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2500帧速率下的喷漆爆炸 – 译学馆
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Exploding Spray Paint at 2500fps - The Slow Mo Guys

— 你们好 我是Gav — 我是Dan
Hello to you. I’m Gav. >> I’m Dan.
我们是Slow Mo Guys
>> We’re the Slow Mo Guys.
— 如你所见 我又穿上了这套危险装备 这次还带齐了所有家伙
>> As you can see, I’m wearing my dangerous outfit again. Got everything this time.
— 当Dan穿上这件蓝色外套时 你就知道这次会是个很刺激的实验
>> When Dan’s wearing the blue suit, you know it’s gonna be a good one.
— 有些东西要玩完了
>> Stuff’s gonna go down.
— 我一直对气雾罐很着迷 实际上 密封罐里装的是液体
>> I’m very fascinated by aerosol cans and the fact that there’s liquid in there pressurized.
只要我按下 它就会被释放汽化
And as soon as the pressure is released, it just vapourizes.
我们在很久前曾用除臭剂做过这个实验 这次我想用这个方法来画画
We did it with a deodorant can a long time ago, and I wanna do it with paint.
— 对 在我们身后放着不同色彩的喷漆 像你们看到的
>> Yeah, we got lots of different coloured spray paint behind me there, as you can see.
我将会用一把斧子和一只大锤来对付他们 看能不能弄出些不一样的效果 还有——
So I’m gonna take an axe and a sledgehammer to them, and see if we can get some different effects, and—
— 对 简单的说 我们将不使用罐子上的喷嘴来制作做一幅喷绘作品
>> Yeah. We’re basically gonna make some spray paint art without once using the nozzle of the spray can.
— 对 不使用平常的方法我们要如何将喷漆弄出来呢?
>> Yeah, how can we get it out of there without using the correct method of getting it out of there?
— 将你们是如何不使用喷嘴让喷漆喷出来的方法发送给我们
>> Feel free to send us your methods of getting spray paint out of the can without spraying it.
但请不要使用斧子或大锤 因为这样很危险?
But don’t do it with an axe or a sledgehammer cuz it’s dangerous?
— 要保证安全 — 对
>> But be safe. >>Yeah.
— 用明信片将你的答案发给我们
>> Send in your answers on a postcard.
So I think we’ll start… we’ll start with some green.
在我们使用斧子和大锤之前 先试试空气枪吧 — 噢 好啊
And before we move on to our axe and sledge, let’s do a BB gun. >> Oh, yeah.
我无法相信它居然没有散开仅仅溅在了背景板上 — 是啊
I can’t believe that it didn’t go anywhere and only painted the background. >> Yeah.
— 像是 如果我们用别的的方法也许不会这样— 我明白
>> Like, we couldn’t have down that if we tried. >> I know.
— 好吧 我们用红色再试一次 看能不能拍下这个瞬间 使它在空中旋转
>> All right, let’s try it again with red. See if you can glance it and maybe get it to spin through the air.
— 从侧面打 只要……[嘶嘶声]
>> Hit it on the side, and just… [hissing sound]
[shaking spray can noise]
[hissing noise]
Try it again.
[violent hissing noise]
— 这就是我们想要的效果! 噢 飞溅的
>> That’s what we want! Oh, flippin’ A.
— [笑] 噢 天呐
>> [laughs] Oh, man.
My garden is now blue.
所以这个瞬间一定不一样—— 完全旋转起来了
So the glance was definitely different—spun it completely.
— 我说 显然我们没想到要在花园的地上铺张油布
>> I mean, we didn’t put a tarp down on the garden, obviously.
— 是啊 — 我是说 我们—— 刚刚绿色那个就这样 你看到了 [轻轻的嘶嘶声]
>> No. >> I mean, we—the green one I thought just, you know, [weak hissing sound].
我就想 噢 还不错
And I was like, oh, okay.
好吧 那是……不管怎么说
Well, that… whatever.
可是蓝色这个 我打中了它的侧面 它完全疯狂的转了起来
But the blue, we hit it on the side, and it just went absolutely mental.
— 我们应该用绿色做出这个效果 这样就可以将草地染得更绿了
>> We should’ve done that with the green one, cuz then it would’ve just painted the grass green more.
— 啊 也许你可以现在用绿色重新刷一遍
>> Ah! Perhaps you could do green now and just repaint it.
— 重刷一遍啊 不错 [笑]
>> Just repaint it, yeah. [laughs]
— 嗯 你们能看到 子弹进入的位置是侧面 还是有角度斜着进入的
>> Yeah, as you can see, the entrance wound is at the side, and it’s angled.
所以 这就是它旋转起来的原因
And that’s why this time, it spun around.
— 子弹从哪射出的?
>> Where’s the exit?
— 哦 它留在里面了 — 啊 真的?
>> Oh, it stays in there. >> Oh, really?
— 对 它没穿透瓶子
>> Yeah, it doesn’t make it out.
— 嗯 它现在像是 里面帮助摇匀用的铁球 像不像?
>> Well, they come with, like, a little shaky ball bearing in there, don’t they?
— 是啊 比以前还多了一个 — [笑] 现在是两个了
— 是啊
>> Well, now it’s got an extra one. >> [laughs] It’s two now. >> Yeah.
— 这个看起来不错 这有点——
>> That’s coming along nicely. It’s a bit of a—
— 那个是叫……wibble吗?瓶子里的那个
>> Is it called a… a wibble? What’s the thing in the middle called?
A wiffle? A woggle!
— 皮环?
>> A woggle?
— 我觉得 — 我觉得像是童子军领带上的皮环
>> I think so. >> I thought that’s what you wear on your tie in Cubs.
— 童子军? — 对 像是幼年童子军
— Woggle……
>> In Cubs? >> Yeah, like Cub Scouts. >> Woggle…
Wiffle? Waggle?
I’m pretty sure… a boggle?
An ogg-goggler?
— 什么——我觉得可能是ogg-goggler 对其实是叫豆子(pea)
>> Something—I think it might be an ogg-goggler, yeah.
— fedge gondola
>> A fedge gondola.
— 啤酒瓶里也有
>> You get them in beer, as well.
A fibbler? Fogger.
— Fogger?— Fob——fob-wargler 对
— [笑]
>> Fogger? >> Fob—fob-wargler. Yeah. >> [laughs]
How am I ever gonna sell this place?
I have to wait for it to grow out and mow over it.
— 这是我唯一能想到的方法了 — [笑]
>> It was my plan all along. >> [laughs]
好了 我想这是从远距离能做到的不错的结果了
All right, I think that’s some good work on the distance ones.
— 对 显然是的 — 你想从更近的距离亲身体验一下吗 比如用斧子?
>> Yeah, absolutely. >> You wanna get up close and personal, maybe the axe?
— 我准备好了 我已经整装待发
>> I think I’m ready. I’ve got my kit and equipment.
Fuck me!
— [笑]
>> [laughs]
噢 我的天呐 — 天哪!我没想变成这样
Oh, my goodness. >> Good lord! I was not expecting that.
我没想要—— 你知道我只是想劈开这个罐子 可是—— — [笑]
I was not expect—I know I was just about to axe a cannon off, but— >> [laughs]
— 看我现在的样子!
>> Look at me!
— 染血了似的…… — [笑]
>> Bloody… >> [laughs]
— 好的 全力一击!
>> Okay, sledge-a-rooni!
— 你准备好了?
>> You ready?
— 对
>> Yeah.
— 草……[笑]
>> Fu… [laughs]
[hissing noise]
好吧 要不你试试从侧面来 嗯?
All right, you wanna just try one on its side, then?
That was wicked!
— 天……
>> Jesus…
— 我想横切已经够多了 不如试试纵劈?
>> Think we got enough sledge. How about a lengthwise axe cut?
— 你是说像这样 从罐子长的方向切开 这样?
>> So you want me to hit it like this, down the length of the can, like that?
— 对 我是想 老实说 只是我的个人经验 我也不知道这样切会不会出现些不同的结果
>> Yeah. I mean, honestly, this is just experimentation at this point. I have no idea if it’ll look different or anything.
血痕一样 你看到没?这块区域像是填了个图层
Bloody light that, you know? There’s like an area there where it’s like so layered.
— 是啊 背景板都被浸透了
>> Yeah. The background’s getting really soggy.
— 是吗? — 真的
— 看来我们还得弄干它了
>> Is it? >> Yeah. >> We’ll have to dry it out.
— [笑] 哇噢
>> [laughs] Whoa!
— 还记得我之前说的漂亮的图层吗? — 记得
>> Remember that really nice layering I was just talking about? >> Yeah.
— 全都不见了 血一样的红色全被绿色覆盖了 [笑]
>> All gone. Bloody all under the green. [laughs]
我想我们的画基本算完成了 我们只需要再来点—— 多点色彩
I think our painting is almost complete. We just need sort of—maybe a multicolour.
— 嗯 好的 呃 比如 四个 嗯 —— 几个绑一起?
>> Yeah, okay. Well, like, four, like—a few in one?
— 为什么你的声音听起来这么糟?
>> Why do you sound so terrible?
— 我就是觉得冷了 — [笑]
>> I just got a cold. >> [laughs]
— 好的 最后一击了
>> Okay. Grand finale.
[嘭! 嘭! 嘭!]
[bang! bang! bang!]
它就[模仿爆炸声]……我就—— 我都被冲得后仰了— [笑]
They just went [explosion sound]… and I just went—like, I got blasted back. >> [laughs]
那些油漆 看 喷到了我的脚上 现在看起来亮闪闪的!
They, like, sprayed on my feet. Now they’re sparkling!
— 噢 哦!让我们看看
>> Oh, wow! Let’s look at some of that.
还有些喷到你脸上了 — 我知道 我正准备说呢 我脸上也有
Went on your face, too. >> I know. And I was gonna say, and my face.
Every time it’s my ankles, my hands, and my face.
Nothing else gets hit at all.
— 我想我们给它印上了不错的图案 — 哦 真糟!
— 看这里
>> Although we got some well nice new patterns on this. >> Oh, sick! >> Look at these!
— 这可是无法复制的
>> This is uncopyable, this.
— 还是可以的 只是要多观察多花些时间
>> It’s copyable, but it would take you some sweet reference and time.
让我们来完成这幅画吧 — 这就开始
Let’s make the final touches to this painting. >> Here we go.
[intermittent hissing]
我们基本上毁了你的花园 不过 我得说 虽然很危险有很混乱 不过还是值得的
We’ve ruined your back garden, basically. But, I mean, it was dangerous and messy, but worth it.
很值得 — 你的声音好尖
— 是啊
It was worth it. >> Your voice is sharp. >> Yep.
— 和我们的大多数作品一样 凌乱又不对称
>> Like most of our work, it’s smeary and not symmetrical.
— 我很兴奋 — 你对这幅杰作很兴奋
— 是
>> I got high. >> You got high on some paint fumes. >> Yep.
— 会是个好视频! — 看这!快看
这里还沾上了点标签 木屑 草…… 这太廉价了
>> Nice video! >> Look at it! Look, there’s bits of label, wood, grass… this is shoddy.
我们用掉了很多喷漆 — 是啊
We went through a lot of paint cans. >> We did.
嗯 我想这块已经没用了 我们得珍惜这个
Um, I think this one’s knackered. We should probably hold onto this.
这个 我觉得会是很值钱的艺术作品
This one, I think, could be a nice piece of art.
所以我们会将它在eBay上挂一个星期拍卖 而且所得收益全部捐给Extra Life charity
So we’ll slap it on eBay for a week and donate the proceeds to Extra Life charity,
如果你对它感兴趣—— 当然 它绝对是幅杰作
if you feel interested in having this—well, this absolute masterpiece!
— 丹·格鲁西(Dan Gruchy)基金?
>> Dan Gruchy Fund?
— 我们不会捐给丹·格鲁西基金基金的 这完全是幻想 只会是糟糕的慈善
>> We’re not gonna donate to the Dan Gruchy Fund. That is off-limits. It’s a terrible charity.
Hopefully you enjoyed that vid.
尽情订阅我们的频道 或是第二频道……
Feel free to subscribe to the channel, the second channel…
还有Twitter 可以买件T恤衫
Twitter, and that. Buy a shirt.
或是参与艺术品拍卖 你现在有很多事可以考虑去做了
Bid on some art. There’s a lot for you to think about right now.
Or just turn it off.
去其他地方看看 找找你喜欢的 — 别这样啊!
Go elsewhere. Go about your day. >> Don’t do that!
— 呃 自由选择嘛
>> Eh, freedom.
— 网络资源选择自由啊 我们下次见!
Freedom of the Internet. See you next time!