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黄金海岸度假旅行指南 – 译学馆
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Gold Coast Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

澳大利亚 黄金海岸
Australia’s Gold Coast is situated in subtropical Queensland,
just an hours drive from the state capital, Brisbane.
黄金海岸发展迅速 有着数百万人口
The Gold Coast is a fast-growing city of a half million people,
drawn by the miles of perfect coastline,
and a sun-drenched lifestyle.
黄金海岸的中央天际线 看着就像一群巨人 挪动着脚步
The central Gold Coast skyline looks like a gathering of giants wriggling their toes
in the warm Pacific.
有一种自然精神 你能在美轮美奂的沙滩上找到它
There’s a natural spirit here, found in the incredible beaches,
能在变化无常的海洋中发现它 也能在凉爽的瀑布和森林腹地里看到它
the ocean’s shifting moods, and in the cool waterfalls and deep forests of the hinterland.
但也有一种人文精神 呈现给每个家庭 带来活力
But there’s a human spirit too, dedicated to family, vitality, and,
having the time of your life!
19世纪50年代 黄金海岸北部成为度假区
The Gold Coast got its start as a vacation retreat in the 1850s,
在这里 黄金海岸依然闪耀着最夺目的光芒
near its northern end. It’s here, that the Gold Coast still shines brightest.
冲浪者天堂 是必去的一个景点
Surfers Paradise, is a complete destination in itself;
a glittering resort, shopping and entertainment strip.
Head to the Sky-point Observation Deck to see the Gold Coast’s beaches
看着她在长达20英里的沙滩上舒展开 还有许多陆岬 公园和水道
unfurl in a 20-mile ribbon of sand, studded with headlands, parks and waterways.
冲浪者天堂以南是布罗德海滩 一个可以放慢脚步的地方
Just to the south of Surfers Paradise is Broadbeach, where the pace begins to slow.
沿着海岸越往南 越能感受到轻松的氛围
The further you move down the coast the more relaxed the vibe.
在伯利角 有风景秀丽的国家公园 同时这里也是澳大利亚的冲浪圣地
Burleigh Heads, is home to a stunning national park, and one Australia’s legendary surf breaks.
不难理解 为什么土著民会选择这片陆岬作为聚居地
It’s easy to see why this headland has been an Aboriginal gathering place
for thousands of years.
再往南一点是可伦宾 海滩边灌木丛生
A little further south is Currumbin, a place where the bush meets the beach.
在大象岩和可伦宾岩之间的海域冲浪 或者泛舟于波光粼粼的
Hit the waves between Elephant and Currumbin Rocks, or just go for a float in the sparkling
serenity of the estuary.
沿着海岸线一路向南 到达黄金海岸最南端的海滨之地-库伦加塔
Follow the shoreline south to the Gold Coast’s most southern beachside neighborhood, Coolangatta.
Just a five minute drive from the Gold Coast’s international airport,
库伦加塔是黄金海岸的门户 迎接着来自国内外的众多游客
Coolangatta is the region’s gateway for most international and interstate visitors.
绿树成荫的公园 有着天然屏障的海滩与河流
With its shady parks, sheltered beaches and river,
Coolangatta is a popular choice for families.
当条件成熟 这里会出现澳大利亚最壮观的冲浪景象
And when the conditions are right, it produces some of the most spectacular surf in Australia.
除了令人惊叹的海岸线外 黄金海岸还有很多刺激的活动
The Gold Coast offers plenty of thrills besides its fabulous coastline,
it’s the theme park capital of Australia.
在Wet ‘n’ Wild玩上一天水上滑板和滑梯
Spend a day riding the waves and waterslides at Wet ‘n’ Wild.
继续向前走 到梦幻世界的白色水世界 在水上滑道穿行 感受清凉
Just up the road, cool off and ride the tubes at Dreamworld’s White Water World.
Dreamworld is Australia’s largest theme park.
拥有40多个针对不同年龄阶段的游乐设施 还有像老虎岛这样的主题公园
It features over 40 rides for all ages, and themed lands like Tiger Island.
如果想在黄金海岸体验好莱坞 那就来华纳兄弟电影世界
Experience Hollywood on the Gold Coast, at Warner Brothers Movie World.
坐一坐澳洲最好的过山车 把自己固定好在座位上 跟着它起飞
Strap yourself in and take off, on some of the best roller-coasters Downunder.
然后系紧安全带 体验好莱坞的特技表演
Then buckle up, for The Hollywood Stunt Driver show.
毗邻电影世界 是澳野奇观
Next door, at the Australian Outback Spectacular,
品尝一席三道菜的特色晚宴 和这个国家最优秀的骑士和妇女一样
saddle-up to a three course meal as some of the country’s best horsemen and women celebrate
the spirit of the bush.
来到海洋世界 和可爱的海洋动物们赞颂海洋的博大精神
At Sea World, celebrate the spirit of the ocean with some of the sea’s most endearing
creatures, and a few of the less cuddly ones too.
观看各种表演的间隙 还有很多游乐设施可以尝试
There’s also plenty of rides to explore between the shows.
如果你觉得需要从主题乐园的刺激中平静下来 那就爬山去吧
If you’re feeling the need to settle the nerves after all those theme parks, head to the hills.
向内陆地区驱车30分钟 位于一座古老火山边缘的
Just a 30 minute drive inland and perched high on the rim of an ancient volcano,
is Mount Tamborine.
探索热带雨林 走过人行天桥
Explore the rainforest trails and skywalk,
之后 在坦伯林村品尝当地的美食和红酒
before sampling the local produce and wines at Tamborine Village.
再往南去 就到了春溪国家公园 它已经被列入世界遗产名录
A little further South, is Springbrook, a world heritage listed national park
这里有古老的森林 许多不为人知的地方 还有瀑布
filled with ancient forests, secret places, and waterfalls
that have been flowing since the dawn of time.
从公园里高耸的悬崖上望去 黄金海岸在向我们招手
From up here, high on the escarpment, the Gold Coast beckons,
召唤我们回到沙滩 回到各种游乐设施
back to the sand, back to the rides,
and back to the spirit of Australia’s brightest vacation destination.