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找到信仰中蕴含的幽默 – 译学馆
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Faith Is Absurd—Let’s Embrace the Comedy in That | Adam Mansbach

“我是犹太人 但我实际上是佛教徒”
“I’m Jewish, but I’m actually Buddhist.”
对于我 一个涉及各种类别及知识领域的作家来说
For me as a writer across all kinds of genres and disciplines,
无论是剧本创作 文学小说 还是让人受不了的冒牌儿童书籍
whether it’s screenwriting or literary fiction or obscene fake children’s books,
humor is always one of the most important tools in my palette.
如果你能让人们开怀大笑 你的作品就能吸引读者
There are things that you can get people to come to the table on if you make them laugh
如若不然 他们永远不会买你的书
that they’ll never sign on for if you don’t.
It’s always a problem to be too pedantic to hit people over the head,
那么 比如像讽刺和荒诞行为 二者对吸引读者和交流 都是重要的方式
so, things like satire and absurdity are both important ways to engage and start a conversation,
基本上 就这点来说 它们也是看待这个世界极其重要的方式
and also, fundamentally at this point critical ways to look at the world.
而且我觉得 当你涉及到信仰 所有那些事情都更重要了
And I think all of those things are heightened when you’re dealing with faith
因为它对人们太重要了 太容易制造分歧
because it’s so divisive, it’s so important to people,
与此同时 情感与矛盾也会被激化
and at the same time, feelings and tensions around it also run incredibly high.
所以 对我而言 你知道 特别是 《哈加达》
So, for me, you know, with “Haggadah” in particular,
and some of the other work I’ve done in the past,
把围绕信仰 犹太主义 宗教 作为一种特征
around faith, around Judaism, around religion as an identity
也作为某种能变成武器的东西 某种人们会在自认为合适及必要的时候
and something that gets weaponized and something that people pick up and put down
能拿起 也能放下的保护自身的武器
as they see fit and as they need to, you know.
犹太教团体 犹太信仰非常有意思 因为
The Jewish community, the Jewish faith is an interesting one because
you can be Jewish without being religious.
You can be Jewish without believing in anything.
你会发现有犹太人会说出“我是犹太人 但我是佛教徒”
You find Jews who say shit like, “I’m Jewish, but I’m Buddhist.”
但如果像圣公会教徒 就不会说出这样的话
Like Episcopalians don’t say shit like that.
Do you know what I mean?
以我来讲 自小受犹太文化熏陶
For me as somebody who grew up culturally Jewish
but in a very secular family and household and community,
特别是 犹太主义有广阔的边缘部分
Judaism in particular has margins
that are wide and very well-populated in the sense
that there are many ways to be like alienated from the faith
and yet not want to separate yourself entirely.
在我心里 那是所有好的艺术的来源 是任何社会团体的边缘部分
And in my mind, that’s really where all the good art comes from, is the margins of any community,
the people who feel like they have one foot in and one foot out.
这些觉得自己投入了 但内心并非完全接受的人们等等
The people who feel invested yet not entirely accepted, et cetera.
特别是当我看到我认识的 与我能产生共鸣的犹太艺术家们
When I look at the Jewish artists in particular that I connect with, who resonate with me,
我发现像兰尼·布鲁斯 伍迪·艾伦 菲利普·罗斯福
you know, I find folks like Lenny Bruce, Woody Allen, Philip Roth,
伯纳德·马拉默德 诺曼·梅勒这些人
Bernard Malamud, Norman Mailer.
None of these people were like hardcore in the bosom of Judaism.
他们都有着那种边缘感 异类感
They all felt that sense of marginality, of alienation,
这就是那种痛苦所在 因而也是艺术的来源
and that’s where the pain and thus the art come from.
所以 我认为幽默发挥了直接作用
So I think humor plays directly into that.
You have to have a sense of humor about it.
You have to explore the fissures and the ways in which faith is observed, the ways in which
constructing any community on this arbitrary set of ancient principles
那是现代人们可能会 也可能不会投入的方式
that folks may or may not even invest in in the current day and age.
对此 这有些非常可笑的地方
There’s something hilarious about that.
And the part of the Jewish tradition in particular that I connect with is
the idea of arguing about everything incessantly forever,
and the sensibility and the humor that have allowed folks to persevere
熬过了几个世纪中 许许多多可怕的灾难
through a lot of horrible shit throughout the centuries
但脸上对于那一切 却仍秉持优雅
and maintain some grace in the face of all that.
所以对我来说 犹太主义最终要归结于他们的幽默
So for me, ultimately Judaism comes down to the jokes.



犹太人的幽默--- “我是犹太人 但我是佛教徒!"