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Empanadas Chilenas: Eating Empanadas in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

So it is time for a food video. We haven’t made a food video in a really long time. And
this is actually the first one we’re filming here in Chile. So we thought what better dish
有比Empanadas Chilenas更好的菜吗 而你很可能已经知道了 我之前吃过很多次馅饼
to try than Empanadas Chilenas. And as you probably know I’ve had empanadas many times
我在阿根廷也做过 所以我长大了 在家里和我妈妈一起参照食谱做
before. We make those in Argentina so I’ve grown up making the recipe at home with my
但是智利的菜单实际上有轻微的区别 所以我们下了订单 我们在等
Mom. But the Chilean recipe is slightly different so we’ve placed our order and we’re waiting
for our food to arrive.
所以你准备好享受一些美味的智利馅表吗 是但你最好相信我
So are you ready from some delicious Chilean empanadas? Yes, you better believe that I
因为你知道 我和馅饼有一些特殊的关系
am. Because you know what, I kind of have special relationship with empanadas. Do you
你知道吗 我在你家里学会怎么做他们 在你父母的家里 所以你的妈妈教了
now? I learned how to make them at your house. At your parent’s house. So your Mom taught
我 你也教了我 所以我知道怎么用肉和鸡蛋做
me and also you taught me so I’ve learned how to make like ones with meat and eggs and
还知道怎么用草莓做点心式 还知道怎么用碎牛肉做 好 所以我们应该
also dessert ones with strawberry and ones with ground beef. Okay so we should just be
把你派到厨房帮一下忙 耶 我为什么不在后面自己做呢
sending you over to the kitchen to help out a bit. Yeah, why don’t I just go make it myself
好 去吧 哒哒
in the back. Okay. Off you go. Ta ta!
看看这个馅饼的大小 好我希望你把你的手放在里面
Look at the size of this empanada. Okay, I want you to put your hand beside it so we
所以我们可以感受到大小 那是我的手 哦我的手很脏 喔 那就够了
get a sense of scale. That is my hand. Oh, my hand is dirty. Whoops! That’s alright.
无论如何 这是我的手的大小 基本上是我脸的一半大
Anyways, that is the size of my hand. Like it is the size of half of my face basically.
And this is the thing that shocked me about Chilean empanadas is that the Argentinian
阿根廷的馅饼要小很多大概是这么大吧 他们喜欢半月形
ones are really small. Maybe they’re like this size. They’re like half moon shaped.
他们确实很小 而这个我觉得你可以和两三个人一起吃
They are like quite small. Like this I feel like you could share with two or three people.
这么大 巨大 那么大 巨大
It’s that big. Gigantic. That big. Gigantic.
好我要用刀切它了 我知道我可以用手拿着吃它
Okay, so I’m cutting it with a knife. I know I could eat this with my hand but it is really
但现在真的很烫 我想让你们看看里面的馅料 看这个 这个叫做Pino
really hot right now and I want to show you the filling. So this one. This is called Pino.
这是传统的智利馅饼 你可以吃到碎牛肉和洋葱
And this is the classic Chilean empanada and you basically get ground beef with onions
和黑胡椒和葡萄干儿 这附近应该有个熟鸡蛋
and also black olives and raisins and there should be a boiled egg in there somewhere.
所以我要试试这个了 哦它真烫 哦天哪 超烫 超烫
So I’m going to try this one. Oh, it is so hot. Oh my gosh. Piping hot! Piping hot. One
一分钟 Caliente
minute. Caliente.
好 好多了 好 所以这其实是一种甜的馅饼
Okay, that is better. Alright, so. This is actually kind of a sweet empanada. Like, it
它依然可口 因为 它是由肉做的 但葡萄干向汁水里释放了那种甜味
still savory because it is made with meat but the raisins kind of release that sweetness
糖 所以它很棒 我喜欢它 我只是需要
into the juice. Sugar. So yeah. It’s quite nice. I do like it. I just need to take my
慢慢吃 所以它不会烫到我的嘴
time with it so I don’t burn my mouth.
但是很棒 我已经在享受它了
But it is good. I’m already enjoying it.
好 你点了一个不一样的 你点的哪一个 我的叫做Albahaca
Okay and you ordered a different one. So which one are you having? Mine is called Albahaca
它的特色是奶酪 番茄和罗勒 我切开了我的 让我们也来看看
and that features cheese, tomatoes and basil. So let’s take a look as I dissect mine as
他要打算切他了 解剖 这是科学课 这是手术课
well. He’s going to dissect it. Dissection! It’s science class people. This is surgery.
食物手术 好 所以就像你看到的 里边有很大部分的奶酪
Food surgery. Okay. So as you can see inside there is a very generous portion of cheese.
我看到了番茄 我看到了罗勒 所以该咬一口了
I see tomato and I see basil. So time for a bite.
它有点像披萨 它有点像披萨
It’s kind of like a pizza. Yeah. It is kind of like a pizza.
唔 喔 你知道吗 这是我在智利以来吃过最好吃的 是 耶
Mmmm. Wow. You know what. That is my favorite one I’ve tried so far in Chile. Yes. Oh yeah.
这就像为我而做的 你就是喜欢你的奶酪 正是
It’s like that one was made for me. You just love your cheese. Yeah, I do. Give this guy
cheese and tomato sauce and he’ll be happy for days. I’m probably allergic to it but
that is alright.
好 所以我喜欢的另一个东西是这个酱汁 在多数国家中它被称为pico de gallo
Okay, so another thing I really like is this sauce. In most countries it is called pico
我不知道它在智利是不是也是同样的味道但它基本上就像番茄 洋葱和辣椒和香菜
de gallo. I don’t know if that is the same taste in Chile but it is basically like tomatoes,
onions and chilly peppers and cilantro. And you can use it as a little sauce on your empanada.
哦耶 放上它 我放了好多 加点香料 皮肯特沙司 因为这个馅饼
Oh yeah. Put it on. I’m really piling it on. Spice it on. Picante. Because this empanada
很甜 所以为什么不给它一点厉害的呢 来点辣 嗯
is quite sweet so why not give it a little kick. A little spice. Mmmmm.
好 那是一道美味的午餐 价格是多少 是 基本上等于
Okay, so that was a tasty lunch. What about the price? Yes, so basically the equivalent
3.5美元 每个馅饼 通常情况下真的很贵 但
of 3.50 US Dollars per empanada. And normally that would be really expensive but when you
当你考虑到这有多大时 这个价格并不糟糕
consider how large those were not too bad of a value.
我们确实在一个适宜游览的城镇中 圣佩德罗德
And we’re also in a really touristy town. San Pedro de Atacama is you know as touristy
你知道适宜游览 所以我们在这里买了旅游保险 我想这些会更便宜些
as it gets so we are paying a tourist premium here. I’m guessing these would be a lot cheaper
in Santiago or Valparaiso for example.