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我的简单生活——金钱, 生活的意义和农村生活

How I budget and live simply - finances, living within means, and rural life

[Music playing]
[Music playing]
It is a chilly February afternoon in the bookstore.
二月 书店里一个寒冷的下午
And after the holiday, rush things have settled into a slower quiet pace, that I thoroughly enjoy.
假期里 生活匆忙的节奏慢了下来 让我舒缓平和
In this video, I thought I’d share a bit about how I manage my money in a rural area.
这个视频 我想分享下我在乡村是怎样理财的
There were definitely certain costs living out here that I thought may be interesting to share.
在这里生活当然会有成本 我觉得分享出来蛮有意思
Now, there’s really no way I could cover everything and get into enough detail just in one video
此刻 我无法在一个视频里讲完所有的内容和细节
but I will attempt to speak on the few things that I prioritize in regards to money management.
但我会试着讲述 我认为理财要优先考虑的几件事
I will discuss things more in detail about 10 minutes in.
我将在十分钟时 详细讲这些内容
So, you can skip to that, if you wish.
所以 如果需要 你可以直接跳到那
[Music playing]
So, I must begin with food,
首先 我得从食品开始谈起
because it is one of the larger costs that I budget for,
因为 我把大部分预算花在这儿
and is always several hundred dollars a month.
Usually about what I make working at my bookstore once a week.
通常 我大概每周在书店工作一次
As you may know from watching past videos,
如果看过之前的视频 你可能知道
I’ve had a history of not always prioritizing my health.
It is an ongoing quest to eat quality foods,
and not just give into my sweet tooth when it’s convenient.
而不能为了便捷 总是去吃甜食
Noticing my frugal tendencies early on,
I remember my parents always saying that saving money when possible is great,
我记得 他们总说有机会多存点钱 这很好
but try to never compromise your health.
I now see the wisdom in their words,
and agree that if at all possible,
we should prioritize feeding our bodies well and getting good sleep.
先要照顾好身体 保持良好睡眠
It’s such a crucial foundation.
In addition when I have a new home,
此外 搬了新家
I definitely want to buy some extra food to store for emergencies.
我确实要额外买些食物 以备不时之需
We are rural enough that it’s possible after an earthquake or other situation,
我们是在乡村啊 一旦有地震或者其他情况
we could be cut off from supply chains.
So I really do want to be ready just in case,
因此我真要做好准备 以防万一
so I expect to spend extra money on that when the time comes.
所以 到时候我会在这方面多花些钱
[the night sounds]
[Sign turning]
[Sign turning]
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One expense I didn’t anticipate when moving here
但搬新家后 保养汽车的费用
was the cost of keeping my car in good condition.
I need to usually change the tires for winter,
通常到了冬季 我需要换上专用轮胎
and then regular tires for the rest of the year,
and of course those need to be replaced.
当然 还要换那些需要换的轮胎
Rural roads can be hard on the car causing it to need repairs more often.
乡村路上行车困难 车子需要频繁维修
And then, of course there’s a very high likelihood
况且 非常有可能的是
that you can get into an accident with a deer on the road.
遇到鹿的话 还有可能出车祸
Thankfully I don’t have to drive too much,
幸好 我不太需要开车
I don’t really go on road trips or travel very far.
So I only really have to fill up on gas once or twice a month.
所以 我一个月真地只需要加一两次油
[Music playing]
In regards to my wardrobe I don’t buy new clothes very often.
至于衣服 我很少买新的
I try to limit it and just use what I have as much as possible.
You will see that I wear certain fast fashion items,
that I have owned long before I became informed
about how important it is to consider where is your clothes comes from.
But I also have to admit that I don’t purchase sustainable fashion very often.
但我也得承认 我很少买环保品牌的衣服
I have found that the options available for tall people like myself
are limited and very very expensive,
可选的环保品牌不多 还非常非常贵
and I’m just not able to rationalize spending hundreds of dollars on a single piece of clothing.
I really do try to just focus on using what I already have
实际上 我尝试专注在现有衣服的使用搭配
and just wearing it until it’s all worn out.
I also try to buy used clothing as much as possible,
if you ever noticed something particularly unique in one of these videos,
it’s usually because it is second-hand.
I find a lot of interesting things at thrift shops
and it is one of my favorite places to go.
I try to keep in mind that some of the most sustainable and mindful practices
we can do in regards to how we consume is to simply use what we already have,
最需要注意的做法 就是用好我们已有的物品
to be grateful for it, using it fully and not be excessive.
知足感恩 充分使用也不过度浪费
I try to apply that mentality on many things in my life financial and otherwise.
我试着将这方法用在生活里 像是理财或者其他很多事情上
So I was tidying up my house the other day and I realized that
有一天我在整理房间 我发现
I had about eight full-size candles like this size.
So I thought that was probably a little bit excessive, [Laughter]
我想这可能有点太浪费 [笑声]
but um I definitely am a candle lover.
So, I just kind to decide. You know what?
所以 我犹豫了一下 就是呢
Eight candles is all right. I just won’t get any more.
八根蜡烛其实还好 我也不会有更多蜡烛了
I went to go meet a friend,
有次 我去见了个朋友
and she actually had a new year’s gift for me. And it was a candle.
And then, I went to my mailbox down the road and there was a big package waiting for me.
之后 我去取快递 发现我有个好大的包裹
I realized it was a gift box from the Mythologie Candles company,
which I’ve bought candles from, and I love.
我买的蜡烛礼盒 我很喜欢
And they gifted me the entire spring collection
which is Shire themed, which was so exciting.
夏尔主题的 我很激动
So I had a blast opening it and smelling them all.
所以我迫不及待地打开它 都闻了一遍
And I was like, oh my goodness!
我当时就是那样的 天呐
This is like six new full-sized candles. It’s okay. It’s all right. It’s okay.
这可是六只全新的全尺寸蜡烛啊 没关系 没关系的啊
You know it’s not a problem unless you think it is, right?
只要自己觉得没错 那就不成问题 对吧?
And then the story gets even better.
I went to my P.O.BOX in the town next to me which I check at least once a month or so,
我每月至少查看一次位于邻镇的邮箱 那天我去了后
and the postmaster said that I had a couple packages there.
I just opened them and they’re from you guys.
我打开一看 是你们寄给我的
And two of you lovely lovely people sent me more candles.
大家太可爱了 有两个人寄给我许多蜡烛
I think within 24 hours, I have gone from owning eight candles to like 30 candles.
Orange spice and vanilla. Oh my gosh!
我的天 橘子香和香草香味
I think that’s my favorite. [Laughter]
这是我的最爱 [笑声]
Anyway, I laughed so hard when I opened those packages.
不管怎样 我打开那些包裹时 笑得很开心
It is the sweetest thing to just accept
that together we are creating this problem.
Because if I’m turning into the crazy candle lady,
I might as well make it a thing and you know share with you guys my recent discoveries.
我也会和你们分享蜡烛的事儿 那些我的新发现
Wood wicks, cotton wicks, soy wax, beeswax.
木蜡 棉蜡 大豆蜡 蜂蜡
I could talk about candles a lot. A lot quite a bit.
蜡烛呢 我可以讲很多 相当多
The Mythologie Candles company is very very sweet and they definitely started me on a path.
神话蜡烛公司的蜡烛很甜蜜 正是因为它们 我才开始收藏的
Where I’m gonna end up? I don’t know,
but I will keep you updated.
So moving on from my day.
所以 我的生活继续前行着
I was reticent to make a video talking a little bit more about finances.
I think sometimes it’s a a very complex subject to talk about.
我有时在想 这是个说起来非常复杂的话题
I think people have a lot of feelings associated with money. I definitely do.
我想人们对待金钱有颇多感受 我也是
I thought it would be worth kind of mentioning some things that I try to prioritize every month.
我觉得有必要谈谈 那些我每个月尽力去优先处理的事
Maybe it would give you a little bit of a perspective of
how I manage my money in the countryside.
Even though I feel financially stable, thank goodness now,
感谢老天 尽管我现在经济状况稳定
it’s definitely a relationship I wanted to improve with myself and my finances.
Not seeing money as an enemy or something that needs to be a constant source of fear.
不要把钱视作敌人 或是一直对钱恐惧
The vast majority of people, I…I’m close with, that are kind of spread out all over the place,
大多数人 我的熟人们 大家遍布各地
all seem to have equal difficulties finding affordable places to live,
你知道吗 无论他们在城里还是乡村
whether they’re in the city or in the countryside, you know, and
似乎大家都很难找到能负担得起的住处 而且
definitely here I just wake up every day being so grateful, I have a roof over my head.
其实我在这 每天都在庆幸中醒来 自己尚有片瓦遮身
It means so much to start a new journey with Luke,
重要的是 能和Luke开始新的旅程
and to know that we hopefully will have a place that will be ours.
I’m so aware too that if my life had just been the slightest bit different,
我也明白 如果我的生活有些许不同
it would have never been possible to do that. And so, I’m just so happy that,
是绝不可能做到这样的 因此 我很高兴
I will be able to stay and live in the valley, I love so much.
我能留下来住在山谷里 我太喜欢了
When it is so hard, sometimes to find places to live that you can afford.
有时候 找到你能负担得起的住处 真的很难
This is an interesting area in the state. It is the poorest county.
这里是这个州很有意思的地区 它是最贫困的县
And yet, this area in particular is a tourist hub.
So, it’s kind of a lot of interesting kind of contradictory elements.
所以 矛盾因素交织成了很多有意思的事
A local author wrote a book called DIVIDING PARADISE on rural inequality.
当地一位作家写了本关于农村不平等的书 叫《划分天堂》
And it was really interesting. And it really what I…I took from,
那本书真的很有趣 我……我从书中学到的
and I think a lot of locals have taken from it is how important it is to reach out to your community.
我想也是很多当地人从中学到的 是与社区联接的重要性
To be active in your community.To give what you can. And to do everything possible
积极参与社区活动 尽全力去给予 尽可能地去做一切
to support not only the people here, but the wildlife in the valley.
能帮到别人的事 不仅为这里的人们 还有山谷里的动物们
Some role models I had growing up, were people who really fought for preserving nature.
我成长过程中 有为了保护自然而战的榜样人物
Some that come to mind is, of course, Beatrix Potter, John Moore, Jane Goodall.
当然我能很快想到的是 碧翠丝·波特 约翰·摩尔 简·古道尔
They’re really fascinating individuals.
And, I took a lot from their mission to try to preserve the beauty,
他们的使命让我获益良多 他们努力保护美丽风景
preserve all this incredible landscape for the future.
And so, every month that is something I try to prioritize to find ways to give back.
所以我每月设法着重做些事情 来找到方法回馈社会
Especially through my Nature Conservancy which has done some amazing things in this valley,
特别是我组织的自然保护协会 为这个村庄做了很棒的事情
especially after the wildfires.
I share this, because I personally have found that
我分享这些 是因为我亲身体会到
getting involved in something you care about, in any way you can.
对于你自己在意的事情 应尽己所能参与其中
Whether you are able to get involved in a big way or in a small way,
or just volunteer some time. It’s just so fulfilling.
或者有时候你就是个志愿者 总之参与其中很有成就感
And it’s just amazing to think that you can be part of building a future.
你能成为未来建设的一分子 想想就不可思议
I think a really positive influence
teaching young children had on me was that I saw the future in their eyes,
在给孩子们上课时 我从他们的眼睛里看到了未来
I saw how important it was for me to be an example to them.
我看到了 对我来说 作为他们的榜样有多重要
Not just tell them what I care about, but show them.
不仅要告诉他们我关心什么 更要以身作则
And, I want them to see that. I want them to see that…that it is our responsibility
而我想让他们看到 我希望他们看到……我们的责任
to cultivate hope and to cultivate that positivity,
是去创造希望 去培养主动性
and to really be there for them. And our little people I think really
为他人提供实际的帮助 而我想我们的小朋友们
rely on us so much for an example on how to see the world.
真地很依赖我们 例如通过我们来了解这个世界
Because of the challenges finding rentals in this area,
I have noticed that many young people do get quite creative.
I’ve met several people who moved to the area
and just lived in trailers while they worked full time.
And eventually, through kind of community connections they were able to find a place to live.
不过最终 通过社区的帮助 他们有了住的地方
And that is really interesting and inspiring.
这一切很有趣 也很鼓舞人心
And it’s really fun to see young people getting so creative,
我很开心 看到年轻人如此有创造力
and… and finding ways to, uh, little by little work towards their dreams.
寻找方法 一点点地朝着梦想努力
And that’s definitely something I’ve taken to heart. You know, it’s just baby steps.
那些事绝对会让我记在心里 就是 这只是很小的一步
It might take a year, five years, ten years, a lifetime
可能还需要一年 五年 十年 一辈子
to get to where you want to go.
I will say, that when I lived in the city, definitely as a very young adult,
我想说 年轻时我也住城里
I had many friends who would live in situations that
还有我的朋友们 大家出于省钱的缘故
were not very safe, for the sake of saving money.
And, that is definitely something I kind of inadvertently
through naivety and through lack of experience, got myself into as well.
那时由于天真和缺乏经验 我陷入困境
When I was in the city, I rented an apartment that
thinking back on it was probably rented out illegally to me,
现在回想 我觉得公寓可能是非法租给我的
though I didn’t really understand that at the time.
但我当时 并不明白到底是怎么回事
All I knew was that it was a lot more affordable than other places,
我只知道 与其他地方相比它很便宜
and it was a very unclean space it had a lot of rat infestations.
但这个地方很脏 有很多老鼠出没
There was a very high chance of getting your food contaminated in the kitchen, because of that.
因此 厨房里的食物很可能被污染了
And the room I was in, was not insulated,
and it had just one really small window, because it was in an attic.
并且因为它在阁楼上 所以也只有一扇小窗
And you couldn’t get out of that window in an emergency.
而在紧急情况下 你不可能从窗户爬出去
And that was something that had never occurred to me, until one day
这点以前我也从未想过 直到有一天
a drunk driver backed into our gas pipe and flooded the house,
一位醉酒司机倒车时 撞了我们家煤气管 房子被烟雾围绕
a firefighter actually woke me up, out of my bed.
He stormed through the door and just about gave me a heart attack,
他破门进来 吓的我心里一大跳
I was already feeling quite dizzy at the time,
because I’d just been breathing in all this gas that was just
flowing into the room and had nowhere to go. It was just kind of piling up in there.
And… that moment will always stick with me for the rest of my life.
I will see firefighters is absolute super heroes.
The reason I am sharing this story is because
我分享这个故事 是因为我
I moved into that apartment without really
seriously taking into consideration the question of safety.
And a big part of moving there was because it was affordable,
搬去那里 很大一部分原因是 价格负担得起
and… it’s sad to think that for the sake of being able to save a couple hundred dollars every month,
其实……想起来挺悲哀的 就是为了每月能省几百美元
I was willing to risk my life like that.
And it was a big wake-up call. It was shortly after that experience that
这给我敲响了警钟 那次经历过后不久
I decided that I really needed to find a new job and a new place to live,
我决定找新的工作 新的住处
and that I need to call up my mama and tell her my story and…
我给我妈打电话 告诉她我的遭遇 然后……
and ask for help, and stop being so stubborn, and
寻求家人的帮助 不再固执
I am forever grateful that I had a family
that was willing to help me and was able to help me.
他们愿意帮助我 也能够帮到我
And… I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t had them there.
而…… 如果我没有他们 我不知道我会做什么
I don’t know what I would have done. So… yeah.
我不知道会发生什么 所以…… 是啊
The moral of this story is
whoever you are, whatever place you are in life,
无论你是谁 处于什么位置
I hope that if you are able to do so,
that you always keep your safety and your health into consideration,
but yeah, take… take care of yourself.
You are worthy of help. You are worthy of health.
要记住你需要帮助 你需要健康
All these things are the foundation of,
you know, working towards those dreams.
Trying to find peace. Trying to find healing.
But, yes. There has been some progress on applying for a loan.
但是 对了 在申请贷款方面确实有了一些进展
Thankfully. It does seem to be going uh well for us so far,
值得庆幸 到目前为止 一切都很顺利
I was a bit worried because
不过我还有点担心 因为
usually banks need two years worth of tax returns.
And while, I was able to show the income from my business last year.
The year before, I was still a teacher, that put me in a financial bracket.
前一年我还是个老师 这让我陷入了财务困境
Where I wouldn’t be approved for a loan with those two years of tax returns.
如果我有两年的退税 就不能获得贷款
So I had to wait until I filed my taxes for this year,
in order to be approved on my own.
But, thankfully, between Luke and I, it does seem like we’re still going to get approved,
但在卢克和我看来 我们还是可以获批
because he’s had a stable job working as a surveyor for several years in this area,
and he’s such a dedicated and hard worker.
他很敬业 工作也很努力
And… honestly thanks to him, kind of all this is possible. So… yeah,
老实说 多亏了他 这一切才有可能
I’m… I’m so proud of him.
我…… 我真为他感到骄傲
But, yeah, um, so… We will see how it goes.
但是 最后还是要看结果如何
I am so excited about all of it.
And, of course, I need to conclude this by saying thank you to all of you.
当然最后 我要对你们所有人说声谢谢
You guys have changed my life, completely changed my life.
你们改变了我的生活 彻底改变了我的生活
You have allowed me to make a living through my art,
through sharing things I love, through this valley.
通过分享我爱的事物 通过这个山谷 得以谋生
And I cannot thank you enough. All right.
而我非常感激你们 好了
Well, I think I have talked more than enough, maybe too much.
好 我想我已经说得够多了 也许有点太多了
But, I hope you’re all, uh, well.
但 祝你们都安好
I will see you very very soon and take care. I am sending my love.
我们很快会再见 保重 爱你们