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Ep 5 Doraleous and Associates

We’ve been at the Wetald kingdom for several hours.
经历了一系列不幸事件后 我们选了最弱的士兵
Through a series of unfortunate events, we’ve chosen our weakest warrior
to fight in a one-on-one battle.
我赌两个金币 纳纳都来的家伙会赢
I bet two gold coins that fellow from Nanadoo’s going to win this thing.
是的 我也这么觉得
Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, too.
你说真的吗 尼布斯 我是说 这是你的想法吗
Are you serious, Neebs? I mean, this was your idea!
这就是你的想法 怎么 你想在赌敌军赢?
This was your idea! What, you’re going to bet on the enemy?
怎么 你觉得莱斯利会赢吗
What, y’all think – y’all think Leslie’s going to win?
He better win!
不 莱斯利就是个猫咪 他不可能赢
Nah, Leslie’s a puss. He’s not going to win.
如果他输了 我们就麻烦了
Well, if he doesn’t win, we’re in trouble.
威托德就会失去所有土地 全因为我们 还有你的想法 尼布斯
And the Wetalds are going to lose all their land, all because of us, and your idea, Neebs.
全怪你 尼布斯
It’s all on you, Neebs.
多拉勒斯 你这样说简直跟疯了一样
Doraleous, you’re talking like you’re all mad and stuff.
我现在有点担心 我们的名声岌岌可危
I’m a little bit concerned right now, because our name is on the line,
and so is this entire village.
We should have sent Drak.
对 你们应该报信 等下 我不是最弱的
Yeah, your should’ve sent – wait a minute, I’m not the worst!
Well, you easily are the worst, I think.
不 我觉得德拉克不会带走那家伙
Nah, I don’t think Drak could take that guy over there.

去你的 尼布斯 你怎么回事
Up yours, Neebs! What the hell’s your problem, man?
看着我 我可是粗暴界的傲慢野兽
Look at me! I’m a masterful beast of kickassness!
我只能说 我们最好指望莱斯利能赢了这场战斗
All I’m saying is that we better all hope that Leslie wins this fight.
天啊 难以置信他竟然赢了
Holy shit, I can’t believe he won.
不不不 不公平
No no no no, that’s not fair!
还有别人吗 没有其他人了吗
Is there anyone else? Is there no one else?
这是公平的 您同意的 国王
It is fair! You agreed to it, king!
好吧 好 这次你赢了 但是记住我说的 多拉勒斯
Okay, fine, you’ve gotten me this time, but mark my words, Doralingus:
I’m going to put a price on your head.
好吧 你知道 随便啦
Well, it’s – you know, you know, whatever.
随便啦 查理斯国王 你可以悬赏我的人头
Whatever, King Chalice, you put a price on my head.
我是卡拉斯国王 你知道的
It’s King Calas! You know that!
是的 我知道 佛鲁斯国王 我很清楚 非常感谢
Yeah, I do, King Phallus. I’m well aware of that, thank you very much!
是卡拉斯 好吧 你这个家伙
It’s Calas! Fine, come men.
记住我的话 多拉勒斯 你会后悔今天所为 你会后悔的
But mark my words, Doralingus: you will rue this day. You will rue this day!
多拉勒斯 谢谢你们战胜了卡拉斯国王
Doraleous, thank you so much for defeating King Calas!
It’s an amazing day for all Wetalds!
It’s our pleasure.
看到一切恢复正常我很开心 刚刚真有点可怕
I’m glad everything worked out! It was getting a little scary there for a bit.
多拉勒斯 看看孩子们为你做的
Doraleous, look what the children made you.
(Is there no one else?)
这是你的塑像 用我们最好的山羊粪做的
It’s a statue of you made from the manure of our finest goat!
哇 简直就像在镜子里看到的自己 用粪做的
Wow! Uh … it’s like looking in a mirror made of poo.
(Is there anyone else?)
哇 你看起来像粪呢 多拉勒斯
Wow, you look like shit, Doraleous.
还有关于 额 报酬
And about, uh, the payment.
我们苦苦想了很久 不知道我们能给你什么 为你们的勇敢
We have been thinking long and hard about what we must give you for your brave, brave
actions today
我们会给你们 我们这儿最好的士兵 莱斯利
and we are going to give you our finest warrior, Leslie!
(is there anyone else?)
You’re going to give us Leslie?
对啊 他是我们最勇敢的士兵 现在他会和你一起并肩作战
That’s right. He is our bravest warrior, and now he will fight alongside with you and your
好吧 我觉得 可能 他更适合去保护你们
Okay, I think – probably – he’s more well-suited protecting you guys.
因为 我是说 这个就够了
Because, uh, I mean, this is enough.
我不懂 多拉勒斯 这酬劳不差啊
I don’t know, Doraleous. That’s not a bad offer.
不 我们就这样就好 闭嘴
No, we’re good. Shut up.
I say we keep him.
摩尔唐 闭嘴
Mirdon, shut up.
这是免费的 好吧
It’s on the house, basically. Okay?
Why can’t we take Leslie?
当你跟卡拉斯说话时 你应该说色拉
When you were talking to Calas, you should have said, uh, uh, salad.
番茄色拉 那就搞笑了 就像 谢谢你 番茄色拉
Tomato salad. That’d have been funny. Like, “Thanks, tomato salad.”
那还真搞笑 那谢谢了 你们留着莱斯利吧
That would have been fun – so, thank you. Keep Leslie.
Is there no one else?