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我们是流浪兄弟 马尔科和亚历克斯
We’re Marko and Alex, the Vagabrothers,
在这一系列节目里 我们会花上9天时间 在爱尔兰踏上史诗般的旅程
and in this series we’re on an epic 9-day roadtrip through Ireland.
我们从野性大西洋启程 以冲浪 享用美食开始我们的探索之旅
Our roadtrip starts on the Wild Atlantic Way where we surf, eat and dive into the adventure.
接着我们往南方走 去往科克郡——爱尔兰慢食运动的起源地
Then we’re heading south to County Cork, birthplace of Irleand’s slow food movement,
之后在我们驱车去都柏林 探索那座城市里隐藏的瑰宝 去感受爱尔兰风格的设计
before driving to Dublin to discover the city’s hidden gems and get styled with Irish design.
把你以为的爱尔兰都通通忘掉 我们还原你一个精致 真实 原生态的爱尔兰
Forget what you think you know, this is Ireland: rugged, real and raw.
马尔科:嗯……亚历克斯:我会想念这座城市的 我们会回来的
(Marko) mmmmh… I’m gonna miss this place (Alex) mhm (Marko) We’re coming back!
伙计们 早上好 欢迎跟随我们在爱尔兰进行两日游
Good morning guys and welcome back to day two of our Irish adventure.
还有两小时左右 我们就到斯莱戈的南部的一个地方:科诺克苏埃因村
Right now we’re about two hours south of Sligo, in a place called Cnoc Suain.
距高威北部20英里左右 毗邻野性大西洋
It’s about 20 miles north of Galway, just off the Wild Atlantic Way.
So, County Galway is a bastion of traditional Irish culture.
It has one of the highest percentages of Gaelic speakers in the nation.
所以我们的计划是 来拜见这儿的所属人
And so our plan for coming here is to meet with the owners,
查理和他的夫人迪尔赫尔 他们要给我们上关于爱尔兰传统文化的速成班
Charlie and his wife, Dearbháil, who’re gonna give us a crash course in traditional Irish culture.
Let’s hit it!
所以 当我们探索这个地方的时候 只是给您展示了冰山一角 这个地方都如此枝繁叶茂的
So, when we found the place, just to give you an idea, this whole place was overgrown like it is there.
Now just look at the type of stone.
This was the original cottage.
This would have been the outhouses.
当我们翻修的时候 我们把这两部分拼在一起
When we restored we then linked the two together.
赞诶!伙计 若是我来这儿学盖尔语
Cool! Dude, if I were to come learn Gaelic,
staying here for like a couple of days or a week,
我一定会被这种文化感染 不自觉的融入其中
it would be like the way to immerse yourself in the culture.
It’s like a college dorm at Hoghwarts [Alex laughs]
马尔科:伙计 你从哪儿的找到的小火苗? 亚历克斯:你要把你的猫头鹰放哪里?
(Marko) Dude, where else would you get a little fire down there… (Alex) Where would you put your owl?
我们没有重建它 因为这会成为一个博物馆
We didn’t restore this for this to become a museum.
它存在的意义在于 树立一种意识:
The goal of it is to create an awareness
about the Gaelic culture and the natural history that is in the bog land.
Everything we do is interactive.
我们希望人们能参与 融入并乐在其中
We want people to become engaged, to participate, and to have fun.
This Gaelic culture is the root of all culture that’s in Ireland.
我到这儿注意到的第一件事 就是泥煤燃烧的味道
One of the first things that I noticed when we got here is the smell of burning peat.
真的非常惬意 美好
It’s really really nice and relaxing.
这儿有很多泥煤 采自沼泽地 到如今泥煤还被用作取暖
Peat is pretty much, it comes out of a bog and it was used and still is used to heat homes.
我们周边就是沼泽地 爱尔兰有很大部分的土地都由沼泽地构成
So, all around us here are bog lands. It’s a huge percentage of Ireland that is made out of bog lands.
First formed when the Celts came here,
他们清理了森林 剩余的残渣就是沼泽地的组成部分
cleared forests and that clearing of the forest kind of made these bog lands.
And a lot of what we know about early Ireland is from the bodies
that fell in these bogs and were preserved.
(Alex) Pretty much mummified (Marko) Yeah
亚历克斯:我们要去拜见查理 他将会教我们一些关于沼泽地的知识 准备好了么?
(Alex) We’re gonna meet up with Charlie and he’s gonna teach us a little bit about the bogs. Ready?
(Marko) Let’s do a bog walk! (Alex) Bog walking.
A bog is an ecosystem that is based on this plant.
这就是沼泽的组成元素 这对这(沼泽)风景有尤为重要的作用
That is the bog maker. That’s responsible for this entire landscape.
那就是泥炭 看 这片沼泽地以每年一百平米的速度增长
That’s the peat. See, the bog grows at the rate of one millimeter a year.
查理:是的 全是
(Charlie) Well, you’re looking all the way to the mountains there (Alex) That is all bog? (Charlie) That is all bog land, yeah. (Alex) Wow.
(Alex) That is a lot of peat. (Charlie) It is.
好多的泥炭 好大片的湿地
A lot of peat, a lot of preserve.
(Charlie) Stand there. (Alex) They call it black butter for a reason.
查理:对啊 继续吧
(Charlie) Yeah, go on.
(Alex) Like butter.
(Marko) Look at that.
捡到一块泥炭 这块很棒
Got a piece of peat. This will be good
若是我们带回去把它弄干 在冬天的时候就可以用来制暖了
if we pop it back up there and let it dry and it’ll heat the house for the winter.
(Alex) Would you like a slice of bog butter free? (Marko laughs)
额 我蹩脚的爱尔兰腔调 抱歉
Uh, that’s a shitty Irish accent. Sorry.
(Charlie) Two hands on it. (Alex) Yeah. (Charlie) Go.
马尔科:哦 哇 好深
(Marko) Oh wow! It’s super low.
(Alex) Like King Arthur. (Marko) EXCALIBUR! (Alex yells triumphantly)
(Charlie) So, that’s where it’s solid ground.
亚历克斯:简直让人难以置信 好大片的沼泽地呀现在 那是一片沼泽地
(Alex) That’s insane. That is a big bog. [attempts an Irish accent again] Now, that’s a bog!
Well, that was really interesting,
but one of the things here in Ireland
音乐和文化 以及语言的关系是相互交织在一起的 错综复杂
music is an intrical aspect of culture and cultural and language preservation.
因此 我们将去往另一个小村庄
So, we’re heading over to one of the other cottages
在那里有现场音乐表演 让我们一起去感受一下吧
and there is some live music happening. Let’s go have a listen.
听起来像是里面在开音乐趴呀 走 去看看
Sounds like a party is happening on the inside. [whispers] Let’s go!
Here goes nothing!
伙计们 你们一定要跟紧我们的步伐呀 看直播哦
Guys, make sure you follow our Snapchat and get this stuff live!
好吧 伙计们 嗯这里之前的故事是这样的:我们之前在唱歌……
Alright guys, so just a little bit of the backstory here: What we were doing earlier, the skippydi-dabbadi-do…
[man singing]
It was called lilting and it was a traditional form of music
back when people maybe didn’t have enough money to buy musical instruments.
人们不得不自己唱歌伴奏 他们抑扬顿挫的哼唱 或是唱歌 或是哼调
People had to play the music and they way they’d do this is they lilted or sang, sang the tune.
你知道的 他们没有过多的言语 你组词成句
You know, they don’t have any words, you make up the word,
you kind of start with [demonstrates lilting]
然后继续唱 很长一段都哼过去“嘟嘟嘟……”
And then you go on and finish with a kind of big long “do”
[Marko and Alex lilt and finish with a big long “do”]
(Marko) We’re backing the Irish. (Alex) Oh yeah.
Super good introduction to Irish and Gaelic culture.
我们还在这一程享受了私酿酒 爱死这个地方了
And we’ve even topped it off with a bit of local moonshine. Gotta love it!
我们在去高威的路上了 我们将在这座城市来一次徒步旅行
So, we’re on our way to Galway and we’re gonna do a little walking tour through the city.
(Marko) And then of course: food and drink. (Alex) Perfect, let’s hit it!
[Marko whistles a tune]
啊 不不不不不 马克 应该像这样
Ugh, no no no no no Mark. It’s like this!
[Alex whistles a tune]
马尔科:这两种真的好不一样亚历克斯:就是这样嘛 我知道怎么吹
(Marko) That is so different! (Alex) That’s it, I know!
不是这样的 你错了 好吧 好好顺着道开车
(Marko) That’s not it! (Alex) ‘Cause you were wrong! Okay fine, play the track.
那么伙计们 我们直接去高威咯
Okay guys, so we just got to Galway
太阳要下山了 我们没多少时间去探索了 因此我们日后再去寻
The sun is about to set. We don’t have much time to explore, so we’re gonna get after it.
是的 高威是一个容纳了大量学生的城市 一个中世纪市镇 充斥着放荡不羁的精神
Yeah, Galway is a big student city, it’s a medieval town, formerly walled city and it’s got a cool bohemian vibe.
马尔科:嗯 我们要去会见来自高威的私人订制游的康纳 我们要在这个古朴的小镇走走
(Marko) So, we’re meeting up with Connor from Galway Private Tours and we’re gonna take a walk on the Old Town.
(Alex) Let’s hit it!
伙计们 这是康纳 他要带我们去领略高威炫酷的事
Guys, this is Connor, he’s gonna be showing us all the cool things to do in Galway.
那么 我们今天要干嘛?
So, what are we gonna do today?
We’re gonna have a walk around the medieval city centre of Galway,
科布里河 我们要去看教堂和高校
the river Corrib, we’re also gonna see the cathedral and university,
which is on the other side of town.
这座城市真的是太炫酷了 个性十足
This city is seriously cool.
It’s very very bohemian; there’s a lot of people busking, playing live music.
这个地方吸引了大量的艺术家和作家 这个世纪各种富有创造力的人
It’s a place that has attracted artists and writers, creative types over the centuries.
The nickname is “The Graveyard of Lost Ambitions” because so many people come here.
你可以看到的 当你沿街步行 你可以做些小生意 或是偶遇一朋友小酌几杯 共度一个下午时光
You could see how you’re walking down the street to go do some business and meet a friend, jump in and have a pint, stay there all afternoon.
Galway is synonymous for the good life, I think.
And we’re gonna dive into it in a bit.
我们要沿着这条河 循迹历史
We were just walking along the river, learning about the history.
高威由爱尔兰人发现 然后诺曼第人来到这儿
So Galway was founded by Irish and then came Normans
在中世纪的时候 这儿变成了一个商业中心
and then in the Middle Ages it became a trade centre.
他们出口牛皮和毛 进口葡萄酒 盐以及铁
They exported cowhides and leather, they imported wine, salt and iron
and it was connected with Spain and other countries.
That’s why there’s a Spanish arch in the harbour.
伙计们 事实上 这已不是我第一次来高威了
Well, guys, actually this isn’t my first time to Galway.
2010年 我大学刚毕业那会儿来过这儿
I came here in 2010, right after I finished university.
我和一些朋友毕业旅行 在高威待过一晚
I was with a couple of friends travelling, and we were in Galway for one night.
在这儿我们只做了一件事 毫无疑问 我们是去了西班牙拱门
And pretty much the only thing that we did was we came to the Spanish Arch
and drank beer outside.
今天我才知道 那叫“街头卖艺”
Which I just learned today is called “bushing”.
所以 如果你来到西班牙拱门 (你会发现)这是街头卖艺的好地方
So, if you come to the Spanish Arch, it’s a good place to come bushing.
在工业革命期间 他们利用河水
During the industrial revolution they used the river as an energy source
to turn the wheels of water mills
and to facilitate transport with barges
We’re walking up to the university now.
很多留学生来这儿 这些美国学生刚来不久
A lot of exchange students come here and the American students just arrived.
因此 当你想出国 这儿会是个不错的选择
So, while you’re abroad, it’s not a bad place to be.
(Connor) J.R.R. Tolkien (Alex and Marko) Whoa!
他(的塑像)在那边 因为他曾是这儿的客座教授 在20世纪50年代才离开
(Connor) He stayed over there because he was a visiting professor here back in the 1950s.
在此期间 他写下《指环王》
At the same time he was writing “The Lord of the Rings”.
我刚想说这儿仍有霍尔华兹的(魔法)氛围 但是
I was gonna say there was some Hogwarts vibe going on here but…
[evil laughter]
我真的好享受当男巫的那一刻嗯 甘道夫
(Alex) Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my brief moment as a wizard. (Marko) Of Gandalfness.
是的呢 但不可否认 那是一次很不错的徒步旅行
Oh yeah [groans] but that was a cool little walking tour.
就要结束啦 我想我们还是去吃点东西吧 咱们下一站去哪里?
It’s coming to an end and I think we’re gonna head over and grab a bite. Where are we going?
嗯 这是一个有趣的故事
So, this is a funny story.
大约一个半月以前在卡尔加里阿尔伯塔 我告诉了某人我们要去高威
About a month and a half ago at the Calgary stampede, I told someone that we were going to Galway
然后他说 去拜访高威的美食先生 他是这儿著名的主厨
And he says, go check out Mr Eat Galway on Instagram who’s a local chef.
我相信那些随心的旅行建议是上帝的礼物 那么 让我们去看看吧
(Marko) So, I believe that random travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God, so we’re gonna go check it out. (Alex) Deep.
马尔科:事实上我认为是那是Kurt Vonnegut说的话 我们要去看看餐馆
(Marko) Actually it’s Kurt Vonnegut, who I think said that. We’re gonna go check out the restaurant.
亚历克斯:快走吧 我饿得前胸贴后背了
(Alex) Let’s do it, I’m starving!
亚历克斯点了生扇贝 像酸橘汁腌扇贝
Alex has the raw scallops. Like a scallop ceviche.
I don’t know what to do.
What is this?
小分子咯 就像散开的沙子和一些扇贝被撒在桦木林里一样
It’s molecular. It’s like sprinkled fairy dust and some scallop that has been cured in birch wood.
所以 我叫J P麦克马洪
So, my name is JP MacMahon.
我在高威开了阿奈尔餐厅 是这儿的老板兼大厨
I’m the chef patron who opened Aniar Restaurant in Galway.
And we call ourselves a terroir restaurant.
餐馆隐含的哲理是 我们尽可能多的使用来自爱尔兰西部的产品
The philosophy behind the restaurant is that we try and use as much produce from the West of Ireland as possible.
百分之90到百分十95 在这么大的比例里 我们还会把柠檬 黑胡椒 巧克力单独列出来
So, 90-95%. Through this we had to exclude lemons, black pepper and chocolate.
我想 在某种程度上就像在食谱上写菜名一样
I suppose in some respects it’s kind of writing the menu in reverse.
我们看我们有什么 哪些食材我们可以获取的 然后我们把这些放在一起
We look at what we have and what we can get and then we put those together.
因为 这饭店的哲学就是就近取材
Because the philosophy of the restaurant is to source everything from this immediate area,
constraints can be the source of the beauty of the product.
有点像俳句 你知道的 你说你只能这样做
Kind of like a haiku, you know, you say you can only do it this way
你被迫成为有创造力的人 这就是我们在看的这些东西
and you’re forced to be creative and that’s what we’re seeing here.
因此 即使爱尔兰可能是一个吉尼斯黑啤酒和酒吧食物的地方
So, even though Ireland might be a place associated with going having a Guinness and maybe some pub food,
但是实际上正相反 我爱这个地方 所以 干杯!
this is like the opposite, and I’m loving it. So, cheers!
伙计们 这是在爱尔兰度过的又一令人难忘的日子 (一起)了解了(那么多的)爱尔兰文化
Well guys, that was another incredible day in Ireland, learning about Irish culture,
但是天晚了 我们要早些休息了
but it’s late and we’re gonna tuck in earlyish.
那是因为明天我们起床很早去艾伦群岛 就在这港口旁边
That’s because tomorrow we’re getting up early to got the Aran Islands, which are just off the coast here.
And those really are… it’s a very special place in Ireland.
And we’re gonna tell you more about it tomorrow morning.
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