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How I Edit My Instagram Photos | TessChristine

好的 这是我的照片分享
OK, so … this is my Instagram feed.
现在 我猜我会说得先有个主题
Now, I… yeah, I guess I would say have a theme.
但你看 它并不是一个非常严格的主题
But it’s not like a super strict theme where you look at it,
and they all look very very similar.
I can’t go by the road
that they all kinda look like they belong in like a cool photo album together.
I don’t know.
我试着挑一些相似的颜色 很明显随着季节变化
I try to pick similar colors and obviously with seasons
当我在做不同的事情的时候 就好比现在
When I do different things, like right now.
超级粉红色 也分很多 像是亮粉色和其他的粉色
Super pink, has a lot of, like lights and color in it,
一般来说 你们知道 我现在住在纽约
which normally, you know I live in New York City,
it’s usually like concrete jungle.
But like if I travel, I went home.
So I’m not like a very strict person,
我不会因为它不符合主题就不会把照片上传上去 我会把照片进行适当修饰
like I won’t able to post someting specifically cause it won’t fit like I’ll make it fit.
Uh, because I like sharing a lot of my stuff with…my life with you guys.
但是这些绝对都是很白净 明亮 干净的
But it definitely is white, bright, very clean.
所以现在 我先给你们看一下我所用的软件
And I, yeah, so now, I am gonna show you guys what I use.
先从app开始 我主要用的是
So starting off with the apps, the main one I use,
main ones I use are VSCO, V-S-C-O, whatever…
Facetune Darkroom Unum和Snapseed这几款软件
FACETUNE, Darkroom, UNUM and Snapseed.
So starting off with V-S-C-O.
This one I think everybody is familiar with.
It’s just kind of like the go-to editing app.
So once I have picked-out the photos that I want to import,
顺便提一下 我导入的照片都是直接用iPhone拍摄的
which by the way I am importing the ones that I’ve taken of just from iphone.
给你们看看我是怎么编辑以前的照片的 照片尺寸都比较小
I’ll show you guys how I edit past photos, um, which is very minimum.
我想给你们展示一下 我是怎么处理iPhone拍出来的照片的
Uh, so I want to show you guys when I take photos of iphone, what I do.
我把照片导进来 选择滤镜
So I bring them in and I pick up my filters.
我最爱A6 HB1和HB2这几款滤镜 还有S2
So my favorite ones are A6, HB1, and HB2, and then also S2.
Those last ones I use mainly for like lifestyle photos.
Um, just kind of like scenery shots.
如果要突出我的服装搭配的话 我会比较喜欢A6款滤镜
I intend to favor A6 a lot for a lot of my outfit of the days.
Uh, because I think it goes really well for those.
我一般会把颜色调暗一点 从不会让色彩显得太过饱和
So I always turn it down a little bit, I never use it at full.
So I do about seven or eight,
然后我会使用剪裁工具 如果照片需要剪裁的话
and then I go ahead and I will use the crop tool, if it needs to be cropped.
Uh, and everything else it kind of just depends the photo.
这就另说了 所有的照片都是不一样的 所以具体问题具体分析
That’s another thing. All photos are so different when you take them, that it depends.
如果有必要的话我会调整一下曝光度 有时候让色彩对比更强烈一点
So I can mess with the exposure a little bit if it needs to be, sometimes I’ll bump the contrast,
but that’s very rare.
如果要显示出区别的话 我会把曝光度调低一点
Uh, if anything I will go down a little bit in exposure.
对于iPhone拍摄的照片 很多时候 我会把清晰度再提高一点
And then for iPhone photos, a lot of the time I will bump the clarity a couple.
因为有时候 iPhone拍的照片有可能…我不知道…不是特别清晰 所以需要一点辅助
Uh…Just because sometimes iPhone photos need a little bit help if it’s not as… I don’t know… clear.
然后继续 完成了
So then I go ahead and I finish that.
And then I’ll save it as actual size.
接下来的这款应用FACETUNE 我有时候会用到
The next app I’ll use sometimes is a FACETUNE.
I don’t like to go super crazy with this app,
其他人也不应该 因为我觉得这款app不是必需的
and I don’t think anybody should because I don’t think it’s necessary.
我用这款软件是因为 好吧 是因为我脸上有个疙瘩
But what I like to use it for is… Okay… let’s say I have a pimple…
我得把它消掉 反正过几天这个疙瘩也会消掉的
We gotta get rid of it, right? Like … it’s gonna go away in a couple of days anyway.
So you know might is well help it out on here.
So I like the patch tool.
这么说吧 我脸上有个疙瘩 想把它去掉
Let’s say I have a pimple on my face, wanna get rid of it.
I’ll go ahead and do that.
Another thing that I mainly use it for is the details.
A little tool.
我喜欢它是因为它特别适合展示各种服装造型 而且我也很喜欢展示我的服装搭配
So what I like that is it’s specially for outfit of the days I like to showcase parts of my outfit.
我再把鞋子 衣服稍稍摩擦处理一下
So I’ll rub a little detail on the shoe,
the dress, make it stand out.
Uh, this app is also really great for any background stuff.
I know a lot of people use it to whiten the background with the whitening tool.
It just kind depends on your theme,
but that’s pretty much what I do.
然后继续 保存 打开下一个app
And then I’ll go ahead and save that and move on to the next app.
接下来 打开Darkroom
Moving on, we have Darkroom.
Now I really like this app a lot,
因为如果你们有注意的话 我的很多照片色彩其实没有那么饱和
because if you will have noticed a lot of my photos tend to be slightly desaturated.
在这款app里面 我比较喜欢用这个小色轮
So what I tend to favor in this app is this little color wheel,
It has a bunch different colors.
我觉得挺有意思的 因为你可以自己控制照片里的所有颜色
I just think it’s really fun because you can control all the colors in the photo.
我比较喜欢的颜色有红色 橙色和黄色
So the ones I tend to favor are the red, orange and yellow.
Orange, specifically,
因为很多时候 A6款滤镜会让我的肤色看起来比较黄
because a lot of the times A6 filter will give me this brassy look,
which I really don’t like.
So I’ll go ahead and use that little dial under saturation,
and I’ll take that down just a slight bit,
如果你想 你会疯狂迷上这款app的
you can go crazy with it if you want to.
Uh, but it does the same for all the different colors.
This is just a really good way to help make sure that your colors blend really well,
they match together.
Um, when you’re putting different photos together,
很显然 你在不同的地方拍摄各种照片 风格不完全一致
because obviously you take them around all over the place, then it’s not gonna be consistent.
But this is a good way to ensure that.
That’s basically all I do with this app,
然后继续 保存 进入到另一款app
And then I go ahead and save it and move on to the next one.
The struggle when VSCO updated their versions,
整理照片就不方便了 我们必须去找到新的才行
We couldn’t organize our photos, we all had to find new ones.
所以我很喜欢这一款 UNUM
So I really like this one, it’s called UNUM.
And I like it’s free.
And this one’s way awesome than VSCO beforehand anyways,
because you can go ahead and import as many photos as you want,
然后你可以点击并拖动照片 按自己喜欢的方式进行整理
and then you can just click and drag them around and organize them however you so pleased.
太好了 你可以随意地移动它们
It’s so awesome, you can move them around really easily,
you don’t have to like re-upload them or anything.
你可以交换照片位置 可以随意移动它们
I mean you can swap them out, you can move them around.
And then the ones that already imported to your Instagram or that are up already,
have a little emblem at the bottom…
Um…of an Instagram symbol,
so you can kind of see which ones are already up,
这样整理照片就容易多了 如果你想 这些照片也会变得创意十足
and it makes it really easy for you to kind of organize it and get really creative if you want to.
现在我要给你们展示一下我最近发现的一款应用Snapseed 我超爱
Now I’m gonna show you guys snap seed, which I recently discovered and I absolutely love it.
现在我给你们看一张没有经过处理的 已经上传到ins的照片
So I’m gonna show you one that actually didn’t do, this one’s already up on my Instagram for this.
But it’s an example photo of what I would use it for.
迅速编辑 选择A6款滤镜 剪裁
So quickly editing this, A6 filter, cropped,
pretty much left it as … as this,
打开暗房功能 把橙色稍稍调暗一点
open up in a darkroom and then turn down the orange a little bit,
and then I will open it in snap seed.
对于这款我最近发现的app 真的是超级酷
So for this app, I recently discovered it and it’s super cool.
My favorite thing to use is the brush tool.
最赞的是 你可以点击选择曝光度和色温
And what’s awesome about it is you can click exposure, temperature.
对我来说 你了解我 还有色饱和度 得稍微调低一点
For me, you know me and my saturation, gotta bump it down.
点击饱和度键 调到-10
So I click this saturation, went down -10,
and what I would normally use this for if any intense background color.
对于这张照片里的砖墙来讲 摩擦一下
For this one, brick, you can basically scrub over and it will only desaturate…
that image or that part of the image that you’re scrubbing over.
So it won’t touch the color of my skin at all,
it won’t mess with like the colors in my shirt.
这真的很酷 因为它完全控制了你想要调降
This is really cool cause it controls exactly what you want to tune down,
or maybe increase depending on your feed,
Um, it’s a really awesome app,
我很开心能多体验一会儿 所以这款app绝对要收入囊中
and I’m excited to play with it a little bit more so I definitely wanted to include it.
我想给你们看一张帕特里克拍摄的照片 然后要怎么编辑
And quickly, I wanted to show you guys one of Patrick’s images, and how I edited that,
which I really don’t do anything to it.
当你和摄影师合作的时候 你肯定不会想要去修图
Uh, when working with a photographer, you really don’t wanna mess with it too much,
因为他们会很非常认真 用电脑上的图片处理软件编辑照片
because they work so hard editing it on really good software on their computer,
that to throw a bunch of filters on it would
I don’t know… kind of be annoying to them…
所以如果要修改的话 我会在ins上进行裁剪
So if anything, I would fit it to crop Instagram,
maybe do like a plus two, plus three on a filter that I like,
to make sure that it blends with my feed nicely,
But that’s pretty much it.
You guys know I work with Patrick all the time,
so he knows what kind type of photos I like anyways.
But just a rule of thumb with working with a photographer,
you don’t wanna throw a bunch of filters over somebody’s work.
很多人给我评论 问我我主要是做什么
Um, so, a lot of you guys were commenting asking what I do for that,
其实主要都是摄影师的工作 所以我很想给他宣传一下
and that’s mainly him, so I definitely wanted to give a shout out,
because I definitely don’t edit those on, um, my phone.
He does a lot of that work himself.
现在 你们知道了我编辑图片的秘诀
But yes, now you guys know the secret to how I edit my Instagram photos.
没有那么复杂 但我真的希望能帮到大家 特别是那些问到我的朋友们
it’s not that complicated, but I really hope it help you guys out, for those of you guys requesting it.
请在下方评论 让我知道你们的ins账号
Please let me know your Instagram in the comments below.
I’d love creeping on you guys.
我觉得这是一款非常有趣的app 不仅可以展示你的风格 还能表现出你喜欢的东西
I just think this is a really fun app to kind of showcase your style and show what you are into.
So please let me know or go on my Instagram and comment.
最后谢谢你们的观看 下个视频见 拜拜
But thank you again for watching, and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye!



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