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Goliaths vs. Innovators

失败案例:CPG(快速消费品)品牌 美国的100个最大的CPG品牌中 有90个 在去年减持了股票
A loser: established CPG brands. 90 of the 100 largest CPG brands in the US lost share in the past year
并且三分之二的品牌 销售额下降
and two-thirds registered sales declines.
The reason? Traditional advertising no longer works.
谁获益了?获益的是那些小品牌 灵活性很强的创新产品 尤其是搜索类产品
Who’s winning? Smaller brands with agile product innovation that digital – specifically search – rewards.
两个例子:NYX 在关键词的搜索中 比巴黎欧莱雅多出了三倍
Two examples: NYX, who outperforms L’Oréal Paris 3 times in organic search visibility
尽管 它只有129件产品 而相比之下 巴黎欧莱雅拥有60000件产品
despite only bidding on 129 terms, versus 60,000 terms for L’Oréal Paris
另一个例子是 Harry’s家剃须系列的订阅数量 也在短短的5个月内 从排名中的第9位跃升到
or Harry’s, the subscription shaving concept too in 5 short months jumped from number 9 in organic search visibility
第3位 吉利排名第二 而亚马逊位列第一
to number 3 as Gillette fell to second and Amazon secured the top spot.
So what’s going on here?
总而言之 智能的引擎搜索 譬如亚马逊的评论功能和google的搜索条件
In sum, the diligence vehicles of Amazon reviews and Google search make it easier to connect you
把你和适合你的商品联系了起来 你也不会质疑这个品牌是否假冒伪劣
and the right product without having to default to the safety of a brand.
失败案例:尤其那些零售商 email了太多的电邮
A loser: Specially Retail brands who email too much.
如果你的收件箱就快要满出来了 那是因为
If your inbox feels overwhelmed, that’s because it is.
在2016年 零售商们 发出的广告邮件的数量
Retailers sent 15% more emails in Q1 2016
比起节假日期间惊人的数量 还多出了15%
than during the overwhelming holiday season.
然而 数量多不意味着就会成功 随着越来越多的邮件竞争
But more isn’t always better. With each additional email campaign,
邮件的点击率 下降了15个百分点 直接或者间接的 满足客户他们的要求
open rates declined by 15 basis points. Asking consumers explicitly and implicitly
例如 你可以自己定制想要的内容
for additional information – such as you can customize the content and the email –
这样 email推广 才会成为取胜的策略
is a winning strategy.
所有人都知道 培养一个孩子的成本很高 但是
Everyone knows raising a child is expensive, but the complexion of that cost
在过去的50年里 我们需要花钱的内容 发生了很大的改变 我告诉自己的两个儿子
has changed dramatically in the past 50 years. I’ve told both my sons
他们要学会做自己的事情 Lorde在她13岁的时候就写了一首歌 获得了格莱美的提名
they need to start pulling their weight. Lorde wrote a Grammy-nominated song when she was 13.
而我的孩子 在他9岁的时候 还喜欢躺在浴缸里 任由池子里的水满出来
My kid at nine still lets the bath overflow – even when he’s in it.
家长们 在食品 交通还有衣物上的开销越来越少
Parents are spending less on food, transportation, and clothing
但是 在教育方面的开销猛涨 几乎占据了抚养费用的五分之一
but childcare and education costs have surged, accounting for a fifth of parental expenses –
而1960年的时候 这个数值仅有2%
a big change from 1960, when they were just 2%.
在美国什么地方 才能抚养的起一个孩子?
The most affordable place in the US to raise a child?
莫利斯顿 田纳西 在那里 一个四口之家只需要50,000美元就能满足最基本的生活要求
Morristown, Tennessee, where a family of 4 can meet their basic needs on $50,000 a year.
相比纽约和花和华盛顿 这只是他们一般的支出
That’s half the required income necessary to raise a family in New York or Washington, DC.
Dating apps: winners or losers?
顺便说一下 我在这里的绰号叫做Swipr Left
By the way, my nickname around here is Swipe Left.
约会软件是否有用 取决于你在哪里 取决于你想找怎么样的人
It depends which one you’re on and what you’re looking for.
Let”s look at some of the data.
Tinder是最热门的app 而Happen是每日的点击率最高
Tinder is the most popular and Happn has the most daily engagement.
Christian Mingle在女性中广为流传
Christian Mingle has the highest proportion of women.
Grindr每日的客户流失率最低 而eHarmony则最高
Grindr has the lowest churn rate and eHarmony has the highest.
所以 到底谁是赢家
But who really wins?
Match Group 它在约会app的市场中掌握了64%的份额
Match Group, which owns 64% of the dating app ecosystem.
能给你省钱 理论上这就是套住女性客户的方式
I can save you some money. This is literally a fail-safe way to approach women.
You walk up.
从来 从来没有失败过
Never… seriously Never fails.