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How I Teach My Daughter English - Teaching Reading, Spelling And Phonics

Well, hello again.
你好 又见面了
-Aria, do you want to say hello? -Hello!
– 阿利亚 你想打招呼吗 – 你好
With a big way like that,can you do it?
用这种方式 能做到吗
Hello, yeah! Big way. Well, we are back again.
你好 我们又回来了
People enjoyed that last video so we are going to make another video.
人们喜欢上一期视频 所以我们打算再做一期
You ready? Bang!
准备好了吗 梆(击掌声)
Alright. Well, let’s make a video today.
好了 今天我们做个视频
People were asking me about reading and what I do,
so you want to grab that book,Aria? That one right there
阿利亚 你想拿那本书吗 就那本
-What book is that? -Hop On Pop
– 那是什么书 – 《在爸爸身上跳啊跳》
That’s right. We’ve got a Hop On Pop.
对了 我们拿到了《在爸爸身上跳啊跳》
Now I’m gonna see if I can film this.
It’s a little bit hard to see, so maybe I can do a split screen or something with this.
有点困难 也许我可以做个分屏或类似的东西
But this is a Dr. Seuss book, very famous,
and it’s a little bit weird for non-native speakers
because there are so many nonsense words in this book.
But it’s really good for just practicing basic things like phonics.
So are you ready? Shall we do a little bit of reading together?
你准备好了吗 我们可以一起读书吗
Now she can’t really read these things,
she’s just starting to read them
but part of the reason that we review these things…
-Hop On Pop! -I know I konw.You’re always so excited to read very good.
-《在爸爸身上跳啊跳》 – 我知道 读这本书你总是很兴奋
Oh my goodness! Okay, you ready? So we got Hop On Pop
天哪 你准备好了吗 那我们一起来读这本书
And when we go through these things, this is just practicing…
当我们做这个事的时候 仅仅是在练习
-Yellow! -Yellow?Yellow what?
– 黄色 – 黄色 什么黄色
He’s yellow, he’s yellow. That’s right.
他是黄色的 正确
And again, we just, we kind of let her go with the book,
再次说明 我们只是让她跟着书走
sometimes I’ll just read it and maybe we’ll stop and maybe throw something
有时候我会读它 也许我们会停下 也许
-Pool! -Pool!
-Pool! -There’s a pool in this book.
– 水池 – 哦 这本书里有一个水池
-No. -No,I don’t think so.That’s right.
– 不是 – 我也不认为有 很正确
Alright. Well, let’s begin so we’re just gonna read the book.
好了 让我们开始读这本书
and we’ll stop this for a couple of things here: cup, pup,pup in cup.
我们停下来做几件事:杯子 小狗 小狗在杯子里
Pup, cup, cup on pup.
小狗 杯子 杯子在小狗上
Alright, let’s do… You want to do hop on pop?
让我们 你想要在爸爸身上跳吗
Hop on pop. Okay. So if we once stopping here again like,
跳啊跳 我们是否会再次停下来
you know, it depends on if she can sit.
你知道的 取决于她是否能坐得住。
Sometimes she can sit and read for a long time,sometimes not.
有时她能坐着读很长时间 有时不会
So we just go with that and we try not to force her,
所以我们去配合她 不去强迫她
because really at this age, it’s much more important for her to just be excited about reading.
因为在她这个年龄 保持阅读的兴趣更重要
And you can do that by being excited yourself.
So I really enjoy reading and then showing her how easy it can be.
所以我真的很喜欢阅读 给她展示阅读多么容易
All right. So we’ve got some letters up here.
Can you find A? Where’s A?
你能找到字母A吗 它在哪
Can I have the book?Thank you.
能递给我这本书吗 谢谢
Where’s A? Can you find A? Do you see A? Where’s an A?
A在哪 你能找到它吗 你看见它了吗
Appear on the board. Use the A up here. Very good.
它出现在白板上 把A放在上面 非常棒
All right. So we’ve got A. What color is that?
好 我们找到了A 它是什么颜色的
-Yellow. -Yellow. Very good.
– 黄色 – 黄色 非常棒
we’re gonna put A up here.
Now let’s see we can find maybe a more difficult one.
Where is P? P,do you see a P?
P在哪 你看见P了吗
Very good we’ve got P right here. P. So we’ve got P here.
非常好 我们拿到了P 我们找到它了
we’ll put A up here.
Where is… Here’s a trick, a trick question. We’ve got two letters right here.
这里有个小把戏 我们有两个字母
-What’s this one? -O.
– 这是什么 – 字母O
O.What’s that?
字母O 那个是什么
-0. -0. Very good.
– 零 – 零 非常好
So she’s also learning about the difference in slight changes
in shapes for something like doing numbers zero or doing letters like O.
Very good. So we have a red zero and a purple O.
非常好 我们有一个红色的0和紫色的O
Very good.That was a trick question.
非常棒 那个是有陷阱的问题
Can I have the O and the zero? Thank you.
能把字母O和数字0给我吗 谢谢
So we’re gonna put the O up here.
Now when she’s first learning these you can see I’m starting with the names of the letters first
当她开始学习这些时 你能看出来我从字母开始
and the reason I do that is because the names of the letters don’t change.
So in English the sounds of letters do… What you’re gonna look over there?
所以英语的字母发音 你要看看那边吗
You can go say hello you can look in the camera.
-Hello -Hello.Alright. Come back and sit down.
– 你好 – 好的 回来坐下
We’re gonna do some reading.
Alright. Now let’s try where is T. Do you see T? Where’s T?
让我们找找字母T 你看见T了吗
That’s J. Good try. J.
那是J 很好的尝试
-What’s this one? -T.
– 这个是什么 – 字母T
Very good. Alright. So now we have some letters over here,
很棒 现在我们在这儿有些字母了
and we can practice the sounds of them.
So we got and we can just practice.Repeat after me.
我们可以练习了 跟我一起读
“p,ah, t. pot”. Very good.
“p ah t pot ” (壶)非常好
All right.Now I’m gonna pick another letter here.
We will do… What’s that? I.Very good.
我们要选 那是什么 “I” 非常棒
We can put I, put I up here.
And what is this?
-T -That’s H.Very good.
– T – 它是H 非常好
Allright. Can I have H?
Now watch this: “p,ah, t ,pot”.Very good.
现在看这个 “p ah t pot” 很好
Now if I change H, watch this word, what do we get?
如果换成“H” 看看我们得到什么
We get “h ah,t” What’s that? “Hot”
我们得到 “h ah t ” 那是什么 “hot”(热)
See it? “hot”.
看见了吗 “hot”
Bingo, very good. Now if we switch them again.
正确 很好 现在我们把它们换个位置
Look at this “pot”.
看那个词 “pot”
“pot hot”
Oh! Alright. You can read. Very good.
噢 你会读了 非常棒
Now again we’re just training to give her some simple explanations of what letter sounds are.
再次说明 我们只是给她简单解释一些字母发音
Even though there are many sounds,
but that’s the best way to get her excited about that.
-Hello! -Hello.Don’t touch that,though!
– 你好 – 你好 别碰那个
The microphone is on the floor over here and she keeps trying to touch the microphone.
麦克风在那边地板上 她老想去摸麦克风
Alright. Can you sit down?
好了 你能坐下吗
We’re almost finished or do you want to read the book?
我们快结束了 你想读这本书吗
Shall we read the book very quickly? Shall we read?
我们能快速读一遍这本书吗 可以吗
Alright. So we’re gonna try this again,try to read the book.
我们打算再试一次 试着读读这本书
Alright. Listen carefully.
好了 仔细听
“up, pup, pup is up”
“上 小狗 小狗在上面”
“cup, pup, pup in cup”
“杯子 小狗 小狗在杯子里”
Very good. Do you gonna look though?
非常好 你想看看吗
“pup, cup, cup on pup”
“小狗 杯子 杯子在小狗上”
That’s right. So even though she’s not reading right now,
正确 即使她现在还不会阅读
she’s getting a sense for connecting the sound with the letters just through repetition.
通过重复 她有意识地把字母和发音联系起来
“red, red,they call me red”.
“红色 红色 他们叫我红色”
That’s right. What color is his hair?
正确 他的头发是什么颜色
-Red. -Red,that’s right.
– 红色 – 红色 正确
And so when you read, you don’t have to just read everything on the page,
当你们阅读时 没必要把书上的都读出来
You can stop and answer questions or ask questions or try to get more detailed with it.
你可以停下 回答 提问 试着找到里面的细节
So you can even take a book like this and use it for really advanced learners
and it doesn’t matter what the age.
-Pup,pup in the cup. -very good.
– 小狗 小狗在杯子里 – 非常棒
Even there like she’s just taking the book for me and getting excited……
即使像她为我读书 也很有兴趣
Oh very good, very good.That’s right. Very good very good.
非常好非常好 正确
You’re gonna read some more. Shall we finish it?
你想多读点吗 我们可以结束吗
Well, we’ll go to the end of the book.
That’s right.
And again the point is just to get her excited at this age about reading and
再次申明 重点是保持她这个年龄对阅读的兴趣
she’s really enjoying it.
Because I started reading a third since the day she was born.
因为从她出生那天开始 我就开始给她读书
Alright. We’ll do one last page we’ll will do the final page with Hop.
Well, here we go.
-Hop,pop, we like to -Walk
– 跳 爸爸 我们喜欢 – 走路
That’s “we like to walk” over here.
So we like to hop. We like to hop on top of Pop.
我们喜欢跳 我们喜欢在爸爸身上跳啊跳
Well,stop, can you say stop? That’s right.
停 你能说“停”吗 很好
Stop, you must not hop on Pop.
停 你不能在爸爸身上跳啊跳
Alright.Well again, I don’t want to have her sit here for too long
再说一遍 我不想让她坐太长时间
but one last thing I will say because I got… You’re gonna run away.
最后我想说 因为我 你打算走啦
So I got a an email from a learner and she was saying
我收到一封初学者的邮件 信里说
isn’t it a little bit difficult for me to be on these videos
对我而言会不会有点困难 因为在视频里
and to try to help other people who may be our non-native speakers,
trying to help their own children learn and so she was worried about that.
帮助他们的孩子学习 她很担心这点
And I wrote her back saying that the most important thing is number one
我给她回信说 最重要的是首要
that you’re excited especially… Are you having Manju right now?
保持兴趣 你在吃馒头吗
You got a snack. Is that delicious?
你在吃甜点 好吃吗
In your mouth, in your mouth. It’s okay. You can eat that.
你嘴里 你嘴里 没关系 你能吃
But the important thing is that you’re just number one
show that you’re excited about learning
and that you really want to just again show your children that you’re excited
because that’s what’s going to get them excited too.
It doesn’t matter if your pronunciation is perfect to teach someone.
教别人 你的发音完不完美并不重要
All you need to do is be one step ahead of that person
And if you wait to do that, then you’re going to just be wasting a lot of time
如果你只是等着 那就是在浪费时间
that you could be actually practicing or teaching your kids.
So you can watch a video like this
and it’s much better to actually spend time watching something with your kids
then trying to just show them something on TV and not watch it with them.
仅仅让他们看电视 而且不和他们一起看
So watch it with them practice with them
所以 跟孩子们一起看一起练习
just like my wife does or I do.
When we’re watching some TV shows with Aria in the morning,
and if we get excited about watching that
and we can practice with her and review those things
then that gets her more excited as well.
So anyway don’t worry it’s the exact same thing as
总之 别担心 这完全是一样的事
if you were an non-native speaker and learning to speak.
就像如果你是英语非母语的人 正学习说话
If you wait until you’re perfect
you’re never going to become a good speaker .
Well Mama’s going to be over there.
but we got to finish the video.
So don’t wait until you’re perfect to speak
所以 别等着自己变完美了才开口
don’t wait until you’re perfect to start teaching someone else.
Again you just need to be one step ahead.
It’s the same thing even for for me with this business
即使对我而言 做这个视频
with me helping people learn.
There’s so many things I didn’t know about teaching before I started,
but I just wanted to help people learn,and that’s how I began.
但我只是想帮助人们学习 所以我开始了
Anyway, Aria you want to say bye-bye, we have to say bye-bye.
阿利亚 你想来说再见吗 我们要说再见
-Come on over. -Bye bye!
– 到这儿来 – 再见
Are you getting the camera?Come back here.
你看着镜头吗 到这边来
-Bye bye! -Bye bye.
– 再见 – 再见
Okay, well we will see you again very soon again.
If you have questions about how I’m teaching her
or wanted to see more specific things or reading or something like that,
或者想看更多独特的东西 阅读或者其他
but this is generally how we do it.
We just find some time to practice it could be, even one minute.
我们找到能练习的时间 即使是一分钟
We just have things like this magnet board or other letters
我们只有这个磁力板 字母
or things at different places around the house.
So maybe if I’m in my bedroom I have a wall that I can do different drawing on.
and she does that as well.
But if you do have questions and you enjoy this
do comment below and let me know.
在下面评论 让我看看
Also if you’d like to learn more about how you can improve as an adult learner
you can click the link in this video to take our free quiz.
We’ll help you learn more about that. And…
You’re gonna give me a high five,give me a down low, give me a up high.
来击掌 低低的来一次 高高的来一次
Alright, very good.
So if you’d like to learn more about that and we’ll be releasing our app very soon
如果你想了解更多 我们很快就会发行APP
depending on when you watch this video.
But it goes exactly how I’m teaching her like this.
So it’s exact same thing that anybody can use anywhere.
So you can click on the link in the description to learn more about that.
Alright, alright. We’re actually gonna say bye bye and then we can play or do something else.
好了 我们要说再见了 然后去玩点别的
-Are you ready? Okay, say bye bye. -Bye bye.
– 你准备好了吗 说再见 – 再见












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