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GRWM | 光泽冬日烟熏眼妆

? Get Ready With Me | Glamorous Winter Makeup + Hair ✨

【音乐播放中】哇哦 2016年就要结束了
[Music playing]Wow,2016 is coming to an end
and, I thought I’d bring in the new year with a new look
you could rock this on New Year’s Eve
or just whenever you feel like giving yourself a revamp.
So let’s get started with the make up.
Say hello to my bare naked face
I’ve already got moisturizer on
but it’s crucial to put on the primer
粉底我用的是Make Up Forever的控油款
I’m using this MATTIFYING one from Make Up Forever
because I can always rely on this guy
and making sure my face doesn’t look like a oil spill.
遮瑕我使用的是Tarte的 Shape Tape
Now, I’m using Tarte’s Shape Tape Concealer
and I’m gonna dot it into a triangle shape underneath my eyes.
and then with a damp Beauty Blender, I’m gonna blend that all in.
这样眼部附近被提亮 确保没有黑眼圈会显现
This is gonna highlight that area and make sure no dark circles peek through.
For some reasons I totally forgot to film my fundation product shot,
我打算使用Too Faced旗下的Born This Way粉底
but I did use Born This Way foundation by Too Faced.
将该产品全脸点涂 然后全脸晕开 你知道方法的
I just dot the product all along my face and just blender away, you know the drill.
至于散粉 我打算使用It Cosmetic的定妆粉
For powder, I decided to try out It Cosmetics Translucent Powder.
Just to give it a whirl
I just feel like I should venture out and try out new powders.
因为我已经使用了很多年的Rimmel Stay Matte定妆蜜粉
because I’ve been using my Rimmel Stay Matte for so many years.
说实话 它至今仍是我的最爱
Honestly, it’s still one of my favorites today.
Here I’m using a Benefit’s GOOF PROOF EYE PENCIL
and I’d like to just draw a little base line first
and then with the spoolie blend it all out.
只要眉毛中间部分着好色 再画一下眼尾 就大功告成了
Once the mid section is colored in, I’m just gonna draw on the tails and call it a day.
好了 眉毛就画完了
Alright, brows completed.
眼影我使用的是Color Pop的CATNIP
For eye shadow l am using Color Pop’s CATNIP.
这是一款非常闪亮的红色眼影 我认为这是很好的打底色
There is a very sparkly blush shade that I thought would be a good base to work with.
I apply this with my ring finger because you get the best color payoff that way.
然后我要用Color Pop的Tang型号眼影作为混合色
Then, for my blending color, I’m using Color Pop’s TANG.
这是一种暗紫色眼影 我想使用它弄出一种坏坏的感觉
This is a dusty mauve shade that I’m gonna use to blend this bad boy out.
为了展现出眼神的深邃感 我采用同个牌子的STATIC颜色
To add this look a notch, I’m using STATIC
and then applying this in the section in between CATNIP and TANG.
This just adds a beautiful rich plum color in between the blending shades.
and I think it looks gorgeous.
To highlight, I’m using AMAZE.
如你所见 我喜欢这种颜色
And as you can see, I love this color.
I’ve hit pan, and I’m going to apply this to the inner corners
to brighten and make my eyes look more awake.
现在用平头刷蘸取STATIC颜色的眼影 然后将其倒在下睫毛的位置
Now with the flat brush go back to STATIC and start popping it into the lower lashes.
这样就会使你的眼睛看上去更和谐 而不会显得上眼皮的眼影太浓重
This is gonna balance out the eyes so you’re not too top-heavy.
好了 眼影部分已经完成了 接下去画眼线
Woof! OK, shadows are done, so it’s time for liquid liner.
And I’m just going to start drawing in my cat eye
我打算从我的眼睑中部开始画眼线 大家的眼睑是不平的
and I’d like to start from the middle of my eye because your girls got uneven eyelids
and when I draw this way, it looks more even.
好了 猫眼画完了
OK. Cateye is off the checklist.
使用兰蔻的CILS BOOSTER浓长加倍睫毛睫毛底膏 我只用它涂下睫毛
Now using a Lancome’s CILS BOOSTER, I’m gonna apply only to my bottom lashes
because I realize there’s no need to put it on the top for me
because I’m gonna end up throwing falsies anyway.
Now using Givenchy’s MASCARA.
我现在往我上睫毛再涂一层睫毛膏 这样我的假睫毛会看上去更真实点
I’m adding a light coat to the top, just so my falsies blend in a little better
然后涂下睫毛 使它们更像娃娃的睫毛
and then I’m gonna coat the bottom lashes so they look more doll-like.
I love this mascara for bottom lashes cause a little spiky ball makes it really easy to get in there.
现在我要使用我最喜欢的假睫毛 我要将它们贴到我的睫毛上
Now using my favorite falsies, I’m going to pop them on my eyes and boom!
这种睫毛显得有点夸张 但我就喜欢这种
The eyes look so freaking extra, but I love it.
接着回到脸部 接下来是修容时间
Let’s move on to the face, we are going to chisel the cheek bones.
我用The Balm的古铜色
I’m using this new bronzer from The Balm
我不清楚这家伙的上色度 所以力度还是轻一点吧
And I didn’t realize how pigmented this guy was, so definitely take a light hand with this guy.
我打算在我的两鬓涂上这种颜色 能够给我一种健康活力的形象
I’m going to bring up the bronzer to my temples to give myself more of a sunkiss look.
Then using a fluffy brush, I’m going to contour my nose
becasue, why not?
反正是新年 我也有充足的时间
It’s New Years, and I got time too.
至于腮红 我用的这个是Marc Jacobs家的
For blush, I’m using this one by Marc Jacobs
and I love the color of this
and I love the color of this
这款颜色和Tarte家的Exposed很像 但这款要更亮一点
It’s similar to Tarte’s Exposed, but this one has a little bit more of a highlight.
我觉得像高光什么的 越亮越好
And, you know how I feel about highlighters, the more glow the better.
说到高光 接下来正式画高光的时候
Speaking of highlighter, it’s time for highlighter.
I’m using more of a yellowish tinted highlighter because
surprise, surprise, it comes well with my skintone.
分别在苹果肌 鼻梁 和人中部分打上高光
I’ve popped it on the apples of my cheek, the nose bridge, and then the Cupid’s bow.
我们的妆容已经差不多完成了 接下来是唇妆
We are almost done with makeup, it’s time for lips.
我用的是The Balm家的唇线笔 叫做ACUTE ONE
I’m using The Balm’s lip liner called ACUTE ONE
这是一款有点土红陶泥色的唇线笔 我挺喜欢的
This is like a nice blushy, terracotta-ish shade, and I dig it.
然后再在上面涂一层Kylie Cosmetic的唇釉
Then to top it all off I am using this gloss by Kylie Cosmetics.
这是一款带有金属色的唇釉 但我觉得我不讨厌
This is a kind of like a metallic geek gloss and I don’t hate it.
And I think it looks great with the whole look.
现在 我们已经完成整个妆容 但是等等
Now, we are finished with the makeup, but hold up.
我们还没完成 接下去需要开始弄头发了
We are not done yet, we gotta do the hair.
首先 先弄发尾部分
First, you got a section off the hair
so the bottom strands are going to be curled first.
我使用的是T3的TWIRL 360 CURLER型号卷发棒
I am using T3’s TWIRL 360 CURLER
但说实话 你也可以选择任何你已有的大直径卷发棒
But honestly, you can use whatever big curling barrel you have.
It will do the exact same thing.
Grab a section of your hair and clamp it midway.
然后慢慢往下卷 让你头发有轻盈感
And then drag the barrel down to give it a slight curl away from your body.
我再给你们演示一遍 有些人可能还没有领会
Let me show you again with this clip, in case you don’t get it.
将你的头发一缕一缕夹好 拨到一个方向
Then keep sectioning off your hair and generally wave it all in the same direction.
从头发中部开始夹住 然后慢慢往发尾拉
Clamp midway and then drag the barrel all the way down to the tips.
Keep doing this method until you are done with your entire head.
Always save the two front pieces for the last
Because these are the ones that are most important since they frame your face.
Now you can leave your hair like this
Or you can add more volume by using ORIBE’s TEXTURING SPRAY.
说实话 这一小瓶真的很贵 但是我保证这很值得
Honestly, this bottle is pretty expensive, but I swear it’s worth it on a night like this.
Because when you blast your hair with this product,
It grows like two centimeters and for me,
that’s worth because I love big hair.
And then you are done with the entire look.
我喜欢这个性感妩媚的妆容 我认为这与你吹好的光滑
I love this sexy striking makeup and I think it looks great paired with this sleek,
的头发搭配起来很漂亮 让你能在任何场合秒杀众人
blowout looking hair, it’s killer for any glamorous occasion
同时 我必须说这个妆容与棕色眼睛很搭
Also, I must say that this makeup looks great with brown eyes too.
总之 我希望你们所有人都能拥有一个令人惊喜的除夕夜
Anyway, I hope you guys have an amazing New Year’s Eve.
让我们来年再见吧 拜拜
And I’ll see you guys next year. Bye!
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