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Hidden Meaning in Disney's Frozen - Earthling Cinema

大家好 欢迎来到地球人影院 我是主持人Garyx Wormuloid
Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid.
This week’s artifact is “Frozen,”
该片由披头士乐队演唱的插曲《Let It Be》荣获了奥斯卡金曲奖
which won an Academy Award for its chart-topping song “Let It Be,” by the Beatles.
影片讲述一位公主 她罹患了一种罕见人类疾病 我们称作
The film follows a princess who suffers from a rare, human condition called
“unexplained mutant ice powers.”
她叫艾莎 但不妨称她“奶昔” 因为她把妹妹安娜的大脑冻住了
Her name is Elsa, but it might as well be Milkshake, because she gives her little sister, Anna, brain-freeze.
她们的父母带安娜去做急救 为她疗伤
Their parents take Anna to the emergency room to get her a lobotomy.
Elsa worries that the lobotomy might be contagious,
“Don’t touch me.”
so she hides in her room for the rest of the decade.
Satisfied that they have done a good job raising their children away from any kind of school
度假时 国王和王后遇难了
or social interaction, the parents go on vacation and die.
王国无人统治 三年后 艾莎成为女王
And, after waiting around doing nothing for three years in a kingdom ruled by no one, Elsa becomes queen.
我们也可称她“奶昔女王” 她的加冕典礼使所有男子聚集到城堡
But, her name might as well be Queen Milkshake, because she brings all the boys to the yard.
安娜遇到一个叫汉斯的王子 他们经过两次交谈后决定结婚
Anna meets a prince named Hans, and they decide to get married after two conversations,
which is their right as heterosexuals.
安娜请求艾莎参加婚礼 但被拒绝了
Anna asks Elsa to save the date, but she refuses.
“You can’t marry a man you just met.”
用魔力反击中伤她的人之后 艾莎逃走了
As a preemptive strike against anyone calling her Milkshake again, Elsa runs away.
她抛弃了被冰封的王国 为自己建了一座带有“中央空调”的新城堡
She builds herself a new castle with central A/C, casting the land in eternal winter.
另一边 按照故事惯例 安娜遇到了同龄的迷人男孩名叫克里斯托夫
In any case, Anna meets another conventionally attractive, age-appropriate guy named Kristoff,
他为了得到胡萝卜 答应冒险带安娜上山
who agrees to risk his life taking her up the mountain in exchange for a carrot.
沿途 他们遇到了雪宝——艾莎创造的雪人——雪宝告诉了他们去艾莎城堡的路
Along the way, they meet Olaf — Elsa’s illegitimate son — who shows them the way to Elsa’s castle.
安娜请求艾莎回家 这偏偏是艾莎最不能接受的
Anna asks Elsa to come back, which is basically Elsa’s biggest pet peeve,
所以她再次攻击了安娜 如观众所料 安娜的新男友出现并反制了艾莎
so she zaps Anna again and has her new boyfriend kick them to the proverbial curb.
Kristoff takes Anna back to the emergency room,
一位治疗师说 安娜的心被寒冰冻住了
where the on-call physician explains that Anna’s heart has been frozen with a capital “F,”
“There is ice in your heart.”
and can only be thawed by an “act of true love,”
比如 这个月的《夸克杂志》 你读完它以前绝不会被某人扔掉 凯伦
like when someone doesn’t throw away this month’s Quarks Illustrated before you’re done reading it, Karen.
克里斯托夫将安娜从山上带回家 这样汉斯能给她一个甜蜜的吻
Kristoff drops Anna off back home, so Hans can give her a little C12-H22-O11.
*Boing boing*
*Boing boing*
不过 汉斯因为她身上有虱子 不想和她亲近
But, Hans doesn’t want to give her a little anything, because of cooties.
由此暴露出他是坏男人 只觊觎着王位 他以叛国罪监禁艾莎 又将安娜关在房间里
Turns out he’s the bad guy and just wants the throne, so he locks up Elsa for treason and Anna for symmetry.
雪宝帮安娜逃出来 并告诉她去吻克里斯托夫 因为只有接吻才能救她
Olaf helps Anna escape, and tells her to go kiss Kristoff instead, since kissing is all she’s good for, anyway.
她无奈中接受建议 但看到艾莎有危险 便为姐姐做出了真爱的行为
She figures “what the hell,” but then she sees Elsa is in trouble, so performs an act of true love on her instead,
这并不是草率的方式 凯伦
and not in a gross way, Karen.
就像霍尼·刘易斯 艾莎意识到爱的魔力
And just like Huey Lewis, Elsa realizes the power of love,
这使她突然有了驱散严寒的力量 广场上人们一片欢呼
which makes her suddenly able to reverse the winter and prove once and for all, that it’s hip to be square.
《冰雪奇缘》是部音乐剧 它描写了人世间最珍爱的两个人之间的矛盾与冲突
“Frozen” is a musical about the dueling properties of two of Earth’s most cherished elements —
是一首冰与火之歌 如果你能感觉到
a song of ice and fire, if you will.
Heck, I don’t know why you wouldn’t.
安娜是火的象征 她温暖而热情
Anna is associated with fire, which indicates warmth and passion.
她有火红的头发和几颗雀斑 肩上还有太阳斑
She has fiery red hair and freckles, or sunspots, on her shoulders,
为了她的健康 她真该做个体检
which she should really get checked out, just to be safe.
She uses fire as a weapon against the horse attack.
当汉斯向安娜挑明 他只是看重她的身份 一团爱情之火便熄灭了
When Hans reveals to Anna that he only wants her for her nobility, he extinguishes a fire,
thereby extinguishing the passion Anna had for him.
Elsa is associated with ice — she is cold and rational —
“I don’t dance.”
and thinks the answer to life is to inhibit her feelings.
“不要去想 不要去想”
“Don’t feel. Don’t feel.”
在我们的星球上 她不能做错事 因为她对于魔力的感受会受到死亡的惩罚
And, on our planet, she wouldn’t be wrong, since feelings are punishable by death.
她把自己隔离起来 将传统服装换成紧身衣 纱裙等能够展示自我的衣服
She isolates herself, trading in her traditional garb for a revealing, skin-tight, transparent dress —
and all on a shoestring budget.
这暗示了自我解放 甚或是性解放
It suggests liberation, perhaps even sexual liberation.
但代价是什么呢?只有通过妹妹爱的拥抱 艾莎才能获得真正的满足感
But, at what cost? It is only by embracing the love of her sister that Elsa can find real fulfillment,
而她的幸福感则来自于社会团结 或是品尝美味巧克力
and the happiness that comes with social solidarity, or from a good piece of chocolate.
影片似乎想说明独立是错误之举 刚好迎合迪士尼制片方的从众心理
The movie seems to suggest that independence is a mistake, which falls in line with Disney’s mob mentality.
所有人都在寻求与他人的交往 一个孤独的人需要帮助时不会受到别人的重视
All people require connection, so a solitary person is considered incomplete and in need of fixing.
“Nobody wants to be alone.”
正如医生说 “我们需要互相依靠共同成长”
As the medical staff says, “We need each other to fix us up and round us out.”
“We need each other to fix us up and round us out!”
Easy for them to say — they’re already round.
《冰雪奇缘》具有进步意义 因为英雄救赎的主题在该片中演绎的是姐妹之爱
However, Frozen is progressive in that the heroes’ redemption arrives in the form of sisterly love,
rather than that of a charming prince or frog or whatever.
俗话说“一见钟情” 汉斯王子的求婚就是个例子
The adage of “love at first sight,” as evidenced by the courtship of Prince Hans,
像凯伦一样 我们被“一见钟情”误导了 但事实证明它并不重要
is proven to be as trivial and misguided as Karen.
即便对一个很有希望的求婚者如克里斯托夫 影片也没有描写他们举行了婚礼 他们要慢慢来
And, even with a promising suitor such as Kristoff, there is no definitive wedding. They take it slow.
Mmm, so slow.
In addition to conservative messages,
影片另一个不断重复的主题是门 也就是人们再熟悉不过的穿墙时常走的门
another recurring motif is the door, something humans used when they were too tired to phase through the wall.
影片开始时 两位公主被宫殿里紧闭的大门分开了
The film begins with the two princesses stuck in a kingdom with closed gates.
当然 这扇门也将两姐妹各自离奇平凡的童年分离开来
And of course, there’s the door separating the sisters throughout their weirdly uneventful childhood.
一次艾莎把自己关在房间里 她冷漠地对待妹妹的请求
Once she becomes a homeowner, Elsa brags about how she’ll handle solicitors.
“Turn away and slam the door!”
Anna later solicits her to do the opposite.
“Please don’t slam the door.”
影片结尾部分对白说 “门开着真好 我们不会再关门了”
One of the final lines of the film is “I like the open gates. We’re never closing them again.”
“I like the open gates.”
“We are never closing them again.”
The subtext is clear: Elsa won’t shut her sister out anymore,
and the kingdom will be forever susceptible to attack.
地球人影院 我是Garyx Wormuloid
For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid.
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Till next time, stay warm.
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