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DIY Room Decor & Organization For 2017 - EASY & INEXPENSIVE Ideas!

嗨 好久不见 欢迎回到我的频道
Hey guys, what’s up! Welcome back to my channel.
I hope you guys are doing great.
今天呢 讲的是2017年的DIY房间装饰
For today’s video, I am doing a DIY room decor video for 2017.
I wanted to make DIYs that were more appropriate, I guess.
For…the new year.
这些手工有的是做装饰品 有的是做收纳
Some of these DIYs are more for decor, and some for organization.
另外 我觉得2016过的太快了
By the way, I feel like 2016 went by…way too fast.
But then it also feels like it took forever to end.
If you didn’t watch my previous video.
Then you don’t know that I have made a second channel.
我在那也派发礼物 所以这里我也要送
And I am also doing a giveaway on there, so I’m giving away some hand-made charms
that I have made myself.
So I have a link for that channel down below.
If you could go ahead and check it out and possiblely subscribe.
That will be very awesome.
我希望你能喜欢这个视频 如果喜欢
I hope you enjoy this video, if you do enjoy it,
be sure to give it a big thumbs up.
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废话少说 我们开始吧
Without further ado, let’s get right into this video.
The first DIY that I’m going to be showing you is how to make a calendar for your desk.
For this, I have a piece of paper right here
and I’m going to cut out a rectangle shape.
The rectangle can be any size that you want.
Depending on how big or samll you want the calendar to be.
Using my pair of scissors I’m just going to go ahead and cut this out.
Using the hole punchter I’m going to punch out
a hole and I finally got a regular sized hole punchter.
就这样 很棒吧
So, that was good.
这之后 你只需要重复以上动作25次
After that, all you wanna do is do the 25 more times.
12个月份 4个十位数 10个个位数
So, 12 for the month, 4 pieces for the first digit, and then 10 pieces for the second digit.
So, for the month, I went all fancy and I made
some really cute drawings for each month.
So right now I’m just going in with my pencil and writing January.
And then I’m going to go in with the thin tip marker and just outline that.
So if you don’t to want do this freehand like I am doing right here.
And you can totally print out pictures and stick them on.
如果你想 还可以用贴纸
You could also use stickers if you’d like.
I just want to it use by myself because I want this to be…
我想让它很有我的风格 我猜
…very like my style I guess, and…
你懂的 按我想要的方式画图
You know, make pictures the way I want it to be.
顺便说一下 我想说我不擅长画画
By the way, I want to mention that I’m not great at drawing at all.
呃 我不认为我很棒 不论怎么说
Like…I don’t think I’m good, what’s so ever.
但 令人惊奇的是我的画结果真的很可爱
But, surprisingly it turned out really cute.
我努力让一切简单 所以幸运的没有乱作一团
I try to keep everything simple, so luckily I didn’t mess up.
如果你还看不出来 我其实在画小蛋糕
If you aren’t able to tell yet, I’m actually making a cupcake
which, I want to make something like…more for like the new years.
我只能想到食物 所以我画了纸杯蛋糕
And all I could think of was like food, so I made a cupcake.
现在 我要用马克笔填色了 填满
Now I’m going in with the markers and I’m going to color it all in.
现在我在画脸 我在想
Now I’m drawing on the face, and I was thinking of actually
writing 2017 at the base of the cupcake.
但我最终改变主意了 因为我感觉我可能会搞砸
But I ended up like changing my mind, because I was like maybe if I mess up.
And if it doesn’t look nice I will have to redo this.
所以 就这样吧
So…let’s just leave it as it is.
这里是我做的所有月份 继续这个主题
Here are all of the months that I made, I kinda of one with the theme,
so I made things that were related to that month.
剩下的就很简单了 写下数字就行
On the rest of pieces it’s pretty simple, you just wanna write down the digits.
第一位数 你需要0到3
For the first digit, you will need numbers from 0 to 3.
And then for the second digit you will numbers from 0 to 9.
We have 0 to 3 for the first digit.
And then 0 to 9 for the second digit.
为了把这些做成日历 我要用到一些木头
So to make this done for the calendar, I am going to be using some wood.
我已经准备了一块 如果你不想用木头
So I already have a piece right here, you could use card board
if you don’t want to use wood or if you don’t have any.
Then I’m going to go in with my spray paint and spray paint it gold.
Next you will be needing some nails.
And all I’m going to go is hammer down the nails like so.
加一些强力胶 我要贴上第二块板子
And putting on some super glue and I’m going to glue on
the second piece of wood, so that the calendar can stand up.
这里是你完成的台历 我觉得看起来确实挺可爱的
And there is your completed desk calendar, I think it turned out really cute.
我没想到它这么好 但我看到结果真的很开心
I wasn’t really expecting it to be this good, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.
下一个手工品 我要教你怎样做一个可爱的储钱罐
For the next DIY, I’m going to be showing you how to make a really cute money bank.
我需要一个塑料杯 你可以用你有的任何杯子
For this, I’m using a plastic cup, you can use any cup that you may have.
Now I’m painting the entire cup with some pink acrylic paint.
然后我要用深棕 画一些大圆
Then I’m going in with a dark brown color and I’m going to make some really big circles.
你随便在哪画都行 无需尽善尽美
So you want to make these in random places, and they don’t have to be perfect at all.
I think I completely forgot to mention that I’m making a bubble tea money bank.
So just throwing that out there.
As for usual, I’m going to go ahead and make a super duper cute face.
For the lid, I’m going to use some polymer clay.
And I’m going to roll it out.
I’m using two popsicles sticks to make sure that I do rolled out evenly.
我把杯子放上去 切出一个圆
I’m putting the cup on top and I’m going to cut out a circle.
我知道杯子现在很平 但我实际上是在做杯身之前做的盖子
I know that the cup is plain right now, but I actually made the lid before I made a container.
You could also use air dry clay if you don’t want use polymer clay.
现在我要切出一个槽 这样我们就可以往里面放钱了
Now I’m going to cut out a slot so that we can put the money inside.
Make sure that you take a coin and check when you’re doing this.
Now I’m going to let this bake in the oven for 15 minutes.
我把“珍珠奶茶”放在这 现在我要在边缘涂胶
I have my bubble tea right here, and I’m putting on some glue around the edges.
That I’m just going to pop on the lid.
我用黄色涂了一个吸管 也要粘上去
I painted a straw with some yellow and I’m going to glue that on top as well.
如果你想知道怎么打开储钱罐 你需要切开底部
If you’re wondering how you’re going to open the money bank, well you’ll have to cut it down from the bottom.
或者你可以试着拿下盖子 我确信这更简单
Or you can try taking off the lid which I’m pretty sure would come off easily if you tried.
For the next DIY, I have a piece of wood. it’s 12 by 12 inches.
如果你不想用木头 你也可以用纸板
If you don’t want to use wood, you can use card board for this as well.
我用一些金色喷雾 我要喷涂它
I’m going in with some gold spray paints, and I’m going to spray paint it with that.
我做了这些漏字板 写着周目标
I have these stencil that I made, it says weekly goals.
and I’m going to place that where I want the text to be.
The only reason why I’m using the stencil it’s because I’m 100% sure
that I would never be able to write so clean.
但是当然 你们可以徒手
But you guys can do this freehand of course.
Using a pen I’m tracing out the letters and then I’m going to go in
with some black acrylic paint and fill it in.
如你所见 我在做周计划板
As you can see, I’m making a weekly goal board.
但这并不必须是每周的 也可以是每月甚至每年的
But this doesn’t have to be weekly at all, it could be daily monthly or even yearly.
取决于你想做什么 我自己想做周计划板
Depending on what you want to make, I personally wanted to make a weekly goal board.
Because I think it’s more achievable for me.
我有这些简单的贴纸 我要把它们贴上去
I have these really simple poset and I’m going to pop those on.
取决于你做的板子的大小 你可以按喜好加无论多少贴纸
Depending on how big or small you make this board, you can add how many sticky notes that you want.
I’m making a dotted line around the sticky note.
That way I’ll know where to place the sticky note.
This way the board is going to look nice all the time.
That is pretty much for the third DIY.
接下来看第四个 我要做个爆可爱的铅笔盒
Moving on to the fourth DIY, I’m going to be making a super cute pencil organizer.
For this DIY, you are going to be needing paper rolls.
Using some colored paper, I’m going to wrap each roll in a different color.
Using some black acrylic paint, I’m making a cute moustache face.
底部我用到一块软木塞 我要把它喷成金色
For the base, I’m using a piece of cork, and I’m going to spray paint that with some gold.
Finally all you want to do is glue everything in place.
这是一个完成了的铅笔盒 我希望你们喜欢这个视频
And there is the completed pencil organizer, I really hope you guys enjoy this video.
哪个DIY制品是你们最喜欢的 请在下方评论区留言
Let me know in a comment down below which DIY was your favorite.
我希望你们今天过得很棒 我爱你们 下期再见
I hope you guys are having a fantastic day so far, I love you so much and I will see you in my next video.