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在两年内,我如何走向百万富翁? 这是我的故事(下)

How I Went From Broke To Millionaire In Less Than Two Years. This Is My Story - PART THREE

So here we are.
Part Three.
I believe the final chapter to this story.
这里最激动人心 因为这里是一切的发生之源
It is the most exciting because it’s where everything happened.
It’s where life completely shifted.
在这段时间里 我从一无所有的穷人成为坐拥一切的百万富翁
It’s where I went from being broke and having absolutely nothing to being a millionaire having absolutely everything.
But it’s also the defining moment.
Through all the struggles that I have been through in life,
以及所有的辛劳 迷失与失败之后
Through all of the hardships, all of the lost, all of the failures
There were still one more challenge,
一个最后的牺牲 如果你将要测试我的绝对核心
one final sacrifice if you will that tested me to my absolute core.
In August of 2013,
I found out that I was gonna be a daddy.
I don’t care how prepared you are for that,
When you find out that it’s real,
I feel like your entire life more or less flashes in front of your eyes.
正如你们所见 我的人生变成了现在这样
And as you guys have seen, my entire life up to this point,
not exactly the coolest.
Uh, and so it forced me to grow up,
it forced me to realize that if my daughter was gonna have a life that was different than what I had as a child.
我需要找到工作 而且要快
I needed to get to work and I needed to get to work fast.
于是我潜下心来工作 比我人生中任何时刻都要更努力
So I dove in, I worked harder than I ever worked in my entire life.
I reinvested all the money that I was making quickly into plane tickets.
我开始旅行于全国各地 帮助那些像我一样热烈激昂的人
I started traveling all over the country to help other people who were just as passionate as I was.
帮助他们走出家门 过上他们应有的生活
Go out and live a life that they deserved.
当你做出这样的决定 当你做出了理智的选择
When you make a decision like that, when you make a mental choice,
你投入了全部 也意味着完全承担一切
you go all-in on something, you absolutely are committing everything,
that means 100% on what you are doing is applied towards your goal.
My goal was to be ready for my daughter Camera.
Now here’s the downside to giving 100%.
很显然 当你如此努力的工作
Obviously when you start working that hard,
not showing any real true time to your significant other,
It doesn’t exactly go over well.
它会导致争吵 甚至动手打架 也会导致分居
Uh, it leads to arguing, it leads to fighting, it leads to sleeping in opposite rooms.
我的意思是 我并不是在讲述那些你们早已亲身体会到的事
I mean, guys, I’m not telling you things you haven’t already experienced on your own,
但是至少在我眼中 有未来 目标还有使命 它们一直都在
but at least in my eyes, there was a future, there was a goal, there was a mission.
It wasn’t just over nonsense.
说实话 大多数的打架最开始都源于金钱的矛盾
And honestly, most fights come from money in the first place,
most stress comes from financial stress.
我当时还不理解 甚至没有做出任何努力
And I wasn’t about that like, I wasn’t even trying to go there.
And I knew having a baby was gonna be ten times more stressful,
So 100% to me justified every single bit of working this hard.
But the downside is after seven months of fighting
伴随着怀孕和荷尔蒙 也可能因为急需完成的任务
with pregnancy and hormones and maybe on a mission to be ready.
我并未准备好 我承受着压力继续努力工作
And I wasn’t ready, and I was stressed and working hard.
Fighting leads to… destruction.
I also knew that I was hanging out with more passionate people,
I was hanging out with more successful people.
I was hanging out with people that were motivated.
他们都充满野心 被驱使着穷其一生做成某事
They were ambitious, they were driven to do something with their life.
And that became just a part of me.
It didn’t matter what they were going towards,
it mattered they had something to go towards.
我觉得我成长为一个大人 我长大了
And. I feel like as a person, I grew.
成熟之后 我意识到我已经不再适合以前的关系圈 也不再适合与以前的朋友打交道
And I feel like I outgrew the relationship that I was in and I feel like I outgrew a lot of the friends I was associating with.
人生中第一次 我切实的看到了成功
And for the first time in my life, I could actually see success.
Took me 13 days to earn an auto bonus.
You know I got myself a BMW.
我非常兴奋 我挣到了钱 并且在不断旅行 同时帮助别人改变他们的生活
Uh, I was excited, I was making money, I was traveling, I was helping other people change their lives.
I got featured in Success Home magazine.
这是难以置信的 但是关于成功有一件有趣的事
It was absolutely incredible, but there’s a funny thing about success.
I feel that finding success in the world is kind of like going through a year of school.
正如你所知 你在学校中成长发展 你结识了很多朋友
You know you… you grow and you develop, you learn a lot about friends.
你交到了一些朋友 一路上也失去了一些朋友
You are gonna gain some friends, you are gonna lose some friends along the way.
学校生活是艰难的 你知道 它需要付出行动
Uh, school is hard. You know, that requires work.
你需要起床 你需要展示自己 你需要付出努力
You have to get up, you have to show up, you have to put forward an effort.
And at the end of the day right when you think you are ready to graduate,
there’s always one final test.
对于我来说 这个考验 在2014的五月来到
To me, that one final test, came in May of 2014.
在我女儿出生后 我喋喋不休了一个月
After my daughter was born, I’m talking a month after she was born.
Her mother gave me an ultimatum.
Chris 你要么继续工作 要么停手照顾家庭
Chris, you are either gonna do this business or you are gonna stop and you are gonna be a family man.
我当时就知道 我早已做出了选择
And I knew right then and there, already what I had chosen.
我从最开始就做出了决定 我会竭尽一切去为我女儿创造一个未来
I made a decision from the very beginning that I would do whatever it took to build my daughter’s future,
我会尽我所能 哪怕牺牲一切
I would do whatever it took, I would sacrifice anything I needed to.
To get to a life where I never miss one opportunity to watch my daughter grow.
And when she gave me that ultimatum,
knowing full well that she was gonna keep my daughter from me…out of…out of sheer spite.
I turned around and I walked away.
Now there gonna be those who criticize my actions, that frown upon my decision.
There gonna be parents who say how dare you,
你怎么敢远离家庭 你应该为离开你的女儿感到羞愧
how dare you walk away from family. Shame on you for abandoning your daughter.
And I’m gonna turn around and say…
How does it feel when you drop your children off at day care?
当你的孩子因为想看到你 和你一起玩耍 说我爱你而等了一天 你是什么感觉
How does it feel when your children wait all day long to see you and play with you and love you,
当你告诉他们 等一下宝贝 让妈妈先坐下休息一会
when you tell them “Hold on a little bit honey, let mummy sit down and relax. “
让爸爸休息一会喝一点酒 你是什么感觉
“Let daddy relax and wine for a little bit.” How does it feel…
when the nanny or the babysitter is called mummy or daddy because you are never around.
Don’t judge people based on the sacrifices they were willing to make.
I can tell you right now.
Sacrificing time with your family is what it takes,
so that you never again have to sacrifice any time with anyone including your family.
有一个适时的时间 当你必须相信你自己支持你自己的时候
There is a moment in time where you have to believe in yourself and you have to support yourself,
当世界上的每个人都不支持你 都不站在你这一边的时候
when everyone else in the world is not willing to support you or stand by your side,
因为他们害怕被评判 那很可怕
because it’s scary and they are afraid of being judged.
猜猜 这就是所发生的事情
Guess what. That’s exactly what happened.
我被评判了 我被贬低 我被扔到一边
I was judged. I was put down. I was thrown to the side.
我被刻板印象了 我被取笑了 流言蜚语开始满天飞
I was stereotyped. I was made fun of. Rumor started flying.
All sorts of craziness that people instead help you.
现在 我坐在这 每一天都陪着我的女儿
And now, I sit here, spend every single day with my daughter.
我看着她长大 我每天都教她一些事情
I watch her grow. I teach her all day long.
We watch movies at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.
While everyone is out trying to figure out their lives.
Trying to figure out what it takes to be successful,
because they are not willing to make those hard difficult decisions.
They are not willing to sacrifice what needs to be done temporarily…
to get where they know they deserve to be.
All right guys, so we are pulling onto the street that … that I used to live on here.
I’ll always love that home because obviously that was the home where…
I found out that we were gonna have my daughter.
And… and ultimately my entire life changed.
你知道 如果它不是因为我即将拥有女儿我是不会去找它
You know, if it wasn’t for me finding out that I was gonna have my daughter,
我……我可能仍然是个懒家伙 你知道的
I…I probably still would be a lazy… you know procrastinating…
就是坐在这 喝点啤酒 等待着一些神奇和幸运的时刻
just sitting around, drinking beer, waiting for some kind of magical lucky moment.
让我诚实的告诉你们 生活和成功当然不是来自幸运
And, let me be honest with you guys, life and success sure as hell does not come from luck.
神奇的时刻 时间或者其他的事情
Uh, or magical moments or timing or anything along those lines.
It’s there’s… there’s really no such thing.
Success comes from realizing that you deserve it first and foremost.
你需要有一个目的 一个为什么你必须成功的切实原因
And then having a purpose, a real true reason why you feel you need to be successful.
我很诚实的告诉你 我认为我的成功会使我变成百万富翁
And I’m gonna be honest with you, I didn’t know that my success would lead me to becoming a millionaire.
我只知道我需要衣服 尿布和婴儿床来为我的女儿的出生做准备
I knew that I needed clothes, diapers, and a crib to be ready for my daughter when she was born.
这些就是我的动力 我的动力仅仅是……这些为我女儿出生的准备
And that was my motivator, that was my only motivator was… was just be prepared,
作为父母 至少要尽可能做好准备
to be a parent, or or at least as prepared as I possibly could have been.
我可能工作有一点辛苦 我不知道
And… you know… I, I, I…maybe I worked a little too hard, I don’t know.
你知道 这是为每个人的意见而辩论
You know, it’s up for debated in everybody’s opinion obviously.
但是……我和我的女儿在我们建筑的地方 我和我们的未来还有……
But… what we’ve been able to built together, my daughter and I, our life, our future and …
it’s just uh …
很难用语言描述 你知道 我们正对的这个你看到的地方地方就是我们的家
It’s hard to put into words. You know, where we are at now versus where we were in the home that you just saw.
说实话 不夸张的说 已经整整过去了两年
And honestly, that was literally … that was a little over two years ago is all.
So much has changed, drastically so much has changed.
那就是我 我想让你们看到我开始的地方
That I just, you know, I wanted to show you guys where it all started.
我想要告诉你们我身在何处 当我今天参与的公司
I wanted to show you where I was. Uh, when I got involved with the company that I have today.
Uh, where it’s taking me.
我想要告诉你们的是 因为大多数人认为 嗯我拥有我父亲的财产
Uh and… and I wanted to show you guys because a lot people think that, you know, I have daddy’s money,
they think that I have… you know… my parents gave it all to me.
Or they think that I won the lottery or some stupid nonsense,
It’s very easy to judge somebody with money.
但是我想让你们看到我所居之处 我想让你们看到我是来自什么地方
But I .. I wanted to show you where I live, I wanted to show you where I came from.
我想让你们看到成功对于你们来说是可能的 不要在意你现在的处境是怎样
I wanted to show you that it’s possible for you guys, doesn’t matter what your current situation or circumstances are.
It… all it comes down to is a choice.
如果你不喜欢现在所处的环境 或者……
If you don’t like the current situation that you are in, or the circumstances, or the…
你知道 你现在的生活方式 你不喜欢你银行账户的余额
you know, the lifestyle that you are in right now, you don’t like your bank account,
不论如何 你必须做出与众不同的积极的选择
Or whatever it is, like you have to make different proactive choices.
That or not even close to what the choices are you making today.
你认为自己不行吗 这会导致你失败 这个想法可能会使你恐惧
Did you really think you can? It’s gonna be out familiar. It’s gonna be scaring you.
because you have never done stuff like this before obviously.
如果你做了之类的事情 你会获得相同的结果
If you do the same things, you are gonna get the same results.
所以 我猜我希望每个人能听到我所讲述的去创造自己的未来
And so, I guess my hope is for anybody that’s listening or that cares to build their future,
你必须知道你在迷茫之中必须做什么 你所踏入的世界是可怕的
You have to realize you’re gonna have to go into the unknown, you’re gonna have to go into a world that is scary.
但是也要知道成功是可能的 所以执着于你的梦想
But know that it’s possible. You know, focus on your dreams.
还要明确一点 不要把注意力集中在别人消极的评价上 因为
And definitely don’t focus on the negative opinions of others, cause god,
如果我这么做了 我很确定我不会坐上这辆车
If I did that, I sure as hell wouldn’t be in this car,
and the life I have today would not even be remotely close to possible.
所以不要限制你自己 朋友们 你必须坚信你心之所向并为之奋斗
So don’t limit yourselves, guys. You have to believe in what you wanna do and go after it.