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Drawing the Walking Dead - Zombie Halloween Special

Draw the Walking Dead – Zombie Halloween Special
Since we’re in the middle of an anatomy course, I think it makes sense to do a Halloween special
鉴于我们正在上解剖课 我觉得可以做一期与解剖学密切相关万圣节特别放送
that’s somehow related to Anatomy.
So in this episode I’ll draw a zombie to show you how
所以在这一集中 我们将描述如何画一个僵尸 向你展示一下
how you can use the information from my Anatomy course to design your own creatures.
Make sure to watch till the end for the giveaway!
之后我们会免费送奖品 所以一定要守在屏幕前呐!
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I’ll start with my Skelly App to figure out the pose I want.
首先 我要在我的骷髅君APP里来找一个我想要的姿势啊
I’ll start with my Skelly App to figure out the pose I want. I’ll start with my Skelly App to figure out the pose I want. You can also draw some quick
(姿势的)速写 但既然用我骷髅君APP要快捷这么多
You can also draw some quick gestures or poses on paper
But since it’s so much quicker and easier to do it with the Skelly app,
it just makes sense to start here. I messed around with a few different options,
我用它还是比较有道理的哈 我对着眼花缭乱的各式选择折腾了半天
but ultimately I decided on this pose.
Ok, let’s start with a lay-in of the skeleton. Using the loomis method I’ll construct the
好的 让我们先从底稿开始吧——一具骷髅骨架 用我构建头部姿态的罗氏法则
position of the head. The head is rotated up and to the right, so I want to make sure
脑袋抬起来转向右方 嗯我想确保
all these angles are in the right perspective.
I’ll continue down the body making measurements for the placement and shape of the clavicles,
继续向下画躯干部分 调整安排一下它锁骨的位置和造型
rib cage, pelvis, arms and legs. If you want to make any changes to the proportions, or
以及它的胸廓 骨盆 下肢 若是你想调整一下它的大小
exaggerate the gesture, that’s perfectly fine. You don’t have to stick to the proportions of Skelly.
或是想把它的姿仪表现得更夸张点 当然更好喽 你没有必要拘泥于(骷髅君的)大小比例
Skelly is an average male.
So, feel free to play around with the proportions to make them represent your character better.
所以 放心大胆地调整比例好去展现你设计的僵尸
I’m not changing too much in my drawing, but
我没打算在画中动太大手脚 但是呢
I’m also not worried about getting it perfect. As long as the pose looks good I’m happy.
我也并不担心不能把它完美地画出 只要看着这棒棒的造型就够我开心了
I definitely want to change the fingers to be more interesting and creepy.
当然 我也会想让把他的手指变得更诡异悚然一点
Let’s fix the perspective on this pelvis.
So, I’m happy with the general pose, but I want to open his jaw. Zombies usually have
嗯 这个大体的形态我很满意 不过我要让它张开嘴巴 僵尸往往都会张开它们的血盆大口
their mouth open since they’re always ready to eat. Zombies just eat things.
以便随时准备咬噬 僵尸永远就是吃
That’s all they do. So, the mouth is pretty important in this drawing. I’ve opened it way past normal
它们就只干这活计 因此 此画中它的血盆大口自然分外的重要 我让它超出常规极限地张开
limits and made it crooked as if one side is dislocated.
At this point I’m using my imagination more and sometimes referring back to the Skelly
这时我加倍发动我天马行空的想像力 时不时再去用骷髅君参考一下
App reference to help me keep things in perspective. I’m designing the features and also the light
确保我画的玩意儿还符合透视原理 我在设计它的(不同寻常的)容貌 还有它面容上
and shadow patterns on the features. I’ve decided that the light source is coming from
的光影模式 我决定让光源从正上方投射下来
the top right, so I’m imagining the 3d forms and adding shadows on the planes facing away
(从正上方投射下来) 想象着三维的结构 在背光面
from the light.
Give him some messy hair. Or what’s left of it… I’m guessing hair would fall out as
来点蓬乱的头发 或者是 只剩下一点点头发……我想也许随着这老兄腐烂
this guy decays. Adding some more details to the face.
头发会脱落完 细化一下面部
Moving down to the neck muscles. Tracking the trapezius and sternocleidomastoid muscles
再向下到颈肌 追踪画出由颅部下行到躯干部分
as they flow from the head to the torso. I’m gonna make this guy really lean. He’s been
的斜方肌还有胸锁乳突肌 来把它画得极度瘦骨嶙峋 它已经朽烂挺长时间了
decaying for a long time and all his fat has been used up. So the clavicles are gonna be
它的脂肪已经消耗竭尽 所以锁骨暴露在外面。
exposed. In fact I think I’ll take off his right deltoid and just expose the bones in
其实我打算把它右肩的三角肌去掉 好让它肩部的
that shoulder.
The great thing about drawing zombies is you have a lot of room to play. You can choose
画僵尸最棒的地方就在于你有巨大的发挥空间 你可以(任意)决定
which muscles to put in and which to rip off. If an area looks cool as just bone, then you
哪块肌肉画上 哪块被扯掉 若是哪个地方只有骨头的模样很赞 你就
can just leave that area as bone. You can also choose to put skin in some areas and
可以就让那里只留着骨头便好 你也能在一些区域添上点皮肤
leave it off in other areas. Totally up to you!Think about the gesture and composition
而在别处不加 全由你定!决定时不妨再仔细思量
of your drawing as you make these decisions.
On his left arm I’m going to draw all the muscles. No exposed bones. This is where knowledge
左臂上我打算画上全套的肌肉 不露出骨头 这就是学习解剖的回馈啊(哈哈)
of anatomy pays off. If you have the bones drawn in, and If you know where the muscles
如果你想把骨画进来 并且清楚肌肉
attach on the bones… Well, then it’s just a matter of putting them in and designing
在骨骼上的附着点……很好 那就只剩下把它们画出来
them to look interesting.
When drawing fingers, I just think of them as a series of cylinders. That helps me get
画手指的时候 我就是把它们当做一排圆柱体 这样比较容易让我找到
the perspective right. Making the nails really long to add some extra creepiness.
正确的透视效果 为了让它显得格外毛骨悚然 把指甲画再长一些
For the ribs, I’ll start with the dark negative shape between the ribs and then clean up the
至于肋骨 我将从布满阴影的肋间隙画起 再勾勒出
contours. Starting with a rough negative shape helps me get the placement correct. I know
轮廓 大致地从阴影区画起 有助于我们确立好架构 我知道
that the peak ends at the 5th rib, so there will be 5 more visible ribs and 2 floating
(胸小肌的下缘)尖端止于第五肋 所以还有五根可见的肋骨以及后方隐匿的
ribs hidden in the back, for a total of 12!
两根浮肋 总共十二根!
As I put in the skin on the abdomen, I’m thinking mainly about the gesture. The flow from the
在腹部画上一些皮肤的同时 我在思考怎么给它摆造型 躯干到下肢的流线
torso to the legs is an S curve, so I’m designing the rhythms in here to work with that gesture.
扭曲成蛇形 所以我在摸索这里可以应和上那姿势的节奏
As I’m figuring out where the shadows go, I’m not just trying to be accurate. I’m also
琢磨着阴影的走向并不止是为了保证精确 也是在
trying to design interesting shapes. Thinking about the light and dark pattern I’m creating.
企图设计出诡异有趣的造型来 我的明暗处理
It’s not random. It’s intentional. The dark shape of the lat helps to frame the light
可并非随心所欲为之 而是精心安排的 腋窝外侧的阴影 有助于构建胸大肌和肋骨
shape of the pec and ribs.
Some dark holes in the abdomen will help to keep the eye flowing through here and strengthen
腹部画一点黑乎乎的洞有助于让我们的目光下行 强化
the gesture.
Continuing to refine some details. Designing the anatomy and always relating them to the
继续来做润色细化工作 设计整体解剖构架的时候不要忘了时刻注意它们与
parts I’ve already established. Everything has to work together as one picture. A big
已构建部分的位置关系 万事齐应方成一画 我常常看到
mistake I see people do is fragment their compositions. They focus on all the individual
许多朋友都会犯的一个典型错误就是把作品片断化 他们专注于每一个独立的
parts, but not how they work together. If there’s a part in the drawing that breaks
部分却忽视它们本是浑然一体的 (记住) 如果画稿中的某一部分打破了
the gesture or takes away attention from the focal point, take it out! Play it down.
整体动作(的和谐)或是使画的焦点偏移 擦了!擦了它
Make it less contrasty and less detailed and let the other parts of the drawing stand out.
不要让它显得那么昭然显著 也不要过度细化 要让画面其他部分都能展现出来
For example that right arm ripping off is interesting, but I don’t want it to jump out
比如说扯掉右臂本来挺诡异的 然而我并不想让它太过
too much. I prefer to emphasize the pecs and ribs. So, I darkened the arm to lower the
突兀 我宁愿去强化描绘一下胸大肌和肋骨 所以,让我来把它的手臂颜色加深点来弱化
contrast and now in the pecs I’m adding a lot of small shadow shapes as the muscle fibers.
对比度 现在我在胸大肌上打一系列表示肌肉纤维的细小阴影
A lot of contrast and small details will bring the viewer’s eye here.
Alright, now I’m actually gonna put some pants on this guy. He’s lost so much weight that
好的 眼下我要动真格给这老哥添件裤子了 (死后)它瘦得有点太多了
his pants are falling off his waist. I think it’d be cool to have the belt looping over
裤子都从腰上趿拉了下来 把它的腰带绕到他右侧股骨大转子上 再这样横跨悬吊着
the greater trochanter of his right leg and swinging across. Now, (drapery is a whole another
我觉得蛮酷的 现在 (就快要画成一个全新的
beast) . Basically, you gotta think about where the tension points are. In this case the two
怪物了) 最基本地 你首先肯定要想想张力点放哪里比较好 此间画面中的两处
main areas of tension are the greater trochanter and his left knee. So, I’m designing the folds
紧张部分就是大转子和他的左膝 所以呢 我要安排褶皱
to stretch between those two points.
I think it’ll be weird if the torso has a bunch of muscles and then the legs are just
bone. This guy would be too top heavy. So, I’ll add some of the adductors of the leg.
有点奇怪 这家伙会头重脚轻过头的 于是我打算在它腿上添几块内收肌
Let’s get some shading in there. Again considering the light and dark pattern of the overall
在那里 再让我们来点阴影 你又需要顾及到整体的光影图案
composition. I’ve already established the logic of the folds, now I have to figure out
构成了 我已经建立了褶皱的逻辑 现在要去弄清楚
the shadow shapes on the 3d forms.
This whole back leg is gonna be in shadow, so I’ll knock it back and keep it as a simple
整个腿后区都该是笼罩在阴影中 于是我这样逆向打阴影同时尽量把它画成简洁的
dark shape
And we need to connect him to the ground by adding a cast shadow. Remember the light is
此后有必要加一点投影 把他和地面联系起来 勿忘灯光
coming from the top right, so the shadows are gonna cast down and slightly to the left.
是从正上方投射下来的 因而阴影应该在下方稍稍偏左侧
Cleaning up some things in the torso… And let’s attack this arm. It’s pretty much the
修洁下躯干部分的一些东西……再让我们对付这支胳膊 这很有可能是
only thing left. As I’m shading this deltoid I’m thinking of a basic sphere. They’re both
唯一剩下的部分了 给三角肌打阴影时我脑海中想象着一个基本的球体模型 它们同样是
rounded forms, so the shadows will be very similar.
圆润的构形 所以阴影效应也会很类似
Very thin, lean muscles on the rest of this arm.
Alright, on to the hard part. Everyone has a hard time with hands. Try to create a simple
好了 现在到最艰巨的任务了 每个人都会觉得手不好画。试着去做一个简单的
shadow pattern. Don’t over complicate it. Here I’m making the top planes of the fingers
阴影模式 切莫把它过度复杂化 这里我把手指的上面做明处理
light and the front planes shadow. If you’re having trouble inventing it, take a photo
前面做暗处理 如果你处理这个明暗模式有困难 给你自己的手拍一张
of your own hand and borrow information from it. It’s perfectly fine to use reference.
照片然后借助于它提供的信息 做一些参考绝对是很好的
That’s how you learn how things should look. And you don’t have to create everything from
你就是那样知道事物到底看起来如何的 而且你并不必什么都靠想象来
imagination. The goal is to create a good drawing. If you need to use some photos to
创造 目标是画好一幅画 你若需要一些照片
help, then do it!
的帮助 那就用呗!
That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this demonstration. If you want to polish up your anatomy skills
就是这样!但愿你还满意这示范 如果你想改善提高你的解剖学技巧
go to proko.com/anatomy and check out my lessons. And if you want to download the Skelly app
可以登录网站proko.com/anatomy查看我的课程 如果你想要在你的iPhone或安卓手机上下载骷髅君的APP
for your iphone or Android to use in your own drawings, go to proko.com/skellyapp.
方便自己绘画 就请登录网站proko.com/skellyapp。
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