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How a 15-year-old solved a Rubik's Cube in 5.25 seconds

在20世纪70年代中期 厄尔诺 鲁比克发明了魔方 但这不意味着他知道
In the mid-1970’s, Erno Rubik invented the Rubik’s cube. But that doesn’t mean knew
怎么玩 他花了几个月来研究它
how to solve it. It took him a few moths to figure it out.
By the time the first World Rubik’s Cube Championships were held in 1982,
The winner — he could solve the cube in a little less than 23 seconds.
And these days? [news montage of collin’s record]
今天我们知道了世界纪录的保持者科林 伯恩斯是怎么做到的
This is world record holder Collin Burns, and today, we find out how he did it.
“记录可能保持一天 可能保持几年 之前的记录
“It could last another day; it could last another few years. The previous record lasted
只保持了2年以上 其实最需要的一个就是运气
for just over 2 years. But with single solve, especially, you just need to get lucky. Or
at least that’s a big part of it.”
科林想要弱化他技能的重要性 但是世界上的两种
Collin tends to downplay his skills but it’s worth noting there are two types of world
记录 一个是在魔方速拧赛中
records. The way speedcubing competitions work is that
volunteers scramble the cubes according to instructions that are generated by a computer,
so competitors all get the same scramble.
接着如此恢复五个 取其中三个中等成绩的平均值作为成绩
They do 5 solves and their three middle scores are averaged.
So Collin holds the world record for a single solve.
But the world record for an average score is held by a 19-year-old in Australia.
然而 科林的记录也是很好的 在比赛上我们遇到他
Still, Collin’s record is a huge deal. At the competition where we met up with him,
kids were asking him for his autograph.
He’s now being sponsored by a cube company and by a cube retailer, which are paying for
让他去全球讲解 而他想让人们明白你也是可以做到的
him to travel internationally. And he wants people to know, you could do this too.
“人们对魔方最大的就是认为它太难了 然而
“The biggest misconception about cubing is that it’s difficult, which it really
不是的” 流行文化中把魔方当做
isn’t.” Pop culture treats the Rubik’s cube like
智力测试 但它不是的 至少不应该这样
some sort of IQ test, but it’s not. At least not anymore.
“通常 平均成绩是更有效的 因为需要一直保持快的速度”
“Generally average is much more impressive because you have to be consistently fast.”
但是 科林的成绩不可忽视 在比赛上我们遇到他的时候
Still, Collin’s record is a huge deal. At the competition where we met up with him,
一些孩子问他要亲笔签名 还问“你是那个著名的魔方男吗?”
other kids were asking him for autographs. “are you that famous cube guy?”
I recently bought a cube online and it came with instructions for beginners. And if you
记住那些教程 也就可以在几分钟内恢复魔方
memorize those, you can solve the cube in a couple minutes.
它可以帮助你理解一些魔方的构造 最先 它看起来一个
It helps to understand the design of the puzzle. At first glance, it looks like a cube made
小方块堆积的立方体——是的 三层九个方块
out of cubes — right, three layers of nine.
但如果仔细看 你会发现它并不是真正的方块
But if you look closer, you’ll see there aren’t actually any cubes here. So that
一面接着一面 一边接着一边
tells you that the corners will always be corners, the edges will always be edges, and
the middle pieces determine the color of that face.
速拧魔方的人会买一些特殊的魔方 润滑和改装它们
Speedcubers will buy special cubes. They can lubricate them and adjust the tension. But
the real key to their speed is efficiency – they’re looking several moves ahead, and
they use fewer moves to get the same result.
So there are 43 quintillion possible arrangements for the cube.
几年前 一些研究者借助谷歌的计算能力来解决
A few years back, some researchers borrowed computing power from Google to find out that
any scramble can be solved in 20 moves or less. They call it God’s Number.
But humans just aren’t that good.
The beginners’ method that I learned uses 100 to 200 moves.
速拧者大多用50到60步 他们可以做到这样很大程度上是
Speedcubers use more around 50 to 60 moves. And they can do that, in part, because of
the knowledge gained by the previous generation of speedcubers.
魔方第一次在时间流行要追溯到80年代 人们开始
When the cube first spread around the world back in the 80s, people had to learn through
trial and error.
This was happening in a lot of math departments and campus clubs. People were discovering
发现了魔方 而且分享他们认识的
the cube at the same time, and they were sharing what they learned.
科林使用的方法是杰西卡 弗莱德里奇创造的这位工程教授当时
The method Collin uses was developed by Jessica Fridrich, an engineering professor who was
a college student at the time.
这个方法是先在一面拧好十字形 然后将这面作为底面
It starts with a cross on one of the faces. And that face becomes the bottom layer. Then
what they do is solve the corners of the bottom layer and the middle layer simultaneously.
“So, now you can see that all of this is solved.”
对于最后一层 他们从他们记住的解法中选择一个进行恢复
And for the final layer, they’re choosing from dozens of algorithms that they’ve memorized.
And those are sequences of moves that mess up the cube temporarily to move certain pieces
into place. And then put the rest of the cube back where it was.
近来又卷起了魔方热 同样的
The Rubik’s cube has made a comeback in recent years along with that same ethic of
sharing tips and strategies.
你所需要资源都有 而且需要的还有另一个
So all the resources you need are there, there’s just one other thing.
这是5年前的科林 成功不是一蹴而就的
This is Collin nearly 5 years ago. world records are not built in a day.