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Ep 9 Doraleous and Associates

现在你们确实让我失望 你们知道吗 你们意识到了吗 嗯
You guys really let me down this time, you know that? You aware of that? Huh? I give
在我走后我只给了你们一项任务 只有一项 带大木马进来
you one thing to do while I’m gone. One thing! Bring the large wooden horse inside! Could
你们能做到吗 不 你们做不到 你们能吗
you do that? No! You couldn’t do that. Could ya?
多拉勒斯 关于为什么没带它进去我们有一个好理由 但我不想
Doraleous, we have a good reason as to why we didn’t bring that in but I don’t want to
get into it right now.
好吧 尼伯 原因是什么
Really Neebs, what’s the reason?
我现在不想说 多拉勒斯
I don’t want to get into it, Doraleous.
没有什么好借口 多拉勒斯 摩德昂斯和尼伯整天都在玩一个愚蠢的游戏
There is no good reason, Doraleous. Mirdon and Neebs were playing a stupid game all day
我告诉过它们(应该去搬木马) 可他们不听我的 他们不
and I told them they should do it and they didn’t listen to me. They didn’t listen to
那不是一个愚蠢的游戏 卓克
That’s not a stupid game, Drak.
It is stupid!
你的声音很傻 你个哭闹的小崽子
Your voice is stupid you little crybaby.
You shut up you piece of shit!
You little bitch.
摩德昂斯 你穿着什么
MIrdon, what are you wearing?
什么 这是我的派对面具 你说过我们将有一场派对的
What? This is my party mask. You said we were having a party.
好吧 这场派对己经被取消了
Well the party’s been cancelled!

让我来告诉你为什么吧 如果我们都在战场上
And let me tell you why. Let’s say we’re all on the battlefield. And let’s say that I give
假如我让尼伯在摩德昂斯准备符咒时掩护他 尼伯决定
Neebs an order to cover Mirdons back while he’s preparing a spell. And Neebs decides
忽略我的命令 现在摩德昂斯死了
to ignore that order. Now Mirdons dead.
嘿 干的好 尼伯
Heh, good job Neebs.
如果像这样不遵守命令 你们认为我们作为一个团队还能坚持多久
How long do you think we’re gonna last as a team if thats how we follow orders?
如果每天都有战争 不超过一周吧
Less than a week if we have a battle every day.
对不起 我来晚了 多拉勒斯 今天是娜娜的生日
Sorry I’m late Doraleous. It was Nana’s birthday.
布鲁夫 你背上…有一把剑
Broof there’s a sword in your back.
谢谢你 多拉勒斯 嘿 外面那儿有一个大木马 也许应该有人搬
Thanks Doraleous. Hey there’s a giant wooden horse out front. Someone should probably move
that thing.
好吧 我不想再谈论这玩意儿了 让我把这件事说清楚
Alright, listen I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Let me make this perfectly clear.
我想在日落前把那木马搬进来 你们能理解吗
I want that horse inside the castle by sunset. Is that understood?

好 好 理解 多拉勒斯
Alright, yeah. Understood, Doraleous.
城堡 日落 在这儿
Castle. Sunset. Be there.
那孩子是谁 多拉勒斯
Who’s the kid, Doraleous?
噢 大伙 那是哈里
Oh. Hey everybody, this is Harry.
好 你好 哈里
Well, hey Harry.
噢 大家好
Oh, hello everyone.
你好 哈里 嘿 哈里 嗯哪
Hello Harry, Hey Harry. Ugggh.
哈里将同我们待几天 我认为我们会使用一个实习生 再说
Harry’s gonna be staying with us for a few days, I figured we could use an intern. Plus
他曾在沙克顿训练 他会很有用的
he’s been training at Shackleton so he could prove useful.
哈 哈哈 哈 沙克顿 哈 沙 哈 婊砸 哈哈哈 噢 看看我
Ha! Haha! Ha! Shackleton. Ha! Sha, ha! Dick. Prick. Bitch. Ha ha ha! Oh hey, look at me,
我那么优秀 不能进公立男巫学校 我应该去沙克顿 因为我的父母
I’m too good to go to public wizarding school. I go to Shackleton because my parents are
My parents were killed when I was a baby.
噢 看看我 我死去的父母留给我许多钱 我正在里面洗澡呢
Oh look at me. My dead parents left me a lot of money. and now I’m just bathing in it.
摩德昂斯 够了 哈里 可以跟我们说一下你自己吗
Mirdon! Enough! Harry, how bout you tell us a little bit about yourself.
噢 好的 嗯 我在沙克勒顿上学
Oh well, uh, I go to Shackleton.

嗯 我在那儿有许多朋友而且我喜欢那里 还有 我最喜欢的课是午餐
And um, I have lots of friends there and I really like it. And my favorite class is lunch.
哈哈哈 嗯 我很享受天空球的游戏
Ha Ha Ha! Oh, and uh, I do enjoy a good game of sky ball.
天空球 那是什么
Sky ball, what is that?
噢 这是一个很棒的游戏 你骑上扫把飞到空中
Oh, its a wonderful game. You get on your magic broom and then you go up into the sky
and the object of the game is to take your balls and to try to get them into the golden
噢 请停一下 你刚刚是说…你有个飞天扫把 好 那它在哪呢
Oh hold up a second. Did you just say… you have a flying broom? Well, where is it, man?
噢 它在我沙克勒顿的锁柜背后呢
Oh, its in me locker back at Shackleton.
什么 你能把它带出来吗
What?! Can you take it out?
噢 当然可以 先生
Oh, of course sir!
And you didn’t bring it?
噢 没有带 先生 我不以为我会需要它
Oh, no sir. Didn’t think I’d need it.
这是个飞天扫把 哈里
It’s a flying broom Harry!
是的 先生
Yes sir.
You didn’t think you’d need it?
不 我不能想象
No, I can’t imagine…
好吧 你什么时侯不需飞天扫把
Well, when wouldn’t you need a flying broom?
好吧 我不知道 我只是觉得我不会需要它 先生
Well, I don’t know I just don’t think I’d need it, sir.
那如果你正被…我不知道…被一只巨型蜘蛛或者其它东西追呢 哈里
What if you’re being like, I don’t know, chased by a giant spider or something, Harry? Or
或者一条巨大的蛇 你认为你不会需要一个飞天扫把吗
a giant snake. You think you would need a flying broom then?
或者假如说 树林中的里的三个暴徒
Or hypothetically speaking, three thugs in the woods.
是的 但先生
Yes, but sir.
哈里 这他妈可是个飞天扫把啊!
Harry, It’s a fucking flying broom!
哈里 我们都希望你在这里 所以请
Harry, we are all glad to have you here at Doraleous and Associates. So please make yourself
呆在屋子里 如有什么需要尽管说
at home and if you need anything at all, just ask.
噢 谢谢你 先生
Oh, thank you sir.
Ha! Haha!
多拉勒斯 你还好吗
Doraleous, you alright?
是的 沃肯 我很好 只是 太阳落下来了 木马还在那里
Yeah, Walken I’m fine. It’s just, the sun is set, and the horse is still out here.
跟你说 多拉勒斯 你和我 让我们卷起袖子把木马弄进来
Tell you what, Doraleous. You and me, let’s roll up our sleeves and put the horse inside
哈哈哈 太好了 同志们 他们准备把我们带进去了 准备好你们的武器
Hahahaha! Alright, men. They’re about to bring us inside. Ready your weapons.
不行 就原则而言 如果我不能带领 这支队伍
Not gonna do it. On principle alone. If I can’t delegate authority, this team doesn’t
stand a chance.
这才像一个真正的领袖 多拉勒斯 我为你骄傲 如果我们现在不搬
Spoken like a true leader, Doraleous. I’m proud of you. Now if we’re not gonna move
那匹马 让我们进来吧 这将是一个寒冷 寒冷的夜晚
the horse, Let’s get inside. It’s gonna be a cold, cold night.
This is bullshit!



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