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六分钟了解圣经主题7:天国福音 – 译学馆
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Gospel of The Kingdom

There is this beautiful poem.
It is in the book of Isaiah.
The city of Jerusalem has just been destroyed by Babylon, a great kingdom in the north.
All of these Jewish people have been sent away into exile.
But a few remained in the city.
他们苦思 到底发生了什么
They are left wondering: “What just happened?
Has our God abandoned us?”
是的 上帝应当在耶路撒冷支配世界
Right, because Jerusalem was supposed to be the city where God would reign over the world
to bring peace and blessing to everyone.
《以赛亚》说过 犹太人自己造成了耶路撒冷的毁灭
Isaiah had been saying that Jerusalem’s destruction was a mess of Israel’s own making.
犹太人远离了他们的上帝 变得堕落他们的城市与庙宇被摧毁
They had turned away from their God, become corrupt, and so their city and their temple were destroyed.
Everything seems lost.
But the poem goes on.
城墙上有一个巡夜人 远处的山丘上
There is a watchman on the city walls and far out on the hills we see a messenger.
He is running towards the city.
他边跑边喊 好消息
He is running and shouting “Good news!”
《以塞亚》里说 信使的那双脚是多么美啊
And Isaiah says: “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news.”
Beautiful feet?
是的 这双脚带来了好消息 所以它们是美丽的
Yes, the feet are beautiful because they are carrying a beautiful message.
What is the message?
尽管耶路撒冷已经毁灭 但上帝仍然支配着世界
That despite Jerusalem’s destruction, Israel’s God still reigns as King,
有一天 上帝会回到这座城市 拿起他的权力并带来和平
and that God Himself is going to, one day, return to this city, take up his throne and bring peace.
获悉上帝仍然支配世界 巡夜人高兴地唱了起来
The Watchmen sing for joy because of the good news that their God still reigns.
在《新约》中我们看到了同样的词 好消息
In the New Testament we find this same phrase “the good news”.
希腊文 Euangelion
It is the Greek word “Euangelion”.
它有时也被译为 福音
It is sometimes translated with the word “Gospel”.
是的 当基督徒说 你相信福音吗
Yeah, so when Christians say, “Do you believe the gospel?”
他们是在说 你相信那条消息吗
they mean “Do you believe the news?”
But not just any news.
在《圣经》中 福音一词通常宣告着一位新王的统治
In the Bible, this phrase is always about the announcement of the reign of a new king.
在《新约全书》中 福音一词被用来总结耶稣的教悔
In the New Testament, the Gospels use this phrase to summarize all of Jesus’ teachings.
福音讲 耶稣会来宣布上帝之国的好消息
They say that he went about proclaiming the good news of God’s kingdom.
耶稣把自己看作信使 传递着上帝统治的信息
Jesus saw himself as the messenger, bringing the news that God reigns.
是的 但他传达的方式震惊了每一个人
Yes, but the way that he described God’s reign surprised everybody.
想想 强大而成功的国度
I mean, think, powerful successful Kingdom.
它要变得强大 能够实现自己的意志 战胜敌人
It needs to be strong, able to impose its will, able to defeat its enemies.
But Jesus said the greatest person in God’s kingdom was the weakest.
The one who loves and who serves the poor.
他还说 当你追求和平 用爱与谅解对待
And he said that you live under God’s reign when you respond to evil
你的敌人时 你就生活在上帝之国
by loving your enemies and forgiving them and seeking peace.
This is an upside down kingdom.
耶稣也说过 这个国度正随他而来
Jesus also said that this kingdom was arriving with him.
比方说 有一个有趣的故事 说的是一位罗马高级官员
Yes, so for example, there is this really interesting story where there is a high-ranking Roman officer.
He comes to Jesus begging him to heal his servant.
他甚至称耶稣为主 承认耶稣是权威
He even calls Jesus his Lord, acknowledging that Jesus is his authority.
Jesus praises this man for recognizing what no one else yet had,
that not only was Jesus announcing God’s kingdom.
He was the King.
So the word gets out that this Jewish man from Galilee is talking and acting like he is the king of Israel.
他指定了十二位门徒 象征着犹大人的十二个部族
He is appointing twelve disciples which are an image of Israel’s twelve tribes.
他在治愈人 原谅人的罪过
He is healing people, forgiving people their sins.
所有的这些 威胁到了犹太人的领袖 以至于他们最终决定把耶稣杀害
All of this so threatened Israel’s leaders that they finally decided to have him killed.
And Jesus let them.
如果你想成为国王 做出这样的事是奇怪的
Which is a weird thing to do if you are trying to become king.
确实 但对于耶稣 这是必须的
That’s right, but for Jesus this is what had to happen.
Jesus saw the sin and the devastation of His people of Israel
as just one small part of the entire human condition,
他看到了 整个人类对上帝的叛离是如何导致全世界的悲剧与毁灭的
how all humanity has rebelled against God, resulting in the tragedy and devastation of our whole world.
那么 上帝将如何统治这样的世界
So how is God going to bring his reign over such a world?
耶稣相信拯救世界的方法是 牺牲自己 爱敌人
Jesus believed it would be through an act of sacrificial love for his enemies.
这就是为什么在福音书中 耶稣钉在十字架上被描绘成他成为犹太人之王的加冕
This is why in the Gospels, Jesus’ crucifixion is depicted as his enthronement as the King of the Jews.
He receives a crown.
He also receives a robe.
He is exalted up not on to a throne, but onto the cross.
“How beautiful are the feet that bring good news”.
前文中的好消息就是耶稣战胜了死亡 成为了国王
The good news now is that Jesus has defeated death and that he reigns as King,
耶稣独自面对我们的罪行和堕落 并用自己生命和爱战胜了它
that he has dealt with our sin and corruption himself and that he has conquered it with his life and with his love.
然后耶稣派出他的追随者们 外出散布上帝之国的好消息
Then Jesus sends his followers to go out and keep announcing this good news of the upside-down kingdom.
请所有人效忠于他 这个用爱战胜死亡的国王
And to invite everyone to give their allegiance to him, the king who defeated death with his love.
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