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DONALD TRUMP'S Secrets to Deal-Making | The Art of the Deal | Animated Book Summary

在竞选美国总统前 大约三十年前 特朗普写了本书
Before vying to become President of the United States of America, Donald Trump wrote a book
nearly thirty years ago that became one of the most successful business books of all time.
Trump starts by taking us through a week in
his life back in 1987 when he’d just turned 40.
那时极度缺乏正式会议 一天却有50到100个电话
There are a distinct lack of formal meetings but a large amount of phone calls usually
那些电话都是短而重要的 其间包含数个临时会议
between 50-100 a day, that are short and to the point. Interspersed between these are
在6:30离开办公室后 电话在晚上以及整个周末
a dozen or so impromptu meetings. After leaving the office at 6.30, the calls continue into
依旧不断地打来 显然特朗普身后有一个坚强的女人
the evening and all weekend. It’s clear that there is a strong woman
behind Trump, his wife Ivana looks after their three homes and raises their three children.
She even helps out on the business side by running Trump’s Castle, the second hotel
来照顾生意 当涉及到交易决策的细节时
and casino complex Trump bought. When it comes to the specifics of deal-making,
特朗普目标很高 然后他坚定不移的去尝试并完成它
Trump aims very high and then pushes relentlessly to try and get it.
他敢于畅想的能力是他很大的一个优点 因为很多人都害怕做决策和成功
His ability to think big gives him a great advantage as many people fear decision-making
他并不只是经营一家酒店 他经营的是附带一个大赌场的大酒店
and success. He doesn’t just run a hotel; he runs a large hotel with a huge casino attached
to it. Any decisions he has to make are made only
after asking lots of questions and getting the opinion of everyone who is involved. Knowing
对市场的了解是必须的 要想使产品有价值 就得让公众了解它
the market is essential. To make a product valuable, getting the word
制造兴趣和激情是必要的 而特朗普认为他最好亲力亲为
out is crucial. Generating interest and excitement is needed and Trump thinks it’s better to
do it himself than having public relations people to do it for him.
他无畏 充满争议 甚至有时候是无耻的这使得报纸既会用积极也会用消极的话来形容他
He’s bold, controversial and sometimes outrageous. This causes the press to write about him both
但是单纯从商业角度讲 被报道的好处远大于坏处
positively and negatively, but from a pure business viewpoint, the pros of being written
然而 即使有再多的推销 激情 和夸张都不能在你无法发货的时候有所帮助
about far outweigh the cons. However, no amount of promotion, excitement
and hyperbole will help if you can’t deliver the goods. You can’t con people for long.
You need to have a great product. Trump’s greatest influence growing up was
his father. His father built rent-controlled property in New York and taught him toughness
in business as well as competence and efficiency in an industry where profit margins were so
成本必须保持低廉 所以他学会了如何与供应商进行谈判
low. Costs had to be kept down so he learnt how to negotiate hard with suppliers. His
他的父亲也承诺付款的可靠性和未来的工作 以此使供应商降价
father also promised reliability in payment and the promise of future work as a way of
getting suppliers to lower prices. These were strategies that his son followed when he moved
在13岁的时候 特朗普就读于军校 后来进入沃顿商学院
into the upper market real estate business. At the age of 13 Trump enrolled in a military
在学习期间 他与父亲在他们从俄亥俄州辛辛那提购买的一座公寓大楼里工作
school and later attend Wharton School of Business. Whilst studying he worked with his
father on an apartment complex they purchased in Cincinnati, Ohio, which contained 1,200
properties. They increased the occupancy rate to 100% by improving the look and cleanliness
然后卖了它换取利润 特朗普搬到纽约的曼哈顿岛并开始从事于更大的项目
of the complex and then sold it for a profit. Trump moved to Manhattan in New York and started
在1974年 他对购买开普敦科莫多酒店产生了兴趣
working on larger projects. In 1974 he became interested in buying the Commodore hotel,
那个酒店是个损失金钱的又黑又脏的地方 但处于一个好的位置(接近中央车站和地铁)
a dark and dingy place that was losing money but in a good location next to Grand Central
station and the subway. Trump soon got some designs for the new architecture
of the hotel and entered a deal with the Hyatt hotel chain where they were equal partners.
特朗普将建造酒店 而凯悦将在它建成时管理它
Trump would build the hotel and Hyatt would manage it once built.
他们花了许多时间谈判和修改 但当酒店在1980年的9月重新开放时
It took several years of negotiation and renovation but when the hotel reopened in September 1980,
他们把房价从以前科莫多酒店的20.80美元提升至新的君悦酒店的115美元 入住率超过80%
they increased the room rate from $20.80 in the old Commodore, to $115 at the new Grand
同时 特朗普为了盖一栋摩天大楼
Hyatt, with over 80% occupancy. At the same time Trump was negotiating a secret
在地段显眼处谈了笔生意 秘密购买了一些第五大道的地皮
deal to buy some land in a prime location on 5th Avenue to build a giant glass skyscraper
那将会变成川普大楼 大楼越高大 特朗普可以在那建造的公寓以及能赚到的钱就会越多
that would become Trump Tower. The taller and bigger it was, the more apartments he
最后 这个城市规划委员会认可了一个68层的大楼
could put in there and the more money he’d make. In the end the city planning commission
approved a 68 storey building, the tallest residential building in New York City at the
time. The glamorous tower attracted many stars to
purchase apartments, from Steven Spielberg to Liberace. Trump moved into one of the penthouse
在1983年 特朗普和他的家人搬进顶楼的其中一个公寓
apartments on the top floor with his family in 1983.
整个川普大楼工程花了190亿美元 公寓的销售额达240亿美元
The entire Trump Tower project cost $190million. Sales of the apartments generated $240million.
特朗普也获得了1000万美元的销售额提成 加上从零售和办公空间租用得到的更多的利润
Trump also received $10million in sales commission plus more profit from rental of retail and
接下来 特朗普就进军了赌场业 在1984年建造了特朗普广场赌场
office space. Trump then moved into the casino business,
building the Trump Plaza in 1984. He had gone into a 50-50 partnership with Holiday Inn
但在伙伴关系破灭后 特朗普买下假日酒店的全部产权并在1986年一次性收购了整栋大楼
but after disagreements in the partnership, Trump bought out Holiday Inn and owned the
whole building by 1986. Once in sole charge, he tried to improve the profit of the casino
by hiring his competitor’s employees. His policy was:
1. Hire the best people from your competitors 2. Pay them more than they were earning
3. Give them performance based bonuses and incentives.
The result was a profit of $20million more than was projected.
不久以后 特朗普广场赌场开张了 特朗普计划把可能消极的形势变为积极的 有利可图的
Soon after Trump Plaza had opened, Trump managed to turn a potentially negative situation into
a positive and profitable one. Hilton hotels had started building a huge
他们渴望获得利润 于是
casino-hotel in Atlantic City to rival Trump’s facility. Eager to start making a profit,
they started construction at the same time as applying for a gaming licence. Unfortunately
对他们来说 不幸的是 他们的建设快要完成时 许可证被驳回了
for them, they were rejected a licence just as construction was nearing completion.
Trump started negotiating with chief executive Barron Hilton and negotiated a cut price deal
在1985年 特朗普的城堡开张了
of $320million to purchase the facility. In 1985, Trump’s Castle opened and took a gross
income of $131million for the six months it was open that year.
在1986年的5月 特朗普在他的川普大楼的公寓里俯瞰中央公园的沃尔曼溜冰场
In May 1986, Trump was in his apartment in Trump Tower, overlooking Wollman Ice Skating
Rink in Central Park. The rink was supposed to be closed and rebuilt in two and a half
6年以后 花了将近1300万美元 他们离完成这项工作还差得远
years by the city. Six years later and after nearly $13million spent, they were no nearer
特朗普写信给市长 主动提出在6个月内重建溜冰场 并自己提供了300万美元
to completing the job. Trump wrote to the mayor and offered to rebuild
the rink in six months, putting up the $3million dollars himself. After being rejected at first,
the letter leaked to the press, who all sided with Trump. The negative publicity caused
负面宣传令市长转变态度 和特朗普达成一项协议 特朗普只在完成这项工程后得到300万美元的回报
a u-turn from the mayor and a deal was struck, with Trump getting paid back the $3million
通过每日检查进度 贯彻一些强有力的领导
only on completion of the project. Implementing some strong leadership by checking
on progress daily, Trump oversaw the rink fully built in four months and $750,000 under
budget. Donald Trump spent the first two decades of
his working life accomplishing things that many said could not be done. At the end of
在他的书的结尾 他承诺要继续好好利用他最好的技巧中的两项:
his book, he promised to continue to put two of his best skills to good use: overcoming
obstacles and motivating people to do their best work.



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