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I think that one of the best pieces of advice I ever got was don’t let your successes go
冲昏了你的头 也不要让你的失败伤了你的心在我小的时候我的父母
to your head and don’t let your failures go to your heart, As a Child my parents
一直告诉我说你能成为任何你想成为的人 你能做到任何你想做的事
always told me you can be whatever you want to be you can do whatever you want to do and
你们知道那个办公室的位置 那个地表最高的办公大楼 这是
you know that office that position , the highest office on the face of the Earth it was something
我从父母那听来的但是我从未相信过 直到我来到这个世界
I heard my parents saying it but I didn’t totally believe it yet I went out in the world
我双手环抱在胸前 昂首挺胸的站在那 看着别人的眼镜
and I carry myself and I held my head high and I stood there and I look people in their
eyes and I talk to people as if I was deserving of everything that this planet has to offer
so I really want to say to children out there and to people
和正在收看的人们说:“子曰:‘知之为知之 不知为不知 是知也’”
who are watching Confucius said once, “he who says he can and he who says he can’t are both
所以我拿到这个奖时 我想站在你们面前
usually right” so I want to stand here before you and as I hold this award, I want to give
想我的妻子传达爱意 并且我希望你们心里知道
love to my wife and I want you to keep in your heart just know that you can know that
you can,
成功没有捷径 无论你多么有天赋 如果你不练习
There is no easy way around it, no matter how talented you are your talent is going
你的天赋只会让你失败 如果你不去学习 不去努力的练习 每一天
to fail you if you are not skilled, if you don’t study, if you don’t work really hard and dedicate
都不是全身心让自己变得更好 你就不能以你想要的方式
yourself to being better every single day you won’t be able to communicate with people with your
artistry the way you want
对我来说 从三年前开始 每日与恐惧的对抗就变成了家常便饭
The daily confrontation with fear has become a real practice for me since about 3 years
那时候我在迪拜跳伞 跳伞运动真的是一个
ago I went I went I went skydiving in Dubai right and skydiving skydiving is a really
很有趣的对抗恐惧的运动 当时是这么回事 跳伞的前天晚上你出门和
interesting confront with fear so what happens is you go out the night before and you take
你的朋友们在喝酒 然后有人说 明天我们去跳伞吧 然后你
a drink with your friends and somebody says we should Go skydiving tomorrow, and You
跟着说 好啊我们明天去跳伞 接着你回到了家 自己好好
go yeah we’ll go skydiving tomorrow, and You go home and you are by yourself you
想了想 “额嗯”你们应该是 我意思是 都喝多了所以明天还是不会去的吧
like, “hmm” you are like well i mean they were drunk too so maybe we don’t have to do it,
那个晚上你躺在床上会突然惊醒 而且因为害怕你
so then that night you’re laying in your bed and you are terrified and you just
不停的想象你从飞机上跳下去的场景 你根本弄不清为什么要这么做 对吧
keep imagining over and over again jumping out of an airplane you can’t figure out why you would do that, right?
然后你还是只能睡在那 那是你一生中最差的一觉但是你依然希望你的朋友们都喝多了
and you are laying there and you have the worst night sleep of your life but you still have the hope that your friends were
然后就不用去了 对吧?之后第二天你起来 下楼跟朋友们说
drunk right? so you wake up the next day and you go you know down and you said where you
今天我们到哪集合 结果都在楼下等着你好吧很好很好很好 接着你
were going to meet and everybody’s there alright cool cool cool cool cool so you get in the
上了车 其实你不知道他们跟你经历了同样的一个夜晚 因为他们伪装得就像
van and you don’t know that your friends had the same night that you had because they are pretending like
“他们不像我叔叔是海豹突击队的 你知道吗那很棒 这就是我一直
they didn’t like my uncle is a navy seal and you know this is going to be great I’ve been
梦寐以求要干的事” 而你表现的像是“噢我的天 ”然后你开始觉得胃不舒服 你不再有
looking forward to this and you’re like, oh my God and your stomach is terrible you can’t
任何的食欲 可你还是不想成为那个不敢跳出
eat and everything but you don’t want to be the only guy who does not jump out of this
飞机的人 所以你到了那里 然后进行了安全教育 你站在那里
airplane , so you get there and you have this safety brief and you’re standing there and
然后有个人在那说如果伞包没打开会发生什么事 为什么会出现
the guy is like well if the parachute doesn’t open what’s going to happen, why is the parachute
打不开的情况等等 所以你的第一次跳伞是会有一个人带着你跳
not going to open, So your first jump you’re attached to a guy who is going to walk
接着你出来坐车到了停机坪 有台飞机在那里而且没有人停下来
you out, so you go and you get there and there’s an airplane and nobody is stopping everybody
所有人都在往飞机走去 接着你上了飞机 然后一直坐在上面
is still going so you get onto the airplane and you’re sitting there
这个时候总想做些什么 因为你的周围坐着一群陌生的伙伴们
extra because you’re sitting on some dudes lap some strangers lap you
你想和他们说说话 因为你要和这些人一起跳伞了
just want to make small talk, you’ve been jumping with people all the time
你有孩子对吧 你还有要见的人对吧?
you got kids right, you have people you need to see right?
你只是想确定他是认真的 你坐在那一切都很正常 接着飞机起飞
You just want to make sure he’s serious and you get in there and everything is normal, so you fly and you go
来到14,000英尺的高空 这个时候你注意到了门上的警示灯 上面有红灯 黄灯和绿灯
up to 14,000 feet and you notice there is a light, red and it’s yellow and green,
现在灯还是红的 等到了一定的时间灯就会变成绿色 但是你不知道会发生什么 对吧
so right now the lights red, at some point the lights going to go green but you don’t know what’s going to happen right
接着你等待着 灯变成了黄色接着又变成了绿色 马上有人打开了机门
then you wait and it goes yellow and a light goes green and somebody opens the door and
in that moment you realise you have never been in a freaking airplane with the door open
现在你准备开始了 接着你知道聪明的话应该坐在后面这样你
right so you go and then you know if you were smart you sat in the back so you
就不用第一个跳了 这时人们都开始陆续跳了下去最后轮到你了
don’t go first right and then people start going out of the airplane and you go and the
安全员带着你来到门边 你站在门边脚趾踩着门的边缘
guy walks you up to the end of the thing and you’re standing and your toes are on the edge
接着你往下看了一眼 准备好慷慨就义 接着安全员说 数三个数 接着他们说 一 二然后
and you’re looking out down to death, and they say on three, and they say one two and
还没数到三就把你们推了下去 人们永远会跳过三的 对吧?
he pushes you on two because people grab on three, Right?
接着你开始大声尖叫跳出了飞机 在那一刻你意识到
and you start screaming and fall out of the air plane and in one second you realise that
这是你人生之中最喜悦的时刻 你在飞对吧 这并不像是
it’s the most Blissful experience of your life, you’re flying, right? it doesn’t feel like
坠落 这更像是你被风抬着在空中 接着
falling right it’s like you actually are kind of held a little bit by the wind and then
你开始慢慢的降落 你再也感觉不到一丝害怕 你意识到
you start and you start falling falling and there’s zero fear you realise that the point
最危险的事情其实也是最不让人害怕的事情 落地的那一刻
of Maximum danger is the point of minimum fear and then in that moment all of a sudden
where you should be terrified is the most Blissful experience of your life and God placed
the best things in life on the other side of Terror
在四年前 我们回到费城 那是我们夺得
It was 4 years ago and it was back in Philadelphia and it was after the last
AMA的那年 1988年我们赢得了AMA大奖 然后我们异常兴奋
American Music Awards 1988 we had won the American Music Awards and we were so excited
和激动 我们回到家乡的时候 所有人都在机场等着见我们 还有一大群记者和媒体
and hyped we run home then everybody’s at the airport to meet us all the press and everything
到处都是闪光灯的声音 接着我们坐上了车逃离了人群 回到了杰夫的家里
there is pictures flashes and all that we hoop in the car we go back to Jeff’s house
他老妈正为我们做一顿大餐 我们进到杰夫家里 我们很激动 坐在那里
his mom is cooking a big meal for us and everything so we go into Jeff’s house we excited we sit
我们看着对方说 兄弟我们做到了 这时杰夫他妈下楼来
down, we look at each other and we like we did it men we did it, Jeff’s Mom comes downstairs
拿着五块钱和一张单子给杰夫说:“杰夫啊 去街角的那个店子帮我买点
with $5 and a list and she says “Jeffrey I want you to go to the corner and get me some
面包和苏打粉吧 面包记得要买那种罐装的啊
bread and some baking soda and see if they have some of that bread which comes in a Can.
然后杰夫说 但是妈妈…… 他妈说没什么好但是的 去买我让你买的东西
Then Jeff is like but mum, and she says but but Nothing boy go get that stuff I asked
当我们去到那个街角的商店 这个事情给了我们很大
you to get and as we were walking up to the corner store you know it kind of grounded
触动你知道吗 它教给了我们什么才是最重要的
us you know it shows us what’s really important