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Forward Fold Yoga Pose - Yoga With Adriene

大家好 欢迎来到爱珺瑜伽 我是爱珺
Hey, everyone, and welcome to yoga with Adriene, I am Adriene.
And today we’re gonna continue our foundations of yoga series with Uttanasana,
also known as the forward fold,
非常舒缓压力的 很好的基础姿势
very soothing, grounding awesome pose.
站在垫子上 上升 俯身 开始吧
So, hop on the mat, and let’s swan, dive, right in.
For Uttanasana, forward fold, we’re going to start in our mountain pose,
which we did video for last week,
so you can refer to that video,
uhm, to get the foundations of mountain pose,
so l’ll quickly just go through my checklist,
抬头 头顶上提
if you will hear, as l lift and lengthen up through the crown of the head,
spread my weight evenly between all four corners of the feet.
Lifting the toes helps with the that.
Tucking my pelvis in to meet my pelvic bone,
and then finding that natural lift in the heart,
my shoulder blades squeeze in and together and down,
chin parallel to the earth.
For beginner’s forward fold, l recommend taking your paws to your waist,
and maybe even hooking your thumbs behind your waistline,
事实上我转到这边 可能更清楚点
in fact l will turn to the side here, just so we can demonstrate this little more clearly,
内收骨盆 收紧小腹 腰背挺直
l’m tucking my pelvis, drawing my navel in, staking the spine,
看这里 像超人一样的姿势
and coming to this, like, super hero pose,
in kid’s yoga we call it like wonder woman or super man,
收紧肩胛骨 吸气 呼气并头顶向上延展
shoulder blades squeezing together, l’m gonna inhale, extend through the crown of the head.
现在进入前屈式 压紧脚后跟
Now as l dive into my forward fold, l’m gonna keep pressing into my heels.
l’m gonna keep drawing this energy up through the arches of my feet,
just like l stablish mountain pose,
身体活跃起来 手臂上抬
so l have an active body, lifting,
脚跟触地 但手抬起并向上延展
so l’m grounding through my heels, but lifting and lengthening up towards the sky,
just energetically subtle body lifting lengthening.
好 开始 吸气 头顶向上提拉
Ok, here we go, l inhale, lifting through the crown of the head,
缓缓呼气 保持肩膀和脊柱姿势不变
as l exhale, l’m gonna slowly keeping this nice lifting my heart and nice straight spine,
l’m gonna move forward.
The tops of my thighs are drawing up, kneecaps drawing up.
收紧肚子 抬起臀部
Navel drawing in, l begin to shine my sit bones towards the wall behind me,
收紧肩胛骨 慢慢前屈
and l’m squeezing my shoulder blades together, moving nice and slow,
so l can really be honest about what this journey is like,
it’s a tough thing, sometimes in yoga to really witness what the body is actually experiencing.
And what your body might actually be experiencing right now is a screaming in the hammies,
是的 火腿需要爱 更多的爱 我们给它吧
that’s ok, the hammies need some love, they need more love, then we give them,
所以 放松膝盖 实际上尽所需弯曲膝盖
so soften through your knees, in fact, bend your needs as generously as you need to,
同时 找到支撑腿部直立的点
and in time, we’ll get to the point where we can straight the legs.
半弯腰拉伸头顶 如果有需要 弯曲膝盖
So l’m here about halfway extending through the crown of the head, bending my knees if l need to,
尽所需弯曲 然后开始自然前屈
bending them as generously as l need to, and l begin to melt down,
belly to the top of the thighs,
and then once the weight of my head releases down,
l’ll draw my fingertips either to the mat,
to the earth, palms to the shins,
甚至可以抱住对侧肘关节 轻轻左右摇动
or maybe even l grab my elbows, and rock them a little side to side.
If this is a little bit of balancing challenge for you,
我建议 将双脚分开与臀同宽
l recommend, taking the feet and stepping them hip width apart,
just like we talked about in Tadasana video.
So here l am, in my forward fold,
尽所需弯曲膝盖 坐骨朝上
bending my knees if l need to, really shining my sit bones up towards the sky,
so l have the tail be shooting straight towards the heaven right now,
抱住对侧肘关节 轻轻左右摇动
l’ll grab my elbows rock little side to side,
如果感觉很好 站立前屈式是使体重悬空
if that feels good, Uttanasana is about letting the weight of the body hang over,
then being with the breath.
还有一个稍微积极点的版本 把鼻子与膝盖相贴
So we have other versions of this pose, a little more active that really draw the nose to the knees all the stuff.
这里 我们只作为初学者甚至非初学者练习
Here, we’re just going to practice as beginners or even as non-beginners,
给火腿留出一点空间 然后使用呼吸法
just creating a little space in the hammies and then using the breath.
我不能更强调好的 扎实的 甜蜜的深呼吸的重要性
l can not stress this enough how important it is to take nice, solid, sweet deep breath here,
because that’s where l’m gonna really create some movements, some spaces,
this liquid spine as we like to
液态脊椎 这使它变得有趣起来
sometimes call it, that’s where becomes fun to play with to,
We’re instead of just holding in a painful posture.
We’re moving in kind of grooving with the breath.
It’s kind of awkward place to be talking.
So I’m just stop talking for a second,
做这个姿势 这样我能真正
and come into the pose, so that l can really
release the weight of my head completely and fully,
drawing my navel up towards my spine,
向前垂落 站立前屈式 【呼气】
l hang forward. Uttanasana. [exhale]
bending the knees as generously as we need to,
and sometimes pulsing here, bending the knees straining is good,
creating a little bit of space,
再来 上下点头 用呼吸使吸气时
again, shaking the head, yes, no, and using that breath to find a little bit of lengthening
延展增加 然后呼吸释放 身体对折
as you inhale, and then releasing on the exhale, fold,
perhaps a little more lengthening as l inhale,
then folding on the exhale,
啊 开始吧 把手放到腰上 叉腰
Ahh, to come up, l’m gonna bring my hands to my waistline, hooking the thumbs behind,
同时 压紧脚后跟 内收肩胛骨
and same thing, l’m gonna press into my heels, draw my shoulder blades together,
当我抬头并提拉头顶时 肘部向后
elbows behind me, as l lift and lengthen up through the crown of the head,
提起心脏 大拇指用力按压骨盆
heart lifts, l use my thumbs actively here to remind me to tuck my pelvis in,
高兴而缓慢地 让呼吸从后背到腿
and nice and slow, sending breath all the way through the backs to the legs,
卷起尾骨 发现心脏提起了
l begin to scoup my tail bone in, find that lift in the heart,
l have this awesome tingly sensation going all the way down to my toes right now,
feel good,
and l come back to mountain pose, Tadasana,
l can take a couple of breath here, and dive back in.
还有一件事不知道有没有时间说 我会尽可能讲快点
If you wanna say one thing, l don’t know if l have time to say this, but l’m gonna try to speak it very fast,
我前屈后 觉得腿肚子就像两块盐水太妃糖
after when l’m in forward fold, l think about the back of legs as two pieces of salt water taffy,
我知道这比喻有点俗 但因为一些原因很适合
and l know that sounds kind of cheesy, but it works, works for me for some reason,
if you’re imaging this muscles from your sit bones all the way to your heels being like two pieces of salt water taffy,
if you’re gonna share that taffy,
就不能你抓一块 我抓一块
you wouldn’t be able to just grab one and me grab the other,
and just walk away, and break.
That would be very painful,
嗯 但是我们得想 肌肉就像盐水太妃糖
uhm, but rather we have to think of this muscles like that pieces of candy, that salt water taffy,
我们要分享 要创造一点空间
we’re going to in order to share, we’re gonna have to create a little bit of space,
我们要稍微动一下 配合呼吸
we’re gonna have to move it a little bit, breath with it,
笑一下 你懂的 耐心地创造空间 融化这块太妃糖
laugh a little bit, you know, take our time, creating space, melting that taffy.
这样直到感觉不错 停下恢复并走开
So that eventually, uha, we break off with that treat.We feel good and walk away.
也许这有点远 但你知道我说的是不能直接俯身前屈
Maybe that’s a little far out there, but you know I’m saying that you can’t just diving into the forward fold,
然后希望奇迹出现 你得配合呼吸
and expect the magic to happen, you have to be with the breath,
你得注意你的腿后面的感觉 然后当然
you have to look at what’s really going on the back of your legs, and then of course,
find what feels good,
好了 这就是站立前屈式
Ok, so that was Uttanasa, forward fold.
l hope you enjoy trying the posture,
if you have any questions or comments,
please, please leave them in the comment box below,
l’d love to hear from you,
also make sure you subscribe to my channel,
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下次再见 谢谢收看 合十礼
and I’ll see you next time, thank you so much, Namaste.









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