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How Exploring the Universe Opens Up New Realities: Innovation, Elon Musk, Aliens | Scott Parazynski

Why do humans explore?
部分原因在于 这是我们的本性
Well, part of it is quite fundamental to our nature
there’s adventure and challenge in it
但对我来说 醉心探索在于
But for me, the reason I’m drawn to exploration is because
it forces us to think in novel ways
作为发明家 我喜欢沉浸在奇特的氛围中 喜欢不断找寻
And as an inventor I love going into extraordinary environments and finding ways to do that
更安全的方式进行探索 以更高效的方式开发更好的技术
more safely, more effectively developing ways to extract better science.
所以 对我来说 这真的是一剂创新的催化剂
And so for me it’s actually been a wonderful catalyst for innovation.
就像美国国家航空航天局的历史 当你回顾阿波罗计划
Similar to NASA’s history when you think back to the Apollo program
会觉得那是我儿时的偶像 我童年时就想成为其中的一员
which is sort of the icon of my childhood, the thing that I wanted to be a part of as a kid
必须发明 能够安全将宇航员送入地球轨道 然后再到月球的设备
the things that had to be invented to safely send astronauts first into Earth orbit and then to the moon,
the list is so long.
But what came of that is an extraordinary list of technologies
that we now take for granted.
例如 用于心脏监测的霍尔特氏心电动态检测仪
For example, the heart monitoring capabilities called the Holter monitor
目前在世界范围内得到广泛应用 这种设备的出现源于人类的必然需求
that we now have in daily practice around the world, that was something that was driven out necessity.
我们需要监测心脏健康 确保心脏这一部分仍然
We needed to monitor heart health neded to make sure that the crew is still alive
onboard those early tiny capsules.
所以 通过我们能力的提高 无论是上天还是下海
So by pushing our capabilities, whether it’s up in space, down in the Antarctic, inside
火山还是海洋 我们都应该开发一些
volcanoes, underneath our oceans, we have to develop new technologies that benefit all
the rest of us in our daily lives.
因此 这个世界仍然充满未知 我的意思是
And so the world is still very, very unknown and what I mean by that is yes we’ve been
我们是地球重要的组成部分 但现在我们还需一些新的感知能力
to most parts of our globe, but now we have a whole array of new sensing capabilities,
新技术 新的分析能力以及大数据便于
new technologies, new analytical capabilities, big data analytics that will allow us to go
我们再踏入这些地方 可以汲取更多的知识 施展我们的能力
back to these places and extract more knowledge and press our capabilities more.
我认为活着非常好 尤其是作为一名探索者
So I think it’s an incredibly exciting time to be alive and certainly as an explorer.
迄今为止 通过空间项目和空间探索的历程 我们已经
Through the course of our space program and our space exploration thus far, we’ve developed
开发出 将宇航员 移民安全送到遥远世界的工具及对策
the tools and countermeasures to safely send astronauts, colonists, to far-away worlds.
像我刚才提到的那样 我认为人类的命运就是离开地球
And so, as I’ve already alluded, I think it’s our human destiny to go beyond Earth
to hopefully create an outpost on the moon similar to what we have at the south pole,
在那里进行外太空研究 为再补给飞船创造中间站
where we could conduct deep space research and also create a way point to resupply spacecraft
那样就可以去更远的地方遨游 火星或太阳系其他令人兴奋的地方
that could travel further on, to Mars and other exciting places in our own solar system.
你也许听过恩克拉多丝 欧罗巴或泰坦 这些是地外行星上 被冰雪覆盖的卫星
You may have heard of Enceladus or Europa or Titan, these are ice encrusted moons of
our outer planets that have geothermal or volcanic activity within them
因此 它们才是名副其实冰川 如果我们能把飞船或船员
and so they’re actually ice-crusted oceans, and wouldn’t it be amazing if we could send a spacecraft
送到那里并提取水样本 不是很刺激吗?
and or crew there and sample those waters?
我想 至少会发现一些简单的生命形式 这种可能性是非常大的
I would think that the likelihood of finding at least some simple life forms there is quite high.
那会改变我们所有的想法 让我们意识到生命也许不像我们想的那样单一
That would change everything, to realize that life is perhaps not as unique as we thought.
I think deep space exploration is a human imperative,
understanding our place in the solar system and in the broader universe.
进行中的一件激动人心的事就是 我们正探索这些 围绕遥远星系的外星行星
And one of the exciting things that’s happening right now is we’re discovering these exoplanets
实际上行星的运行没有例外 无一不是遵循这样的规律
surrounding far-away star systems, and in fact planets are probably not the exception but probably the rule.
也许我们在夜空看到的 每颗闪烁的星星周围
There are probably planetary bodies around every little star,
都有行星的身影 想到会有什么东西在那儿
twinkle twinkle little star that we see in the night sky
and so it’s incredibly exciting to think about what might be out there.
Is there life elsewhere?
从数据分析来看 这成千上万的星系
And I think if we just think about it statistically, the trillions and trillions of star systems
and far-away galaxies and the incredible number of planets that are certainly out there,
the conditions for life must certainly exist.
So I’m excited about the prospect of sending,
船员先登上月球再到火星 是很有希望地
hopfully, crews first to the moon but then on to Mars
and I’m really so excited about Elon Musk’s vision of colonizing Mars.
实际上 他计划制造一艘可搭载100位移民的火箭
In fact, he’s got designs to design rockets that would carry a hundred colonists
将他们送到火星上 了此余生
at a time and taking them to live out the rest of their lives on Mars.
他是个有趣的人 而且我深信 只要投入相应的精力和金钱
He’s a pretty interesting guy, as I’m sure you know, he’s been successful at pretty
much everything that he has set his mind and his money to do,
但他移民这种理念十分狂热 还表达过自己想在火星颐养天年的愿望
but he’s so dedicated to this kind of concept of colonization that he’s stated that he wants to die on Mars
and I think that’s commitment
我确实对未来的虚拟现实 混合或扩张的现实充满热情
I’m really passionate about virtual reality and mixed or augmented reality in the future,
我们可以借此相互影响 相互学习并训练自己尝试新事物的方式
ways in which we can interact and learn and train ourselves to do new things from very remote places.
And it will allow us to actually control robotics and do things
that we would never be able to do in person because that environment is so dangerous.
So the human-machine interface is actually something that is part of my daily life now.
I’m at CEO of a tech startup company called Fluidity Technologies
我们主要靠知识产权 机器人控制 贷款及机器学习发展
that is based on intellectual property, robotic controls, leveraging, machine learning.
我们可以用一只手来操作手柄 遥控飞机
So we’re able, in a single hand with our controllers, to operate drones, potentially
甚至是直升机 或遥控操作装置 电脑游戏 计算机辅助设计
even helicopters and ROVs, computer games, computer-aided design, augmented reality and
maybe even teleoperation of surgical robots.
未来 我希望能够给予世界的是 一台远程操控手术
And so in my far-away view, what I’d love to be able to offer the world is a surgeon
here in New York City being able to operate with one of our controllers and deliver the
对撒哈拉以南的非洲或尼泊尔偏远地区的病人 实施同样高品质的医学诊疗
same high-quality care to a patient in sub-Saharan Africa or in rural Nepal.
That sounds like science fiction,
but it’s really quite attainable with the technologiesthat I see on the forefront.