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科学=真实?(尼采+洛克人)|8-bit哲学第一季 – 译学馆
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Does SCIENCE = TRUTH? (Nietzsche + Mega Man) - 8-Bit Philosophy

科学 可能是人类理解世界运行的最伟大的工具 但是 科学是否带领我们走向真理吗?
Science — perhaps man’s greatest tool in understanding how the world works. But does it lead us to truth?
德国哲学家弗里德里希·尼采是一位渴求科学的狂热者 但是他也承认
German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was an avid science enthusiast. But, he also recognized that
即使是科学也有局限性 尼采认为 科学宣传了它具有解释世界的能力
even science has its limitations. See, science touts the ability to explain the world, when according to Nietzsche,
it can only describe it.
例如 科学可能通过可燃物与氧气的放热结合来
For example, science might attempt to explain why fire burns by saying it’s an exothermic combination of
解释火的燃烧 这的确描述了火燃烧的过程 但是这并没有解释为什么
a combustible material with oxygen. That certainly describes how fire burns, but it doesn’t quite address why.
As in, why does fire exist the way that it does? Although science has allowed us to describe the world
描绘世界 我们依然对背后的意义没有丝毫头绪
in greater detail, we’re still completely clueless as to the meaning behind it all.
就像那位留下名言“上帝已死”的哲学家尼采 显而易见 他并不是批评科学赞扬宗教
As the philosopher who famously said “God is dead,” it’s obvious that he isn’t criticizing science in favor of religion.
但是 他认识到了这个窘境 宗教试图回答存在的意义
But, he recognizes this dilemma. Religion attempts to answer the question of meaning,
但是科学的成就已经使信仰令人怀疑 科学可能会试着填补意义的空白
but the achievements of science have cast doubt on such beliefs. Science may try to fill this void of meaning,
但是科学却做不到 因为正如尼采所言 科学……并没有考虑终极意志
but it can’t, because as Nietzsche said, “science… has no consideration for ultimate purposes.”
尼采的问题在于大多数人没有认清这一局限性 并且反而将科学视为一种新的
Problem for Nietzsche is most people don’t recognize this limitation, and instead worship science as a kind of new
宗教 无神时代之下的一种客观价值 仅仅打开电视 你就会看到即使科学也能成为福音书
religion — an objective value for a godless age. Just turn on the telly and you’ll see how even science can become evangelized.
“这是一个科学事实” “因为圣经这么说” “被科学所证实” “这是上帝的意愿”
“And that is a scientific fact.” “Because the Bible says so.” “Proven by real science.” “It is God’s will.”
尼采比我们跨出更远的一步 不但是对宗教进行批评性思考 而且是对知识本身进行批判性思考
Nietzsche dares us to take a step further — to not only think critically of religion, but to think critically of knowledge itself.
For, worshipping knowledge for knowledge’s sake can lead to dire consequences.
正如他所说“人类不应该是知识的仆人 知识才应当是人类的仆人”
As he said, “man shouldn’t be the servant of knowledge. Knowledge should be the servant of man.”