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教你做可以吃的蕾丝边蛋糕 – 译学馆
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Edible Lace Cakes | Man About Cake

大家好 欢迎收看“糕点师”节目 我是主持人约书亚·约翰·罗素
What’s up guys! welcome to Man About Cake. I’m your host Joshua John Russell.
今天要做的是可食用蕾丝 它已经流行好一段时间了
and today this man is about edible lace. Now this is a trend that’s been around for a while
and it’s still going strong.
我知道有些人可能一提到可食用蕾丝就头疼 但今天
And I know some of you are probably frustrated with edible lace but today
I’m going to simplify it for you and teach you how to make it right.
let’s do it!
好了 现在我们来稍微聊聊可食用蕾丝吧 我知道
All alright, so now we’re going to talk a little bit about edible lace and I know
你大概在想你以前做可食用蕾丝的时候 是这样的……
what you’re probably thinking you’ve been making this before and just like that…
这次不会再这样了 市场上有很多好用的产品
You won’t do that for this. There’s a lot of products on the market.
这是我觉得最容易使用的一种 它叫做“魔力装饰”
This is the one that I found that is the easiest one to use. It’s called magic decor.
这东西挺有意思的 当我带着它去旅行的时候 我把
It’s actually a pretty pretty funny. You know when I travel with this stuff, I put
一个小的容器放进旅行箱里 给它贴上“魔力装饰”的标签
a little container in my suitcase and I start to label it magic decor and I think
旅行箱里放着一种叫做“魔力装饰”的粉末 这真像是个危险标志
you know white powder in the suitcase called magic decor probably a red flag.
所以 实际上它是一种需要与水混合的粉末如果你要做很多的话
So it’s actually a powder that you have to hydrate so if you’re doing a bigger
你可以用搅拌器来做 但我想让你们知道
batch you can do this in the mixer but i just wanted to show you guys that it’s
用手其实也很容易搅拌好 把它搅拌到
really easy just to mix up by hand. So I’m just going to stir it until it’s
完全与水融合就可以了 这次试试我用过最小的工具吧
completely hydrated. Try use the tiniest tool I ever toost. So it’s going to
come out to a consistency of like kind of like a medium royal icing that’s how
you know it’s ready to go.
然后我们要加一点点 注意 我说的是一点点 黑色食用色素进去
And we’re going to add a little bit like I said a little bit of black gel color
因为我们想得到的是灰色 所以只要倒几滴就行了 然后把它拌好
because we just want to get a gray color.Couple drops, I’ll stir that guy up.
就像捏翻糖一样 你要确保完全搅拌均匀
So just like kneading fondant, you want to make sure that you incorporate this
fully and you don’t see any more white streaks.
好了 我已经搅拌出了非常漂亮的灰色 我打算晾它一会儿
All right so I got a pretty nice gray color there that i’m going to take once
让它与空气充分接触 让颜色变得更深一点
it’s dry to a darker color with an air brush
在这停一下 然后开始做这个颜色的蕾丝 这是
We’re gonna stop here and make our lace,with this color. So this is the one of
我最喜欢的模具垫子之一 上面有很多花边
the mats that I chose to one of my favorite, very Lacey.
接下来要用到我的抹刀了 每个地方都要抹到 确保
So I’m just going to use my offset spatula. Spread it around, make sure you
所有图案都覆盖掉了然后要把多余的那些去掉 所以现在
cover the whole design that will take all the excess off, so i’m just using
this plastic scraper.
从图案的上方开始 用一点力 然后拉过去
I’m just going to start at the top of the design, a little bit of pressure and pull across
现在 你可以看到“魔力装饰”已经完全覆盖在图案上了
Now you can see the magic decor is completely covering the design and the same
thing on this side.
接下来讲讲怎么让蕾丝凝固吧 这是模具 有两种
Let’s talk about curing the lace now that’s and the mold so there’s two
different ways: you can do this you can do it in your oven,
但我最喜欢的方法是 让它在室温下自己凝固 所以我准备
my favorite way to cure it is just at room temperature so I’m just going to
把它放在薄盘子里 搁在架子上 晾几个小时 让它凝固
put this on a sheet pan. We’re going to put it on a rack in a few hours let it cure.
我要做个五层的蛋糕 先从这个8英寸的蛋糕坯开始吧
So this cake is going to be five tiers. I’m going to start by filling the 8-inch round.
这是个香草蛋糕 然后我打算抹上巧克力奶油
It’s going to be a vanilla cake and I’m going to fill it with chocolate buttercream.
我知道这看起来不像传统的婚礼蛋糕 但这个
Now I know that doesn’t seem very traditional for a wedding cake but this
wedding cake is kinda for no one
所以就当做是我的婚礼蛋糕吧我想做成巧克力的 现在人们
so it’s my wedding cake and I’m going to do chocolate. I think more and more people
在婚礼蛋糕的口味上是越来越大胆了 这挺好的 我想
are getting adventurous with wedding cake flavors i love you know I feel like
有很多新娘可能会觉得 因为祖母会出席婚礼
a lot of brides will think that your grandma is going to be at the wedding so
就应该做个传统的白色婚礼蛋糕 “我想要一个挂着白色糖霜的白色蛋糕”
you really need to do a traditional white wedding cake. I want a white cake with a white frosting
我是说如果你想要的是一个填满鸡块的紫色蛋糕 那就去做吧!
I say if you want a purple cake filled with chicken nuggets, go for it!
Right, now we’re going to fill our layers with the chocolate buttercream.
把表面都弄光滑之后 再做下一层 巧克力婚礼蛋糕,
Once I got it all smooth out, add the next layer. Chocolate wedding cake
看起来挺特殊的 我们把它的边裁一下 去掉
is special looked on. Then we’re just going to trim down the sides just taking
焦黄色的地方就好 然后要给它裹一层奶油
off this caramelization and we are going to crumb coat it.
我们把蛋糕用巧克力奶油填满了 但它的外表看起来
so we fill the cake with chocolate buttercream but look cause the cake is
going to be a white fondant cake.
现在去掉外皮上的碎屑 最后用白色的奶油裹一圈
I’m going to actually crumb coat and final coat it with white buttercream.
因为工作还没有全部完成 所以你可能会发现奶油打得很薄 还能透过
Because we don’t do all this work, you probably find it very thin, you’re going to see
它看到里面的巧克力 接着就该去冷藏室了
the chocolate through it and then should go back in the cooler
那么现在蛋糕的外层终于冷却了 我们要开始涂最后的外皮了!
So now that our crumb coat is finally chilled we’re going to do our final coat
我打算用同样的白色奶油 沿四周刮一下
so I’m going to use the same white buttercream. Let’s give it a scrape and
看看有没有没涂到的地方 有的话再涂点
see if we need to fill in any of the gaps.
然后开始处理蛋糕的顶部 去掉边上这些奶油 尽可能地让它
so I’m just going to go across the top taking off this edge so try to get it as
平整光滑 之后把它放回冷藏室
smooth as possible. After this I’m going to put it back in the cooler, let it
让它完全固化成形 然后再用刮刀刮一遍
completely firm up then I could take my scraper and sort of cut through this and
让它更完美 但现在边缘看起来挺光滑的 就不用再刮了
make this perfectly smooth but the sides look good so I’m going to stop here.
现在要把它放到冷藏室 好了 现在蕾丝已经在室温下凝固了
We’re gonna get it in the cooler. OK, now the lace is cured at room temperature,
现在要把它从模具上揭起来 我们得用一种特殊的方法
we’re going to pull it out of the mat. This is a special way that we need to do this
因为我不想蕾丝从模具上揭起来的时候会裂开 我想
though because i don’t want to actually rip the product out of the mat, I want to
把模具和蕾丝完整地分离所以把它翻过来 然后
rip a mat away from the product so we’re going to turn it over and we’re going to
用刚用过的小刮刀 把这一小部分分离开
use as our little scraper we used to just gently pull this first little part
然后把蕾丝压下去 让模具和蕾丝彻底分开
out and then we’ll hold the lace down and pull the mat away from the actual lace.
Lace out.
好了 感觉你可以直接把它缝到衣服上
Cool right actually feels like you could just sew this right onto like a garment.
现在我们要开始装饰蛋糕了 我准备了
Now we’re going to cover the cake and I have
两磅白翻糖 我们得把它擀成
about two pounds of white fondant here and we’re going to roll it out to an
eighth of an inch thickness.
现在 糖衣已经擀好了 把它放到蛋糕上
All right now the fondant’s all rolled out we’re going to flip it over the cake.
把它摊在一边胳膊上 抻平整点 接着我首先要做的就是
To use my arm, trying to kick in. The first thing I’m gonna do is actually get
把上面的气泡挤出来稍微用点力 把空气都挤出来
the air bubbles out of the top here to lift up a little bit, push all the air out.
你的手要跟我的一样热 再抹点玉米淀粉或者糖粉
Your hands are warm like mine and needs a little bit of cornstarch or powdered sugar.
让手保持干燥 我要沿着边缘一周
keep it from sticking. I’m just going to work my way around,
把褶皱的地方拉平整 然后把糖衣压下来
straining out the wrinkles and then pushing the fondant down.
好了 我要再把糖衣整理得光滑点让它看起来更完美
All right now I’m going to take my fondant, smoothers and get all the imperfections out.
You just take an exacto knife and cut away the excess.
So now we’re ready to put our lace on the cake.
我用喷枪给蕾丝上过色了 现在静置几分钟 让它吸收一下
I airbrush my lace and let sit for a few minutes to absorb the color, now by the
不过我们刚刚的颜色就挺好的 如果你不想
way the color we had before was perfectly fine if you don’t want to
airbrush it and make it a little bit darker,
你也可以用之前的那个颜色 现在用饰胶把蕾丝
you can just use the color that we had before. I’m going to put this on with
给贴上去 你也可以用树胶 或者用点水也行
piping gel, you can use gum glue here as well or even a little bit of water.
现在我们把蕾丝拿起来 把它装饰到蛋糕上
Now we’re going to pick our lace up and apply it to the cake. Let’s bring it all
让我们把它沿着底部放置 让它紧贴着蛋糕
the way down to the bottom here,and let it rest against the cake. You want to stick
你可能想要把每一部分都贴紧 但有些地方可能不会那么服帖
it at each end there may be some little parts that don’t want to stick. All you
这时候你可以涂一点饰胶 它就会粘好了
need to do is just take a little piping gel, hit on the back and then it would here.
现在我把另一段蕾丝放在后面 然后就能把它和之前的
So now I can put package on the back of this and I could but it up right against
连接到一起 然后它看上去就会像围着蛋糕连成了一整圈
my other piece and it will look continuous all the way around the cake.
好的 为了在蛋糕中间加上一点流行的颜色 我打算做一个蝴蝶结
OK, so for a little bit of a color pop in the middle of the cake I’m going to make a small bow.
一直擀这个面团 直到不能把它擀得再薄 我要
Just take the paste all the way out until it won’t roll anymore. I’m going to
cut a rectangular shape. We’re going to put everything into the middle,
在中间涂点饰胶 另一边也折到中间
add a little bit of piping gel. Do the same thing on the other side and
然后把它们都卷到中间来 我要把刚切下来的那些小块
then we’ll just gather all this up. I’m going to take a little piece that I cut
围着中间缠起来 之后
off and just wrap it around the middle and then I’m going to leave this guy to
让它自然晾干 然后就要给蛋糕堆层了
dry or stack my cake.
我已经把蛋糕堆到八英寸的这层了 现在我要教你怎么
So I have stacked my cake up to the eight-inchtier. Now I’m going to show you how did it
with bubble tea straws.
现在你看到一根吸管 也许会觉得它太脆弱了 但其实它插下来
Now you see a straw. You think that’s so flimsy but actually it goes down and
就嵌在蛋糕里了 然后你得把周围一圈都支起来
capsule ate the cake and then you have to support all the way around rather
而不是只用一个可能会滑到一边的固定销 那样的话 后面可能会出现问题
than just a dowel that could slip to the side and then possibly have an issue later.
所以 把两个这样相对插着 再把另两个也相对插着
So two across from each other this way and then two across from each other this
然后待会要调整一下 把多余的部分剪掉
way and then we’ll split the difference.
哈……这是生产工作啊 不对 我这样用是不是不对?
Ha… Production work. No. Is that not use that word properly?
不要随便创个词出来 用我们常说的
Please not refresh the words, use something we always say.
噢 这不是个专业词汇吧……“split the difference”
Oh, that’s not a brochure word… “split the difference”.
我从没听到有人跟我说过“split the difference”
No one ever says “split the difference” in my world.
我们现在是在搞生产制作吗 好吧 这就是生产工作
Well are we on a production set right now. It’s a production work.
顺便说一下 这些吸管在亚洲市场很容易就能找到
By the way these straws are super easy to find Asian markets but
they’re also available online
也都能买到 而且很便宜
all over the place and they’re very cheap.
我第一次用吸管的时候紧张得要死 所以就用了一半的吸管
First time I ever used straws I was scared to death so used half straws
还有一半用的固定销 所以如果你担心吸管的质量 你可以把吸管和固定销
and half dowels so if you’re doubting the quality straws use the combination
of the two,
但是我保证 一段时间之后你就会只用吸管了
but I promise you after a while you’ll only use this straws.
再加一点糖霜酥皮 好了 现在我们的蛋糕
A little bit of royal icing. All right now that our cake
已经全部堆好了 我打算在每一层的边上都围上
is completely stacked. I’m going to finish each tier with the border of
珠宝丝带 现在大多数卖蛋糕的商店都有卖
bling ribbon. You can actually now buy bling ribbon in most cake-supply stores,
除此之外 在一些花店里也可以买到我以前很讨厌用这些装饰
other than that you can find it at some floral shops as well. I used to hate this
说实在的 我觉得没人喜欢在蛋糕上放些不能吃的东西 但我
stuff, to be honest. Nobody lovesputting on inedible things on a cake but I
曾给一位比较高调的人做过婚礼蛋糕 她想要
did a wedding cake for a very high-profile person and she wanted lots
施华洛世奇水晶布满她的蛋糕 还为此付了钱
of Swarovski crystals all over her cake and she’s paying on the money for it so
所以我只能照做 事实上 做完之后我觉得看上去挺酷的
I did it and actually after I was done, it was like it was kind of a cool cake.
所以现在我觉得 就给周围都装饰一下吧
So now I think you know just borders here and there.
你知道我是个南方人 我就喜欢亮闪闪的颜色所以为什么不这样做呢? 现在
You know I’m from the south, my favorite color is shiny, so why not? Now it’s time to finish
装饰上我们流行色的蝴蝶结 蛋糕就快完成了 我准备了几条跟蝴蝶结同样颜色的
the cake with our color pop. I have a band of gum paste in the same color as
面皮 让它们在冰箱里放一会儿 让它凝固 待会我们就要把它们
our bow. Put in the fridge for just a minute to firm it up. We ‘re going to put that
在中间围上一圈 然后加上蝴蝶结 应该可以开始了
around the middle tier,we’ll add the bow, should be ready to go.
我要在中间涂一层薄薄的饰胶 防止我的蝴蝶结
I’m just painting a thin line of piping gel right in the middle for my bow is
going to leave.
Just trying to get it as straight as possible.
好啦 我要做一对小尾巴 再涂
All right, I’m just gonna make a couple little tails and put a little
一点饰胶 然后把它折一下再粘上去然后第二个 也是同样的做法
a bit piping gel and fold and stick this guy down. And the second one will do the same way.
现在我要加上蝴蝶结 好了
Now we’re going to add the bow. There she is.
我的蕾丝蛋糕 好喜欢她
My lace cake and I love her.
Thank you for joining me on man about cake.
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