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影响动物的5个疯狂桥梁 – 译学馆
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Five Crazy Bridges for Animals

为什么鸡要横穿马路?我们可能永远不会知道 因为它们也许永远到不了马路对面
Why did the chicken cross the road? We may never know, since she probably never got to
仅仅在美国 每天大约有一百万只动物被来往的车辆压扁
the other side. In the US alone, about a million animals are flattened by passing motorists
each day – and that doesn’t count all the bugs!
动物们时常会遇到障碍物 其中有一些是正常的
Animals are constantly confronted with barriers, some of them completely natural, and others
另一些则是我们所建造的东西 (对它们而言)仅仅是障碍 当我们建造公共设施时
that we build that are barely barriers at all. As we build our own infrastructure, we’re
无意间也增加了越障训练 这些栅栏成了
also adding to this obstacle course without meaning to, and these unintentional fences
有效的动物防护栏 道路仅仅只是其中一部分
are some of the most effective animal barriers out there. Roads are just the beginning.
以高压电线为例 对我们人类来说可能无害
Take high-tension power lines, for example. They may look harmless to us, but many other
但高压电线附近许多生物都销声匿迹 我们不能百分百确定 但这些动物可以看见紫外线
creatures steer clear. We can’t say why for sure, but these animals’ ultraviolet
vision may mean that the UV flashes discharging from the cables make for a very scary sight.
还有更奇怪的东西会阻拦它们的路 很多带蹄的哺乳动物害怕越过
And even weirder stuff can get in animals’ way. Many hoofed mammals are hesitant to cross
线状区域比如轮廓分明的走廊 管道 甚至是成排的石子或是在地上画的线
linear features like clear-cut corridors, pipelines – even rows of rocks or painted
它们因为心里原因 被搁浅在了线的两边
lines on the ground – leaving them psychologically stranded on one side or the other.
当只有一头牛被困 也许不是什么大问题 但动物们被孤立
While one stranded cow might not be a huge problem, if enough animals become isolated
没有食物 同伴 保护 整个种群都会减少甚至消失
from food, mates, and protection, entire populations can dwindle and even disappear.
去除这些障碍是一个办法 但任何时候我们不想
One solution would be to get rid of all these obstacles, but we aren’t likely to give
失去道路 电力或是管道 而且我们移除这些实质的障碍后
up roads, power, or pipelines any time soon. And even when we remove physical barriers,
障碍的阻拦能力并未消除 在捷克共和国和德国之间的“铁幕”(指将苏联和东欧共产党国家与西欧分开的边界)
their stopping power can stick around. The “Iron Curtain” between the Czech Republic
20年前就已经推到了 但赤鹿任然不敢越过那条分界线
and Germany was torn down more than 20 years ago, but red deer still won’t cross that
后代小鹿依旧知道要避开带刺的隔离栅栏区 即使隔离栅已经不在了
divide. Generations of fawns learned to avoid the barbed wire fence, and even with it gone,
the lessons live on.
Luckily, a little ingenuity goes a long way in guiding animals over, under, or around
the obstacles we put in their way. Just as a footbridge helps us cross dangerous roads,
我们也可以建造天桥同样地帮助小鹿 猴子 和蟹类 大象则走地下
we can build overpasses that help deer, monkeys, and crabs do the same. Elephants go underneath
, and we’ve even engineered salmon cannons to help fish sail past dams on their way upriver.
我们还可以建精神上的障碍 鼓励动物走另一边
We can bridge mental barriers too, encouraging animals to cross obstacles that could otherwise
psych them out.
最后 即使我们不知道为什么鸡要过马路
In the end, even if we don’t know why the chicken crossed the road, at least we can
至少 我们可以帮它安全通过
help her get there safely.