
It’s’ true in our own lives too; people don’t necessarily want to be in charge —
他们喜欢掌控 领导其他人
they want to feel like they’re in charge and they want others to recognize them as being the leader.
同样的 培提尓·贝里席让别人认为
In the same vein, Petyr Baelish has no problem
letting other people take credit for his hard work.
他向身边的人泄露消息 让大家心存感激
He leaks information to people around him, always leaving them grateful
让别人成为聚光灯下的焦点人物 得到赞扬
and proud that they get to sit in the limelight and receive praise.
但事实上 人们只得到了小指头想泄露的信息
When in reality, they only get the information that he wants them to have
because he knows what they’re going to do with it.
例如告诉瑟曦 提利尔家族计划让洛拉斯和珊莎结婚
In the case of telling Cersei about the Tyrell’s plans to marry Sansa to Loras,
小指头正确地预测出 兰尼斯特对这桩婚姻会耍些小把戏
Littlefinger correctly predicts that the Lannisters will respond with sneaky marriages of their own.
别盯着我 让我很不舒服
Stop that; you’re making me uncomfortable.
你姐姐知道你的新朋友 提利尔家族
Your sister has known that your new friends, the Tyrells,
正筹划珊莎·史塔克和洛拉斯爵士的婚姻 所以我们打算让珊莎另嫁他人
are plotting to marry Sansa Stark to Ser Loras so we find Sansa Stark a different husband.
是的 没错
Yes, it is.
你应该感谢众神 你本不配
You should be thanking the gods for this; this is more than you deserve.
Tyrion will do as he’s bid… as will you.
What do you mean?
You’ll marry Ser Loras.
I will not.
起初 瑟曦感觉良好 因为得到泰温的赞扬
So Cersei feels good initially because she gets the praise from Tywin
她告知泰温新计划 但最终没有得偿所愿
and she gets to tell him all this new information but ultimately, she doesn’t get what she wants.
And this is what makes Littlefinger unique
其他人都在追逐权力的象征——例如尊重 头衔 赞扬
because while everyone else is pursuing the trappings of power — like respect, titles, praise,
可以口无遮拦 肆无忌惮
and the ability to mouth off and not worry about the consequences,
Petyr only wants the big wins.
其他事包括他的自负 都是实现唯一目标的阻碍
He has one singular goal in mind and everything else, including his ego, is just a distraction.
There is a lesson here to be applied in your own life
如果你将自我排在首位 希望处处得到尊重
which is that if you prioritize your ego and you prioritize being shown respect,
you deprioritize your other goals.
Like the person who gets in a verbal altercation because someone called him a name —
其实毫不在意 对双方更好
rather than realizing they’d be much better off to just let it go
and continue to enjoy their day.
此时此刻 保护自我听上去理所应当
Serving your ego might seem like a good idea in the moment
但实际上 与你想要的方向背道而驰
but it usually takes you farther away from the things that you really want in life.
And that brings us to the third major piece of Littlefinger’s game
which is that he has a complete lack of sentimentality.
例如 他说的每一句话都属实
For instance, he has absolutely no issue lying.
I swear on my life.
I swear to all of the gods.
莱莎 让她走
Let her go, Lysa.
He also doesn’t feel any obligation to keep pawns in his game alive
一旦棋子完成任务 他更愿意斩草除根
once they’ve served their purpose and he is especially willing to kill people
因为他们知道的太多 一旦说错话
when they know enough about his plans and that they could undermine him
if they spoke to the wrong person.
将珊莎送到目的地后 看看他对唐托斯的所作所为
Just look at what he did to Dontos after he delivered Sansa.
我得走了 他们会开始找我
I should get back. They’ll be looking for me.
首先 你要报酬 一万对吧
First, you want your pay. Ten thousand, was it?
Ten thousand.
对小指头来说 没有什么是神圣不可侵的
For Littlefinger, nothing is sacred
and that means that he’s even more able to focus on his goals
without being distracted by honor or moral goodness
所以在某些方面 小指头并不会以理服人
so in some, Littlefinger doesn’t try to convince people.
为了实现目标 他任凭自尊被践踏
He allows his ego to be bruised in service of his goals
and he has no notions of sentimentality that would distract him from his aims.
All of those things make Littlefinger a patient master player of the game
that has won nonstop through season six and book five
but at least one of those pillars is getting wobbly —
specifically, his sentimentality when it comes to Sansa.
Not only has he done his best to train her to become a player,
鼓励她获得权力 还在珊莎头脑中种下自己的愿景
he’s encouraged her to acquire power and basically laid out his deepest desires to her.
…a picture of me… on the iron throne… with you by my side.
Never before had Littlefinger let someone with so much power
know so much about his ultimate goal
我认为 这个巨大的战略性错误会最终让他损失惨重
and that seems to me to be a massive tactical error that will cost him in the end
but that doesn’t mean that his strategies have completely fallen apart;
he still doesn’t insist or try to convince Sansa
and he’s still dropping subtle hints to drive a rift between her and Jon.
…the time may come when you need an army loyal to you.
I have an army.
Your brother’s army.
亲爱的 我对史塔克家族有个愿景
…you, I love. I have the future of the House Stark.
Who should the north rally behind?
Trueborn daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark born here at Winterfell
or a motherless bastard born in the south?
[音乐] 北境之王
[Music playing] The king of the north.
北境之王 北境之王 北境之王
The king of the north. The king of the north. The king of the north.
[Music and cheering continues]
So it seems that Littlefinger isn’t quite out of the game
and may even be successful at turning Sansa against Jon for a time,
我认为 他也种下了自己的祸根
but I think that he has sown the seeds of his own destruction
培养珊莎成为一个有头脑的玩家 特别是得知了自己的野心
in making Sansa such a knowledgeable player especially as to his own ambitions
and given how it looks like the Starks are about to collide back in the north,
我猜珊莎 艾莉亚和琼恩可能会在第七季末一起收拾他
my guess is that some combination of Sansa, Arya, and Jon will finish him off by the end of season seven
and I, for one, cannot wait to watch that happen.
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If you want to see other Game of Thrones character breakdowns,
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it’s got Tyrion and Daenerys and the Starks.
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