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Finding Your Mission

提到使命 我们总是把它与宇航员联系起来 聚会上如果有人问你是做什么的
Missions are things we tend to associate with astronauts. If someone at a party asked you
你说你在完成某个使命 他们会觉得你奇怪
what you did, and you said you were involved on a mission of some kind, people would look
但事实上 我们都受益于我们生命的目的
at you sort of strangely. But in truth, we’d all benefit from focusing in on the purpose
of our lives so that we can refer to them as missions of one kind or another. When the
当企业家Elon Musk上大学时 他非常明确地问自己他人生的使命是什么
entrepreneur Elon Musk was at university, he asked himself very explicitly what his
mission in life would be. He began by wondering what the world needed most urgently, then
然后审视自己想知道他的天赋是什么 于是他得到一份含四个可能使命的清单:
he looked into himself to see what his talents were and that led him to a list of four possible
太空探索 电力传输 人工智能和重写基因组
missions: space exploration, electric transportation, Artificial Intelligence and rewriting the
最终 Elon Musk选择了前两个 很少有人选定
human genome. In the end, Elon Musk chose the first two. Few of us will ever settle
这样的使命 拥有使命的见解被广泛的应用
on missions as mighty as these, but the notion of having a mission, rather than a mere job
然后 我们该如何养成
or hobby, remains widely applicable.
接受使命的心态呢 下面是我的看法:
How, then, can we learn to adopt the mission mindset?Here are my ideas:
首先 重要的是对自己的生活采取一种严肃的态度
– Firstly, what matters is to adopt a certain seriousness about one’s life. The working
因为工作时间最多有50年 所以挑战是围绕重点:
bit will only be, at best, 50 years. So the challenge is around focus: how can one reduce
如何降低人的积极性的范围 一半的问题是兴趣过多
the range of one’s enthusiasms and see that having so many interests is half the problem.
Talk of a mission forces us to reduce what we care about down to just a few very big
它的精度高于广度 你给自己一个明确的目标
things: it privileges precision over breadth. You give yourself a specific target, aware
并意识到需要付出多大努力才能实现 其次 使命要有计划
of how much energy it will take to reach it. Secondly, a mission is about having a
要减少兴趣的数量 因为目标不明确就会被其他计划打乱
plan; and reducing the amount of times that, because one has no clear goal, one gets swept
再者 使命不同于野心
along by the plans of others. Then again, a mission is different from an ambition. An
野心源于你想要什么 使命围绕着别人需要什么
ambition starts with what you want. A mission centers around what others need. People with
最终 怀着使命的人可能会名利双收
missions may well end up making money and having status, but that isn’t what led them
但这并不是最初的目的 使命是关于任务的内在价值的
to the mission in the first place. Missions are about the intrinsic worth of tasks. – The
search for a mission requires you to ask: among all the problems facing humanity, what
are the ones that properly interest me? Be alive to the small-scale but authentic concerns.
聚焦人性问题是你的权利 然后需要坦率看待自己的才能
Having focused on a problem of humanity that feels right for you, you then need to
take an honest look at your own aptitutes. What truly are your talents? What can you
这可能需要大量自省 职业咨询和实验
contribute? That may require a lot of introspection, career counselling and experimentation. Then,
然后你的技能和天赋与世界的需要相结合 便是你的特色区:
where your skills and aptitudes intersect with the needs of the world, that is your
这便是你的使命所在 之所以称之使命 无关乎它的宏大
distinctive zone: that’s where your mission lies. A mission isn’t a mission because
而关乎它的严谨 温和但关键的使命就像:
it is grand, but because it is precise. Examples of modest but crucial missions might be:
a mission to improve the care that the elderly receive at the end of their lives or a
mission to teach children music in an engaging way or a mission to get the best pizzas
out to the customers of north Liverpool or downtown San Diego. Conceiving of a mission
requires us to throw off an attitude of inner serfdom, where we imagine that only other
想象在那里只有其他人有权计划自己的生活 而其他人必须屈服于命运和统治者的随意践踏
people have the right to plan their lives – and everyone else must just surrender
to accidents and random whims of employers. – We can and should all have missions. With
有使命在手 下次在聚会上 你就不需要把谈话停留在你被雇佣的职位上
a mission in hand, the next time you’re at a party, you won’t need to keep the conversation
at the level of where you’re employed, you can answer with reference to the underlying
即使没有专属的太空帽 你也可以合理地宣布
logic of what you are up to. You can, with no space helmet to your name, legitimately
announce that you’re in this earth with a mission to carry out.
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