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HOME DECOR HAUL | Little House in Town, Indish, Anthropology

嗨 今天我要做的是关于家居饰品的分享视频
Hey today I’m coming to you with a haul. A home haul.
A lot of you always wonder where I get my things and
appreciate my taste I guess.
这段时间 我一直在为家里挑选一些装饰品
So lately I’ve been picking out a few things for the house
东西不是非常非常多 不需要大规模采购
and it’s not too too much, it’s not gonna be a massive haul
but the things that I got
I do like quite a lot.
So hopefully you like them as well.
So let me show you.
The first shop that I bought from it’s a website,
I never heard of it before,
I just kind of stumbled across it,
I was searching for ethic haul home decor,
然后弹了出来 挺棒的 叫做 “little house in town”
and it popped up and it’s great. It’s called little house in town.
我买的第一样东西就是 这支小小的蜡烛
The first thing I got it’s this tiny little candle.
事实上 我猜你从来没有能离开蜡烛的时候
I think you can never really go around with candles.
而我 只要家里有客人
Anytime I host people at my house,
I always make sure I lit some up,
因为蜡烛不仅能营造温馨的氛围 也很好闻
because it creates atmosphere, but it also smells so nice.
起初我买下这只蜡烛 完全是被它的包装吸引 既漂亮又精致
And this one I got it because its package itself was so cute and dainty.
但实际到手后 我发现这比我预想的好闻很多
But then when I got it, it actually smell way better than I’d thought.
It smells like ginger and walnuts.
我本来以为会很难闻 没想到香味还不错
So I wasn’t expecting too much, but it smells really good.
The second thing is something I found in their winter section.
It’s this little container,
它还配有盖子 你可以拿来放些杂物
and it has a top, and then you can put some stuff inside.
它真的很精美 从这些裂纹可以看出来盒子很古老
it’s very delicate, you can tell how old it is because all the cracks.
And I think that adds so much to it.
我可能会把它放在厨房里 用来装些巧克力
I think I’m gonna put this in the kitchen and just put some chocolate in it.
我还没决定好 这实在太美了
Not too sure but it’s very pretty.
说实话 真正勾起我购物欲望的是
But the reason why I decided to shop from there
is because I saw it had these beautiful books
当然 这些书网站上还有很多种款式
and it has so many more of these
but these were the three colors and themes that I was excited about.
Not so much this one.
I got this one which is the observer’s book of aircraft.
Just because of the color,
I like light blue a lot
and I felt like it went well with these two.
So this is just for decoration.
But this one is about cacti
and this one is about wild flowers.
These have illustration of plants which
的植物插画 我家里也都挂满了植物的图片
I absolutely love. I have pictures of plants around my house,
just because I think they are so beautiful to look at.
So especially the wild flower one,
光是翻翻书 欣赏书里的插画 我都觉得阳光明媚
I think it’s just so sunny to turn the pages and admire the beautiful pictures.
总之 书的外观很适合作摆设 但当你打开它
I think overall they look very nice since as a decorative piece, but then if you open them,
there’s a little surprise.
以上全部都是在那家网站上买的 后面我又去逛了ANTHROPOGIE
That’s all from there, but then I moved on to ANTHROPOGIE
which is a shop that I really like.
喜欢这家店的风格 喜欢所有他们上架的东西
The style, love. Anything they put up there, I love.
老是忍不住要剁手 根本控制不住自己
So it’s a really dangerous place for me, and I try not to buy too too much.
我 我曾经阻止自己去看他们的网站 长达几个月
I, I banned myself from the website for months,
但是我知道不去看我会疯的 要是去他们的网站
because then I knew that I would go crazy, but then if I do go,
I try to keep myself calm.
这段时间 我在寻找好用的香皂
So this time I was looking for soap,
是因为我最近开始在浴室看书 发现自己也没那么喜欢沐浴露
because I recently read on my bathroom and I am not too big of fan of those pumping liquid soaps,
所以想要用香皂替代 但又希望香皂
so instead I wanted the soap bar, but I wanted to have something
有点独特 不是那种你可以随便买到的
more unique rather than the ones you can get it at the grocery store.
And I actually found two soaps that I really like.
第一款就是这个 我喜欢它个性化的包装
The first one is this one. I like the way it’s wrapped,
把香皂放在这个小盘子上 太美了
I like they came with the little dish that’s very pretty.
它真的很好闻 有一股花香
It smells really nice like a flowery scent
我还买了另一款 就是一块瑞典香皂
and I also got another one, it’s just a Swedish soap,
因为我家是瑞典风的装修 所有的东西不是白色就是淡蓝色的
but because the theme of this house is Swedish and everything goes white and light blue.
I just got so excited.
Another thing I got from there is this chunk of marble.
我和你说 它非常重
It’s very heavy, let me tell you.
I was a little surprised by the measure of this
because when I saw it in the website it seemed a lot bigger
我还记得 当时自己就想过为什么它会这么便宜
and also I remember thinking why it’s so cheap,
因为我以为它是很大块的 直到拿到手
because in my mind it was massive, then it arrived,
才恍然大悟 你懂的 它很小 至于价格嘛……
it all make sense because now, you know, it’s tiny and the price…is
appropriate to the size of it.
这是个烛台 真的非常……美
So this is a candle holder it’s just really… nice.
在买蜡烛这件事上 不管买到怎样的 一直都不会出错
It’s always a win-win in my opinion when it’s about candles.
我的确希望烛台更大些 但正因为它小一点 也更容易摆弄
I do wish that it was a little bigger, but because it is smaller, it’s kind of easier to play,
买小并不会变成烦恼 我还是真心喜欢它
so I’m not too bothered by it and I still really love it.
为了装饰浴室 我还要买些窗帘
Then still for the bathroom. I in needed to get some curtains.
Because when the workers came in they took them down
我意识到窗帘已经很旧了 像是买房子送的
and I realized that they were kind of old like we bought them with the place.
很明显 我要买一个更新 更加搭配浴室的窗帘
It felt like an obvious choice to just get new ones that match the bathroom.
我一直都在找一些比较通透的 遮光性不太强的窗帘
I’ve been looking for some kind of clear ones like see through for a while.
But they are all kinda like very simple,
and this time I wanna something more interesting,
so then I came around these ones that had these embroidery all over them,
它们挂在浴室太华丽了 对于太长的部分
and then I just put them up in the bathroom and they looks so gorgeous, they were a bit too long
你只要裁剪边缘 简单缝上 就能得到这么好的效果
so you had to cut the edging, kind of like stitch it up, but now it look really great.
现在我上厕所的时候 就不用担心外面有人偷看啦
And now I can go pee without feeling like someone from the outside is looking directly at me,
which is great.
And now the final thing is a botanical calendar for 2017.
So I’m ready for next year I have this beauty.
正如我说的 我是真的很迷恋植物图片
As I said before, I’m really into botanical pictures.
I love the way there is real flowers but then the sketches around them.
是的 它只是一本日历 现在应该很少人会买日历了吧
So yeah it’s just a calendar. I feel like not many people would buy calendars anymore
但我有了一本 最后一家店实际上
but now I have one. So now the final place where I shop from which actually
不是我想展示的最后一家 但我在其他店买的
it wasn’t supposed to be the last one, but the other place I bought from,
东西都还没收到 我刚收到邮件 他们说六个星期之后才会到货
the things didn’t arrive and I just got an email saying that they won’t arrive for at least six weeks.
是的 那样的事情不会再有了
So yeah that’s not gonna happen.
我是从 “Indish” 上面买到这个可爱水袋的
What I do have it’s from indish. I got this adorable water bottle,
因为我最近在博客上提及自己生病的情况 别太担心了
because I’ve heard of my blog recently about this disease that I have going on. Don’t get too worry about it.
我主要是觉得胃不舒服 有时会严重一些
I just basically have been feeling bad with my stomach and it gets kind of bad sometimes,
so I feel like a water bottle could help me out,
could be my friend in this situation and because this beautiful friendly face
事实上这让我想到了Felix 以后他不在的时候 还有这个热水袋陪我
that reminds me of Felix actually. And anytime he is away I feel kind of lonely so now I have this one.
This is my new boyfriend.
让我们换个话题 我还买了一些玻璃杯
Moving out from this subject, I also got some new glasses.
看看 多么漂亮啊
Look how gorgeous these are.
They are kind of tiny which I was hoping they were slightly bigger.
这是钻石形状的玻璃杯 我之前从未看到过这种
They are diamond shape glasses, I never seen them before like these.
虽然我已经有了很喜欢的玻璃杯 那些杯子前面还印着珊瑚
Although we did have glasses that I really like, they have a coral in the front,
但我就是觉得这些玻璃杯很适合夏天用 所以就买了
and I feel like those are really just appropriate for summer time so I got these.
管他适合什么季节 现在我就是想用就用 你懂的
And now I can use these anytime I want without feeling like it’s kind of out of season you know.
最后一样东西 也是这只视频里最贵的一样东西
And now the final thing I got from here is the most expensive purchase from
就是这个崭新的台灯 还好我找到放它的地方了
this haul and it’s a new lamp and now luckily I found a spot
就放在休息室 通透的材质让灯光更加突出
in the chill room where to put it. Clear texture really reflect the light
a lot better than solid ones would. So
尽管休息室物品很多 这盏台灯放在那还是很美
even though it is kind of crammed in the chill room, it still looks really nice.
也为房间增添了温馨的氛围 还是一件值得入手的东西
And it just adds a better atmosphere to the room now. So it ended up to be a great thing to get.
这就是我要分享的全部东西 东西虽然不多
And that’s it these were all the things that I got. As I said not too many things but
我还是希望和你们分享我买了什么 下周再见 拜拜
I hope you enjoy to see what I’ve been shopping for and that’s about it. I will see you next week. Bye
Thanks for watching.



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